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Russain new xxx sister small
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It's so hot outside, I peer out of the window from this stuffy office in Irvine. I just bought my customer lunch in a yacht club on the front in Troon, overlooking the sea.

It was very pleasant sitting outside, feeling the July dana and aiden share a thick shaft on my back.

Even discussing work was enjoyable on such a day. The gulls circling and calling; the smell of the sea. But now I am sitting at his desk waiting for him to bring in the teas. New products coming through this year Rob, we need to ensure that our equipment is up to date and capable of handling all the new components.

He returns with the tea in the mugs I gave him, my company emblem emblazoned across them. Papers are shuffled; the room is not air conditioned, the clock ticks very slowly, I keep glancing at it; the hands telling me I have 2 hours to get back to Balloch, just north of Glasgow. The hotel I have booked for us both is ok, I have used it before. The Shelly Inn; clean, good food, nice location with plenty of pubs and restaurants. It will be busy, it's the tourist season and I want to meet you before you go in.

My customer is droning on and on, I'm finding it so hard to concentrate I try to look interested but my mind keeps wandering to you Debs. Finally I have all the information I need and I make a hasty getaway. I close the car door and turn the air-con taming a naughty and moist cunt hardcore and blowjob full.

It's stiflingly hot and the sweat is running off me. I pull out of the car-park waving to the security guard and head for Glasgow. I will make it, I have to. I booked this hotel and I don't want to be late. I feel more relaxed now, the air con is blowing cold and I am smiling at the prospect of the rest of the day.

The phone rings, I see the number is you. I answer with my official reply, pretending to not know who it is and I hear your familiar voice. It seems you have been stuck inside all day too. Shall we go out today? Just walk somewhere feel the sun on us and fresh air round us. Sounds good to me, as long as it's just you and I Debs, I'll go anywhere with you. I press the pedal a little harder. I pull into the car park and see that you have just walked into the bar.

I rush in with my bags and within 5 minutes I am showering all my cares away. It's only three thirty and I am pulling on my tee shirt and jeans.

I pick up my car keys and dash down to reception. I see you waiting for me in the bar, you smile as you see me and my pulse quickens. Your smile always cheers me up Deb, so pleasant and warm. I move to you and we kiss on the cheek; it's been a long time since our paths crossed and it's good to see you again.

After a quick chat with the barman we go to my car and I drive to the local shop. I go inside and return with our provisions. Sandwiches, some fruit, yogurts, cold drinks and a bag of ice. I put all the goods into the hiking bag I have in the boot. I always keep my walking gear in the car in summer; you never know when chance will need it. Today is a good day for outdoor activities and your face brightens when I suggest a quiet out door meal, on a blanket under the open sky.

I smile to myself as I head for the forest the barman told me about. Garadhban Forest only 30 minutes drive, not as popular as other places at this high season. We chat about our day, meetings and business men in suits, forms to fill in. We become more and more relaxed as we chat, feeling safe in each others presence. It is good to be together again Deb, I always feel good when you are around.

The car pulls up to the wooden fence in the car park and we get out. It's still very warm and the air is heavy with the smell of the forest. The sounds of the forest are all around us with birds and the slight rustling of the leaves. It's very beautiful here, the good weather making it even better. I pick up the bag and sling it over my shoulder. It's insulated so the food will be kept cool by the ice. I also take a blanket from the boot. We take the path into the forest and talk about what we have been up to since our last meeting.

I can't help but look at you as you stroll along slightly in front of me. Light blue three quarter length jeans, white short sleeve blouse, sandals; just as well the paths are good here as we aren't equipped for a hike. I watch your red hair blow in the light breeze and catch a whiff of your perfume.

I breathe in and I feel so damn good I laugh out loud. You turn to look at me wondering what it is. I just smile Debs, broadly. Today is a good day, warm sunshine, beautiful countryside, nice picnic and a lovely woman in my company. What could be better? We walk for around 20 minutes easily. The land is flat and the paths easy to walk on. It is cooler new zealand girls xxx story sex stories here, the trees are in full colour, the birds are singing and we haven't seen a soul since we set off.

I pick up a long grass stalk and tickle you behind your ear, you jump thinking it's an insect and waft it away. I do this a few times until you grasp the stalk laughing and scolding me. I pull you to me and kiss you… the first time our lips have met for some time. The familiar feel and smell of you makes me feel so good.

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I hold your face in my hands and kiss you again. Holding you close; our meetings are sensational doggy position gratifying homemade and hardcore Deb and maybe that's how they should be, it keeps us hungry for each other.

You part with a smile and urge me to follow you, what have you seen? You break off from the path and walk through the trees for maybe 200 yards or so. The trees suddenly clear a little and we walk into a small copse. In the middle is a river with a small falls opening up into a deep pool maybe 10 metres across; the ground falling steadily down to the water. I look up at the sun cascading through the canopy, the light making trails in the heavy air. I look down and the ground is dry, covered with soft leaves and pine needles.

What a perfect spot. I lay down the blanket on the gently sloping ground and take the bag from my back. We both sit and I remove some cold drinks from the bag. Ice cold; the juice tastes so good as we sip and relax. I hand you a sandwich from the bag and I take one myself. I lie back on the blanket, the slope and cushion of needles making it so comfy. I close my eyes and actually feel like I wild blowjob from big pantoons asian japanese and hardcore sleep.

It's so peaceful here. The water I can hear tumbling over the stones and splashing into the pool. The birds in the trees, tranquillity. I breathe deep the smell and sounds of the forest casting their spell over me. Then another smell brings me from my dreamy state, sharp and tangy. Something presses against my lips, I open my mouth and I taste a strawberry; the sweet tanginess bringing me round. I open my eyes and see you leaning over me. A mock indignant look on your face.

"How dare you fall asleep, lying here leaving me?" Your face is framed against the trees and the patterns above us. I smile as you look at me pretending to scold me. I place my hands under my head and look at you. "My God Deb you look so beautiful." I say. "Don't try to wheedle your way out of it Rob", you were falling asleep and don't deny it." I look at your eyes flashing at me, your face trying to hide the smile.

We both laugh and I pull you to me. I kiss you again and taste the strawberries on your lips. Our tongues flicking into each others mouths, I feel the first stirrings within me at this intimate contact. I hold your luna rival teen ass gets creampied by isiahs bbc against my chest. This is such a wonderful place, it's warm, quiet, peaceful and you Deb, you make it complete. I feel you breathing deeply as you lie on me. The spell of the woods is also making you relax more and more.

The sounds of the forest and the tumbling water are hypnotic, as if the wood elves are playing their soft music. Singing the songs of old, luring travellers into their realm. I open my eyes and reach for my drink, this place is too peaceful, we could both easily fall asleep. I take a sip and hold the bottle to your lips as you open your eyes.

I sit up and stretch. Looking down at the water. It looks so inviting; when I was younger I would have been straight into the pool for a swim. I stand up and walk to the waters edge. The water is quite deep but crystal clear and the ground around it is sandy and dry.

I look back at you and you watch me as I splash some of the cold water on my face. I walk back to you and look down at you. Your blouse is undone further than it should be and your cleavage is showing. Your eyes sparkle in the veiled sunlight and you know that I want you. I feel the stirrings within me and I look harder into your eyes.

As I stand before you, you lean forward on your hands and crawl towards me not once breaking my gaze. You reach my legs and look up at me so damn sexily. You are good at this Deb, your hands rub up my legs as you kneel in front of me, your eyes shining with passion and burning into my soul. I feel my hardness throbbing inside my jeans and you glance at my crotch and lick your lips. Slowly you move your hands to my button and undo my jeans. Again your eyes fixed firmly on mine.

Your delicate fingers pull the zip down slowly and my jeans open. Your fingers find my length within my briefs and trace the outline of me.

I emit a moan as my pulse gets faster and my breathing quickens. You pull down my jeans and I kick them off. Your face is level with my groin and you nuzzle against me, holding the backs of my legs as you kiss my hardness through my briefs. The material is straining as you look at me and bite my length through the white cotton. Nibbling all round me and pulling me closer. Your hands move to my waistband and slowly remove my briefs; I feel the air on my length before your cool hands caress me and pull me close to you.

You once again look deep into my eyes as you kiss all over my cock, licking and biting. I can't stand it much longer Debs, you are driving me mad, but you know this don't you? A wicked smile breaks out on your face as you suddenly plunge your lips over my length and the warmth of your mouth engulfs me.

I throw back my head as the sudden pleasure takes me. The surrounding forest becomes meaningless as you; this gorgeous woman takes me into her mouth, hot, wet, her tongue like a snake writhing all over my cock. Her hands holding my balls, her nails digging into my flesh. I look down and see your head bobbing up and down on me, this sexy woman performing this act on me in the open woods. I look round quickly to check for signs of anyone. It's deserted, we are miles from anywhere, not that I would have stopped you; the feelings you are giving me are too intense, too strong for me to ever let you stop.

Occasionally you remove my cock from your mouth and lick up and down the shaft, kissing my balls then licking all the way back up and swallowing my length once more. Seeing your face, your lips, your eyes, watching you do this to me is almost as good as feeling it. I am getting close Deb, you sense this and I feel your movements increase. I tell you that I am about to come but you only hold me tighter. Your tongue moves to the underside of my glans and you rub the rough part of your tongue back and forth.

That's it! With one last warning to you, I suddenly explode, throwing back my head as my orgasm crashes over me, from my toes to my head the feelings surge through me, as my cock jerks and twitches in your mouth.

Your hands' holding me tight as my come shoots inside you. Your eyes are closed as you continue to work on me ensuring that nothing escapes. Your lips tight around my cock, your tongue still working on me. When I finally relax, you look at me as you let me go and my length emerges from your lips, clean and wet. You smile straight away, a wicked, dirty smile which only serves to make me want you even more. I kneel down and hold you, kissing your neck and nuzzling your hair. Breathing in your perfume.

The forest sounds and smells once again becoming apparent to me. You are one dirty, sexy, horny woman Debbie; I kiss this adorable blonde came to me and she was ready for some very hard sex naturally she got it in her tasting the saltiness of myself on you.

Your tongue darting into my mouth. This stirs me again, but I know its going to be a little while before I will perform. So I push you back on the blanket and lie next to you. I lift the bottle and take a sip passing it to you and watching your lips as you drink, the same lips that only moments before group sex one girl ten boys wrapped around my cock.

The air is still heady with the smell of pine and the water still tumbles endlessly over the rocks. And your eyes still look at me with the same burning passion they always have. I sit astride you as you lie on the blanket; and I undo your blouse and open it. The sight of your breasts encased in lace helping my loins recover from your onslaught. I feel my arousal increasing once more. I rub my face against your breasts and feel your hands on my head. I love your smell Debbie, not the perfume, just you.

It's intoxicating and sends more blood hurtling to my loins. I sit up and help you remove your blouse, you unclip your bra and your breasts are exposed to the air. I see the nipples stiffen in the gentle coolness of the breeze; I move my mouth to them and kiss all around them, licking and nibbling at them. Taking them between my lips and sucking and biting them gently; my hands roam over your tummy and to your legs encased in denim.

I undo your jeans and pull down the zip, removing your jeans as you lift your self, moving my head to your waist and burying my face into your crotch.

Once again I breathe in your perfume, but this time it's the perfume of your sex, your loins are burning and emitting powerful pheromones, which are carnal and formed by some design to arouse the male. They work on me as I breathe in your muskiness and my cock once again begins to throb and pulsate. I remove your thong with my teeth and this leaves you naked. Under the canopy of the trees, the sunlight mottled on your skin, the cool air making goose bumps form even though it is still warm, my hands holding you, pushing your legs wide as you lie back on the blanket, knowing what is coming next.

I move between your legs and look at your sex; your wet lips are swollen and pink, glistening in the sunlight. I kiss gently up and down your pussy and flick my tongue between your labia, tasting your wetness; my pulse begins to race as my instincts tell me to take you, but not yet.

Not yet Debs, I want to give you pleasure as you gave it to me.

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I plunge my tongue deep inside you as far as I can go, pushing your legs up to expose your opening to me. I force my face against you as my tongue licks all around your pussy, deeper and deeper. I hear your muffled moans as I push into you, then work my way up to your clitoris and circle it; then once more squirting teen like youve never seen before to your hot, wet opening and plunge my face into you.

My God Debbie, I could do this to you forever. I move to your clitoris once more and suck on it, stimulating it directly and nibbling ever so youngs girl sex 18 old. I move my fingers to your opening and thrust them inside you, moving them in and out, your wetness easily allowing me to do so.

I continue to suck on your clit whilst doing this, I want you to come Debbie, quickly, I need to get inside you, I want to fuck you hard.

Your breathing increases and I feel your legs begin to push against me. I suck your little button into my mouth and lash it with my tongue, pushing you over the edge as you groan loudly, your peak surging through you, your juices flooding my face as I continue to stimulate you, your legs clamping my head, then pushing me away. Breathless you look at me, I would do this to you again and again Deb, but I need to enter you, I want to get inside you now!

I pick you up and guide you to a large oak tree on the edge of the copse. I stand you against it and kiss you hard and deeply. I push myself against you and you rip off my tee shirt leaving us both naked in the forest. I feel the sun and the cool air on me, but am oblivious to anything else except you.

I grab you and push myself hard against you, feeling your breasts crush against my chest, feeling your legs against mine, feeling my erection pressing against your pussy. Our lips meet, both of us lost in this frenzied lust, wet hot mouths kissing and licking all over each others lips, your hips thrust against mine as I search for your opening.

I push you roughly back against the tree and hold you tightly as I push my hips against yours, suddenly my cock enters you, buries itself inside raunchy redhead pleasures a thick meat pole creampie teen to the depths of your glorious pussy. You scream out at this sudden violation of your body and I can hardly stand with the sensations that crash over me, as I feel one of your legs lift and wrap around me.

Holding onto my shoulders burying your head into my neck. I push you against the bark of the tree and begin to pump my hips against you, it's difficult to move like this but floozy knows how to engulf a schlong hardcore creampie don't care, the burning, frenzied lust has us in its grasp and nothing can stop us.

Your naked back is held against the tree as I plunge my self into you again and again, your leg wrapped round me, the movements are frenzied as I continue to fuck you against this tree, your gasps and moans filling the quiet air in the forest, mixing with my grunts and groans.

On and on we go my cock buried so deeply inside you I swear I can feel your womb. You hang onto me as I literally bounce you up and down on my erection with your leg wrapped tightly around me.

Sometimes forcing you against the tree, to give myself more leverage. But if we continue like this Debbie, you will be hurt by the tree, so I stop and lower you to the ground, the soft oak leaves and pine needles far more comfy than the bark. I kneel between your legs once more, our eyes meet, both with fire behind them as I lower myself towards you. Hot, wet, tightness engulfing my cock as I enter you. Now I am on top and I plunge inside you again and again and again.

Our lips once more meshing together, joined as one as are our bodies down below. Raw animal lust takes us both as we revel in this most carnal of acts. I push myself into you as hard and as fast as I can, our bodies crashing together as I try to force as much of my cock into you as I can, our breathing coming in short gasps as we fuck.

Now it's your turn and you push me onto my back, our bodies still joined. Slowing things down and sitting on me. My chest is heaving as I draw air into my lungs, my heart thumping in my chest. I watch your breasts move in time with your breathing and feel myself buried deep inside your body.

You grind down onto me, pushing against me, grinding your clitoris against me. You lean forward and kiss me deeply, your tongue searching for mine, wet, snakelike again. Even though you deliberately slowed things down, I still want to take you and I thrust up against you, my lust still burning within me, urging me to fill you with my seed. Instinct telling me kira thorn top teen gets bbc gangbang interracial european and cumshot take control and finish the matter in hand.

But you are strong Debbie, you hold me down and you take control. Riding me and moving rhythmically on me. My movements synchronising with yours. Once again I find myself looking up at you, our eyes meet and we smile and laugh. This is wonderful Debs; I want this to go on for hours and hours. I feel your legs as you ride me, both of us thrusting our hips against each other. I watch as you move your hand to your crotch and begin to stimulate your own clitoris, closing your eyes and with your mouth open you move your fingers in circles around and around, getting faster and faster, little shrieks coming from you until you squeeze me with your pussy and the silent scream comes from your open mouth as your orgasm washes over you.

Slowly you come down from your peak and you begin to buck on me again; I watch your breasts moving in time with your riding and this further arouses me. I now push you back and I once again am in control. Our skin is shining with perspiration as I lie between mom thecher sex for son splayed legs and start to pound you.

I lift myself from you to let the cool air between us as I thrust into you faster and faster. I feel the burning in my groin as I move my hips faster and faster against you. Lust once more takes me as I lose control of my actions and fuck you so hard that we move across the forest floor, I can just hear your voice, your gasps in my ears as I increase my speed and plunge into you one last time and my orgasm explodes from me as I force my cock as deep into you as I can, I hear a shout from somewhere, then realise it is me, as I am lost in this momentary world of ultimate ecstasy.

I remain forced into you for what seems like an eternity but is only the few seconds of my peak as my seed is pumped so deep into you. My body relaxes and I suddenly become aware of our surroundings, the forest, the birds, and the water. I look down at you Debbie and can see that you are breathing hard like me, eyes closed. I lie on you and kiss your soft lips. So soft, so warm. I bury my face into your neck as you hold me.

Smelling you again, your intoxicating perfume filling my nostrils. I lift my head and look at you, smiling.

I am hot, exhausted and contented, looking at your face you feel the same way. I stand and pick you up in my arms. You are more beautiful now than you have ever been Debs. I carry you to the blanket, but then change my mind.

You begin to struggle as you guess what I am about to do. You squeal at me as I move to the waters edge and leap in, both of us plunging into the cool clear deep water. The sudden cold water feeling freezing on our skin, your face looks at mine as you laugh at me, calling me names unprintable but laughing and splashing me. You move to me and hold me, both of us naked in the water.

I feel your body against mine in this clear cold water which comes up to our chests, it is very erotic to see the water lapping against you this way, your breasts moving in and out of the water. I look at you and I can see that although you are laughing, you won't forget this. I smile at you. I dread to babe cock sucks a big black cock what will happen to me for this, I only hope that my punishment will involve our hotel room in Balloch and some serious Scottish passion.