Big jugs have been created for sex hardcore and blowjob

Big jugs have been created for sex hardcore and blowjob
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Hi I'm London. My dad owns this school ship. I will pick up from where Zack and Cody left off. The night after Cody did it with Bailey we fell a sleep in each others arms. Luckily when we woke up it was Saturday.

So we did not have to go to class. Cody woke up with some morning wood this made me very wet and I asked him when he wonted help with that as I pointed to his tool. He said no he had to tend to his morning business he had to do. He got changed and ran to his room. When Bailey woke up we talked about the night before. She told me how Cody made her felt better then she had ever before.

That gave me an idea and I asked her who was better Zack or Cody. Bailey said that Cody was more into making me pleased but Zack was bigger. I then wanted both so I left to go to Zack's room. When I walked he was asleep. I went to the sky deck to get a smoothie. There a got a blue berry. I went into the city to get some shoes stores. I saw a few cute guys.

As I pasted a pizza in a cup stand I saw Zack. I went over to him to say hi. He asked what happened after he left. I told him that cody came in and Bailey and him did it. Zack shocked to Cody Doing it said what about you.

I told him Cody promised to get back to me another time.

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Zack said if I were him I would have done you right there and then. Zack had a plastic bag and I asked him what it was.

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He said he bought some rum so he could spike the punch at parties. I told him how there was a goodbye to Paris party tonight and he said that was perfect. Later that night at the party Zack poured a quarter or the bottle in the punch.

Now it was more like someone poured punch in a bowl of rum. We both took a cup and were drunk in two cups. He left lovely addie simply loves masturbating in bed hit on some girls and I just sat off to the side.

After striking out with every girl there he came and sat next to me. I said why don't you show me what you did with Bailey. E left for his room making out every time we were the only ones in the elevator.

Once in his room I was just in my bra and panties. Zack said he liked my black under wear. I told him I bought them after I ran into him today hoping he would see them to night. He slowly striped me down. Now my DD were inches from his face. Her grabbed one and started to lick it.

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This sent a feeling of lust thought my whole body. He started to suck and I was wetter then the ocean that was around us. His hand started to rub my cunt and it felt so good my head dropped back and I let out a long moan. Now my hand was rubbing his 7in cock. I dropped back on his bed and he crawled up on me. I put his cock at the opening of my pussy. He pushed in and I already popped my cherry.

I told him that one night I spent over at Maddie's before we left and we experimented. He started to thrust in and out. He complimented about me tight tunnel.

As he worked in and out I rubbed my clit. He played with my huge tits and sucked and licked till I climaxed. That must have sent him over the edge because he came what seemed like for ever.

Now that I finally fucked a guy I got down on my knees licked all of the juices of this soft tool. Now hard again I licked his cock then put it in my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and forced me to go fast. I took his full length gagging.

He pulled out and I told him it was okay and he went back in now me getting wet again I started to rub myself. He must have seen because he asked if I wanted to 69.

I said sure as I climbed up on him. With his cock in my mouth I placed my pussy in front of his face. He lend up and licked and shoved his tongue in my clit. I told him I saw about to cum and he said he was to. We both came at the same time. Now finished I dressed and left for my room.

As I walked in I saw Bailey and Cody doing it again this made want to join. As they finished I reminded Cody of his promise. He walked over kissed me and of course I remember. He striped me and we started. I got right on my knees and got him hard again. Him and his brother both like to play with my tits and lick them. We crawled up on my bed and for the second time that night I fucked a Martin.

As he placed his tool at my opening he quickly pushed in and not lightly but hard and fast he pumped and you could her the smacking of this balls against me ass. He defiantly wanted to do it hard core. I let him do what ever he wanted. I went into a climax. When I realized he was still going I saw Bailey Fingering her self.

This made me wetter and better lubricated. I joined in and now we were going faster then I ever seen. I was near a now third climax since my first with Cody wondering how he was going so long.

He then told me he was close to Cumming. As I climaxed he blasted when he pulled out there was a long straight line of cum form me to him. Now I see Bailey come over and she licked all the cum off Cody. I was now tired and I could tell they were to. We all crawled in bed together again and fell asleep in minutes. I woke up at around midnight to moaning I saw Bailey fingering her self blonde cute waiter dripping puss striptease and hardcore before I could say something I fell asleep again.

I wished I could have helped but I was to tired. one more left of suit life on deck stories leave ideas for last story