Jeny smith undresses at public show room

Jeny smith undresses at public show room
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Harry remembered everything. Every vision, every thought, every detail about Michaels unwanted memories. He tried to tell himself that they were fabricated, but he knew the truth, and he couldn't suppress it no matter how desperately he wanted to.

Michael hadn't been lying, like Harry suspected. The taunts about Ms. Davies were real, just like the ones about Ginny. He'd come to terms with that, and now the only thing left to think about was how he would proceed.

First things first, Harry wanted to get him alone. If there was one thing Harry excelled at it was one on one encounters. Hell, he'd just start swinging if he had to.

But what would that accomplish, a little voice asked? Would Ms.

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Davies be at Michaels bedside while he was in the hospital wing? Unable to stop the little voice from getting too real, it asked: and what would they be doing?

Would she be jerking him off under the covers as he rubs and squeezes her breasts? Would she lick, suck, and worship his fat cock, as he thinks "thanks Potter." But it didn't matter, not to Harry. He couldn't be more upset than he currently was, so fuck it.

Besides, Michael had to pay. - A couple of days after the incident Harry spent all his free time staring at the map, fantasizing as he watched Michaels name. Thankfully Ms. Davies and Michael hadn't been together during this time. Both were too busy with their commitments, and apart from class, they were never in the same place together. Harry hoped this meant that they were done, but his instincts told him that wasn't true.

And the filthy voice in his head said that Michael was just building up as much cum as possible. And so he watched, looking for anything out of the ordinary. And eventually he found it. Five days after Harry's hospitalization he saw Michael go into the unused classroom where he had fucked Ginny.

However, he was alone. Harry watched for over an hour as Michael just sat there, completely still. What was he up to? Was he waiting for Ms. Davies? He scanned the map and saw that she was in her office. Was she standing him up? Unable to feel any kind of positivity and hopefulness, he brushed that last thought aside. He remembered the look of lust in her eyes when she looked at his cock.

How could such a sweet, caring woman fall victim to such a perverted asshole? But thats not important. Not right now. Because right now, Michael was alone, and Harry had his chance. Pocketing his wand, the map still in hand, he headed towards the classroom. He kept checking the mother and son s new pron xxc, making sure that Michael was still there, alone. And he was. The only name showing up in that vicinity was Michael Corner.

Harry made his last turn and was at the door to the classroom. He checked the map. Michael was still inside. Harry put the map away, took out his wand, and opened the door. He rushed in, his wand raised, ready to stun Michael. Only, Michael wasn't there. The classroom was empty. The only thing inside was a decadent mirror at the far end of the room, attached to the wall. About to pull out the map, he suddenly heard "expelliarmus." Harry's wand flew out of his hand and landed on the floor far away from him.

"Who?" Harry asked looking around, still seeing no one. He jumped as he heard an exasperated sigh. "Fucking took you long enough." Came a disembodied voice, that Harry recognized as Michaels. Out of thin air materialized that assholes head, as Harry realized he still had the cloak. "I've been waiting for over an hour." Michael continued.

"I was starting to think I was wrong engulfing for dude chowder blowjob and amateur my theories. It always seemed like you'd turn up when I was about to fuck Ginny. I don't know how, but you knew where I was. Impressive. It got you trapped here, but I'm still impressed." Harry started towards him, his face scrunched up in rage, and his fist cocked. "Petrificus totalus." Michael said, causing Harry to freeze.

Michael walked up to Harry, who stood there desperately trying to get his motion back, so he could break Michaels wand and then his jaw. But he wasn't so lucky. "This seems familiar. Oh right, this happened the last time I fucked Ginny! She let me cum in her pussy.

That was a good day. But I don't need to tell you that. All I'll tell you is that I'm about to have a better one." Michael grabbed Harry and, struggling, positioned him in front of the mirror.

Michael looked into it, at his and Harry's reflection.

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"Hayley Davies." He said to the mirror, and suddenly it changed, and Michael and Harry were replaced by Ms. Davies, who sat in a chair, reading. She was dressed comfortably, with sweats, busty asian girl getting her hairy pussy fucked with strapon and doubledildo on small white t-shirt, and her hair was in a ponytail. It was clear to look at her that she wasn't wearing a bra under her shirt, and her perfect breasts stuck out nicely.

"Fuck those tits are godly." Michael said, staring at them. "As much as you're gonna hate me, just remember: at least you'll get to see a lot of her." And lustful busty dykes get freaky inside a cab that Michael turned and left, leaving Harry alone, staring at his professor, waiting for Michael to show up.

He continued to try to fight the spell for the next few minutes, but it was no use. Harry watched as Ms. Davies looked around. Michael had knocked. She put her book mark in, put on a long blue robe, and went to get the door.

To Harry's dismay, the mirror didn't lose track of her. It followed her to the door where she had her hand on the handle. All he could do was watch. - "Michael?" Said Ms. Davies. "What're you doing here? Did we have a lesson I forgot about?" "No, I just wanted to see you." Said Michael, smiling and looking her up and down.

"Wow, you look amazing in everything." "You're too sweet." She chuckled. "Can I come in?" Michael asked. Ms. Davies seemed hesitant. "I'm a little busy at the moment." "Doing what?" Michael asked, curiously. "Well, I'm reading up on memory splitting. for the fifth night in a row. I'm trying to see if theres any way to find out who did that to Harry. Any way to salvage the fragments." "Oh. I'll help." Said Michael, and he stepped into Ms. Davies quarters.

Ms. Davies looked a little taken aback at his brazenness, but stepped aside to let him in. "I'm fine on my own, Michael. I have all the books I need." Ms. Davies sighed heavily. "Just none of the answers." "You seem stressed." "Well, I'm the defence against the dark arts Professor, and one of my students was assaulted in front of me.

And I have no idea who the culprit is. So yes, I guess I am a little stressed." "Then you're lucky I'm here." Michael puffed up. "To relieve you of your stress." Ms. Davies smiled. She'd be lying if she said she wasn't interested. She hadn't had an orgasm since the last time she was with Michael, which had seemed like such a long time ago.

However, there were more important matters at hand, and she needed to focus. "Thanks Michael, but I'd rather keep researching." "C'mon, you know thats not true." "Ok." She said, looking amused.

"Its not true, but its what I need to do." Michael opened his mouth. "And theres nothing you can say to change my mind." Ms. Davies said. "Ok." Said Michael. "Then I won't speak." Michael's hands dropped to the buckle on his pants and he started to undo it.

"Really?" She asked, looking at him both amused and exasperated. Michael said nothing as he reached into his undone pants, under his underwear and pulled out his thick cock. Ms. Davies stared into his eyes, girl has huge creamy orgasm cam not to look down, but she only lasted a few seconds before her eyes drifted to his cock. She bit her lip as she stared at it. "You do have a nice cock." She seemed to be collecting herself. "But I'm not interested right now.

Maybe some other time." Still silent, Michael moved towards her, his cock dangling in front of him. He stopped a few inches away. Ms. Davies looked up into his eyes, no longer looking amused or irritated.

She could've asked him to leave, yet she just stared up a him, her mouth slightly open, eager to see what he'd do. Michael reached out and undid the belt on her robe, and pulled it open, exposing her chest. His eyes left hers and looked down to see her erect nipples sticking out through her thin white t-shirt.

"Ok, maybe I am interested." She said. "I didn't say anything." Said Michael. He lowered his head as his arm raised to cup her breast.

He felt its weight and warmth in his big strong hand. His mouth stopped a few inches away from her covered nipple. Locking his eyes with hers, he opened his mouth kanako kimura engulfing a huge fat ramrod well nice teen mmf wrapped his lips around her nipple, through the soft fabric. Ms. Davies stared back at him as she released a small sigh. She felt her pussy tingling between her legs, as the sensation in her nipple sent ripples throughout her body.

Her hand reached up and cupped her other breast, giving it some needed attention as well. She rubbed her fingers against her nipple as Michael hungrily sucked on the other. Michael released her nipple and raised his head, looking at his handiwork. The white material was wet enough that he could see her pink nipple clinging to the fabric. Wordlessly, Ms. Davies crossed her arms, grabbing the edges of her shirt.

She pulled it up over her head, exposing her wet nipple to the cool air. Michael looked at her breasts, still mesmerized by them, as Ms. Davies felt the same way about his cock. Her slit was starting to get wet, craving his meat. But first things first. Dropping to her knees, she was eye level with his hard cock.

Picturing it slipping past her pussy lips, she wiggled where she sat, grinding her mound. With her hands at her sides, she leaned forward and kissed the head of Michaels cock. Her lips moved all around his bulbous head, kissing him, as her tongue snuck out every few kisses.

Looking up at him, she opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and ran it along the length of his dick. Ms. Davies pussy was drenched as she licked Michaels manhood like a lollipop. And as she licked and kissed his fat hard cock, she felt her resolve breaking down. Little by little, second by second, and she did nothing to try and stop it.

In fact, she welcomed it. She's been holding out for so long, but now was as good a time as any to admit the truth. She needed to be fucked. She gave Michaels cock one last long lick, and she looked up at him.

"Michael." She said, smiling wickedly. "I want you to fuck me. Not my tits, not my mouth. I want you inside my pussy." And she bit her lip waiting for his reply. Michael grabbed her by the arm, pulled her to her feet, and led her to her bed.

They stopped at the edge and he pulled her close, his tongue invading her lips, as his hand squeezed her ass. Suddenly he pushed her back, and she fell, giggling. Wasting no time, he pulled off her sweats, leaving her in a pair of pink underwear. Michael dropped down hot mom alyssa lynn watches busty young hottie cassidy banks getting fucked kissed up her thighs to her wet panties.

He could smell her, and would love to spend hours licking her twat, but he couldn't wait any longer. He had been waiting for weeks for her to say those words and his cock could not be denied any longer. Soon his mouth reached her panties and his teeth latched onto the edge of them. He started to pull them down, using his hands as well to speed up the process. He got them down to her knees, her scent driving him wild.

He removed them the rest of the way with his hands, and she lifted her legs, helping him. Now that they were off he looked at her, drinking in this moment that he dreamt of. Laying on the bed, looking back at him, completely nude, Ms. Davies parted her legs and with that her pussy spread open, inviting him inside. Completely drunk in the moment, Michael slowly grabbed her thighs and quickly pulled her toward him, causing her to gasp lightly.

He had to put on a good show for his audience. His cock out, he dropped his pants to his ankles and stepped out of them. Grabbing his throbbing member he pushed it down and lined it up with Ms. Davies glistening pink pussy. His head made contact, eliciting a moan from the gorgeous educator.

She prided herself on how close she could become to her students, and this was as close as shes ever been. She felt his weight press into her, only for him to rub his head around her hot cooch. "Mmmm." She cooed, and he slapped her pussy with his cock. "Put it in Michael. Fuck my pussy." That shit eating grin back on his face, he started to press into her.

His head slipped inside her well lubricated lips and down her love tunnel. Her mouth hung open as he slowly stretched her out, filling her. Soon he was halfway in, and he started to slowly pull out, before once again coating half his cock in her juices.

He did this again and again, slowly fucking her with half his length. "Deeper Michael." She moaned. "Fuck me deeper." He started to pick up the pace, as he pumped in and out of her tight hole. And then he took it further and slipped his entire length inside her, going balls deep. She moaned loudly, her eyes closing as he held himself there, deep inside her. Slowly pulling out, he thrust back in, and started to fuck her at a steady pace.

Her breasts giggled all over the place as he pounded into her with the rhythm of his body. Through her ecstasy, she looked up into his eyes and saw the animal he really was. An animal taking delight in feasting on its prey. For the first time his smile filled her with something other than happiness, as it made her feel filthy and used.

Realizations came flooding in for Ms. Davies. This is what he always wanted. Her on her back, his cock inside her, as she moaned as he entered her over and over. The lessons were never more than a means to get close to her.

She saw that now. She always aimed to be classy, and respectable, but right now she was nothing more than his cock sock. In the morning, after she was thinking clearly, she'd be disgusted, but right now, with him inside her she felt herself building to the best orgasm she'd ever had.

Every revelation just turned her on, and in that moment everything about him was incredibly sexy. The smug, arrogant smile. The knowledge that he only ever wanted to fuck her.

And most importantly, his triumphant success. She knew plenty of the boys wanted to fuck her, and the knowledge that he'd brag about this moment forever just made it hotter for some reason. "Fuck my cunt!" She shouted, lost in her primal lust. "Make me cum!" Now he was fucking her at a furious pace, the sound of their skin slapping together nearly masked by the primal screams from Ms. Davies. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as Michael fucked his teacher stupid.

"Cum for me you filthy bitch." Michael said through gritted teeth as he buried his cock inside her, over and over, still revelling in the situation. He didn't care anymore. Let her see who he truly was, and smile as she still lets him use her body. He could tell she was nearing an orgasm and so he milked the situation. "You're my tight little cock slut." He groaned. "Mmm yes!" She screamed back, abandoning all grace as she gave in to her animalistic urges. He smiled even more sadistically knowing that she knew and agreed.

And then he couldn't stop himself. "I just wanted to fuck you silly, and get my cock and tongue all over your hot body." Michael said, delighting in speaking the truth for once.

"You're just a tight hole I needed to fill. A shiny, tasty trophy to stuff and put on my mantel." "I know!" She screamed back, her fat sweaty tits still bouncing everywhere. "Keep fucking me!" "Tell me what you are!" "I'm your filthy cumwhore!" She screamed and Michael somehow picked up his pace and she came, screaming wildly, and spraying her cum all over Michaels cock. Having made her cum, Michael himself was hear completion. He knew there was no taking back what he said.

So he decided to finish this in his favourite way. He took his cock out of her well fucked pussy, got on the bed beside her, and started jerking his cock furiously, while pointed at her face. She opened her mouth, and stuck out her tongue, waiting for his cum.

Finally Michael extreme rough orgy xxx of course this assfuck therapy session also has slew of booty to, bellowing loudly as he shot rope after rope of his cum, completely plastering his teachers face and tongue. He got the last dregs out, making sure to get as much on her face as possible, before soaking in the view. Her eyes were forced shut and his cum was leaking off her gorgeous face. "How does my cum taste?" He asked, while playing with her tits.

This might be his last time, so he was making sure to get the most out of it. "Fucking delicious." Said Ms. Davies, licking his cum off her lips. She then scooped some up with her fingers and made a show of licking it all off. "Good." Said Michael, her nipple between his fingers. "Swallow all of it. I want it all in your belly." Still flying high off her orgasm and horniness, Ms. Davies obeyed, swallowing scoop after scoop of his salty cum.

"Good slut." He said, and he wiped his cock off crazy horny wife wants me to pound her her breast. "When you calm down from this you're going to want nothing to do with me, but just remember how good being bad made you feel." And with that, he got dressed, gave her fantastic tits once last squeeze, and left her there coated in his cum. - On the other side of the castle, Harry stood frozen, having seen everything. If he thought the visions were bad, he couldn't put into words how unbearable this was.

but he also couldn't deny the fact that if he wasn't frozen, he'd have an erection. Seeing Ms. Davies behave like that was something special.

Not necessarily in a good way, but special nonetheless. He watched the mirror as Ms. Davies rubbed her incredibly wet pussy. Michael had left minutes ago, and Harry was sure he'd be coming here. He could already hear the sick bastards taunts. He mentally prepared himself for what was coming. But nothing happened. Half an hour went by and Michael was not here rubbing in his success.

Was he with his friends? Telling them every dirty detail, or possibly sharing his memories with them? That last thought made him feel a little sick as he remembered hearing Michaels thoughts in his head.

Harry watched as Ms. Davies sat in her chair, nude, reading a thick book. She loved it. He knew that she loved every second Michael spent inside her, and he was conflicted. On one hand it disgusted him. Repulsed him. How could she fall for such a person? But on the other hand, knowing that someone so composed giving in to her urges so wantonly. it was kind of hot. Harry stood there in a sea of disgust, desire and shame, feeling them all wash over him. Another ten minutes went by as Harry wondered how long it took for the spell to wear off, when he heard the clothed euro jizz mouthed pornstars and european open behind him.

Fuck, here we go, Harry thought, getting ready. "Harry!" He heard Hermione's voice and suddenly he regained his mobility.

He fell to the floor, his muscles aching from being in such an awkward position for so long. He turned his head as Hermione reached him, and she embraced him, hugging him tightly.

"Are you ok?" She asked, looking into his eyes, concerned. "Hermione, how did you-" Harry began. "Michael told me. I met him in the corridor near here. He- he humiliated me in ancient runes, and I disarmed him and was about to do.

something. I'm not sure what I was going to do, when he told me you were here. And he told me about what happened. Harry. are you ok?" Harry reflected on her question, but couldn't come to an honest answer. He was, and he wasn't. "I-" Gorgeous babes love to finger each other took a deep breath.

"He needs to pay." Hermione nodded. "Where is he?" Asked Harry, standing up and going to retrieve his wand. "Where did you leave him?" "I- Harry, I let him go." "What!?" "Harry, please!" "You let him go?! After what he did to me?" "Harry, listen! Just listen to me." She waited to see if he'd continue to be difficult. "I know he hurt you, he hurt me too. He hurt Ginny, and Professor Davies, and even Ron.

And who knows how many others? He doesn't deserve to get away unpunished, and he won't.

But hurting him physically will only lead to more trouble." Breathing heavily, no longer thinking about cursing Michael into oblivion, Harry started to calm down. Hermione was right.

As usual. "Then what do you suggest we do?" Asked Harry, not able to think of a punishment suitable enough for Michael. Hermione seemed to be struggling to say it. As if it was something unspeakable. Something truly terrible.

"We're going to get him expelled."