Me vlam tinh voi con re phu de

Me vlam tinh voi con re phu de
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Laura let Sarah sleep for nearly three hours, but the break was good for everyone. Sarah got some much needed rest, but equally as important so did the men who had been brought over to fuck her. With each passing moment, their energy levels rose almost as fast as their dicks as they fantasized about the lewd sex acts they anticipated performing with the attractive and willing white woman.

Laura walked to the bedroom door and rapped lightly on the door. "Sarah? Sarah, are you awake?" Sarah slowly regained full consciousness as she stretched and moaned, "Oh God, did I ever need that." "Close your eyes, Sweetie," Laura urged. "I'm gonna turn on the light." Brightness replaced the dark and Laura could see Sarah was lying on her back.

One leg was drawn up cute legal age teenager beauty rides dick of lad bent at the knee, her other leg was straightened. Her hands rubbed her eyes seeking relief from the sudden illumination. By raising her hands to her face, the silk robe had ridden high up on her thighs exposing her trim, athletic legs.

Her breasts strained against the thin material of the robe. "Turn it off. Turn it off. That's torture." Ah come on, you little baby," Laura teased. "I promised you a massage, which should help you overcome your sudden pain and discomfort. Loosen your sash, slide the robe off your shoulders, and roll over on your stomach." Sarah quickly untied the sash and arched her back so her shoulders could wiggled free of the robe.

She rolled over. Laura opened a drawer of a nearby night stand and with a flourish, produced a small bottle of massage oil. She moved close to the bed. "I think this will make you feel good," she said applying some of the oil to her hands. With a practiced technique, Laura began gently stroking the base of Sarah's neck, applying subtle pressure to the tight muscles and tendons located there. Several minutes of focused effort on her neck led to a slow, gradual movement down to the young woman's shoulder blades, rib cage, the muscles running parallel to her spine, and her hips.

Sarah was in heaven and loving every stroke, and Laura was enjoying the experience as well. Sarah's body was yielding to every push and pull Laura made, and each stroke was designed to remove the robe and expose more and more of her very attractive body. Laura's eagerness to have Sarah nude was intensified with each pass of her hands. Having reached Sarah's waist, Laura instructed Sarah to reposition herself on the bed so that she was lying across the bed with her feet pointing to one side and her head pointing to the other.

With a groan signifying her mild displeasure lustful teen dyke eats pussy of girlfriend interrupting the massage, Sarah complied. "Why don't you take off that robe? It is just getting in the way." Again Sarah was quick to comply.

"Turn over onto your back. I'll do the front of your legs first." Sarah complied. "And open your legs a bit, I'm gonna stand between them." Sarah complied. Laura moved between Sarah's legs and began to stroke her right foot, but she quickly moved her hand up to Sarah's ankle, calf, and in short order, Sarah's thigh, specifically her inner thigh. Sarah was beginning to realize where this massage was leading said, "You seem to be spending a lot of time rubbing my upper thigh.

Have you found a knot or something?" Giving up all pretense of a massage, Laura reclined fully on top of Sarah, gently cupping her face. "I found something alright, but it is not anything to worry about." And although Sarah felt something was going to happen, she was surprised when Laura kissed her fully on the lips. Her mouth opened in a gasp and Laura quickly drove her tongue into the breech.

With her inhibitions weakened, Sarah responded in kind. The women were locked in a series of passionate open mouthed kisses that lasted for several minutes. Finally breaking away to draw a breath, Laura looked at Sarah and said, "I have a surprise for you." Gasping for air, Sarah replied, "And what could you possibly do now to surprise me?" "It's not me," she indicated with a motion of her head, "it's him." Sarah twisted slightly to look behind her. Dr. Henry was standing near the edge of the bed, completely naked, stroking his erection.

"Dr. Henry," Sarah stammered, "what are you. .

?" "Don't finish that question, Sarah," he began. "At this moment, I am not your doctor.

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I am merely a guy that has watched you have incredible sex with three men, and now it is my turn." "But, but.

. ." "Sarah, don't over analyze this. I am just part of the procedure, nothing more. Now, slide toward me so that your head is just over the edge of the bed." In the split second before she moved, Sarah's brain processed the image of Dr.

Henry transmitted by her eyes. He was an average looking man, very pale in color, particularly in comparison to her recent lovers, and a little overweight. He looked like a guy that tried to keep his weight down, but did not have the will power necessary to avoid doughnuts on Sunday, an occasional trip to the ice cream store, or fast food burgers.

Her vision focused sharply on his sex and she noted that he did not appear to be as big as any of the three black men, but he was not small either. She almost laughed as she noticed that his cock head seemed to be too large for the rest of his organ. Again, it wasn't mammoth in size, but it was pronounced. "Sarah, did you hear me? Slide over here." Using her arms for leverage, Sarah moved close to the edge of the bed and stopped.

"Like this?" "A little further." He directed her with his hands until her head flopped just off the end of the bed. From this position, Sarah was looking directly at the wrinkled skin of the Doctor's scrotum and the base of his engorged cock. "What are you going to do?" She asked cautiously. "I'm going to fuck your mouth, and I want you to help me. Got it?" Sarah nodded and moved her head slightly, seeking a more comfortable position for her neck.

Dr. Henry took a small shuffle step toward her that placed his cock very close to her mouth. "Ok, now open your mouth and put my cock inside." Sarah swallowed once, reached awkwardly back over her head and grasp the Doctor's organ. As she grasped him in her hand, she again realized that he was not a small man, but he didn't quite measure up to Larry either.

Even so, Sarah was concerned about taking him too deep in her mouth for fear of choking. Understanding her hesitation, Dr. Henry said, "Don't worry Sarah. I will try not to choke you.

I am going to fuck deeper into your mouth that anyone has so far, but because of the position of your neck, your throat is more open than normal and you should be able to do this if we take it slow." Sarah opened her mouth and guided his cock to her tongue. Dr. Henry began a series of slow, shallow thrusts, just pushing his cockhead past the young wife's lips.

"Relax Sarah," he encouraged. After a few more shallow thrusts, he announced, "I'm going to go a little deeper now." With another small shuffle step, Dr. Henry moved his groin slightly closer to Sarah's head and began to push about half his length into her face. With an audible "mumph" Sarah gagged a bit, but recovered and was able to accommodate the additional man meat.

Again, Dr. Henry patiently allowed her to adjust and did not force his way into her throat. With slow gently strokes, he continued to saw in and out of her lips. "Sarah, open your eyes and look at me." Sarah looked up. Dr. Henry continued to fuck smoothly in and out of her mouth as he spoke.

"Sarah, you are a truly beautiful woman. I saw it earlier today, and your beauty is easily captured by the camera. I know, I've seen some of the footage. But your face actually glows when you are engaged in sexual activities.

And right now, with my cock in your mouth, you have never been more beautiful." As absurd as it might seem, Sarah was embarrassed and even tried to smile, but her timing was wrong and she gagged, forcing the Doctor to take his cock out of her mouth. She sat up on the bed trying to regain her breath. "Oh Doctor Henry," Sarah coughed, "I'm sorry. I. . I. . ." "Sarah, don't worry about it." She sunny leone xxx face fuck again and finally regained her composure.

"Are you alright? Ok, now let's try this again. Do you think you can take some more?" Sarah wasn't sure how much more of his penis she could fit in her mouth. "Well, ok.

Let me try." She lay back down on the bed, scooting in to position with her head over the edge of the bed. With a few minor adjustments of her neck and shoulders to get more comfortable, Sarah nodded. "Ok, I think I'm ready." She opened her mouth and this time the Doctor used his hand to guide his cock redhead babe adison blows her bfs reality and amateur her lips, pushing half his length into her.

Again he let her adjust to the depth of his penetration for a few seconds with some gentle in and out thrusts. "Relax Sarah. I'm going to go deep this time." Sarah had a moment of panic knowing that she had choked earlier, but before she could tense her throat, Dr. Henry pushed his entire cock into her mouth and down her open mom changing cloth and thief come im a riom. His pubic hair mashed against her nose and chin.

He withdrew quickly only holding his groin tight against her face for a brief instant. Laura, who had been watching the whole sequence from the other side of the bed, encouraged Sarah. "Sarah, that was awesome. Can you do it again?" Sarah didn't think she had much to do with it at all but was merely the recipient of an especially deep thrust uttered a noise that sounded like, "Uh huh." With that affirmation, Dr.

Henry again thrust the full length of his cock into her throat. This time he maintained full penetration for a second or two and when he pulled out, he only pulled out half way and quickly pushed back in. Sarah did not have time to react to his second thrust so her throat remained open allowing the Doctor full access. A couple more thrusts like that and Sarah had learned how to keep her throat open without gagging. In short order, Dr. Henry was fucking Sarah's mouth, each stroke fully entering her throat on the inward thrust.

Each thrust was terminated when his balls bounced against her forehead and his pubic hair flattened against her nose.

As he thrust in and out of her mouth, the Doctor looked at Laura and smiled. He was confident they had succeeded in capturing Sarah's libido and fully intended to channel it to their own benefit. With each penetration, Dr. Henry felt the pressure build in his balls, and while he would really have liked to cum in her throat, he had other plans. "Ok," he said, withdrawing completely from her mouth, "that's enough of that for the time being. I really don't want to cum too soon." Sarah sat up and took a few deep breaths.

She used her hand to wipe saliva from her chin and tears from her cheeks. Laura tossed her a small towel to expedite that process. The tears came as part of the gag reflex that she had somehow managed to suppress as Dr. Henry thrust his penis deep into her throat. She was more than a little surprised that she could take his entire organ in her mouth, and she came to realize that the shock and suddenness of his actions is probably what allowed her to accept him into her throat without some sort of violent reaction.

She was relieved he had stopped using her mouth the way he was using it, because swallowing cock was not something she was adept at and as a result, it was not a very pleasant experience for her. After a few moments, Sarah had composed herself and hard dong acquires inside tight pussy hardcore and blowjob as sexually inviting as she did when she first came into the room.

"Lay back down on the bed, Sarah," Dr, Henry ordered. "Laura is going to eat your pussy for awhile." Sarah looked directly at Laura who smiled, nodded her head and taking Sarah's ankles in her hands lightly tugged to direct Sarah into a position where her butt was barely resting on the edge of the bed and her feet were fully in contact with the floor. Placing her hands on the inside of Sarah's knees, Laura gently pushed to spread Sarah's legs.

Sarah offered no resistance.

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Laura moved between Sarah's legs and began lightly brushing her finger tips from the tops of Sarah's thighs up to her navel and back again. Each cycle brought her hand closer to the small, neatly trimmed thatch of pubic hair perched at the top of Sarah's vaginal cleft.

Sarah closed her eyes and focused on the sensation of Laura's fingers moving to steamy hawt trio sex smalltits and hardcore womanhood. At last, contact was made and a finger moved lightly over the moist lips. Sarah gasped. Laura retraced the same path; another small gasp.

On the next pass, Laura gently pushed her middle finger between the fleshy folds, feeling the slick mucous that was beginning to flow along the entire length of those rapidly swelling lips.

Laura continued to move her finger slowly up and down the entrance to Sarah's vagina, pleased to hear the wet sounds of sex. Just when Sarah thought she might lose her mind to the thrilling sensations of Laura's fingers caressing her vagina, Laura brushed Sarah's clitoris.

The contact was electric. Sarah's hips jerked off the bed seeking additional and prolonged contact for that sensitive bud. Laura flicked at the site again and again. Sarah groaned and grasped for Laura's hand to redirect her hand. Laura gently slapped Sarah's hand away. "No, no," she said. "Keep your hands to yourself." Sarah clutched at the sheet with both hands, moaning with pleasure.

Recognizing the intensity of Sarah's approaching organism, Laura lowered her face to Sarah's groin, using her tongue to replace her fingers. Sarah began to thrash about the bed, her desire building to incredible levels. After several minutes of intense oral stimulation, Sarah grasped Laura's head in her hands and bucked hard against her face.

Sarah's body vibrated with pure sexual energy. She was completely overwhelmed by her orgasm, so much so that while luxuriating in the intense afterglow, she didn't really notice that Dr. Henry had crawled onto the bed and was hovering over her body.

Placing one leg between her still trembling thighs, he said, "Spread your legs, Sarah." Still only semi-aware of her surroundings, Sarah opened her legs, bending them at the knee in a gesture of complete surrender. The Doctor moved quickly into position between her thighs, and using his hand to guide his entry smoothly penetrated the young wife, pushing about half his length into her vagina.

"Oh God, that feels good," she said while simultaneously grabbing his hips with her hands. Rather than rapidly plunging fully into her body, the Doctor began to slowly thrust in and out, never pulling completely out nor pushing his full length into her. Whether it was the unusual size of his glans or the fact that Sarah had completely surrendered her body to the pleasures of sex, his movement was re-igniting the sexual fires that had been so effectively fanned by Laura just moments ago.

Soon, Sarah was arching her hips to meet every thrust, the result being that Dr. Henry was fucking deep into her womb. Suddenly, Dr. Henry slowed his thrusts, almost stopping completely. Sarah opened her eyes with a start, surprised at the interruption of their progress toward mutual nirvana. "What is it? What's wrong?" She asked. Raising himself up on his arms to look down at her, the Doctor smiled.

"Nothing's wrong. I want to do something different, but I have to ask you a question first." He continued to slowly move his organ in and out of her sex. "Do you have anal sex with your husband?" He asked abruptly. The in and out motion continued. Sarah was finding it somewhat difficult to concentrate on her answer because his thrusting was driving her crazy.

His penis was stimulating her more intensely than anyone had ever done not her husband or the two guys that had sex with her earlier in the day. She couldn't explain it why this act of sex felt so good, but there was no doubt she loved it.

"I, ah. . we, I mean," she began breathlessly; he continued to fuck slowly. Each thrust punctuated with the wet sounds of sex. "Oh god, that feels good," she moaned and her hands reached out again to pull his hips back into her body. "Answer my question, or I might be forced to stop," replied the Doctor, a sly grin on his face.

"No, don't stop. And no, we don't have anal sex." "Never? You've petite slut and two massive meat poles had anal sex with your husband?" "No, we've never tried it.

The only time I ever did it. . ." "I know," Dr. Henry replied. "You were forced into the act when you were a teenager. I read Laura's report. So tell me why you haven't had anal sex with your husband? Are you afraid?" His thrusts slowed but did not stop.

As Sarah felt the change in rhythm, her stimulation was reduced, making it easier for her to focus on his question and respond.

"I guess I am frightened of it. My only experience was very ugly and I really have no desire to repeat it. Jim has asked me for anal sex a couple times during our marriage, but he understands why I am reluctant." Dr.

Henry continued to look down on his attractive young patient and purposely increased the speed and depth of his penetrations. Sarah responded by closing her eyes and arching her hips to meet his thrusts. She could feel the fires beginning to build again in her groin.

Dr. Henry plunged his cock completely into Sarah, pushing his groin tightly against her. He held this position until Sarah opened her eyes. Looking into her eyes, he said, "Sarah, I want you to roll over and get up on your hands and knees. I am going to fuck your ass." The concern showed in her eyes.

"But Dr. Henry, I don't know if I can do anal sex. I didn't like it at all last time." "You've never had any one do it to you properly, Sarah. Anal sex is admittedly more enjoyable for the male, but when it is done properly, women can enjoy it, too." He withdrew his cock and raised himself off her body.

"Come on, roll over and get up on your hands and knees." Sarah reluctantly obeyed, and she watched as the Doctor reached for the bottle of massage oil Laura had left on the bedside table. He opened the bottle and poured a generous amount on his hands. "Move over here a little," he directed, positioning her so that her knees were near the edge of the bed and her ass was pointed directly at him. With a surprisingly gentle touch, the Doctor began to move his lubricated hand up and down the valley between her ass cheeks.

Only after a few seconds did he begin to focus his attention on her small, tightly closed anal orifice. Initially, his fingers traced a pattern all around her asshole, never actually touching it. His purpose was to thoroughly spread the lubricant around while getting Sarah to relax a little.

After applying a second coat of massage oil to his hand, he took his middle finger and began to tentatively push against her tightly clenched opening. "Relax Sarah. You need to take a couple of deep short n thick ebony bbw with dildo anal www hotcamgirls co tube porn and calm down. This won't hurt like last time." Sarah attempted to relax, but she was very nervous and more than a little frightened.

Sensing that Sarah needed more encouragement, Laura crawled into bed next to Sarah and lay down. Laura reached out and began to touch Sarah's breast, gently stroking the smooth skin and running her finger back and forth across her nipple.

Not surprisingly, the nipple began to harden. Applying a little pressure, Dr. Henry pushed his finger past the guardian sphincter muscle, sinking his finger to the second knuckle. "Oh," Sarah exclaimed. She flinched a little in an attempt to move away from the invading digit. Dr. Henry maintained pressure on the finger and waited for Sarah to return her hips to their original position.

In a second or two, Sarah did just that. The Doctor smiled to himself and began gently move his finger in and out of the nearly virginal asshole. After a few moments of this gentle in and out motion, Dr.

Henry upped the ante. "Ok Sarah, I'm going to insert a second finger." Withdrawing his middle finger, he reapplied some massage oil and holding his index and middle finger together, he pushed them into Sarah's ass. "M-m-m-ph," Sarah responded. The new invasion didn't really hurt, but the fingers did stretch her asshole and she couldn't see how he was going to get his cock into her with out causing her a lot of pain.

Once his fingers were in place, Dr. Henry began to move them in and out, and after a few minutes, he was able to push them completely into Sarah with relative ease. He withdrew his fingers and moved into position between Sarah's legs. It was time. "Ok Sarah, I'm going to use my cock now, but we'll go slow and I am going to have you dictate the speed and depth of my penetration, ok?" "What do you mean I will control it?" Dr.

Henry applied a large quantity of oil to his cock, rubbing it along the whole length of his shaft, but concentrating on the glans.

He poured a small amount on Sarah's teen sucks for car ride and pee outdoor poor goldie and used his hand to massage it in and around her asshole. "I'm going to put my cock against your asshole. like this." He guided his stiff member directly to her opening and pressed against her. "But I am not going to force myself in. I want you to push back against me and use your body to fuck me. Do you understand?" "Yes," Sarah replied and she tentatively began to push her hips into the Doctor's groin.

Due to the presence of abundant massage oil and the earlier work of the Doctor's two fingers, the Doctor's cockhead slipped easily into her colon. Sarah was expecting considerable pain and was surprised when it didn't really hurt, but she did feel some discomfort and that was reason enough for her to pause and adjust to his initial penetration.

Now it was Dr. Henry's turn to moan with pleasure. He expected her ass to be incredibly tight and he was not disappointed. It seemed to grip his cock like a tight fitting elastic band.

He really wanted to grab her hips and thrust his whole length into her, but held back knowing slower was better. After a brief rest, Sarah gathered her courage and pushed back again, more forcefully this time.

She could feel his cock move deeper into her bowels, but the discomfort did not get any worse. With a deep breath, she gave one more push and could feel his groin bump snuggly up against her ass. He was completely inside her. Dr. Henry grabbed Sarah's hips and held her tightly against him. His balls were beginning to tighten and he knew if he made any sudden movements he was likely to spill his seed prematurely.

He wanted to fuck this willing young woman for a long time before he finally succumbed to the laws of physiology and shot his sperm into her. He knew he had to take it very slowly if he wanted to last longer than the next 30 seconds. Laura had moved away from the bed and was sitting in a chair watching her husband have anal sex with their patient. She marveled at the sensuous desirability of the young woman's body and the ease with which she had adjusted to her husband's size and his penetration of her inexperienced ass.

Laura's hand had drifted to her pussy while she watched and was casually stroking herself. A movement near the door caught her eye and she realized Charlie was quietly standing there taking in the scene.

With a slight flick of her head, she motioned him over. Charlie walked over and crouched down near the chair, gesturing toward the bed, in a stage whisper asked, "Is he fuckin' her ass?" Laura smiled, "He sure is." "Does she like it?" "She's still new to the act, but look at her nipples." "Damn, they're as hard as rocks. I think that little white girl likes it in the ass. I'm gonna have to get some of that for myself." "I would expect no less from you," Laura replied with a small laugh.

"Just remember to take it easy, this is only the second time she's had a cock in her ass." For the next few moments, Charlie watched the intense rutting occurring on the bed in front of him.

"She looks pretty experienced to me," he finally said as he rose to his feet and left the room. Unaware of her audience and feeling more confident, Sarah tentatively began to move her hips back and forth with more purpose. Her motion caused Dr. Henry to begin fucking her with a matching intensity. He was able to reach around to fondle her breasts for a few moments, but in short order, his hands had returned to her hips.

Gripping her tightly with his hands, he plunged deeply into her ever widening asshole. Looking down at the topless beach teens voyeur hd video spy of their bodies, he marveled at the smooth taunt flesh of her ass and the tight ring of muscle surrounding his cock as it disappeared into her body only to magically reappear as he withdrew.

With a few more powerful strokes, the Doctor could no longer resist the pressure building in his loins. Clutching her hips even more tightly, he thrust his cock fully into her body just as a flood of sperm shot out the end of his cock.

That spurt was followed by several more of equal or larger volume. Each burst was accompanied with a loud grunt of satisfaction. For the second time in her young life, Sarah had felt a man ejaculate in her bowels and in neither instance was her husband involved. As Dr. Henry withdrew his cock from her body and collapsed on the bed next to her, she realized anal sex wasn't as bad as she thought, and for some reason, she understood that knowledge might come in handy this weekend.