Super petite teen adria rae is furnish with enough cock

Super petite teen adria rae is furnish with enough cock
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Author's Note: First off thank you to all the reader who give constructive advice and read my stories.

Secondly I know this chapter is shorter then normal but don't fear Cassie and her mother are important to the story and will have more face time in later chapters. Also I had one pm from someone saying that sex with a fifteen year old was illegal and I was sick.

Just for anyone who agrees with said retard, read the story Sar-Rah was born around 900 bc that makes her nearly three thousand years old and let not even get into the part were is NOT human anymore. So I hope you enjoy this chapter as there is more sex in it then the others.

This is the eight Chapter of this series I suggest you read the preceding chapters first! Also this is put under fantasy because it is not real don't pm me saying this story was fake I never claimed it was reality.

Solomon's Daughters: Cassie's and Cindy's Chapter The door closed behind them and Megan rushed up the stairs and Liz followed after her. Galina looked around examining his basement and the kinky peach gets cum load on her face swallowing all the semen stayed close to his leg almost pressing against him.

Anthony led Galina upstairs and into the kitchen. "Would you like something to drink," he asked her. "What do you have," she replied. "We have milk, soda, water, orange juice, apple juice, and sweet tea," he said looking in the fridge to be sure. "Is the soda good," Galina asked him curiously. "You've never had soda before," he asked and when she shook her head he grabbed the two liter bottle of Pepsi and poured her a glass with ice.

He handed it to her and she caustiously brought it to her lips and took a small sip. Her yellow eyes widened at the taste and fizzle of the drink before she took a long pull from the glass.

"That's really good," she said after having drained the glass of everything but the ice. He smiled at her and poured her another glass before returning the bottle to the fridge. She took smaller drinks of this glass and she finished just as Sar-Rah walked into the kitchen.

Sar-Rah's hair was sticking up and all mussed up, she was dressed in a pair of his boxers with one of his unaltered shirts on so it looked like she was wearing a tent. It was slid to the side and one of her smooth tanned shoulders was bare to his gaze.

He found the sight of her wearing his clothes and all mussed incredibly sexy and his groin began to stir.

He gaze was locked on her boxer clad ass as she walked over to Galina and stuck out her hand. "I'm Sar-Rah nice to meet to," Sar-Rah said. "It is my pleasure," Galina replied shaking her hand. Anthony was completely erect by now and when Sar-Rah turned she found him right behind her staring into her eyes with an intense hungry look that sent a shiver of arousal up her spine. She had told Liz that they would be going to Cassie's party tonight so she didn't want to wear him out.

"Not now we have things to do today," she said putting a hand on his chest over his heart and could feel his racing heart beat under her palm. Anthony reached down around her big bobes milk aunty saxy story and gripped her ass and pulled her tightly against him. They both moaned at the contact and she ground her hips against him once before she remembered to tell him no.

He kissed her and set her back on her own feet again and stepped back away from herto try and lessen the temptation to rip her clothes off. "Your here to see about your new home," Sar-Rah asked turning back to Galina who nodded. "Ok lets get this show on the road," Sar-Rah said and clapped her hands. Her clothes shifted to a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and her hair straightened out and fell in perfect shimmering black waves tipped in red down her back.

She moved to the basement door and descended with Galina and Anthony on her heels. She moved over until she was a few feet beside the door leading to the goblin tunnel under the park.

She stood ataringat the wall which immediately began to change until a door formed. "I'll need to see the plans once we are inside," Sar-Rah said to Galina who nodded her understanding. Sar-Rah opened the door and motioned them into a small square room before entering and closing the door behind her. Following the plans that Galina handed her she began milf olivia fox fingers pressley carters wet pussy masturbation fingering move forward.

The wall seemed to liquify and evaporate as she moved leaving a perfectly square hallway as she walked. She created three large rooms side by side and made hallways connecting them together then she began to make smaller rooms. She then made a throne room with rooms for Galina. When this was done she led them back to the basement and told Galine to have her engineer decide where the bathrooms and plumbing along with electrical line should be run and she would do that.

"Thank you," Galina said to Sar-rah. "Your Welcome," was the reply. "I shall go and begin the preparations to move and get the information you require. I will return in a day or two," Galina said and headed for the door to the goblin tunnels. Anthony stopped her by grabbing her arm and pulling her body up against his.

Leaning down he kissed her neing careful of her fangs as she relaxed into him and enjoyed the feel of his mouth on her.

"Goodbye my wife," he said softly into her mouth. "Bye," she said dazedly and headed for the door again. When she was gone and the door was sealed he and Sar-Rah returned upstairs to the kitchen and sat at the table. "Looks like I finally have a day to relax," Anthony said leaning back into his chair and noticed a sheepish look sunny prone xxx full story Sar-Rah's face. "What is it," he asked with suspicion. "I wanted to ask you to go somewhere with me later tonight," she said.

"Sure no problem. What time?" "Around seven," she answered. Anthony looked over at the clock and saw it was only three in the afternoon so he got up and headed for the living room and plopped down, turning on the TV.

Sar-Rah joined him and they watched a movie and one short comedy show. At six o'clock Sar-Rah rose and pulled Anthony to his feet. "Where is Liz," she asked. "She probably went to her weekened get together with her friends early while we were with Galina," he said. She led him to his room and then pushed him into the bathroom to shower.

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When he finished and walked out of the bathroom naked she was sitting on his bed. The clothes that goblins had given him were washed and laid out for him to put on. He sensed that she wanted him to dress and that she was hising something from him.

He dressed and moved over to where she was now standing next to the bed. "What is it," he asked her. "I have no idea what you mean," she said but wouldn't meet his eyes. With a sigh he let it go, figuring he would find out soon enough anyway. She led him out of the house and toward the bus stop but instead of stopping to wait for the bus she continued onward down the street. He walked at her side and wondered big tits milf pawns her pussy and banged by pawn keeper they were going as he followed her lead.

Soon however he guessed where she was taking him and his face harden as he realized he been suckered into going to Cassie's house. Sar-Rah saw the realization flicker in his eyes busty blonde professor culona the most perverted student of the class girls tasty women fucks slutty he guessed where they were heading. She also saw his face go flat and stony in anger when he realized. He said nothing and continued to follow as she moved down the street and up the walkway to Cassie's house.

"Are you ok," Sar-Rah asked him. "I'm fine," he answered flatly his voice completely nuetral. Sar-Rah knocked on the door and they waited in an awkward silence for someone to answer. Anthony could hear feminine laughter growing louder as someone approached the door. It was pulled inward and Cassie stood there with a smile on her face that became a look of shock to see Anthony standing on her porch. After a few moments of silence from Cassie as she stared at Anthony, who was trying to keep his eyes from falling to her tight t shirt or her very short shorts, Sar-Rah cleared her throat.

This seemed to break Cassie out of her shock and she public8 sex for money in public back to let them in. "Come in," she said and after they walked in she closed and locked the door behind them. She walked down the hall with the two of them following behind her. Sar-Rah was eyeing Anthony worriedly as they walked and Anthony had his eyes glued to the floor to keep from ogling Cassie's butt.

Anthony's gaze rose his his breath caught at the sight of Liz, Cassie, Nina, Sasha, and Cassie's mother Cindy, all dressed in an outfit close to Cassie's. Their conversation stopped as they all took in the new arrival, and Anthony got the feeling that he was a steak in front of a pack of wolves as four sets of female eyes examined hiim. "Hey big brother," Liz said and all of the other chorused in after. "Hi," he said and an uncomfortable silence fell.

He fidgeted as Cassie went and joined them on the couches. "Maybe I should go," he said after a prolonged and uncomfortable silence and turned to head back down the hall. "No," the five women all said at the same time and Sar-Rah latched onto his arm to keep him from exiting the room. Cindy stood and rushed over and grabbed his other arm and the two of them dragged him over to the couch and pushed him down.

"Look, I appriciate you inviting me but I feel very uncomfortable here," he said and tried to stand but cindy plopped down in his lap while Sar-Rah gripped his shoulder from behins and tried to pin him to the couch. "I'll go to my room and you won't have to see me just please stay," Cassie said with her head down in shame. "Why wouldn't he want to see you," her mother asked with a confused look on her face.

Nina and Sasha both had a mixture of confusion and curiousity on their faces. Cassie shook her head but kept her head lowered, Cindy got up off Anthony's lap and walked over to her daughter lifting Cassie's chin until there eyes met. Anthony stirred to readjust his clothing but Cassie who thought he was standing to leave lurched at him and ended up straddling his thighs with her face inches from his. She was crying now as she tried to speak and she clutched at his shoulders.

"Please," Cassie begged," I am so, so sorry about what I did. I had called him over to break up with him and when we connected I didn't even think about him. I just wanted to make you happy and to touch you, I am sorry. I haven't had a boyfriend since, I sorry please don't leave. I'll go to my room and you won't have to see me, please?" They all sat in stunned silence as she wept into his chest and kept repeating 'please don't leave' as she cried. Anthony gently stroked her hair but when she didn't calm down any he grabbed her chin and forced her to look up.

When her eyes met his he kissed her, her eyes widened in shock as she tasted him then she kissed him back. She was pulling at his shirt and she unbuckled his jeans when he lifted it over his head. She had somehow managed to remove her own shirt and her breast were not at a perfect height to suckle.

She poaned in pleasure as he took her nipple into his mouth. A second moan not from Cassie reminded him that there were other people present. "I'm sorry," he began but was stunned into silence. Sasha had her head buried between Sar-Rah's thighs and Nina was in a sixty-nine with Cindy.

A bundle of cloth hit him in the face suddenly and he caught it, holding it up to examine it he saw that it was Cassie's shorts. He turned his head back to her when he felt the tug of her pulling down his jeans. "What is going on," he asked her. She looked overe the room while still pulling off his pants and she threw them over her shoulder when she had him naked from the waist down.

"This is what we do every week," she said, "All of us love you me, my mom, Liz, Nina, and Sasha. We get together once a week and play with each other always inviting you to come, hoping that one day you would. I am so sorry," she began again but he pulled her face to his and kissed her. She moaned into his mouth as she stratled him again rubbing his pussy lips against his shaft.

She rocked her body against him and her wetness coated his entire erection and alicia is taking it up the ass thighs. "Your soaking wet," Anthony groaned at the feel of her and she echoed him as her cheeks reddened at his words.

She lifted up farther and reached down wrapping her hand around his cock and lifted it pointing it straight up. She lowered herself slowly until the tip was lodged in her entrance. She then brought both hands up to his shoulders and began to relax her thighs letting her body weight impale her slowly on him. He could feel his cock forcing it's way into her tight tunnel as she whimpered. After and inch or so was in he felt a familiar resistance and his hands grabbed her hips, keeping her from going any deeper.

"Your a virgin," he said in bisbelief. She bit her lip and nodded flexing her thighs and trying to push down onto him. "How, your mothers boyfriend who molested you," he started but she cut him off. "He didn't get that far before Mom caught him," she informed him and again tried to sink down onto him. When he kept her immobile she whined in protest. "Please," she begged him. "Sure," he said and released her. She let out a squeak as she dropped onto him completely and groaned at the feeling of her insides streching to accomidate his cock.

She fine oiled ass bouncing on thick cock to rock on him and then began to move her hips forward and then back. She cried out inpleasure as she bucked against him and his hips began to thrust up into her almost of their own accord. After ten miuntes of this Anthony felt himself grow close to cumming. Leaning in he clamped his lips own her nipple and sucked on it hard.

Her body quivered and her inner muscles clamps down on his cock. They feelog her body trembling around him caused him to begin his own orgasm and he gripped her hips tightly and slammed his pulsing cock as deep into her body as he could before spraying her womb with his semen. "Yes, give sex games by a wicked luscious bitch your baby," she screamed at the feel of him exploding inside her.

His eyes widened in shock at her word as jet after jet of his cum spurt into her body, he didn't think he had ever cum so much at once in his life. "Baby," he asked when he managed to catch his breath. She nodded her head which way laying on his chest and her muscles spasmed on his softening cock at that one word. "I love you Anthony," she said softly. When he didn't respond immediately she looked up into his eyes, sadly.

"You don't have to say it back, I'm not pressuring you," she said and averted her eyes from his. "I like you Cassie I always have, I just don't know if I love you," he said to her. She smiled up at him and hope shone in her eyes. "I can live with that," she replied contently as she rested her face on his shoulder. Anthony looked around at the writhing women on the floor and stood holding Cassie to him.

She wrapped her legs and arms around him and he carried her to her room. Laying her down on the bed Anthony crawled in beside her and pulled her back to his front.

He kissed her neck and then settled down to sleep. "I love you," was the last words Anthony heard as he drifted off into the blackness of sleep. Anthony woke to an empty bed and the smell of frying bacon. Getting up he looked around for his clothes but couldn't find them so he grabbed Cassie's white robe from the back of her door and headed into the living room to find his clothes.

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They weren't in there either so he headed for the kitchen and the delicous smell of cooking meat. Walking in he found only Cindy standing at the stove wearing only an apron. Her volumpuous ass wiggled as she hummed and swayed her hips from side to side and Anthony was mesmerized by the sight. Cindy finished the bacon and put it on a plate and turned off the oven before grabbing the plate and turning to place it on the table.

Cindy froze when she saw Anthony in the doorway wearing her daughters robe which only came down to just above his knees. "Good morning," she said blushing. "It most definately is," he said eyeing her legs. She blushed even harder at his comment and stares. "Your clothes are in the washer and will be done in a little while," she said and motioned for him to sit at one of the places while she took a seat across from him. They both invasion of a gigantic knob hardcore and blowjob and began eating, after a few minutes of silence except for the tink of silverware against their plates Anthony jerked a froze.

Cindy continued eating as if nothing was happening but her foot was running up and down his leg. He went back to eating but he was eating much faster now. He finished and got up she outed at him and continued to eat. He went to the sink and tried to think about what was happening. "Where is everybody," he asked.

"It's Monday everyone got up and went to school," she replied. "Am I not attractive," she suddenly asked. He spun to look at her, stunned at her question and the look of vulnerability on her face. Wild sex on a sofa masturbate and doggystyle examined her and she was pretty.

She had long red hair with more of a curl to it then Cassie's and she had the same lithe gymnasts body that her daughter had. "Your beautiful, what would make you think otherwise," he asked. "I was just rubbing your leg and you couldn't get away from me fast enough. Am I too old," she asked softly. He gaped at her before he could come up with an answer. "I thought you were just teasing me," he replied. She stood and faced him and reached around behind her and undid the tie of the apron and pulled it over her head.

Her breast stood firm and slightly larger then Cassoe's on her chest and her pussy had no hair at all. "Your sister said you liked almost none or no hair down there," she explained when she saw were his gaze went.

She lifted herself onto the table and spread her legs for him to get a better view of her. She shivered with anticipation as he slowly moved toward her. He knelt infront of her and leaned forward running his tongue up her slit. She groaned and grabbed fistfuls of his hair and pulled him more firmly into her.

He licked her outer lips before spreading them with his fingers and sucking on her clit. He inserted his index finger into her dripping hole as he toyed with her mother son xxx hot movi. "Yes," she cried out as she came and her juices gushed and dripped down his arm and chin. Standing he placed his hard cock at her entrance and thrust into her as her orgasm continues. She screamed in pleasure as another orgasm broke through her before the first subsided.

Anthony began to pound into her and her orgasms continued until she couldn't think. Her hands gripped his shoulders and her lags wrapped around his waist as he continued to drill into her.

Twenty minutes and many orgasms later she was pushing at his chest weakly to get him to stop and let her rest but he ignored her. He was close and he wanted her to come with him so leaned close to her ear. "Are you on the pill," he asked. She shook her head no, having not had a boyfriend since the one who had been molesting Cassie she hadn't need to. He grinned down at her mischeivously. "I'm going to cum soon. Do you want me to fill you womb with my cum?

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Maybe I'll give Cassie a little sister," he whispered to her. She groaned at his words and her legs tightened around his waist. He slammed into her one last time and leaned forward and bit her nipple gently. The combination of his words and actions along with the warmth of his semen flooding her womb made her tense and scream with her own release as he filled her. "That was amazing," she said softly after catching her breath. The buzzer on the dryer went off and she headed into get the clothes.

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Only a small trickle of his cum leaked down her legs the rest remained trapped in her womb. She brought him his clothes and he dressed before giving her a kiss. "Thanks," he said to her as he neared the front door. "No thank you," she said and closed the door behind him as he head down the street to catch the approaching bus.