Kinky babes like to fuck a friend

Kinky babes like to fuck a friend
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The air in the car was rank, mostly due to the smoke from hardcore dildo fuck and thick brunette creampie xxx cashing in reality three packs of cigarettes that had been smoked inside it over the last two hours and partly from the fact that the car was never clean to begin with.

Perched on the back seat was a gym bag, filled to bursting with sweat soaked clothes and stale socks. Next to it was a forlorn stack of pizza boxes six layers deep with crusted cheese and sauce sandwiched between them like some god forsaken glue desperately trying to hold them together. Not least of all was a putrid stench welling up from beneath the passenger's seat, the origins of which were as yet unknown and for all Glen Beagle cared it could stay that way.

This was his stake out vehicle, and sometimes you had to get right into people's heads. The people he chased every day were deranged sickos, used to wallowing in their own filth. Heaven forbid, these dirty pimps and whores would even have liked his car. Oh yeah, he was sure one of those good for nothing pencil dick coke snorting cock suckers would just love to get their hands on it, it would be a rare find. It would keep them coked and jazzed up to their eye balls for a week on heroin if they could stay conscious long enough to strip it for parts.

Yeah, that was it, sometimes you had to get into character, even if it meant assuming the mentality of a dirty cunt licker. As he thought this, he watched a girl sauntering down the street towards him.

She was wearing a short red miniskirt, her dishevelled dirty blonde hair drawn across her face and she walked with laboured strides, pausing every so often to have a confused look around her. She wore as well a worn looking jacket with plush fur around the cuffs and collar that framed her head like a frosted halo.

Surely the material had once been white, before it took on its current vomit inducing hues of brown and grey, just as surely as anyone with one good eye would have been able to see she was a prostitute, not to mention the fact that she was an addict looking for a way to pay for her next fix.

She kept scratching at her arm and silently mouthing a vehement conversation to herself. Slowly she made her way unsteadily to Glen's black and beat up old Toyota. Course it was a Toyota, that's the kind of shit these people drove. You had to understand them, they were at the bottom of the pile and that's the way it would always be.

A Ford in these parts? Zealous and wild cock riding hardcore and blowjob, you could forget that one buddy. That was too good for these people, those were only driven by the drug dealers who'd really made it around here who could at least afford to buy hub caps to go with their death-traps. Those kinds of people would be going out for attention, and Glen wasn't going for attention.

He'd been patiently watching the house two blocks down on the opposite side of the street, watching the lights flickering and the shadows moving behind thread bare veils, like a silent shadow-play pantomime. It had been five hours, and he was tired and frustrated.

The hooker finally reached his car, and with one slender, manicured hand, she wrapped a soft tattoo on the window. Immediately, it made Glen's blood boil.

In his one hand he held a can of iced tea, and his fist now began to clamp down on it, squeezing it as he tried to control his annoyance, but it was a losing battle. The whore knocked on the window again, this time a little bit more persistent, and he faintly heard her say, "Hey Mister, I can help you if you've got a hundred bucks." But the voice was very faint indeed.

In his mind he was trying to go over how many times he'd been through this shit, how many times girls like her just didn't fucking understand.

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No matter how told a bitch like her, they'd never listen. No wonder the world was going down the shitter, how could you trust anyone in this world?

The more he gritted his teeth and tried to control it, the tighter his hand squeezed on the can, constricting it and savouring the steady rhythmic crumpling sound it made, enjoying the sharp exquisite pain that pierced his palm as he squeezed it, feeling the metal pierce into his skin.

A third, rather urgent knock on the window snapped him out of it, and he abruptly let go of the can which clanked to the floor of the car. He was breathing heavily now and he hadn't even noticed, and he felt slightly cold from a thin layer of sweat that had formed on his torso and most noticeably of all he was slightly hard.

"Glen." he heard through the window, a panicked whisper. With that he gave an exasperated grunt and fiercely cranked down the window, shooting out his hand and tightly grabbing onto the wench's wrists, forcefully wrenching it towards him, forcing her head through the beautiful tiffany blaze likes to get pounded window, but not before she cracked her forehead against the frame on the way in.

Her neck whipped back with a sickening crack, and she let out a muted, terrified shriek. "How many times have I told you," he hissed, looking straight into her terrified grey eyes, shaking with rage. "You stupid, stupid. How many time?! Never use names! And what the fuck is this." Saying this he wrenched her arm around, causing her shoulder to pop loudly and forcing out another pained squeak.

He stared at her nails, painted bright red and freshly manicured, obviously not the hands of a street whore. How many time had he told her about blending in? But this stupid girl never listened. She mom and sun dad is xxx story as well be a whore, so that he could slap some sense into her, though he doubted if she'd even make a could tramp. She was fucked enough as a police officer.

To make matters worse she'd fucked up the code phrase. She was meant to ask for one hundred and seven dollars, not one hundred. "I'm sorry!" She yelped, terrified and in pain, contorting her body sideways to try relieve the pain in her arm. She was so closed to him her face was firmly pressed up against his muscular shoulder.

She could smell him, the smell of sweat, of cigarettes, and another smell that wasn't ever too far away from the Inspector Glen Beagle, alcohol. Roughly, he shoved her back through the window, looking at her with contempt but also an expectant air.

Quickly, she swallowed and tried to ignore the pain in her right arm, which hung limp by her side, her left hand wrapped around the shoulder. "The two men inside just left, there's only him and an unknown female inside." Glen grunted, apparently sated if not satisfied. He popped open the glove compartment and removed a dull metal pistol and a set of brass knuckles, stained and covered in a crusted layer of blood. He had a raging hard on now that he was trying very hard to ignore.

Now was time for business, police work. He'd be able to find some whore around here somewhere when he was done and satisfy himself with her, but for now he had work to do. He slipped the brass knuckles into the pocket of his jacket, sullenly handing the gun to the sergeant standing outside, freezing to death in her hooker get up. She fumbled with the gun for a second, the attempt to take it sending a sliver of pain up her bruised arm.

It wasn't the first time he'd hurt her. It was probably sprained. She'd probably deserved it, too. Glen forced the door open, knocking into her, interrupting her thoughts and almost sending her to the floor. "God, " He hissed, slamming the door and letting out a snort, "You're a useless piece of shit!

I hope you can remember how to pull a fucking trigger. Come." The pair walked up the street, then crossed the road, pausing momentarily outside the target building. "Point of entry," Glen commanded. "Rear door," Riley replied promptly, "I already picked the lock, it was easy." "Glad you got one fucking thing right." It was by far the closest thing to a complement she could ever have remembered receiving from her commanding officer.

Glen lead the way down the alley next to the building which lead to a chain linked fence surrounding a sorry excuse for a garden which looked more like a pathetic cemetery, broken chairs and random furniture poking out of the knee length grass like tombstones, but it reminded Riley more of a dead man's teeth. The thought chilled her. Already on the other side of the fence, Glen never stopped to bother helping her through.

He was in that place again, the place he always went when he was working. Where nothing existed to him except for the here and the now. Times like these he terrified her. She was always scared of him. Always. But times like these she was terrified, her mind retreating into the recesses of her soul where it could hide itself away from him, that side of him that everyone suspected, but only she had ever had the misfortune to see.

Her mind wandered, and before she thought of it, she was creeping across the grass, trying hard to ignore how much she didn't want to be here, fighting away the fear and the tears and the pain in her arm.

Just then she collided into something large and hard in front of her. It frightened her, and she let out a squeal. Before she knew what happened, she'd been whirled around and was firmly pressed against the crumbling concrete of the building's foundation, a meaty hand pressed up hard against her mouth, her cheek stinging from where he'd slapped her and her ears ringing.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" He yelled, trying to keep his voice down, but failing to do so which made him even angrier at himself and at her, because ultimately it was her fault, it always was. He grabbed her arm and wrenched it behind her sharply, causing her to let out a surprised and excruciated moan. Frightened didn't begin to describe how she felt. It was more akin to blind, powerless terror.

She could feel his weight pressed up behind her, crushing her face into the wall, scraping solo bikini beauty toying smalltits and toys skin. Her arm hurt like hell, and it was all she could do to keep from screaming, though tears began streaking down her face. She could make out the faint metallic taste of blood in her mouth. Glen was cursing into her ear, his hot breath feeling like it was searing her neck with the acrid aftertaste of tobacco and alcohol.

She squirmed to try and get away from him, and the more she tried to fight him, the more his grip tightened. One of the things that frightened her the most, something which only now started to register was a definite bulge, pressed up firmly against her ass, and it slowly grew the more she struggled, the more he cursed and the more she cried. "You're a stupid piece of shit!" He was saying, barely able to control his biting ire, pressing himself up against her and getting more horny by the second.

"All you're good for is to be a fucking whore, isn't it? You're a useless shit! Do you have any idea how important this is?!" Obviously she didn't, there was no point in him wasting his time on her, the only thing worthless people like her understood was a fist. Or a good fuck, a voice in the back of his mind told him. He slowly began dry humping her, his now rigid cock sliding between her ass cheeks. He let out a low grunt, and she started to squirm again, which only made him harder, if that were possible.

"You little dumb fuck, where would you be without me, huh? How many times would you have gotten your pretty little face shot off, you stupid little cunt." She moaned something into his hand, sobbing as she did so and he responded by twisting her arm further again and humping her more forcefully now. Riley couldn't help but start crying in earnest, there was nothing she could do.

She knew she wasn't enjoying this, it was the furthest thing from her mind as to what she'd want to have happen. He continued swearing at her, telling her how useless and stupid she was, calling her a cunt, and telling her all she'd ever be good for was a cock sucking, but he doubted a bitch like her would be able to get even that right.

All the time the only thing her mind was focusing on was his cock rubbing up and down against her ass and the back of her thighs, the constant motion caused her tiny little miniskirt to ride up, and she could feel the cold night air brushing against the extra exposed skin. As suddenly as it had happened though, it was over. He let go and took a step back, and she could hear him panting behind her in the darkness.

Silently as she could, trying to move as little as possible, she pulled the skirt back down and swallowed, fighting back the urge to break down and busty sports journalist veronica avluv gang banged in locker room sobbing. She was too frightened to turn round. "Come on," He said in a gruff, hoarse voice, trying the door and finding it was open, just as Liza del sierras ass nailed in bed had said it would be.

He walked into the building and carried on, just as if nothing had happened. Riley sniffed once, quickly wiping the snot and tears from her face.

She looked down at her wrist, and in the faint moonlight could make out some dark smears, on the one Glen has grabbed, which she immediately made out to be her own blood. She realized though that he couldn't have made her wrist bleed just by squeezing it. Maybe it's his blood, she thought to herself, and immediately dismissed it before quickly hurrying on in behind her superior. Obviously it wasn't blood. Once inside it was easy going. Most of the apartment building was empty, it was meant to be undergoing renovations and so most had the doors left ajar or were firmly tapped up.

But the renovations had apparently been going on for four years and the building had been vacant for a little longer than that, except for one apartment, where the lights could be seen to be on. Apartment forty-seven on the fourth floor. They made their way silently up, pausing to look and listen every few meters. Of course, Riley had checked all of this already.

She'd been canvassing the place for the last six hours, watching the people who had gone in and left, looking for any rooms that looked like makeshift guard posts, or that were occupied besides number forty-seven. There were none.

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The two men who had left were the only ones to have been in the building, besides their target. Upon reaching the door, Glen paused, raising his hand to signal Riley behind him to wait. He pressed his back against the wall, leaned over and overwatch porn dva x lucio super fuck big dick against the door. He could hear a faint, muted conversation through the door, interspersed with periods of silence and some giggling. "Ready?" He whispered, turning back to Riley, and as he did so noticing that her eyes quickly flickered upwards before lesbian yoga pants ass worship with facesitting gave a silent energetic nod.

She'd been staring at his cock, and heaven knew he was still hard. He wanted to get this over with, now. He couldn't take it much longer. His left hand reached into his pocket and his meaty fingers slipped into the knuckle dusters. He noticed a slight twinge of pain, more like an afterthought and absently looked at the palm of his hand.

It had been bleeding a little, from when he'd crushed the can in the car and the metal had made small cuts in his hand. It wasn't much, just a few smears and tiny scratches really, but he still wanted to get this over and done with while he still had some semblance of control. Raising his hand again, he slowly raised his fingers one at a time, counting it out for his partner.

One. two. three. The door burst open with one swift kick, causing splinters to fly from where the lock had ripped through the wooden door frame and the occupants of the room were stunned into silence as a large bulky man, about 6'2" charged into the room, left fist raised and the brass on it gleaming.

Before Lenny could even react and take his dick out of the mouth of the little slut that was almost choking on it in shock, he felt a hard fist smash into his jaw and send him spinning. He half landed on the nearby bed, knocking over the briefcase that was on it and spilling its contents as well as smashing his head against the bedside table, blacking out immediately.

The hooker started to let out a shriek but it was abruptly halted by a back handed slap to the face that split her lip and knocked her to the floor where she remained gasping, her eyes flittering between the man with the fists and the woman with the gun. Glen took a couple of seconds to take in the scene around him breathing in and out to regulate his breathing again. It wasn't a very large apartment, everything placed into a single room. There was a kitchen off to his right, along with a single couch that sat facing a cheap looking TV set.

There was also a door that lead off to what he assumed was a toilet. His eyes moved again from the man lolling half off the bed, to the topless hooker on the floor trying to stop her lip bleeding, and most of all probably trying to keep from being killed. If only she knew what was coming to her, Glen thought, grinning wickedly to himself.

Maybe it would be more humane to kill her, the voice in the back of his head told him, but it wouldn't be half as much fun. He hated low-lifes like these, they were everything that was wrong with society and he hated it, it made him sick to his stomach, all this shit.

He hated it. He was just here to do what he had to do, and he wouldn't leave till he'd done just that. Feigning concern, he covered his mouth with his hand in mock surprise and opened his eyes wide. "Oh, I'm so sorry, were we interrupting something?" He looked almost remorsefully between the terrified girl and the man on the bed then back to the terrified hooker.

All the while, Riley watched immobilized in a silent suffocating sense of impending. something. She couldn't put her finger on it, but she knew something bad was about to happen.

It was in Glen's voice, the way he started to move towards the girl on the floor. "You don't mind if we intrude, do you?" He asked with concern, getting down on his haunches in front of the girl, who made a furtive attempt to scrabble backwards and got about a foot before she was pressed up against the kitchen counter. Glen looked at her for a second, the look what i got here for you julia reaves image of fatherly compassion.

"Well, since you peculiar cuties drill the biggest belt cocks and spray love juice all over monstercock ejaculating that we stay. I couldn't help but notice that we interrupted your fun sucking cock.

You like doing that, don't you?" He said, reaching out and stroking her lanky hair. The girl said nothing, was too scared to try move away even. Her throat was dry and her mouth kept opening and closing in a soundless attempt to speak. The hand caressing her hair slowly travelled down to her cheek, which was already burning and starting to swell down to her chin which was already covered in some blood from her lip, which was bleeding quite badly.

The man cooed, almost trying to sound soothing and consolatory.

Riley watched in continued muted horror as Glen caressed the girls neck. She couldn't believe watch she was watching, and gradually the gun in her hand lowered as she continued to watch, disgusted but unable to turn away. His hand slowly worked its way further down, until it was caressing the side of one of her breasts, gently stroking up and down.

He kept whispering to the girl, and it looked almost like his words were putting her into a trance, as a sort of glazed expression covered her eyes. She let out a little gasp as his fingers brushed against her nipple left nipple, and Riley felt a sickening pang of excitement deep within her gut. Glen continued caressing the little sluts breasts, languidly alternating between the two, teasing the girls nipples and all the while gently insisting he was truly sorry for the inconvenience him and his friend had caused with their rude intrusion.

She could tell that Glen was in his own world right now, and what scarred her even more was that she was being dragged into it right on behind him. Her eyes never left his hands, watching them move over the girl's body, gently squeezing her breasts and caressing their delectable curves.

Riley felt her mouth getting dry and the empty feeling of guilty excitement start building up in her gut. Glen leaned in slowly and gently planted his lips on the whore's cheek, from which she initially recoiled, but soon relented to, enjoying his hands travelling their way round her breasts, the one languidly making it's way towards the hem of her panties. Before he knew what he was doing (and truth be told he'd lost any semblance of self control and recognition a long time ago) Glen's hand had found its way into the girl's panties and he was more than pleased to find her eager and ready.

Her pussy was covered in a light layer of soft pubic hair, something he quite enjoyed feeling under his skin, and eagerly he began to explore her wet vagina as she spread her legs out a little wider to let him fondle her little clit and pussy.

He loved how readily she'd started to enjoy this. Little sewer rat would do anything to save her own life.

Her pussy was warn and wet, tightly wrapping itself around his fingers and he felt the warmth of her sharply exhaled breaths against the side of his face. "How about this my dear," Glen said, giving the whore's breast a sharp squeeze, something she almost seemed to like. "How's about I make up for interrupting you enjoying our mutual friend over there's cock, by giving you another one to suck?" At this the girl immediately snapped out of whatever cute and exciting misa kikouden demonstrates her perfect blowjob skills she was in and again tried to squirm further away from him, uttering a terrified squeal, tears now trickling down her face.

Glen chuckled and shook his head, almost as if this wasn't totally unexpected. He stood up, turning towards Riley and nodding at her to come to him. She hesitated a second before coming to and quickly stepping across the room to stand by his side.

Gingerly, he took the gun from her hand, and placed a hand on her shoulder (the one he hadn't twisted almost out of its socket) and gently pushed, indicating with his eyes that he wanted Riley to get on the floor in front of him.

Again she hesitated a second, but for some reason she'd never be able to explain to herself or anyone else afterwards, she obeyed and got down on her knees. "Now, I can't really expect you to give something for nothing, now can I?" He began, as if explaining to two decidedly slow students a concept the rest of the class had understood hours ago.

"So. I'd like you to meet Riley here. I'm sure you two could be very good friends." With that he reached out, took Riley's hand by the wrist and planted it firmly on the other girl's breast. Both let out shocked gasps, and both tried to move away, but there was nowhere for either of them to go, One because she was pressed up against a wall and the other because she was held in what amounted to a vice.

"Now, now girls, you two play nice," Glen said, admonishing them. He held Riley's hand in place a few more seconds before slowly letting go. Her hand stayed where it was, mostly because her mind had been racing so fast, it had gotten itself stuck and she was unable to think, like a printer backed up with a paper jam. He'd never done anything like this before. He'd done a lot of things wrong, things that weren't by the book.

She'd seen him do it, but he'd never done romi rain is wonder woman like this. She'd never done anything like this, and it absolutely terrified her. She looked into the eyes of the girl opposite her and could see the look of abject horror in her eyes and knew that she could see the exact same thing in her face.

In one seemingly telepathic moment, as if they had come to some bizarre mutual agreement as to what was in both their best interests, the horror abated to simple fear as both seemed to realize what was expected of them. With that, completely unbidden, Riley began to slowly trace small circles around the girl's breast with her hand. She'd never felt another girl's breasts before, honestly could say she'd never felt the urge to or thought she would, but she was surprised by how.

Soft they were. They couldn't have been much bigger then hers, and she was a healthy B-cup. It made the hair on the back of neck stand on end as she continued massaging the girls tit, feeling the gentle weight of it in her hand, and the hard stub of her nipple as it grew more erect and how the girl seemed to be pressing herself against Riley's hand. Slowly, nervously, Riley reached out her other hand, cupping the other breast and well and started to massaged both tits in unison.

She was now kneeling directly in front of the girl, straddling her legs with her thighs. Cautiously at first, the girl's hands reached up and she placed them on Riley's shoulder, then began slowly snaking their way up and down Riley's arm, and her lips parted at the feeling of touching another woman like this and being touched like that.

As she stared at the girl's tits, she felt the urge to suck on them, to nip on them with her teeth and roll her nipples around with her tongue. Almost on cue, the girl reached a hand back behind Riley's head, caressing her hair and applying gentle pressure directing her towards her awaiting breasts. They were soft and warm as Riley slowly rubbed her lips against the soft silken skin, though she could smell the sweat on her skin, the fear, as her lips brushed the girl's nipple.

With little hesitation, she took the girl's tit into her mouth, sucking on it gently, eliciting a husky moan from the little slut, as her other cfnm babes suck cock at cfnm party tube porn began caressing Riley's thigh, urging her to continue as the warm hand caressed her leg, then slowly rose to her ass, squeezing it tentatively at first, then with more conviction and urgency.

Behind her, Riley heard the sound of metal upon metal as Glen unzipped his pants. "Yeah, you two girls are real pretty like that," He said breathlessly, with urgency in his voice. She heard him move closer and felt his hand gently rest on her back.

She looked up from licking the sluts tits and saw his large cock only a few centimetres away from her face. The head was very purple, like something suffocating, and there was the sheen of precum on the head of his cock as he spread it around with the thumb of the hand that was grasping his rod.

It was 7 inches long, fully hard, and a irrational side of Riley, the part that was enjoying sucking on this girl's breasts, that was excited by the fact that the girls hand had moved to caressing the insides of her thigh was enjoying seeing his hard cock.

His other hand had two fingers in the girl's mouth, her tongue rolling over them, covering them in her saliva as she enthusiastically licked at them. "Oh, I can tell you're an expert at this, you little slut," Glen said, as he removed his fingers and pressed his hard cock against her lips, rubbing it against them as she began licking at his precum covered head eagerly.

As the girl started servicing his cock, she never neglected Riley. Her fingers suddenly found her mound and she was cupping it through the fabric of her panties which were already moist from her juices, rubbing her palm against her pussy.

Riley let out a long moan and instinctively started humping herself against the girl's hand, immediately sliding her own hand down the girl's tummy, down to her equally wet pussy. The girl moaned, and Glen took that opportunity to shove the head of his cock into her mouth to stifle them. The girl sucked on his cock, making little suckling sounds and moaning into his thick meat as she felt Riley's fingers slowly spread for pussy lips and explore the wet, hot flesh of her cunt.

Riley let out a very loud, drawn out moan as she felt the girl presently slip her middle finger into her hot slit, and it was a miracle she didn't come right then and there, having this sexy little slut fingering her honey pot.

All fear had completely vanished and all that remained was the insatiable urge to give pleasure and receive it. In that moment she realized how much she wanted to ram her cunt into this little whore's face and have her lips and tongue ssex afrikan shakira woman yes 18 xxx wasmo all of her sopping wet cunt. The two women were fingering each other in earnest now, their fingers making sloppy noises as they slid in and out of each other's slits.

Above that sound was the sound of Glen fucking the poor prostitute's throat for all she was worth. To her credit, she did her best to take in all of his cock as he fucked her mouth hard for a few strokes, then he'd pull out of her mouth, leaving her to lather the head of his cock with her waiting tongue, before ramming his dick back down her throat until her nose sank into his pubic hair. He was grunting loudly and panting not only from the effort, but also the sheer enjoyment of fucking this little whore's tight little throat as she gagged trying to blow all of his cock, taking it down, squeezing even harder on his dick every time she gagged on it.

"Oh yeah you little fucking slut, you like having a dick in your mouth, doncha?" She mumbled something that sounded like a yes, muffled by the hot cock meat ramming down her throat.

"Yeah. Oh fuck. You like having Riley's fingers in your little slit don't you!" He yelled, fucking her face even harder now, feeling his impending orgasm, his hips bucking erratically now, he was close to the edge and all he wanted to do was to cum like crazy. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum, he grunted." With that he reached down, grabbing Riley by the hair and wrenching her face away from the girl's tits. Her yelping moan of pain mixed with the pleasure of having her cunt finger fucked was too much for Glen.

He grabbed his throbbing dick with his other hand, furiously jerking himself off as he started to squirt his load on Riley's cute, confused face. As soon as she felt the first jet of ropey cum hit her face, Riley couldn't help let out a loud moan as she came around the fingers that were furiously sliding in and out of her slid, and her pussy squeezed as hard as it could around the girl's fingers as Glen's cum gushed all over her face, covering her hair, going in her mouth and dribbling down her chin, She forced her two fingers into the girl's pussy as hard as she could, up to the knuckle, causing her to cry out as her pussy contracted and Riley felt the wetness of the girl's orgasming pussy as it clenched and pulled at her fingers, as well as the wetness of her own juices as they trickled