Lucky patient fucks a stunning nurse pornstars cumshots

Lucky patient fucks a stunning nurse pornstars cumshots
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The wedding Here comes the bride should be here cums the bride well that was how my wedding was. Supposedly the best day of my life well I will never forget it put it that way.

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Everything went perfectly up until just before the wedding. I had finished dressing in my beautiful strapless gown and I wanted a few moments to my self so I asked everyone to leave me for a while so I could really enjoy the last few moments as a single woman before I committed my self to Tony my childhood sweetheart.

I am blonde with DD breasts and am quite slim. At 24 I was a youngish bride but we were keen to get our lives started. I wasn't a virgin but Tony had been my only lover and I liked that his was the only cock that would ever enter my body.

I was sitting thinking about our lovemaking and I started to get a little wet. I giggled at the though of walking down the aisle virginal in white with a pussy full of pussy juice. Just as I was smiling to myself the door opened and my future father in law came in, closing and locking the door behind him. I was a little surprised but before I could say anything he came at me with a knife stopping so the blade just touched my throat.

I gulped but remained silent as he looked at me with hungry mad eyes. He turned me around and pushed me forward on the chair so my face was pushed into a pillow and then I felt his hands pushing my gown up so I was exposed in my white bridal suspenders and G string. I stayed still I was confused, scared this chloe callahan tranny full story Tony's Dad.

Admittedly I had only met him once Tony's parents divorced before we met and his Dad moved away but I was to be his daughter-in-law what was he thinking?

I had no time for this thought to take hold as without any preamble he moved my G string aside and shoved what must have been a huge cock straight into me. The force pushed my face further into the pillow and I struggled to breathe as I was raped with so much force I was sure my pussy would be bruised. We were both silent except for grunts from him and new keisha gery ki xxx story best silent sobs from me.

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My dampness before he came in meant I could tolerate the attack though I could feel my fear and revulsion causing my pussy to dry. As if he realised his smooth ride was coming to an end I felt his hands grab my hips and he pounded my body harder than I thought was possible as mature fat granny taking cock in her pussy pumped his seed into my bridal cunt.

I waited for him to withdraw but he remained hard and kept raping me. Tony certainly didn't take after his Dad after cuming Tony would just roll over and go to sleep. I was ashamed of my thoughts as I wondered if Tony would ever fuck me like his Dad had just done and was still doing and despite the fact I was being raped I felt my body orgasm and crying in shame as I cam over and over on my rapist's cock.

I finally felt my intruder's cock slide from my drenched pussy and almost immediately felt it push it's way into my virgin ass. I screamed and he waited but then he continued.

I felt him push my face further into the chair probably to shut me up and so I suffered the intrusion in silence and he forced his huge cock into my anal passage. I felt him fucking my ass and I made my mind think of something nice so I could withstand the pain and then without notice he withdrew from my burning ass and shoved his cock once again into my pussy filling it with another lad of his cum. This time he withdrew and it took me a few minutes before I realised he had left the room and I got my self up brushing down my dress just in time to see my father coming in the room ready to walk me down the aisle.

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He smiled at my make up making a comment about by tears of happiness and waited while I shakily reapplied my make up. I was in shock so I just went on with what was expected and hoped the cum that was running down my leg would not show as I walked down the aisle. I don't remember much of the ceremony - I know I found it strange when my father in law hugged me he acted so normal.

How could he be like that when he had just raped me? I survived the photos and then it was time to meet extended family. I hoped and prayed no one would notice I stunk of sex. I had put on so much perfume. I didn't know what to do but I was married now and I suppose I didn't want Tony to know about his Dad and what he had done. We went on to the reception and at the first opportunity I excused my self and went to the bathroom to clean myself up.

I used the disabled toilet and there was more room for the dress but this meant I was alone. I had just finished squeezing cum from my pussy and wiping myself when I heard the door open and once again there was Tony's Dad with his knife. He locked the door and then pushed me to my knees. He undid his fly and I got to see the huge monster that had invaded my pussy as he forced it into my mouth and milf woman got fucked in her oiled pussy after a massage held onto the back of my head with one hand forcing his cock deep into my throat and then fucking my face like a pussy.

I couldn't breathe or gag so I just tried to think of something relaxing while my face was abused. It didn't take long and I felt hot fluid at the back of my throat and swallowed as he pulled out and quickly left the bathroom. I quickly fixed my make up and wondered how I was supposed to react. I had just been raped again on my wedding day by my father in law. I couldn't decide how to feel or what to do so I just went on with the reception. I know I was deep in shock as I have little memory of the rest of the reception.

Would I ever tell my husband? I hadn't fought back would he believe it was rape? He had only just reunited with his dad did I ruin that? We were staying at the reception venue so we only had to go upstairs.

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I wanted to make sure I was clean so I told Tony I would go on ahead while he had a drink with his best mate. I was in the lift when the door opened and in walked my father-in-law. Once the door closed he pushed the stop button and showed me his knife while he pushed me up against the wall forcing my legs apart with his knee. He then released his giant cock and forced it into my pussy. His face was in my face and he stared into my eyes while he once again forced his way into me fucking me harder than he had the first time and then his gaze froze as I felt his cum soiling my pussy once again.

It was at this time I felt my body betray me completely as the most intense orgasm of my life ripped through my body. When I opened my eyes my father in-law was still inside me looking at me with a triumphant grin.

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I felt sick but despite this I felt my body respond as he once again began pounding by traitor of a cunt. I didn't even try to hide my sexual pleasure as I rode his cock for all it was worth. I think it may have been the shock this man was raping me but I wanted more and I found my arms around his neck and my mouth seeking his as we fucked each other like animals. The orgasm we both had was amazing and we were spent. When I came down I realised I had willingly been unfaithful to my husband on our wedding day and I felt sick.

My father in-law silent still left the lift and I continued to the bridal suite. I was almost hoping he would be there. I had become depraved in the space of a few hours and was already hoping I would find a way to continue having sex with my father in law. I realised what I was thinking was a complete betrayal of Tony and I felt sick. What was I doing? I cleaned myself up and went back to find my groom.

I found him having a drink with his father and I hesitated as I went to him. Tony hugged me tight he was so happy and his father hugged me again showing no sign of the number of times he had violated me or any guilt in relation to his son.

Tony thanked his dad for coming all this way to see him married and hoped the trip was worthwhile. If only he knew. I decided at that moment to remain silent and so I went with my husband to spend our lives together beginning with our wedding night.

Lucking Tony was drunk so he didn't notice how wet I was as we made love for the first time as husband and wife. My secret has remained in tact till now and I will never understand why my father in law raped me or why I eventually enjoyed it - and as I look into the eyes of our daughter, conceived on our wedding night I brazzers lylith lavey does this look real help but smile as I wonder to my self if she is my husband's daughter or his sister.

I hope we never have to find out.