Branquinha gostosa dando o cuzinho pro namorado gordo

Branquinha gostosa dando o cuzinho pro namorado gordo
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Not very long ago, when my ex-wife decided to leave, I would go to the store in where I would run into an old girlfriend that I knew in school, a petite blonde named Jennifer. Jennifer and I got to talking and we agreed to go out for dinner and watch some movies at my house. Anyways, she asked me if she could stay overnight and I told her she could if she wanted to.

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Later on in the evening she went into my room and put on of my flannel shirts on and returned to the sofa across from me. Jennifer called me to get my attention and as I turned to look at her, she had her legs and feet on the couch to show me she did not have any panties, showing me her shaved mound. Jennifer told me to come over to her on my knees and she demanded me to eat her pussy. I got down on my knees and took my tongue all around her clit, and as she spread her legs further open she pushed my head down to her pussy hole and told me young girls open seel seel tongue fuck and do it good.

As I began to tongue her sweet pussy, Jennifer laid down on the couch, and she grabbed her legs and spread them as far as she could and said I want you to eat my ass. As I began to eat that rosebud of hers, she grabbed by sweatpants and ripped them off my body.

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Jennifer first grabbed my 8.5 inch cock and started stroking it with on hand as she began licking my sack. She continued to pleasure me with her tongue as she started to lick the vein of my hard cock and than she took my hard tool into her mouth, while she was massaging my balls, driving me into complete ecstasy.

As Jennifer continued to suck my cock, she took her fingers all the way back down the crack of my ass, and I said, wait just a minute my asshole is still virgin! She turned and told me not anymore, as she gently pushed her small finger into my tight rectum, now she sucking my cock and finger true anal petite jane wilde has her ass stretched wide my ass, just then she took my cock out of her mouth and licked my cock all the way past my balls and than she started licking my ass.

The erotic pleasure of the intense feeling drove me to the point where I could not take it anymore and I told let's go to my bedroom. When we got to my bed, I laid Jennifer down and buried my cock deep into her pussy.

As I began pumping her pussy, Jennifer wrapped her long skinny legs around my body and started gripping my cock with her pussy muscles. Suddenly, with one move Jennifer rolled me over and began to ride me very hard, as I felt myself beginning to cum I exclaimed to her OH JENNIFER, I AM GOING TO CUM, she replied, oh yes baby give me all your juices to give all to me. Just then I felt my juices shoot into her pussy, and I rolled her off of me.

But she told me, oh no we are not done yet!

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Jennifer grabbed my cock and began sucking me, while massaging my balls, and she told me, I want you hard again ! Jennifer took my cock out of her mouth and began to stroke me and told me get your legs up in the air. When I got my legs in the air, Jennifer began to lick and finger my asshole again! As Jennifer continued to rim and finger me my cock was hard again, than she smiled at me, and said now you're ready.

Jennifer got on her hands and knees and said, Now I want you in my ass! I got behind Jennifer's tiny ass and started to slowly insert my cock into her tight little ass. She said to me in a sexy voice to fuck her ass, and cum in my ass, I love it! I began to fuck Jennifer's sweet little ass as she pushed back into my cock to make it go in deeper, and I began to pump her ass harder and harder as I shot another hot wad into her, but this time in her ass.

We finally were wore out and we laid and slept together naked in my bed, but when we woke up the next morning we started where we left off while we showered together, Jennifer gave me her wash rag and told me to wash her body and when you do so I want you to worship my body.

As I began to wash Jennifer's body, I began sucking her tits and when I started to licking her chest, Jennifer took my head and pushed it down to her crotch and told me to eat her pussy and told me I want your tongue deep in my pussyhole. I took my tongue and licked her deeply while I was eating her snatch she began grinding her pussy against my face and with on turn Jennifer turn her ass to my face, she commanded me to eat my ass you slave, eat your queen.

I did as I was told and than she tells me, Alright on your feet. She took the rag from my hand and washed my body as she went down to my hardened cock she took it deep into her mouth while playing with my balls in one hand, black haired beauty cares for lucky dick than she took her other hand around my ass and started finger fucking my ass. Than she guided me back into my bedroom and laid me down and slid down my cock into her honeyhole she began pumping me harder and harder.

than she lied down over top of me, demanding me to suck her tits. I started sucking her perky tits as she slowly went up and down on my 8.5 tool.

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Than Jennifer climbed of me and got on all fours and told me to take her from behind. So I got behind her with pleasure slid my cock in from behind. So as I was fucking her as hard as I could I took my middle finger and started fucking her asshole as I pumper her pussy with my cock.

As I began a seesaw action with my cock and fingers in her holes, Jennifer and I both exploded with cum which would not just become a night to remember but a intimate relationship that we will never forget.