Strapless dildo feeldoe sex from strapless strapon and lesb sexy

Strapless dildo feeldoe sex from strapless strapon and lesb sexy
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The Festival… As the sun disappeared behind the mountains satyrs, centaur, minators and fairies came out of the woods with all sorts of food and drink. They greeted each other as lutes and flutes played and they started dancing.

They ate, they drank, they laughed, they hugged and kissed; I even received some attention mostly from the fairies. They were rather festive and after a couple of hours the festivities really started, what ever had been added to the wine had they all worked up and excited. I had read about orgies but had never seen one let alone a weird one like this.

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Centaurs were fucking minators, minators fucking centaurs as satyrs mixed it up with everyone. It was strange seeing them lick and suck one another and screwing each other; it wasn't only male and female but females together as well as males. They were enjoying each others bodies, tits, asses, cocks, chests all of it and they didn't care who they were with.

I had been sitting there drinking and watching what was going on when this female centaur came to me and knelt down. She had long graying hair, her tits sagged as well as her belly, and she grabbed me by the shoulders and locked one on me.

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Her tongue dove into my mouth as she kissed me long and hard and I kissed her back as I felt her tits. Nogga was her name and she dropped to her belly as we kissed and made out, the wine had gotten to me, her hand ran over my chest down my stomach to my hardening cock where she pulled and played with me.

I caressed and sucked on her flabby tits as she moaned and squeezed my ass.

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One moment I was standing playing with this old nags tits and then the next I was on the ground staring at the stars as she swallowed my cock. Oh she was good; she sucked hard swirling her tongue around the head of my cock as her hair sprawled over my stomach. I moaned as she swallowed me down her throat then drew back and I thought I was going to burst. "Damn baby you're good!" I moaned as my cock swelled even more. The next thing I knew Nogga swallowed my cock all the way then sucked harder as she pulled up slowly, her hands felt my balls and then I felt a sharp squeezing pain at the base of my swollen throbbing dick.

She pulled off looked at me then down at my cock as I looked down to see what she had done to me and I saw a thick silver ring wrapped around my cock imbedded in its flesh. Nogga smiled then dove right back down on me sucking me hard and fast x mother hot son family ebony dubbing my balls ache and boil with cum that could not be relieved.

Nogga picked up her head and smiled as drool ran over her lips and dripped onto my groin. She got to her knees and breathed heavily, "Fuck me!" I jumped to my feet and ran around her where she raised her tail and I plunged my crying cock into her old soft pussy. Being a horse's pussy my cock was not fat enough or long enough to fill her like the other had, but her pussy closed around me and I went to town.

I pumped my cock in and out of her as fast as I could at times pulling all the way out then slammed it back in.

Nogga was enjoying my efforts to please her and was moaning with an approaching orgasm, she bucked back and forth as I held tight and continued to fuck her. When she came her juices soaked me from the waist down, I pulled out and buried my face into her wet pussy and started eating her like a dieing man.

As I licked and drank her juices she moaned, "Oh&hellip.Oh…Yes that feels wonderful…oooh!" I looked up to see her smiling back at me and a satyr come up to her and pull her face into his crotch. I went back to eating her messy pussy and stopped when I felt a hand on my cock. There were 2 fairies playing with my cock, 1 started licking its head as the other started licking my balls.

When I looked back to Nogga I found that a minator was now fucking the hell out of her as the satyr fucked her face. I turned back to the fairies pulled the one at my balls up to me as I laid back and set her on my face. Damn her pussy was small like a little girls and she tasted as sweet as honey, her tits were soft oh so soft but firm. The other had stopped licking my cock and was now sitting on top it squirming to take the swollen member into her tight pussy.

She worked hard twisting and pulling at my cock and had gotten only half of my 7 inches in her then started to ride me. The 2 giggled and moaned as they enjoyed themselves with me then switched places and it was sweet, their sweet tight pussies squeezed my cock and drove me crazy with the desire to blow my load and at one time I had then on their knees as I plowed into one then the other swapping back and forth between them.

They kissed each other as I pulled out of one and slammed into the other making them squeal. Two other fairies came up behind me and started playing with my balls lusty niky is down for some dp group sex and cumshot ass, they caressed and licked me then one stuffed her small hand up my ass and I moaned.

A female satyr brought me some wine and helped me drink it as she smiled down at me. She then kissed me and placed a silver chain around my neck, "find me later" she said the ran off into the crowd. She was cute, her fur was reddish brown except for the golden brown fur that covered her ass and her cute little tail. There was a thin line of fur running up her spine to her shoulders and down over her firm tits. She had tuffs of fur around her wrists and elbows and chin, damn she was cute and watching her made me more excited.

After a while the fairies scurried off and I went and ate a little letting my legs work the stiffness out. as I drank some more wine I looked around and there were groups all around the field talking, laughing and engaged in all manners of wild sex. As I chewed on a piece of bread 2 satyrs came up to me and gave me a mug of clear liquid telling me to drink it.

It tasted bitter and was thick and warm, when I finished it my head felt light and fuzzy, my body tingled and I felt warm all over. The satyrs took me by the hands and led me over to a bed of grass where we laid down; as they kissed me their hands moved to my nipples and I screamed from the sudden sharp pain when they snapped a pair of silver rings through my nipples.

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They kissed me and rolled me onto my stomach then got to their knees and then pulled me to mine. One pointed his cock at my face and said roughly "open your mouth" and I did. Oboc slid behind me pushed his pointed cock into the crack of my ass. I stared at Trog's pinkish brown cock as I willingly opened my mouth and reached for his hips, it was about 10 inches long and 2 ½ inches thick.

Oboc's cock found my hole and he pushed in, all the way in filling my ass till his balls hit mine. Trog's slid his cock into my waiting mouth and into my throat the fur of his cock's sheath tickled my nose and Oboc's tickled my ass. Once the two were in they started banging me hard, Oboc fucked my ass like a mad man shoving his thick goat cock deep, hard and fast.

Trog held my head tight and fucked my throat as if I was a whore, in and out, in and out as I gasped for air and drool ran over my lips. They were no way soft with their assault, Oboc slapped my ass letting his rough nails scratch them, Trog reached down and pulled on the rings that they had sunny leone pink skirt sofa my nipples as he jammed his cock down my throat. They fucked me like this for a while then switched places; Trog's cock was thicker than Oboc's and it felt good as it stretched me wider.

Oboc's balls were bigger and I caressed them lovingly as I cleaned his cock before swallowing his rod. It didn't take long before Oboc fired his load down my throat, it was salty bitter and he made me lick every drop off his dick.

As soon as Oboc moved from my face it was pushed into a warm, wet, sticky and fury pussy and a voice said, "Lick me human, lick me clean!" as hands held me there.

I drove my tongue deep into this used sloppy pussy and slurped out who's ever cum was inside. Trog pumped my ass like a raging bull and held nothing back brutalizing my innards making me moan and groan. "He likes it hard!" a female's voice said and I looked up and saw a silver fur covered bulging belly and large sagging tits.

I reached up and grabbed those tits and squeezed, there was a squeal and my head was pushed tighter into her crotch as she grinded her pussy over my face. This satyr was enjoying using my face as a rubbing board and her moans and gasps made Trog bang my ass even harder then his cock started jerking inside me wildly.

They female must have sensed his approaching orgasm because she started cumming and howling with joy. This old satyr pulled my head out of her crotch, looked down at my cum covered face then bent over and kissed me. "you can lick me anytime.' she said then snapped a silver ring in my nose and walked away. Trog pulled out of my sore ass and gave me a couple of smart whacks on my cheeks, "that was good!" he said then fell back on the grass.

I staggered to my feet and moved wobbly towards a table, but never got the drink I wanted to was down the cum in my throat. Three big minators grabbed me and dragged me over to a smooth thick log and flopped me over it then tied my wrists and ankles down to stakes. My ass stuck up in the air and my dick hung down and rubbed on the side of the log. I was helpless and at their mercy and they knew it. One minator stepped in front of me and snarled, "this is goanna hurt and then we will have fun!" His unsheathed cock protruded from his crotch as he grabbed my hair and pulled my head up.

As my head spun from the sudden attack there was a sharp pain just under the underside of my dicks head and my scream was muffled by his fat swollen cock being forced into my mouth and down my throat. I gagged as my throat was stretched by his bulbous pointed head and a set of hands seized my ass and another monstrous member was rammed home.

In one massive lunge it was buried deep into my ass and the bull cock in my mouth plunged deeper down my throat. "that's it fuck the whore, fuck him good!" the third one said as he slapped my right thigh.

my head spun and my ass screamed as these brutes beat the hell out of me with their huge dicks. They pounded away at me as if I was a rag doll and I started moaning and groaning wanting more. Froth foamed out of my ass as drool ran down my chin and I was used like a slut's pussy without any concern. As soon as the minator in my ass blew his load deep in my bowels he pulled out and his friend slammed his raging rod in.

the one in my mouth shuttered then filled my throat with cum gagging me as he held his massive bull cock in my throat. The third minator beat my ass like a mad dog in heat as I gasped for air hot cosplay sex with katsuni risi and a friend full story the cock in my mouth was yanked out and cum splattered over my face.

The beast in my ass pulled out then yelled, "take this whore!" as he slammed back in. "Yes…Yesss fuck meee!" I cried out milky boob in first night he pounded my ass harder as he began slapping my cheeks. "Oh yes…fuck me…fuck me!" I called out in ecstasy, this minator was good and he fucked my ass sinking his massive rod to the hilt in my ass.

His partners edged him on, "fuck the whore", "make him scream and beg for it" and I did beg, "please fuck me, fuck this slut hard, plow that bull cock in till it pops out my mouth" I cried out and he did. He slammed in and out of my ass over and over as my body exploded with electrical shocks that caused me to jerk and my cock to swell more.

His grip tightened, his cock swelled and then he fired his steaming hot thick cum into me and I moaned loudly, "oooohhhhhh". He pulled out and cum ran down my legs as he walked around and held his sloppy dick in my face and I started licking him clean savoring every drop and thought how much of a whore I had become, I would eat any pussy and suck any cock of take it up my ass.

I was a whore to a bunch of half human half animal beings and I loved it. Just as I was licking his fury balls a set of hooves planted themselves on either side of me and my eyes widened at the sight of the horse legs behind me. My heart started pounding in my chest at the thought of what this centaur was about to do to me.

I was excited and scared, I had seen the size of a horses cock; its head was as thick as my fist and its shaft as thick and as long as my arm.

But before I could say a word this enormous monster of a cock was shoved into my well stretched and well lubed ass as it wormed its way in.

this centaur grunted and pushed harder as his member stretched me even wider popping my ring like a virgin again and laughed as blood trickle from my battered ass. I thought I was going to pass out from the pain as he pushed deeper and deeper, my chest felt like it would explode.

He pushed deeper and deeper until I could take no more then started plowing in and out of me at full stride. It hurt but There is not a dick this redhead cant deepthroat found I enjoyed having this horse meat stuffing me full and he rode me like the slut I was, with each stroke he hit bottom and pushed hard to bury more of his cock in my ass. I wanted all of him and valentina lopez and angel lynn are sharing a cock him know it, "more…more…give me more…harder, fuck me harder" I moaned as me banged away at this slut's ass.

He tried to oblige me ramming as hard as he could pushing as much as he could up my willing ass but cold only get about half his monster in me. I moaned with pleasure and ecstasy as he flooded my ass with thick hot cum. As I hung over the log my head was lifted gently and I came face to face with a sweet young fury pussy and when I glanced up I saw the satyr that had given me the silver chain and smiled. I buried my face into her pussy and started licking and sucking her lips then her clit and then slurping the cum out of her.

She held my head gently and moaned as I eat her, patting me softly young hoe miky di amond gets humped and creampied a puppy. She shuttered and moaned as she came meet and fuck games queen milf she untied me and led me staggering to a bed of grass where she laid me down, "Oh, I see that you have a ring in your cock" she said and I looked down.

Yes there was a silver ring that pierce my cock just beneath its head, it wasn't as big as those in my nipples but that was what the minators had done to me. She straddled me and eased my aching cock into her soft velvety pussy and I reached up and caressed her firm tits. Alza rode me soft and slow as she caressed my chest and whispered, "that it" as I moaned with sheer joy of how this young satyr was making love to me.

She took long and steady strokes up and down on my swollen dick tossing her head back as I gritted my teeth, my balls were boiling inside and I couldn't take much more as they too had swollen and burned for release.

"A…little longer, a…li.tle…loonger" she stammered as she reached down and fumbled with the base of my cock, "just…a …lit…tle…lon" she was saying as her body started to spasm and she ripped the ring from around my cock and I exploded in her as she came and we cried out in fulfillment and source of pleasure. She collapsed on me and we laid there holding and kissing each other. As the sun started to rise I realized that the chain on my ankle had been removed and italian malu and moana pozzi I had been accepted into the fold…"as their whore"…but accepted and I loved it.

What fun it really would be…