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Sex xxx bengali bf storys sex stories an com
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I have been extremely busy here as of late so I haven't been able to write much. I am currently working on the next installment of "The Goth" and three other series that I think you will enjoy. However I have been given some stories from a friend of mine that wants to know what you think. Here is the first one. Welcome Home. She waits, standing on the balcony looking out at the view of the mountains in which she lives, the negligee she wore, thin almost sheer white silk, open on both sides, held together by beaded strands that left her sides and legs completely bare even the sides of her full breasts exposed, the same beading being the only thing keeping it on her body over her shoulders, fluttered in the light breeze coming from the lake below.

She knows he is coming, he always comes. He is hers now, as she is his. The anticipation is killing her, driving her up the wall for him to come home. She teen nude beach sex can you trust your girlcrony leaving her alone with your father the front door open and her heart stops for a moment in her chest just as her breathing stills, it could be him or one of her brothers, they had free reign of their home as well.

She couldn't see them since her view was at the back of the home. Listening she hears his all to familiar foot steps, the calm slow movement and her heart begins to race in her chest. Ever closer they come, up the steps to their bedroom which encompasses the entire top floor, across the hardwood floor until they step out onto the balcony. She never turns, she doesn't have to, the breeze brings the smell of his cologne to her and she breaths it in deeply.

There he is he is behind her now, she can feel the heat of his body even without him touching her, it soothes her as much as it thrills her on so many levels. A tremor runs through her as he leans in, whispering in her ear, still not letting his body touch hers, "Has my Baby Girl missed me today?", his hot breath brushing across her ear, teasing her with the touch she knows will come soon.

He loves to make her wait for the inevitable, to let her anticipation grow as she waits for his touch. She is breathless when she answers, "Yes, I always miss you when you are away." She can feel his smile as if she saw it with her eyes, she knows him so well, feel it in her heart making it soar and race even more.

Ahhh he still teases her, reaching up to brush her hair back over her shoulder so that her neck is exposed to him, but never letting his finger tips touch her heated flesh. Oh yes her body was heating up, she could feel her desire and need, the moisture forming at the apex of her thighs, knowing that if he touched her sex or even looked he would be able to see her glistening excitment on her petals, so strong was her need and desire for him that just his mere presence affected her.

With his height compared to her that when he leaned in to place that first kiss on her neck he still did not have to touch her as he could just bow away from her to keep from touching. She gasps out when his lips land on her neck, searing her as if they were a branding iron marking her as his, her body trembling visibly for more of his touch, it was never enough not for her.

"I love how you react, how your body reacts to me and me alone." He growls sensually against her neck where he had kissed her causing her to whimper, his growl itself like a dark caress to stunner in hose sucks wang hardcore and massage very soul.

" That is because I belong to you and no other." His growl turned darker more primal as his hands came up to wrap around her like steel bands, trapping her arms at her sides and he pulls her back into him tightly, his mouth still at her neck. She can feel every blessed inch of his body now pressed to her, the hard plains of his chest, those arms around her that could break her if he so desired, his cock against her butt, resting between her cheeks, a soft moan slipping from her throat, feeling him hardening more and more against her.

His mouth once more on her neck, kissing, licking, nipping, pushing her more with his play, her whimpering moans just encouraging him more, he wanted her ready for him, needed her as ready for him as he was her.

She couldn't tell him she was more than ready, her juices coating her sex testament to that, but he knew like he always knew, by her panting breaths that caused her breasts to rise and fall straining against the front of her negligee, to the way her body trembled ideal teen spreads slim vulva and loses virginity his touch, his kisses to her neck. Slowly his grip lessened on her body, his hands sliding back to her sides, his coarse hands moving along her bare flesh making chill bumps race across her sending a shiver through her.

They moved down to her curvy hips, caressing back and forth from the front just grazing her pubic area to move back to almost massage the cheeks of her butt. Once more than ran back up hers sides, sliding forward under the gown to run over her flat stomach, feeling her muscles tense under his light teasing touch and back for his thumbs to run along the edges of her back, every higher.

Her breath caught in her throat when he found her breasts, caressing the sides at first where they were exposed, to move more to the front, cupping their weight in his hands, massaging them until his thumbs grazed across her nipples, making them turn to hard little buds under his teasing touch.

Small kinky lesbos fill up their huge bootys with milk and splash it out threesome anilingus, whimpering moans, the sounds becoming pleading almost desperate as she pushed back against him more, grinding her now extremely hard cock between her cheeks through her gown.

That is when she realized as he had made his slow steady progress through the house, he had ridden himself of his clothes, somehow without missing a beat, his jeans were gone as well, she had been so focused on his touch she hadn't realized he was already stripped bare, and oh was he ever ready for her, she could feel his cock pulse against her as she grinds back into her, the small jerks telling her he need her as desperately as she needed him.

As if he could read her thoughts she felt his smile against her neck as he pull his hands from her breasts to move them up to her shoulders to ease the beaded straps down and along her arms, only then did she realize that when his grip on her had loosened she had reached forward and was now gripping the railing on the balcony for dear life.

Letting go, she dropped her arms down so that he could move the straps down her arms. Once free of her arms, the negligee slid smoothly down her body to pool at her ankles leaving her bare to him, exposed, helpless to him with her need and desire.

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Once more he presses himself to her, now she can feel his hard body against her own softer one, she moans out in pure pleasure of the feelings, every place their bodies touch was like electricity running through her. His hands move over her body, touching everywhere he could reach, a low groan coming from her as he grinds against her once more, making her whimper out, wiggle and squirm against him as if trying to meld herself to him.

Her own hands reaching back to do much the same, her nail grazing along his flesh. No sooner than she does this, does his hands come to her arms pulling them away from her just as he takes a step back, drawing her arms behind her back, gaining control of her. "Are you ready, Baby Girl?"he growls from behind her, that kind of growl that told her how far gone he was. "Yes, I am beyond ready, I need you now." She purrs back looking over her through a screen of her hair. Running his hands from her arms down to her wrists, he takes both of her slender wrists into one of his hands, keeping them locked behind her back, his other hand snaking up into her hair to turn her head back forward, pushing, bending her over the railing.

"Don't move." He growls again but this time more controlling more commanding, all she can do is whimper in response, her body trembling even as she goes still, she knew that tone, making her heart skip a beat. Letting go of her hair, his hand moves down the center of her back, his touch feather light, still teasing her, down to the curve of her butt, caressing it before moving it to her hip, his grip tightening becoming more possessive. She feels him shift, move closer, the she feels his tip pressing to her entrance, parting her glistening lips, then more beginning to fill her tight japanese slut yui ayana got fucked on the sofa uncensored walls, inch by delicious inch, stretching her to accept his size, her breath catching.

Suddenly he pushes hard, filling her with the last couple inches at once, a soft cry slips from her, feeling his tip pressing against her cervix, opening her more for him.

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She hears his growling groan behind, "So wet, so tight, so perfect." as he pulls back just to her entrance, wanting to push back against him to take him within the tight confines of her sex once more, but she cant his hold and his words keep her still, waiting.

He doesnt make her wait more than a couple seconds that feels like an eternity, he pumps back inot her, one solid thrust, hard enough to make her body jerk foward against the railing, causing her to cry out softly once more, as her body conforms to his, fits him like a well made glove.

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He begins then to slowly pull almost out of her to pump into her again with force, this time pulling on her arms, pulling her back into the thrust, her body bounding a bit. He does this slow and hard use of her body over and over, repeatedly, moans of desire mixing in with her soft cries. She could hear the wet sound aach time he pumped back into, the sound of skin on skin, those sounds filling the air on the balcony mixing with her own sounds of desire and pleasure, his groans coming with each destiny girlfriend gets 7 creampies, trailing off to growl when he pulls back.

As his cock stroked her tight wet walls, her desire and need flared, sending shocks through her body, to the very core of her. He became faster and faster, moving from his hips for speed alone.

As he picks of the pace he once more holds her in place, with each thrust she can feel her body bound between him and the railing, the railing digging a bit into he stomach, the slight pain just adding to her over all pleasure. He shifts changing the speed to hard and deep, her cries beginning to rink out in the mountain air.

once more using he arms to pull her back into him, his tip now running along her sweet spot with each thrust, sending what felt like liquid fire racing through her viens. She is getting close, her already tight walls becoming gradually tighter. "That's it Baby Girl, cum for me, show me your ecstacy." His voice was rougher now in his own desire and need, she can feel him swelling inside of, filling her more and more until she can no longer take it.

She cries out "Yes!" as she says the simple word she finds her release, her body tensing as her cries become silent screams of ecstacy. Her walls clamping down around his cock, coating him in her excitement, trying to milk him, to bring him with her.

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He keeps pumping his hard swollen cock inside of her, each thrust after her sends her high and higher into bliss, each thrust pushing her juices out of her to drip down her inner thighs. When she tightens he thrusts harder into her to make up the new tightens surrounding his cock, pulsing around him as her silent screams turns back to moans of ecstasy. He arches his back as his head falls back, never loosening his grip on her wrists, hard deep thrusts into her becoming less precise and controlled as his own desire races to the surface.

Suddenly he slams into her, pulling her back into him, piercing her cervix with the tip of his cock just to release deep inside of her, coating her womb, claiming her as his inside and out, a deep growling groan coming from deep in his chest.

He releases stream after stream of his seed inside of her, filling her, before he mayara shelson big booty made in brazil his cock slowly stopping his jerking and twitching. Finally her releases her arms just to wrap his once more around her trembling body and pull her back up and to him. She leans back into him and his embrace, her own legs still trembling and grateful for his support when she hears him whisper in her ear.

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"What do you say Baby Girl?" Her lips quirk up a bit into a lazy smiles working to calm her breathing before giving him a very satisfied and sated purr. "Welcome home, my Love, my Master." He chuckles at her answer, not exactly the response he was looking for, but it would do for now, he had all night to make her beg him for her release and thank him for it.

Feeling her still shaking a bit in his arms, he bends over her to catch her legs behind her knees, lifting her into a bridal carry to carry her back into their bedroom and lay her on the bed. As she stretches out on the bed smiling like a cat that ate the cream he watches her for a carol enjoys a pounding until he cums taking in ever last inch of her glorious body. "Oh I'm not finished with you yet, My little pet." he growls to her in both a promise and a warning of things to come.

She lets out a quiet laugh even as chills run up and down her spine at his words, excitement racing through her body once more.