Amber rayne puts on her cheerleading outfit

Amber rayne puts on her cheerleading outfit
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Randi arrived home from high school shortly after 3 pm to an empty house. She opened her math book, but soon became a little flushed as she recalled the physical encounter she had with Michael. The brief moment of impact crossed her mind over and over as she recalled the feel of Michael 's firm yet narrow frame against her shoulders and chest; and the brief bump of his hip just below her belly button. As the minutes passed, Randi was thinking less about her math work and more about Michael.

She wondered what it would be like to French-kiss him, and stared blankly ahead at her wall with her lips slightly parted while imagining their lips locked in a moment of heat; their wet tongues mingling with teen passion. Her thoughts kept going back to the feel of his body against hers, and she imagined Michael without his shirt. She hadn't really seen him much outside of school, much less without his shirt, so she had to imagine what he was like underneath the fabric.

In her mind, she ran her fingers down his bare chest and stomach. Randi felt her body becoming a little warmer and her skin a little tingly almost as if she were nervous and had butterflies in her stomach. She was caught up in her little fantasy and imagined how it would feel if he moved his kisses to her neck.

She had never actually even French-kissed a boy much less been in such an encounter as she was imagining. Her thoughts took a life of their own now as she imagined herself and Michael sitting together, him without his shirt and donning a pair of cutoffs.

It was then that her thoughts took a surprising turn.her imagination became suddenly fixated on the button of Michael 's jeans. She froze for a second and wondered just what things might be like under that denim.

Being alone in the house with her fantasy, there was no reason to stop now.what could it hurt to continue her little investigation? In her mind, she saw her hand reach for his button and pop it open. With her curious eyes wide open and fixated on his crotch, she imagined slowly and carefully sliding down his zipper and pulling the flaps apart. Only now the inexperienced girl had no real idea of what he was like down there at all.

Randi hadn't had any interaction with a "cock" before (as her girlfriends called it), so she just thought about the things amateur girlfriend getting rammed hard hd version had seen on the web.

Those women had sometimes put the men's cock inside their mouths. She paused long enough to look down at the banana in her left hand; peeled halfway down, yet not started on.

The site of the banana and the visual association with a cock brought a snicker to the freshman girl; but she quickly gathered herself, closed her eyes and brought the banana to her lips. She parted her lips and touched the banana just inside her mouth against her tongue. The fact that she was committing a lewd act on a piece of fruit caused her to once again let out a a sharing of juicy pussies momsandteens threesome laugh; but still she remained aroused at the continuing fantasy and gained her composure.

Doing her best to use her lips to keep teeth out of the way, she slid the banana a couple of inches inside her warm mouth; closing her eyes and imagining that it was Michael 's cock. What did it taste like, she wondered? Was it this big? It indeed became quickly apparent that she wasn't going to be able to go much further with the banana as it was really becoming just too large to do much with.

However, the racy thoughts that had run through her mind had gone too far to stop now. She removed the phallic fruit from her mouth and gave it one last look as she sat down in front of her desk. Suddenly her honey cant live without the way she gets nailed hardcore blowjob phone rang and looking at the display her heart started thumping "big time".

It was Michael! And after checking whether her parents were home, he promised he would be there in about ten minutes. Michael Comes Over "Hey", he said; his body feeling hot despite the cool autumn air. "How did you get here so fast?" "My best friend has his license and dropped me off," he said. Randi noticed the pink color of the skin on his neck sexy blonde patient in lingerie at doctors fuckhospital and fakehospital face and said, "You look like you're hot".

"Yeah, I guess so. I mean, a little bit." He hadn't really been in a situation with a girl where he felt quite like he did now. And words weren't exactly flowing very well. "How about something to drink?" Randi asked.

She felt her stomach seem to turn hollow as she finished the sentence. Here she was inviting a boy she hardly knew into her house. "Yeah.okay," he responded. Michael had no idea of Randi's family situation.

As he followed Randi around the side of the house, he wondered how her parents would react as she brought some boy they didn't know into the house. Still, he followed Randi up to the door. He hesitated for just a moment, not sure if he was supposed to follow her in or wait here for her to bring something out. But she glanced back at him with a smile and said, "Come on in". Once inside the house, she poured a couple of glasses of juice and took them into the living room.

She sat them on the table in front of the couch and sat down. Michael peered nervously around the room, listening for the sound of other people in the house, but all he heard was TVs, no radio, nothing. "You can sit down, if you want," she said. Michael sat down on the edge of the couch cushion and grabbed one of the glasses from the table, though he didn't take a drink. "So you have this whole place here to yourself? I mean.after school?" "Yeah. It gets boring sometimes I guess.

My mom gets here after six so I just kinda hang out". There was a short period of uncomfortable silence. Her eyes kept returning to Michael 's chest as the curiosity from her fantasy came rushing back to her. He stared blankly at the floor for a moment and Randi took the opportunity to let her eyes wander down his torso to the crotch of his shorts and then his legs.

She slutty stepmom veronica avluv with big boobs fucking with horny teens that he had light, almost blonde, hair that lightly covered his legs. She could feel her heart begin to beat more quickly.

Her mouth felt really hot inside and her skin was tingling. Then she reached down and grabbed the remote control. "You want to watch TV or something? I mean, if you have to go, that's okay. I just." "No. Yeah.

That's cool. We can watch TV. I don't really have anything to do. I mean, besides just sitting around my house, I guess." Randi turned on the television and they both watched as the screen filled with some program that didn't seem very interesting. Both kids continued to watch for a moment though; not knowing really what to say.

The two freshmen continued to sit on the edge of the couch cushions; Michael still holding his drink but yet to take a sip. There was definitely some odd, yet obvious chemistry going on between the young pair; though neither seemed to know exactly how to coolly diffuse the awkwardness.

Michael reached over to sit his drink back on the table in front of them, but as he sat back onto the couch he got the shock of his young life. In the blink of an eye, Randi suddenly leaned around in front of him, closed her eyes and pressed her mouth lightly against his.

Too stunned to initially react, the boy sat frozen for the couple of brief seconds that their mouths clung together; but he didn't protest. As quickly as she had made the move to kiss him, she closed the small part in her lips and pulled away; looking at him to get a read on his reaction. Both of their hearts were racing. Finally, Michael broke the tense silence. "We can do that again, if you want to", he laughed. A little less sudden this time around, they moved toward each other and each turned their head slightly to accommodate the union of their mouths.

They both had their lips slightly parted and kissed that way for about two seconds before closing their mouths against each other.

But they didn't pull apart like last time. Instead, Randi pressed towards him again and parted her lips a tad wider than before. Michael responded in kind, and Randi took the opportunity to press her tongue through her lips into Michael's mouth. Though he felt as if he was floating in euphoria, he responded to Randi's offering in cool and calm fashion by pressing his tongue into hers.

Continuing their passionate oral union, and seemingly with no intentions of pulling apart anytime soon, the two kids relaxed slightly back from the edge of the couch. Just as they did, Daniel dropped his right hand from Randi's left arm. Though it wasn't intentional, gravity brought his hand to rest right on Randi's leg just below her shorts. He was initially taken by surprise when he realized that his hand had come to rest on the smooth skin of her upper leg.

A small wave of fear washed over him as he awaited what would surely be a defensive reaction by his newfound teen temptress. Michael 's whole body froze, though he continued to lightly circle his tongue with Randi's as he awaited her rebuke. Seconds passed and nothing happened.

The feel of her skin was unbelievable in his palm.he just couldn't bear to remove his hand. Still in a state of awe, Michael suddenly felt her left hand fall onto his leg at the edge of his shorts. Only the shock wasn't over. Not a second after her hand, fingers spread, hit Michael 's leg, she slid the hand under the leg of Michael 's shorts several inches before stopping on his thigh. The excited boy felt the immediate pressure of his young cock extend to its fullest in his boxers.

He pulled away to take a short breath, and opened his eyes to see Randi looking directly back into them. His chest pounding, he moved towards her quickly, pressing his mouth onto hers. The rush of cool air from the breath in his momentary separation was quickly taken over by the heat from their second oral embrace. Michael could feel the head of his cock pulsing intensely as Randi's small hand lay just a couple of inches away.

As if replying to her bold move from moments before, Michael lightly squeezed her slender leg, then relaxed his grip and slid it up underneath the cotton of her shorts. He fat one eyed monster for beauteous teen snatch his entire body seem to catch fire as he continued to work his hand up her incredible thigh, his thumb slipping to the inside of her leg. Their mouths still locked, Randi let out a brief exhale from her nose and moaned lightly at Michael's advance.

She had never felt another's hand in such a position on her body, and the feeling of his scorching palm felt intensely more exciting than anything she had ever felt alone. Randi felt as if she was in a dream. Only this dream was more passionate than anything she had ever imagined and she began to feel her moist pussy aching for stimulation. She knew that if he left now, she would run to her room and furiously fuck herself with her fingers, surely coming harder than she ever had before.

Her young hand pulsed as she began to work the firm muscle of Michael's thigh. She couldn't take it. Her hand cried out for more. She was beginning to lose control of her thoughts and began to react to the yearning of her mounting lust. She turned slightly towards him and pressed her palm under the leg of his boxers, having no intentions of stopping.

She felt the muscles in Michael 's leg contract as her hand aggressively sought its prize. In an instant, her fingertips touched the crease of his leg. She turned herself towards Michael, almost completely in front of him now, and made a right turn with her hand; reaching out in reckless, curious desire.

He broke away from the passion of their kiss and leaned all the way back on the couch, gazing intensely, yet so innocently, into her eyes. It was at that moment that her fingertips felt the sudden interruption of hard, intensely hot flesh. Instinctively, she slid her fingers around the top of Michael 's near rigid cock; her thumb circling around the base, then sliding up the front of his hot shaft.

Michael's young ass tightened and lifted slightly from the couch as he pressed up into her moist warm palm. The situation seemed almost unbelievable to Michael. Not twenty minutes before, he had been hesitant to call her up. And now he was fully entangled in a fantasy he had never imagined.

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This young, gorgeous high school freshman had literally jumped his bones. Even more, his still-developing, yet rock hard cock shaft was firmly in the grasp of her young hand. Michael could feel the pre-cum making its way from the pressure cooker of his narrow, but throbbing cock and beginning to ooze from the tip of its swollen head.

Her hand remained lightly wrapped around his teen cock. The boy pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 316 to slowly rock his hips; lightly thrusting his small, yet rock hard shaft into her palm.

The young couple continued to press their steaming tongues into one another's for a moment before Randi removed her hand from under Michael 's shorts and pulled lightly away from him. "You can take off your shirt, if you want to", she said, appearing to anxiously await his response.

Michael paused for just a moment, attempting to somehow take in the situation that had developed. Part of him was scared. Yet, part of him wanted to rip off his clothes and ferociously seek the explosive cum that his boy-cock was screaming for. Quickly returning to conscious thought, he leaned forward pulled his shirt over his head; dropping it beside him on the couch. Randi seemed perplexed by his young, naturally tanned, adolescent upper body; her eyes making their way from his small, but firm pecks and down his hairless, ever so slightly chiseled stomach to his belly button.

She again turned slightly back towards Michael and extended her left hand towards him; her fingertips coming to rest on his lightly tanned chest. Her eyes remaining fixed upon the body that she had only been able to imagine up to this point, she ran her fingers down his chest, across his abdomen and coming to rest on the top of his shorts. Her eyes caught up with her fingers at their destination. She could see Michael 's shorts extended sharply where his stiff cock was standing just beneath. A small, dark spot had emerged on his shorts where his pre-cum had forced its way through the cotton of his boxers and shorts.

Michael 's chest rose and lowered quickly with each breath that he took. He sat intense and still, wondering exactly what Randi's next move might be. She seemed to be deeply entranced by whatever was racing through her mind. Suddenly, she scooted slightly away from him to create a little distance, and then leaned towards him, pressing her moist mouth into Michael 's flesh just below his belly button. He suddenly felt every muscle in his torso contract as he felt the hot sensation of her wet little mouth rhythmically open and close against the ultra-sensitive area of his lower stomach.

He jerked slightly forward as she moved her mouth a little lower; just above the button of his shorts. He involuntarily let out a light, muffled moan as she continued her kiss. He could feel her tongue pressing out of her open mouth and lightly into his flesh.

The tension was incredible for Michael. The sight of this beautiful girl with her head pressed into his naked, gut was almost surreal. He closed his eyes and took in the feeling of her small, wet mouth massaging his sensitive skin. Suddenly, he felt the pressure of Randi's fingers upon the button-flap of his khaki shorts.

The boy quickly reopened his eyes just in time to feel the dull pop of his button releasing its hold from the slot on the adjacent flap. Michael 's breath quickened even more. He felt Randi's fingers begin to lightly tug at his zipper; sliding it gently down to its base. His mind raced.

Oh man.what was this girl about to do?! Randi gently parted the flaps of Michael 's shorts, exposing the top of his boxers. Without pause, she slid her shaking and nervous fingers up, then slightly under their elastic waistband. She pulled gently downward. Michael felt a quick rush of cool air on his lightly-pink, swollen pre-cum basted cockhead as the top half of his stiff cock became free from the fabric that had imprisoned it throughout the passionate encounter.

The freshman girl could feel her chest contract and release with each heavy breath. Her heart pounded. She could feel the slick moisture in her hot pussy. Her small little clit seemingly pulsed in excited anticipation. She tried to sense the totality of the situation that was unfolding; yet her inexperienced lust pressed her onward. Though her eyes remained closed, she knew that Michael 's aroused cock pulsed just below her chin. The suddenly eager girl reached up, around and inside the waistband of Michael 's shorts and boxers at his hips.

She felt him instinctively lift his teen ass from the couch. She pulled her mouth slightly away from his skin just enough to heavily, yet shallowly exhale and she pulled his shorts from his hips and deliberately downward; just enough to free his rigid shaft.

Other than briefly in her fantasy from a few nights before, Randi had never considered putting a boy's cock into her mouth. It wasn't something that she thought about while masturbating. However, now, her intense lust was coupling with youthful curiosity; and combined, the two sensations were creating a strong and powerful drive to slide his stiff cock into her steaming hot mouth.

Pausing briefly in innocent nervousness, she realized that she hadn't outdoor pussy licking with lesbian babes which are having fun in singers reality show brunette big t seen what it looked like.

She turned her head slightly up to peek busty chubby blonde babe on webcam dildo fucking her pussy fiercely Michael, who was innocently looking down to her as his chest rose and fell with each shallow breath he took.

The young girl pressed her mouth back into the flesh of his lower belly one last time, then pulled slightly away and bowed her head gently downward in passionate, yet youthful curiosity to see what awaited her. Randi saw his adolescent cock extending upward from a small, light patch of silky smooth hair. His shaft was slightly narrower than the men she had seen on the Internet. His skin had a surprisingly smooth, delicate appearance despite the obvious rigidness brought on by his intense, adolescent arousal.

The shaft itself was slightly pale in comparison to his natural, light-brown skin-tone. It tapered to a swollen, protruding band that was more pink in color. Above this band was the most fascinating feature of his body. His swollen, shiny head bulged well outward from the narrow taper just below. This was nothing like the men on television, and nothing like the banana she had playfully engaged days before.

She felt strangely relieved yet intensely turned on even more by the sight before her. This was the moment of truth for the spry teen.

Perhaps if she more thoroughly considered what she was about to do, she might would talk herself out of it. But she raised her head away from Michael 's belly, then slid downwards and closed her eyes. Randi opened her young mouth slightly and gently sunk towards her lover's lap.

Using her hands to brace herself on the couch cushion, she was going to let her lips feel their way to their goal. The freshman girl suddenly felt the wet, spongy skin of Michael 's cock head press into her lower lip. She adjusted slightly so that her bottom lip traveled downward over the bulbous head of his slender pole as she began to slowly descend onto him.

She felt the sensitive skin of her upper lip contact the top of his boyhood. The young girl tasted a slight hint of saltiness as the tip of his cock ever-so-lightly came into contact with her tongue. She was finally at her destination, and now it was time to let her youthful passion take charge.

Randi parted her lips a little more and pressed her mouth downward, slowly taking nearly half of Michael 's long cock into her mouth. She closed her lips and pressed her tongue upwards into the base of his shaft. The heat was incredible. The silky skin on the front of his adolescent shaft felt so soft on her tongue. She ended her brief pause and pressed even further downward, taking as much of his growing rod into her mouth as she could before she felt the top of his cock head brush against the top of her mouth just above the point where she would gag.

The zealous girl wasn't really thinking about how to properly give a boy a blowjob.

Her passionate, young lust was leading her and she was just sucking as much of her mouth around Michael 's hard shaft as she could. The strange, hot feel of his smooth skin felt so good against the tender insides of her young mouth. She then gently began to raise her head, feeling the pronounced head of his cock make its way towards the tip of her tongue. Perhaps the only reason Michael hadn't already blasted his hot cum into the girl's mouth, was that his body was stiffly locked in a state of shock, though the unbelievably fantastic sensation of having his stiff cock sucked was too overwhelming for that to last long.

Suddenly, the feel began to overtake him and the boy started to breathe rapidly. He couldn't believe what was happening. The incredible feel of this girl's hot mouth sliding up and down his cock was beyond the intensity of anything he had ever experienced with his own hand. He could feel the cum boiling in his adolescent balls.

He tightened his young ass and pressed instinctively towards Randi's tentative oral advances. He began to lightly moan with each rapid exhale. Every muscle in his lower body began to expand and contract in rhythm.

Michael knew that he was about to explode in a cum more intense than he'd ever felt. "Uh, uhh, uhh.oh, mmm, uhh, ohhh, uhhh, uhh, uuuhhhhhhhHHHHH!!!!" Randi felt Michael 's cock suddenly jerk against her tongue and lips. The boy's ass-cheeks again abruptly tightened as they lifted an inch or so off of the couch, causing her to fall back slightly as the boy's prick pressed further into her mouth.

She felt Michael 's cock begin to pulse in intense bursts as he moaned and jerked; followed by a sudden succession of eruptions of hot, salty wetness in her mouth. The teen had been taken a little by surprise but broke the pause from her tight blonde teen getting a hard sex lesson from milf shock and resumed slightly moving her mouth up and down on Michael 's cock, pressing her tongue firmly into pretty blonde teen cosima dunkin pussy fucked and creampied underside of his pulsing shaft.

Michael squeezed his buttocks in succession with each ejection of seed; moving his hips upward and downward in short rapid bursts. His smooth, sticky teen cum had quickly filled her small mouth. Not quite sure what exactly to do at that point, the young girl slowly began to slide her lips upwards and then off of Michael 's still-swollen and tender shaft. As she did, she could feel the warm, sticky batter beginning to slide downward towards the back of her throat.

As the girl considered what action to take with the boy's slimy seed, Michael leaned back, relaxing back onto the couch in a state of youthful, post-orgasmic bliss. Meanwhile, Randi kept her head tilted slightly downwards to keep the strange fluid in her mouth from making its way down her throat just yet. Taking in the odd texture of Michael 's cum, she pressed it upwards, massaging the roof of her mouth with her tongue. Turning her eyes slightly upwards, she could see young Michael 's chest rising and falling as he continued to slowly come down from his recent climax.

Then, in what was pretty much an un-forethought act of involuntary reflex, Randi swallowed; sending the first little load of Michael's seed from the back of her mouth down into her stomach.

A little surprised at the fact that her body had forced a reaction before she was fully prepared, she felt the warm, sticky fluid make its way down her pipes. The girl thought how it almost felt like the times when she'd have a cold and the thick, annoying mucous would cling to her throat. However, this didn't hang around like that.instead steadily fading into her insides.

More aware and in control of her actions now, she used her tongue to work the rest of Daniel's warm ejaculate to the back of her mouth and, with a couple of little gulps, swallowed what was left. The taboo nature of what had just transpired was beginning to hit her. Independent of the lingering feel of Michael 's fluids, her mouth felt hot and steamy and her skin a little clammy.

She could feel her heart rate strangely increase; and her chest began to rise and fall even a bit more than it had before. Though it had been pushed to the back of her mind as she was working the young boy's cock with her mouth, her own arousal was beginning to quickly make its presence known.

She could feel her engorged little clit aching for touch. In fact, the entire area around her young pussy seemed tingly with desire. It was then that she realized that her body was confirming what had only briefly raced through her mind before. She was ready to go all the way; here, and now.

Every ounce of her being wanted her new lover inside her. Everything about the moment felt so perfect. Suddenly, Michael broke the silence. "Randi, that was incredible", he whispered through his slowly subsiding breaths. "It felt so good." It was then that an abrupt embarrassment overcame him. "Uhmm. Sorry.I shoulda warned you know.I just never felt anything like that before.

It was so floozy knows how to engulf a schlong hardcore creampie and it happened so fast." The pretty girl didn't say anything, though she looked briefly up at the handsome boy before darting her eyes back downwards briefly - then back up to meet his bewildered gaze.

He may have reached his finish line; but she was back at the starting gate with a full tank of gas and an itchy lead-foot. Her work from her knees was done - she needed a different kind of touch, now. Slowly and gently, she began to climb up the junior-high boy's narrow frame; ending up face-to-face with her young mate as she now straddled him.

She felt the still-mostly-firm meat of his cock press into her cotton-covered crotch as she wrapped her hands around his neck and began to kiss the young boy deeply. He suddenly noticed the difference in Randi's kiss.

Her mouth seemed warm and even more moist with a noticeable taste of almost sweat-like saltiness to it. He knew his own fluids had created that change - still he didn't feel grossed out like he thought he might at first. Instead, the young girl's warm, wet kiss felt really nice. He relaxed a little more back into the couch cushion as she continued to press her mouth passionately into his. She was leading this dance - though he was happy to comply with every prod and advance of her tasty, eager tongue.

He slid his hands around her lower back, finding the hemmed end of her thin top, and working his hands underneath onto her soft, warm skin. The pretty young girl let out a light sigh as she kept her mouth locked to his.

Meanwhile, his hands remained anything but idle. The new feel of this incredible young girl's amazing skin on his fingertips and hands was too much to not explore. Anxiously, yet gently, he worked his hands around her sides and up to her chest, slipping his fingers underneath the light resistance of her bra seeking to discover both of her firm, developing breasts. Each one barely made for the size of delicious apple - but they were so perfect to the wildly excited boy.

Randi seemed to have no problem with Michael 's advance, as she even shifted ever-so-slightly back to allow his hands the room to work. In fact, the sensation of someone else's hands against bare skin that had never felt the touch of another was building her arousal to even greater height.

Her fledgling girlhood yearned for touch. Unconsciously, she began to gently stepmom stuck under the bed gets creampie from stepson erin electra her hips, causing her aching moist pussy to lightly grind against the bulge of Michael's recently spent boy-cock.

Michael could feel his raw, adolescent arousal beginning to re-awaken as this wonderful little princess worked atop him. Then, just as he began to press his tongue more aggressively into her mouth, the eager girl pulled her face gently away - though her lips remained lightly parted. Before he could even begin to wonder what the girl was up to, she moved downwards and began to kiss his neck.

The boy felt a jolt go up his spine. He had never had a girl kiss his neck before - and the feeling was beyond sensational - quite electrifying, in fact. The teen's moist, warm lips worked around one side of his neck before she worked them back around the other as to not neglect either side. After covering perhaps every square centimeter of his neck and even just under his chin, she brought her lips back up to meet his, though he broke the kiss after just a couple of seconds as he decided he'd return the favor to her.

He pressed his head downward and used it to nudge her chin slightly up to allow him access, then began to work the silky skin of her neck with hips lips.

Michael could tell his efforts were appreciated, as he felt her lightly increase the pressure and rhythm of her gyrations against his lap. His cock was making its way steadily back to full strength; though it perhaps had just a little way to go before it regained the hardness he'd had before. The perceptive youngster took the hint and increased his efforts; kissing and nibbling passionately at every reachable area of bare skin from the skinny little spaghetti-straps of her top to her sexy chin.

Randi was getting hotter by the minute. She, herself, had never experienced the feel fleshly lady reaches bright orgasms homemade hardcore lips massaging her neck. It, alone, was considerably nice.

And then there was the matter of her tender girlhood, which was now working in noticeable fashion through her panties and cotton shorts against Michael 's hardening shaft.

She could feel the wetness beginning to escape her little slit; coating her swollen lips and creating a little sheet of sliminess between her slit and her panties. This only worked to increase her youthful arousal - and she was quite past the point of no return, now.

She had heard the term 'dry-humping' from others at school and always though it was a funny term.

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But that's exactly what she and Xxxxx sex stories story movi hismotherin were doing now; though this wasn't going to be enough to satisfy her young craving now. Again, she pulled away from Michael 's oral advances just as he was really beginning to work her neck with passionate little sucks and squeezes of his lips. Abruptly, yet gently, she slid back from him until she felt her socked feet meet the carpeted floor.

Without hesitation, the worked-up teen slid her thumbs into the waistband of her soft, yellow, cotton shorts and slid them down her long legs; never breaking her eager, yet innocent stare into Michael 's young eyes. He, however, was not so determined to return her gaze - seeing as though this beautiful young girl now stood before him in nothing but a thin, spaghetti-strapped top, panties and little white socks. His eyes locked on her crotch. He could see that moisture had slightly darkened the fabric around her slit - which was quite visible as her moist panties had worked slightly up into her and clung tightly around her, tender pussy lips.

The freshman girl stood there for just a moment in front of him - perhaps giving him just a moment to adjust and take in the sight of her wonderful, excited body. However, Randi wasn't going to stand there long.

Michael wasn't quite sure what she was going to do. He thought she may just rejoin him in her panties - which he wouldn't protest - though his young cock would surely be screaming for the little hole that would be separated from him by the thinnest of fabric. After just a moment (though it seemed like a minute), Michael 's heart almost jerked to a halt as, instead, this beautiful princess slid her thumbs under the elastic of her panties and wasted little time in sliding them over her youthful hips and down her smooth, slender legs.

Randi leaned forward and then whispered in his ear, "Now where were we?" Michael truly felt he had arrived in heaven. He quickly pulled her back towards him to replicate their previous position. Within seconds he moved his hands back up towards her bra covered breasts. "I want to see these bare titties," he stated, and gently moved her back slightly. He found the hem of her thin, spaghetti-strapped top and impatiently pulled the garment up over her head. Randi was now on fire with excitement and closely watched as Michael's hands almost expertly found the clasp in between her slight bra cups and triumphantly opened her treasures to his gaze.

He had heard girls liked to have their nipples sucked. . so he leaned forward and captured the closest one in between his lips. He didn't bother to look upwards as Randi moaned again and again her sex student high school xxx story com. For the next several minutes, he took turns making love to her breasts and especially her rigid nipples, which he sensed were so similar to the erection down below that was now back to full size.

He moved his head back slightly after what he thought might be a brief climax from the horny and now shaking girl. Although she had continued to surprise him for the last hour, Randi switched places once again with Michael and stood up on the cushions, now buck naked.

He got a quick snapshot view of her excited cunt - slightly puffy and with a little smattering of sparse, downy hair that offered no obstruction to the view of her swollen little ribbon of clitoris that peeked shyly from her between her labia. It was a view he tried quickly to ingrain in his mind, though, as it quickly vanished from sight with her movement towards and onto him. Michael wasn't complaining; even if he would've been able to mutter anything remotely coherent given that his senses were overwhelmed by the quickly emerging fact that this beautiful naked crotch was about to be touching his naked lap - which could likely only mean one logical thing - he was about to FUCK this amazing young temptress.

Michael had very little time, however, to take in the totality of the moment. In a flash, his fresh lover had placed each bare leg to either side of his; once more resuming her xxxx six storys sex stories ebony position atop him as she again wrapped her hands around his neck, locking her fingers together.

Her open mouth pressed into his, just as he felt the moist heat of her teen pussy pressed snugly right into the direct center of his rock-hard pole. The short absence of her mouth from his during her undressing made their coupling oral cavities feel all the more hot as they re-connected. However, the heat from the young girl's genitals against his own was every bit as intense.

Michael became aware of the shorts and boxers still wrapped around his thighs; and used his hands and little wiggles to work them quickly down to his ankles, where he kicked them to the side. He was down to nothing but socks now. The boy was completely in tune to only the fact that his bare cock was rubbing back and forth through the fiery hot slit of this object of his utmost adoration and desire.

And the excited girl seemed to be getting quickly lost in the heat of her tender girlhood grinding against the underside of his adolescent pole. Michael was quite worked up, himself, now - though it had been merely a matter of minutes since he had exploded his seed into Randi's hot sucking mouth. He could feel a cool, thick bead of pre-cum bubbling from the slit of his stiff cock.

Though his recent ejaculation had taken away the intense pressure to explode in orgasm, the feel of her slick little cunt working against his rigid shaft taming a naughty and juicy fur pie working him into a frenzy; and he was aching to feel his cock press up into Randi's tight cunt. Just as he began to wonder if they were indeed going to go all the way, Randi released her kiss - pulling her face away from Michael 's and raising up onto her knees.

Michael 's slimy cock sprung upwards; pointing almost directly upwards at the ceiling. The pretty girl then lightly bit her lower lip as she stared into his brown eyes; her heart pounding. Both kids stared intently back at one another as if in a 'well, who's going to make the move' type moment.

But Randi broke the silence. "I want to go all the way with you, Michael. Just not too fast at first, okay?" She started moving towards the young, wide-eyed boy - who was a bit stunned by her request - though it was a very pleasant form of stunned. Once again, his heart accelerated to a heavy pound. The roller-coaster of emotion only added to the fluttering in his stomach as Randi closed her eyes and began to press into him with a deep kiss.

He could feel her lowering down onto his lap and knew his virginity had mere seconds to live. Just as he quickly wrapped his hands around her bare hips, he felt the heat from her body press against and engulf the head of his cock. His chest was rising and falling like seas in a storm. He felt Randi release the light grip of her fingertips from his rigid member and rejoin in interlock with the one that rested behind his neck. Then, the young girl pulled away from their kiss - though just barely, as Michael could taste the girl's breath blowing into his parted lips.

With one more exhale, she began to press her hips downwards onto the boy's lap; sending his cock upwards and into the burning-hot, squeezing tightness of her teen pussy. He pressed his head back into the couch cushion and grunted as his slender, rigid, prick squeezed into the slick vice-grip of her youth. "Uhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm", moaned the freshman princess as she slowly impaled herself downwards onto her first cock.

It did hurt a little. Though Michael 's shaft was probably just average size for his age, it was fuller than the two skinny fingers she'd used to penetrate her little hole in the past. But, with her hymen long gone from masturbation, the pain was more from the stretching of her virgin hole to accommodate a new, slightly larger invader.

She let out one more little grunt before her pubic bone met his; signifying that young Michael was fully inside his beautiful little lover, now. "Ohhhh. Michael ", was all the girl could muster. His eyes opened to the sight of Randi staring back at him with a tinge of wild youthful excitement in her eyes. Neither of them moved. "I know you probably don't ride around on your bike with a condom in your pocket." Both kids smiled a little at the humor in her words.

"Just promise me you'll pull out before you.finish. In plenty of time, too, okay? Please." Michael noticed Randi's obvious concern with the topic. He wasn't going to sit here and deeply consider the consequences of cumming inside the girl at this point, but, realizing the importance of her plea, he looked into her eyes and gave his word with a nod and an, "I promise." Any wondering his mind was doing was quickly brought to a halt, however, as Randi leaned back closer into his face - bracing her forehead on his - and began the trek back upwards on his pole.

Then, slowly, but with a definite rhythm, she began to work her body up and down on his; taking in the full feel of his adolescent cock as it worked in and out of her tight, slippery passage. Randi seemed to particularly enjoy the impact of his pubic bone against her tender, excited sex, as she let out little grunts and moans each time - and each time seeming to grind her hips ever-so-slightly when they touched.

Michael continued to sit back on the couch and let Randi ride him at her own, slow pace. He slid his hands down the last couple of inches of her lower back and onto her soft, round ass; lightly gripping each cheek as if they were baby birds. The boy gently worked his fingers in light squeezes and caresses; using his fingertips to give occasional little pulls just outside her crack that spread her cheeks lightly apart.

In the initial moment of their union, he had worried that he would cum almost immediately - making short work of this wonderful little affair. However, his prior orgasm seemed to have taken some of the edge off.

For the time being, he actually felt in control of the matter. Not to say that it wasn't feeling damn nice. His knobby cock-head was particularly sensitive; as he could feel every little nuance of Randi's teen tunnel as it squeezed and pulled at him with each slow, steady fuck. But as incredible as the tight grip of this girl's previously-virgin hole felt as it worked his stiff cock, Michael had a calm about him in knowing that he was going to be able to enjoy the experience for a period much longer than he would've imagined.

Of course, having to be on careful lookout for any sign of impending orgasm brought a touch of anxiety that likely worked to prolong the matter, as well. Randi had no such reservation for her physical state. The feel of young Michael 's rock-hard, hot stiff cock filling her previously unexplored passage in rhythmic pumps - matched with the pressure of her sensitive, swollen teen clit pressing into the firmness of his pubic bone at the end of each penetration - was bringing the girl sensations that she'd never felt before.

Her masturbation sessions, had always lacked the lustful passion that she was experiencing for the first time with Michael. Embracing his hard, slender body as she slowly worked his stiff cock with her tender moist pussy took her sexual pleasures to another level.

And the feeling was only getting better. Steadily, Randi began to move up and down quicker and quicker on her young lover's cock. She was working muscles that hadn't really been worked this way before; and though her young thighs began to lightly burn, she didn't want the feeling of Michael inside her to stop.

She quickened her pace, in fact, even more - almost in spite of her legs beginning to tire. All she knew was that, if young Michael could muster enough self-control to last just a bit longer, she was going to be feeling nothing but explosive ecstasy in very short order. She could feel his hands gripping the silky flesh of her firm, teen buttocks. She could feel the heat of his breath glancing off her neck and lips as his head pressed back into the couch cushion in front of her.

The excited girl could feel him beginning to push his hips up into her with each of her downward thrusts onto his adolescent prick. The two youngsters had gone from a slow, methodical process of discovering love-making to the threshold of fucking - a line they were getting closer to crossing with each penetration of his stiff cock into her tight cunt.

The horny girl was on a fast train to cum-ville. She knew it wouldn't be long if Michael kept this up. She could feel him increase his pace a little with each thrust. She knew the inexperienced boy was on his way to cumming really soon and just hoped that he would make it just a little longer. Randi could feel her pussy begin to contract in little squeezes - perhaps a couple of seconds apart.

Her clit began to tingle even more. She was going to be cumming soon. Instinctively, she wrapped her smooth, skinny legs tightly around Michael's body; locking her feet around his slender torso.

The excited boy responded quite favorably, beginning to pound into his princess even harder. These two lovers were full-out fucking - though they both knew things were about to come to quite an end. Suddenly, Randi felt her cunt begin to quiver. The first jolt of orgasm rocketed through her young body, causing her to yelp. Then, one after the other, waves of electric, adolescent climax began to erupt from her tight pussy and through her body.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhh!", she frantically moaned, as explosions of pleasure shot through her. The orgasm was more long and deep than she had ever experienced. Just as the waves of climax began to subside, she realized that Michael was beginning to tightly tense up above her. "Uggghhhhhhh.uuhhhhhmmmmm", the boy grunted. He felt his balls start to pull tightly up against his shaft.

His mouth got a burning hotness about it and he felt his cock go past the point of no return. His own body was buzzing in the little tingle that comes just before that wonderful sensation of the blasting of cum. He knew he had to pull out and now - but this felt too good. His body jerked and he gave a couple of quick stabs as he felt the boiling cum begin to release from its prison inside his balls.

His home nudism my mom captured on spy camera gave one quick, intense pulse. Quickly coming to his wits, he jerked his throbbing pole from Randi's hot pussy just as a second pulse jerked though his quivering meat, sending a thin stream of hot, milky cum out of his throbbing cock and just between Randi's breasts. A second spurt jutted outward even more, and landed on the girl's mouth and lips.

He quickly memorized that image. . hopefully forever. "Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he gasped, jerking his head back and squeezing his eyes tightly shut. The boy quickly pressed the underside of his hard, jerking meat into the slippery heat of Randi's moist slit and began to grind against it as one more little spurt of milky seed erupted from his quivering cock and shot in short just out of his slit onto her lower belly.

Michael then gave two more hard, deliberate grinds, squeezing the muscles in his cock to deliver the last of his batter - which didn't shoot this time - instead pulsing out in thick little globs from his slit; where seachjapanese son mother sleeping sex story stayed momentarily before quickly oozing down the front of his cock-head and pooling just at the beginning of Randi's slit.

"Ohhhhhhhh, Randi!", was all he could muster. Michael looked down at the sight of the beautiful girl lying naked beneath him. A shiny spattering of his milky white seed gleaned on the girl's chest. The little trail, led down to her beautiful pussy lips; which remained a flushed shade of pink. The two continued taking in the sight of each other in silence. This was going to be a very special relationship.