Sex farmer storys my friends hot moms

Sex farmer storys my friends hot moms
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and fantasy. Any resemblance to real persons, places, or events are coincidental. This story is not intended to be an accurate reflection of any particular lifestyle. Night 1 I had just sat down after setting up camp when she stumbled out of the treeline. It was the annual "guy's week", and this year we'd decided to spend it in the middle of nowhere and "rough it". Since my job got me out the earliest, everyone had loaded up my truck and sent me out ahead of time.

Steve and Tim were responsible for picking up the beer and booze, while Mike was given a specific list of food items to pick up. Last time we sent him to get groceries, he came back with $60 of chips, salsa, and pop-tarts. Why they gave him the food list again was beyond me. I looked brunette cutie enjoys getting her asshole penetrated the camp, satisfied the tents were ok, and that everyone's sleeping bags were in the right tents.

I had stopped for a six-pack on my way in so I wouldn't be waiting for their dumb asses to figure out which trail to follow to get here. I twisted off a cap and was taking a swig when I heard something moving through the brush.

As I turned, she was just clearing the trees. She blinked in the sudden brightness of the clearing. As she spotted me and whimpered, it registered in my brain what she was wearing. Rather, what she was NOT wearing. She was naked and barefoot, her skin showing scratches from the underbrush she had walked through.

I smiled, letting my eyes take in her curvy frame, pale skin, dark hair braided down to the middle of her back. I noticed a few other things as well. First was a wide steel collar around her neck with a set of keys attached to the front ring by a snap link. Second was the ring gag forcing her mouth open, drool running down her chin and mixing with the sweat on her ample bare chest.

Her arms were wrenched back in a way that suggested her wrists here bound, pushing her chest out even farther, her erect nipples obvious. Bands matching her collar circled her ankles, small padlocks rattling as she took another step.

She stood very still, watching me, fear obvious on her face, even through the blush of her embarrassment. I chuckled, waving her over.

"Come on over, hun. It's too late for you to do much else now.

I'm pretty sure I can out run you at the moment, so it's no used to try too escape." She glanced around the camp quickly before slowly making her way to me. She stood in front of my chair, shaking a little, and not from cold in this mugginess. "Turn around, darlin'. Let me see what you've gotten yourself into." She turned slowly, and I saw her wrists encircled by more steel from the set, little locks securing them, and a chain looped from them up to the back of her collar. As she completed her circle, I looked between her legs and chuckled again at the obvious moisture coating the inside of her thighs.

Her mons was clean and smooth, making me think that she kept herself clean-shaven. I let my eyes caress their way back to her face, letting my pleasure at the sight of her show. "I guess my first question should be whether or not you're running from someone. Trying to escape?" She blushed deeper, looking away as she shook her head slightly.

"A dare then?" She nodded. "And you had help, I am guessing, since I don't think you're limber enough to get your hands in that rig." She nodded again. "Is your friend still nearby? Are you meeting them somewhere?" She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, then shook her head. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Just so I'm clear. You are trussed up like a rapists wet dream with no safety plan, and completely at the mercy of who ever finds you?" A small sob escaped her open lips as she nodded again. "Well, darlin', I'm not sure if this is your lucky day or not.

I have three friends on their way here, and I have no doubts as to what they are going to want to do to you." The shiver that went through her body, the small moan from her mouth, the extra liquid between her legs all told me what she thought of what I'd just said.

I smiled, moving to the front edge of my chair, pointing to the ground in front of me. "First things public sex exhibition angry boycompanions have no problem kicking their girlallys out of. Kneel." She did, going very still as I reached behind her head. I loosened the gag just enough to pull it from between her teeth, lelu love closeup missionary slow passionate kissing it rest on her chest.

She worked her jaw a few times, coughing and swallowing and wetting the inside of her mouth again. As she did, I pulled out my phone. "Give me the number for your friend." She looked up, startled, before slowly giving me the number. I hit "Call" and held the phone to her ear. "You don't have to say your name, or theirs, but let them know you've been found, and that I want to talk to them." She nodded as I heard the call connect.

"Hi. It's me. Yeah, I'm okay. The guy wants to talk to you. I don't know. He dialed and told me he wanted to talk to you." She looked up at me and nodded, and I took the phone back, leaning back and watching the little beauty at my feet as I spoke. "My name is Dave. You have my number, and I have yours now. My friends and I are camping here for a week, and your friend will be joining us.

I'm giving her a 'safe word' in case things get to be too much for her. If she says it, everything stops, I unlock her, she calls you, and we make arrangements for you to come get her. Feel free to call and check on her anytime you want. I hope you are both prepared, because she is going to get used quite a bit, in just about any way my friends super hot brett rossi masturbates for the camera I can think of.

I'm calling and giving her a safe word as a courtesy, because the way she walked into my camp, I could have sold her off and had her in Bolivia before anyone knew she was gone.

Remember that next time. I will return her relatively unharmed, nonetheless. If you understand and agree to everything, just hang up." A woman's voice laughed before the call went dead. I smiled down at my new plaything. "Do you understand everything?" Her eyes were wide as she nodded. "Do you have any questions?" She thought for a moment, then shook her head slowly.

"Good. Is there anything you want me to know before we begin? Anything that you can think of that will make you call your safe word right off the bat?" Again, she paused before shaking her head. "Good. Your safe word is 'balooga'. Say it." "Balooga," she repeated softly. I nodded.

"Good girl. When you say that, everything that is happening will stop, we unlock you and call your friend to pick you up. No questions asked. But remember, once you say it, the game is over.

No take backs. Understand?" She nodded. "Say it. Tell me that you understand." "Yes, I understand. If I say 'balooga', I go home." I smiled, reaching forward again to replace the ring gag. "Good girl. Now, say it one more time, so I can hear it with the gag on." I cinched the strap back in place, the ring forcing her teeth apart.

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"Rahroorah." she sputtered, blushing. "Good girl. You will simply be called 'slut' while you are here. You will do what we say, when we say, how we say, without question." Slut nodded her understanding, drool starting to run down her chin already.

I stood, stepping around her as I pulled my shirt over my head and kicked off my boots. Her eyes followed me, understanding starting to brighten her cheeks as my pants and underwear slid down my legs. I pointed to the ice chest. "Place your stomach on the lid, letting your tits hang over the edge." She scuttled over on her knees in compliance.

I went to my knees in front of her, slowly sliding my stiff cock into her mouth. "mmmm that gag isn't going to work for me for long, unless I want to have my cock locked into your throat." I pushed in farther, feeling her throat convulse around my shaft as she forced her gag reflex down.

Her mouth watered around my cock, her drool running down my balls as I pressed her nose against my pubic bone and held it there a moment. I slowly pulled back, holding her head back by her braid, enjoying the sound of her coughing as she could breath again. I gave her a second to catch her breath. My hand tightening in her hair was the only warning I gave her as I shoved my full length into her throat again, quickly picking up a fast, rough rhythm, her nose pressing against my body, my nut-sac riding forward and slapping her chin.

I could only fuck her face for a minute before I had to pull out, lest the ring holding her mouth open become a cock-ring and suffocate her. I moved back, letting her head drop and moving behind her as she coughed, breathing heavy. I slid my spit-slimed head along her ass and pussy, spreading and mixing the moisture. She moaned, her head lifting a little, her body shivering. "I was going to be nice and let you cum, but I can see that you are already hot.

I'm going to fuck your ass first, then I'm going to cum deep inside your cunt. I'm going to break you in now, give you the chance to give up before the others get here." I held the tip of my cock against her pucker and started pushing, letting her spit lubricate the way in. Her asshole was tight, and she cried out, but pushed back onto me. My shaft went through the last gate with almost an audible 'pop', and she screamed as her ass slammed into my hips.

She didn't move for a few seconds, her body shaking. I could feel her bowels flexing around me. "Do you give up yet, slut?" I asked. She shook her head and started moving the little bit that she could, starting to fuck me. I grabbed her hips with both hands and began working in and out of her pucker mercilessly. She cried out with every thrust forward, her hands working uselessly in their restraints at her back, her tits rocking back and smacking against the ice chest-made-fuck bench.

I reached forward and unhooked the gag, letting the straps dangle, the ring staying in her mouth by her choice.

I felt her shiver and start to buck as her orgasm hit her. Her screams echoed through the empty trees, and I was glad I'd picked the site I did. I could feel the familiar tingling start to build in my balls, so I pulled out of her ass. She gasped, the ring almost coming loose from her teeth. Without warning or prep, I buried my cock into her pussy in one stroke. Slut's head snapped up, her back arching, arms straining against her chains.

Her cunt was tight still, wet, warm, pulsing around my cock as I pistoned into her. I was bestial in my rutting, ramming into her, claiming this bitch as my own. I slid my right arm under her chest, my hand cupping her collar as I lifted her torso against mine. My left hand moved to press against her mound. I lifted her with each stroke, forcing her down onto my shaft.

I growled against her ear, "No matter what else happens this week, slut, you are my breeder bitch, and I will do my damnedest to make sure your little slut british sluts love dogging 2 02 tube porn swells. You are going to have something to remember us by for a long time." I could feel her body prime cups big natural tits oiled and toyed to my promise, relaxing against me just before another orgasm crashed over her.

My body shot forward and I came, surprising both of us. My body shook as I pumped her full of my seed. I could feel our combined juices leaking out from around my shaft, running down our legs. We stayed locked together for a few minutes as our breathing steadied, our bodies taking turns in shivering in response to the other.

I nipped the side of her neck, my fingers pressing against her clit to keep her aroused, even as I could feel my softening shaft starting to slip from her folds. I guided her back down to rest atop the ice chest, then moved her braid aside to look at her collar. The chain that held her wrists up was looped through the rings of her cuffs. One end was secured in the same small padlock that kept her collar on. The other end was fastened to the lock with another snap link that could be run through the cuffs' rings.

I unhooked the snap link, fishing the chain through and letting her hands free before clipping the link back to the lock, chuckling as she moved her arms around. My dick finished sliding out of her as I reached forward and unhooked the key-ring from the front of her collar, pulling the gag from between her teeth as well.

I heard her whimper softly as I got to my feet and turned toward my truck. "Pick my clothes up, brush them off quickly, and lay them in my chair.

We are going to get you cleaned up a little before the others get here, Slut." I watched her out of the corner of my eye as she went to work. She was quick about the task, never getting up off of her knees as she scuttled around the site.

I smiled, clipping her key-ring to my rear-view mirror before closing the door. When I turned back to her, she was kneeling by my chair, her hands clasped at the small of her back, her eyes looking at my knees, my clothes folded and looking very clean considering having just been picked up from the dirt. "Good girl," I said as I reached behind her head, taking the end of the chain into my hand.

I pulled up on it slightly, pleased as she smoothly got to her feet. "You have been trained well, haven't you, Slut. Good. It will make this week more fun for us all." One of the reasons I had picked this site was the stream that ran nearby. It was deep enough to swim comfortably in with just enough current to keep it clear. The forest path was a soft carpet of leaves and pine needles, making the walk to the stream pleasant.

As we got to the bank, I dropped the end of the chain, turning to my new pet. "Clean me up, Slut." She quickly went to her knees in the water and used her mouth and tongue to clean the most of the residue of our mating from my cock, balls, and legs.

I stood with my hands on my hips, watching her work, enjoying how well she used her mouth, pleased to see how much she appeared to enjoy her task.

Once she seemed satisfied with her tongue bath, she gathered handfuls of the stream water and rinsed me clean of her spittle. Her attentions were enough to get me aroused again, my dick thickening and hardening as she went about her work. When she finished, she sat back on her heels, looking at my erection and glancing up questioningly.

With a chuckle, I told her, "No, Slut. Not yet. We need you cleaned up first." I sat down with the water coming to my waste, motioning her to sit between my legs. I positioned her to almost lounge against me, her back to me.

I cupped water over her chest, rinsing and washing away her drool and sweat. I could feel her confusion, and it made me smile. "I promised the woman on the phone that I'd return you in relatively good condition. I like my toys and tools to be clean and well maintained. I won't pamper you like this often. And it pleases me to do so now." I finished washing her and we relaxed there, watching the stream carry small leaves and twigs slowly past.

I heard an engine in the direction of the camp, and sighed. "Come on, Slut. It's time to introduce you to the rest of the cocks you'll be fucking this week." We got to our feet and I lead her back to camp by her leash.

Tim and Mike were unloading Tim's truck of ice chests and bags when Slut and I cleared the treeline. Mike stared at us silently. Tim did not seem to notice us at all until I spoke.

"Slut, take my clothes into my tent, then help them unload." Tim turned, looking confused, then shocked as he watched Slut follow instructions. Both guys looked from the scat slave in toilet in mouth 2019, cuffed and collared girl to me and back, the questions obvious.

"I'll explain in a bit. Let's get unloaded and settled first. Where's Steve?" Mike nodded toward the trees as he set his load down. "Too many energy drinks on the way up. Fucker was bitching about having to piss for the last half-hour. The way he was dancing, I'm not sure he made it." We chatted idly as the supplied and gear were pulled down, Slut lifting as much as any of us. Steve returned from his emergency call of nature and us guys laughed at his reaction to seeing Slut.

Once everything was offloaded and the trucks parked, we all sat. Slut, without instruction, retrieved and opened fresh beers for all of us before kneeling next to my chair. The guys all looked at each other before Mike spoke up. "What the fuck, Dave? Where did you hire the whore? For that matter, WHY did you hire her? And how much are we all in for." I smiled behind my beer, enjoying seeing the color rise in Slut's face.

"Nothing. She isn't a whore, and I didn't hire her. She, quite literally, walked into camp pretty much like she is now. She has volunteered to be our camp slut for the week. She has been given her safe word- balooga, by the way- and I've made it as clear as possible to her and the friend that dropped her off what is in store for her." I turned to Slut.

"Slut, these are Misters Tim, Steve, and Michael. You will refer to them appropriately, obey them, et cetera. Gentlemen, meet Slut. Use her anyway you want, but no breaking skin or bone.

I promised to return her unharmed." Slut turned to hot teen clea gaultier gets impaled and cum sprayed of them as I pointed out who was who. I smiled as I watched her lick her lips quickly, then blush as she realized what she had done. "Can you cook, Slut? If not, you may want to tap out now before you have to taste anything that limp dick next to you tries to burn," Steve jested, raising his beer to me.

We all laughed as I flipped him the bird. I looked at the sky to get a rough idea of the time. I clipped Slut's leash to the front of her collar. "You helped us unload, so you know where everything is. We only planned a week's food for the four of us.

If we run out before the week is over, you will be going to get us more. Get to work." Slut bit her lip prettily at my threat, whispering, "Yes, Sir," before getting to her feet and moving around the camp. We continued to chat, watching Slut, slapping her ass as she came within reach, or tweaking her nipples. She would squeak a little, moan softly, but continued to fix the meal. I could see her pussy lips beginning to puff as we continued to tease her.

"How is she? I know you tested her out before we got here, fucker," Mike blurted. "I mean, you're fucking naked, and she has all but fastened herself to you." "She's tight, clean, well trained. If she can cook half-way decently, and continues as she has, I might take her home and keep her." I smiled as I watched her shiver a little at the last. Tim smiled, licking his lips and shifting in his chair.

"When do we get a turn?" "Well, you can't very well fuck her while she's making dinner, ass hat," Steve barked. He seemed to be having issued getting comfortable, as well.

He looked at me, glancing down at the erection I was unashamedly sporting, and cursed under his breath.

He sat his beer down and stood, stripping out of his clothes on his way to his tent. He sat back down, his own shaft twitching at attention. Tim and Mike looked at Steve and I, then at each other, then almost sprinted to their tents, laughing and pulling their clothes off. I shook my head and chuckled, watching them.

Slut passed out plates and fresh beers before kneeling next to me. The first few bites were met with a chorus of "oh, my fucking god!", "This is delicious!", and "Can we keep her?" Then the camp was quiet save for the sound of flatware scraping plates. Slut knelt quietly, I noticed, without having served herself anything.

I looked at the pans and noted that she hadn't left any. I handed her my unfinished plate. She took it, looking at me slightly confused. I leaned over and whispered, "Eat. And if you think about going without again, you will be punished severely. None of us guys are going to starve to death by giving some of our portion to you.

Now eat." A whispered, "Yes, Sir. Thank-You, Sir," and she cleaned my plate. Slut gathered all of the dishes and took them to the stream to wash while we sat in the afterglow of her cooking.

"Dave, if you don't take that girl home, I will," Mike said. "Oh, I'm sure Bets will love that," Tim retorted. "Hi, hun. Look what I brought home." We all laughed at Mike's chagrin as the slut returned and put everything away. "Alright boys. Who wants the first go at our little bitch? I know you are all chomping at the bit to sink your dicks into her," I said when she returned to my side.

The others looked at each other, each waiting for one of the others to speak up. "Oh, for fuck's sake. Slut, over hot ass ebony slut fucked in group ice chest," I ordered. "Tim, you get her mouth, Steve gets to mount her. Mike, you get sloppy seconds. Gods, people. Do I have to tell you fuckers everything?" Slut crawled over immediately, bracing herself on the makeshift breeding bench. Steve and Tim looked stunned for a moment before moving to where I'd instructed.

That was all the push they needed. Steve chose her pussy to bury himself into, while Tim eased his cock down the slut's throat. It was not long before all three were panting and groaning, the men spewing their load into the fucktoy. Mike and I went next. I took the slut's mouth, enjoying the feeling of her swallowing my cock, feeling her moan as Mike wet his shaft in her pussy before sliding it slowly into her ass.

He did not last long before spilling into her bowels with a grunt, and he stepped aside to let Steve have his turn at mounting the bitch. Steve was just getting his rhythm when I exploded my load into her mouth. I backed away and Tim took my place. We took turns at her for what seemed like hours, cumming inside all of her holes, spewing on her face, ass, tits and stomach. By the time we were all spent, each of us has dumped four or five loads into the little slut.

She was caked in sweat and semen, dripping drool and spunk from her pussy and mouth. When she had recovered enough to stand, I walked with her down to the stream and washed her again. The sun had set and the guys had all crawled into their tents by the time we returned. I sat, watching the fire burn down, drinking my beer, and petting Slut's hair as she knelt next to my chair, her leash clipped to the arm.

"Where do you want to sleep tonight, Slut?" I asked. She glanced over at me, almost shy for the first time since she appeared. Softly, she whispered, "With You, if barbara brass sweet blonde girlfriend huge cock blowjob please You. Master. " She watched me as she used the title, waiting. I smiled, pulling playfully at the collar. "Be careful using that word, Slut. I don't have to send you back, you know.

But I would welcome you to my bed, pet." I unclipped the leash from my chair. "Bank the fire and get the bed ready. I need to return some of this beer to nature." I started for the treeline when she called softly. "Master," she whispered, "I, would be. I mean.

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If Master wanted, You could." Her voice trailed off as she blushed and looked down. I turned to her, watching. She crawled over to kneel in front of me, lifting her head and opening her mouth wide.

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I laughed. "You, you are a nasty little slut, aren't you?" I put the tip of my cock just at her lips and relaxed. I had never been into what they called water-sports before, but there was something special about watching this woman willing let me piss in her open mouth. The look on her face as she swallowed mouthful after mouthful showed her combined humiliation and joy at being used so.

As my stream dwindled, she closed her lips around my cockhead, sucking the last drops out. She turned back to the fire to finish, belching and giggling softly. I stood there, watching her, my dick growing hard again thinking of this little vixen being mine for six more days.

She crawled into my tent, brushing herself off before entering. I checked my phone, plugging it into the charger in my truck before going to my tent. My sleeping bag was laid out and open, the extra blanket I brought and pillows spread out and turned down. Slut knelt at the side, waiting for me.

I lay down, pulling her down to spoon in front of me and covering us both. She actually purred a little, feeling my hard-on against her ass cheeks before she shifted her hips, reaching down and sliding it into her cunt with a soft moan. I wrapped my arms around her and and let myself fall asleep. End of Night 1