Euro cutie cristal caitlin hitchhikes to dude and fucks his huge cock

Euro cutie cristal caitlin hitchhikes to dude and fucks his huge cock
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Becca couldn't handle another orgasm. She was going to pass out from exhaustion. Her new master, as he said he was to be called, said she would have the vibrators in her pussy and ass until she has squirted. The problem is Becca has never been a squirter.

She would get close, but never fully get there. The way her master had her positioned was always a very pleasurable position for Becca. It was close to doggy style, but her wrists were tied together and then a rope was tied to her wrists and to a ring in the wall.

All of her weight was being distributed on her arms and shoulders. It was a little painful, but still turned her on. Becca could feel the bursts of pleasure getting closer together.

She gripped the milf jerks off compeer robbery suspect apprehended around her wrists and braced herself.

This was going to be a big one and hopefully, she would squirt. She had came ten times and it didn't even feel like it had been an hour yet. She couldn't remember cumming this many times in such a short amount of time before. She began to feel the most intense orgasm she has ever had before. She screamed and yelled during it and it wasn't until after it dwindle off to a dull pulsing that she realized there was a pool of her cum under her and dripping down her legs. She could only hope that she had squirted that time.

She heard the door open, but didn't have to strength to lift her head. A pair of boots appeared in front of her face. It was her master. His deep voice almost lulled her to sleep. "Very good, slave.

You really are a nasty little slut. I bet you enjoyed every minute of that. Maybe I'll make you continue until you have squirted again." Becca shook her head side to side, already feeling another orgasm closing in fast. Her master threw his head back and laughed. "You think you have a choice.

How cute. You're about to cum again aren't you, you dirty slave?" Becca moaned and nodded, far past being able to form words. She was so close and it was probably going to be another big one. "Good. I want you to cum and while you are, think of how easy I kidnapped you this morning and tied you up. You didn't put up much of a struggle.

Or are you just that weak? Should've went to the gym more often, slave. Oh, are you going to cum? Go ahead and do it." Becca same so hard that her whole body went limp besides her vocal chords. She was moaning, yelling, screaming, and cursing. She felt a liquid drench her legs and that just made her cum all the harder.

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Her master smiled and untied her ankles and wrists, allowing her to move away from her pool of juices. He took out the vibrators and made her clean them off before pocketing them.

young girl extreme public first time unfortunately her beloved guy fell asleep after can roam in this roam if you're even able to move. I have a friend coming tomorrow to play with you. Get rested." He turned on Becca and walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him. Becca heard some locks and bolts be put into place.

Becca didn't understand why he picked her out of all the woman in their building. Especially with that hot blonde in accounting. Becca would fuck her in a heartbeat. Becca liked a nice dick, but she also like licking some pussy.

Standing at 5'2", Becca has a natural tan to her skin and dark green eyes. She has sandy blonde hair cut up to her collar bone that has natural curls. She was pretty attractive with a nice round ass and C cup breasts. Becca laid down on the floor and almost instantly fell asleep, wondering what was in store for her tomorrow. ………………………………………… Becca woke to voices in her room. No, not her room.

In the basement of her master's place. She looked up and waited for her eyes to focus. A tall brunette was standing with her master looking down at Becca with a small smile on her face.

Becca took in the sight of the beauty before her. The brunette's hair was down to about mid back, but there wasn't any hair on her pussy area. She has the brightest blue eyes Becca has ever seen. She walked over to Becca and reached her hand out to her. Becca took it and slowly stood. The brunette was at least 5'7" tall.

Smiling at Becca, the brunette said, "Hello Becca. My name is Darla. You can call me that. I'm your master's friend and I'm going to play around with you today." Up closer, Becca noticed a slight dusting of freckles on the nose and top of Darla's cheeks.

It just added to her sexiness. Becca bet that she was a naught little sex kitten.

Becca's pussy became wet with the idea of fucking Darla. Darla guided Becca to the shower area that she hadn't notice yesterday. After turning on the water, Darla guided Becca into the stream of water.

Darla went to work lathering up Becca's body, licking her pussy once when she got down to that area. Becca bit her lip to stop the moan that wanted to escape. After Darla was pleased with Becca's appearance, she shut off the water and handed Becca a towel to dry off with. Becca noticed that her master was standing in the corner, pretty thief gets fucked by lp officer for felony theft brunette reality them very intently.

Darla walked over the table in the center of the room and started tying rope through the holes in the corners. Becca realized that she was going to be spread out and it turned her on more. Darla seemed to think of something better and pulled out extensions to the table at one end on the sides.

She tied the rope through the holes on the extensions, then beckoned Becca over to the table. Becca climbed up on the table and Darla gave her ass a little slap. Becca smiled and laid down with her feet at the end with the extensions. After she was tied up, her arms were spread above her head and her legs were stretched open as far as they could go with it still being comfortable. Becca guessed that they knew she was still flexible from her years in gymnastics. Darla walked around the table and squeezed Becca's breasts hard.

She pinched Becca's nipples, too. By now, Becca was dripping wet. Darla moved her hand down to Becca's pussy and cupped it. Becca moaned and lifted her hips up from the table, wanting more. Darla pushed her back down with a smirk and slapped her pussy. "Sit still, Becca." Darla started rubbing Becca's clit and Becca started moving around again.

Darla slapped her pussy twice, hard. "I said sit still." After another hard slap, Darla got a strap and tightened it across Becca's hips so there wasn't any wiggle room. Darla pulled out a vibrator and placed it one Becca's pussy then turned it on. Becca moaned and pulled against her restraints. She looked over to the corner and saw her master masturbating to the sight.

Becca started to feel the intense burst of pleasure. She wasn't going to last much longer. Darla was watching her intently, looking at her body. Darla realized that Becca was close and inserted two fingers and began finger fucking her hard and fast, just how Becca liked it. Now Becca was close to the edge.

Darla smiled and turned the vibrator up. That's all Becca needed to fall over the edge. The orgasm was so intense that it had her screaming and squirting all over the place.

Once she calmed down and it became a dull pulsing, Darla turned off the vibrator and stuck her fingers into Becca's mouth. Becca licked her own juices off of Darla's fingers. Darla then turned and swayed over to her master. She got down onto her knees and began sucking his nine inch dick. After a while of that, Darla got up.

"Do want to fuck me in the ass while she licks my pussy and I lick hers?" Becca's master agreed to it. Darla came over to the table with Becca's master following. Darla lowered the table some and then straddled Becca's face. She lowered her pussy to Becca's mouth and with her height, easily reached Becca's pussy. Darla began licking Becca's pussy and moaned when she felt Becca's soft tongue lick her pussy in one long stroke.

Becca looked up and saw her master's dick pumping in and out of Darla's ass. This just turned Becca on more and she went to town on Darla's pussy. Soon, everyone was moaning and seemed to be close to their climax. Becca was the first to hit her orgasm which had her screaming. That in turn made Darla and Becca's master cum, too. Darla drenched Becca's face with her juices. Her master's cum leaked out of Darla's ass and onto Becca's forehead. Her master pulled out and walked over to wear his pants were discarded.

Darla got off of the table and came up to Becca's face. She kissed Becca passionately, tasting her own juices. She then licked the cum off of Becca's face. Darla smiled down at Becca and promised to return in a short amount of time. Darla and her master walked out of the room gorgeous babes love to finger each other, leaving Becca on the table tied up. Becca was still somewhat mad at her master, but she was kind of enjoying it.

If things like what had just happened were going to be a normal occurrence, then maybe being his slave wouldn't be such a bad thing.