Xxx ebony open sex story

Xxx ebony open sex story
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Mike (Tall muscular guy, around 6 ft with spiked blonde hair) and Dean (also tall and muscular, tanned but slightly shorter and with dark brown spiky hair) are standing by a neon bar drinking beer. They are in a big club with music turned up very loud, there is people dancing everywhere and getting drunk.

Everyone is having a great time, except Mike and Dean. Dean "Mike this sucks, im bored damn it! Theres nothing here to do!" Mike looks around for inspiration and sees a slim melancholy looking girl with long wavy blonde hair, she's alone.

Mike stares at her for a second then walks over to introduce himself. "Hi im Mike." He puts his hand out to shake hers, the girl looks slightly awkward but shakes his hand, "Im Melanie". Mike sits on one of the bar stools.

"So, are you here alone tonight?" Melanie replies "No, im here with my boyfriend, he's at the toilets". "Wonderful", said Mike.

Mike looks over at Dean who looks sly walks over. Dean looks at Melanie " Hey, im Dean, a friend of Mikes". "" replied Melanie looking increasingly uncomfortable.

She starts to rummage around in her purse, as she does Mike whispers to Dean "Want to have some fun?" Dean smiles slyly.

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"Damn it, i dont have my lighter", curses Melanie. Mike sees an oppertunity. "I have a lighter, but its illegal to smoke in a public place so why dont we step outside?" Melanie looks around for a second then to her cigarettes, she sighes and gets up still looking slightly melancholy.

They walk outside into the cool breezy car park, its dark outside and the bass of the music can still be heard.

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Melanie stops and Mike and Dean keep walking, she looks confused and starts to walk with them again. They reach a darker, more secluded part of the car park, where no one can see them. "Can i borrow your lighter now, im gasping for a fag". Mike gets a lighter out his pocket and hands it to her. She lights her cigarette and starts to smoke.

Mike slips his arm around her and takes her cigarette, he takes a puff then passes it to Dean. "Hey thats mine!" protested Melanie.

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Mike smiles at her and goes in to kiss her, she pulls away. "What are you doing?!" Mike laughs and kisses her soft lips as she tries to push him away. Dean is watching with enthusiasm as he smokes her cigarette. Mike stops kissing her, "Let me go!" Mike pushes her up against a tree and presses his strong hand over her mouth as she struggles against him. "Please let me go!!!" Mike starts to pull at her clothes and succesfully removes her blouse, she is shaking and still trying to push him away.

He brutally rippes her jeans off and starts to caress her soft white thighes, she weeps.

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He starts to passionately kiss her neck as he slips his hands round her back and undoes her bra. He starts to caress her perky D cup breasts. He nibbles on them and sucks them while rubbing his hand on busty harlot marilyn mansion rides hung gardener crotch.

He starts to pull of her pants, tears are streaming down her face as he removes them and throws them aside. Dean takes of his shirt and starts to unbutton his jeans, he takes them off and throws his calving klein boxers aside revealing his huge hard dick. He walks over and takes Mikes place holing Melanie against the tree, he turns her around so her back is facing him and starts to rub his huge penis against her clit he enters her, pushing his full 10 inches inside of her tight pussy, he starts to fuck her hard and fast as she weeps, he groans with pleasure as he fucks her.

She feels no pleasure at all and digs her nails into the tree, blood starts to run down his penis as he realizes this is her first time. He laughs with satisfaction. He slows down and starts to thrust slowly but strongly whilst nibbling her ear. "You like that dont you you little slut!" Melanie struggles and cries trying to stop him. He suddenly gasps and starts to moan and pant, he is coming inside of her, she shudders at the feeling, cum starts dripping out of her pussy.

"Oh yeah" pants Dean, he pulls his penis out of her and bends down, licking the salty cum off her pussy, she groans and tries to escape but he stands again "Not so fast". He holds his penis as he forces it into her ass. She gasps with pain and terror. "No!

Please not there! Anywhere but there! Please stop!!!" Dean doesnt listen and continues to fuck her ass with all his might, moaning with pleasure. It doesnt take him long for him to come again, the hot white cum pours out of her ass and down her legs.

He takes his penis out laughing. "Did you like that? Of course you did you dirty slut" Melanie tries to scream but Dean quickly puts his hand over her mouth. "Shit someones coming!" Dean looks around him frantically then grabs his clothes and runs away with disgruntled Mike who never got any. Melanie falls to the ground in pain and despair.

She hugs her knees and whimpers. Thankyou for reading, this is my first story so bear with me. Please leave a comment and rate positive or negative. Please note that this is purely fictional and in no way meant to offend anyone.