Teen amateurs paid to flash their sexy tits girlfriend and threesome

Teen amateurs paid to flash their sexy tits girlfriend and threesome
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Nikki walked into work that day just knowing that today was the day that she was going to suck Jack off. She had thought over and over again about how that dick of his would feel sliding across her lips. Across, between, enclosed and gripped by the glossy as well as the velvety folds of her hotbox. Both pink and both no stranger to a hot dick.

Her full and almost unnaturally rounded tits heaved as she let out a little sigh. "I want that cock so bad. I'll bet it's beautiful." She shifted in her chair as a wave of moisture filled her pussy. She looked over her shoulder to see if anyone could see that she was sliding her hand down between her legs to satisfy her tender playground. The heat was obvious. She needed some good dick and she needed it soon. Jack's good dick was obvious. She could see it through his slacks on certain days when he wore certain combos of boxers and colors.

His was good dick before it even was erect because it was shaped in proportion to his build. Long and lean. Just begging to get pumped into it natural sculpt. She wasn't guessing it was hot and silky sweet. She wouldn't be dissappointed at all because she could look into his baby brown eyes and cum from the 'I wanna fuck you silly' sparkle he had for her on a regular basis. Jack was just on the other side of the office cubicle wall. He was doing some fantasizing of his own.

As chance would have it, his daily hard-on scenarios always starred a naked and uncontrollably horny Nikki. This type of daydream was in endless supply. Sucking, fucking, licking and sticking in every way imaginable. He had roused himself into another 'folded boner' inside his crossed legs. His erection was oddly pressing against his pantleg in a somewhat obvious and uncomfortable way. He had decided to wear boxer shorts today because Nikki had been teasing him so much lately with her tight, size-too-small, plunging neckline tops and all makes of thong-only, form-fitting, leggings and pants.

Her pussy lips were thin and her thighs were firm. She could lock his hips into her crotch and force him to cum as deep as possible. Today, the backlog of sex-in-his-head stories had to be satiated. His cock needed a bit of buldging space. Some breathing room because he had to be careful not to cum at his desk again. And blue balls were not something he wanted to experience again. Not today. Problem was that she started in this morning, doing it again, calling him over for help with her clients, lightly nibbling the 'head' of her chrome ballpoint pen.

She'd let him 'drive' her workstation, rolling her desk chair back away from her desk and leaning into an area within Jack's eyeline to showcase her bra of choice and just breathing distance from his full and heated nut sack.

His balls were the all the rage with the girls he had mounted. Every one of them mentioned the size of his balls were something to be admired. At this moment space between his cherished danglers and Nikki's pouting lips made his balls move up a bit and tighten up with the thought of them lifting his fattening cock closer and closer up and into her mouth.

The girth of his member was much thicker than it had been when he was younger. He was very proud of the fact that it fit much better in a girl's stroking grip. There was no possibility of squeezing too tight because it had become bigger than most female hands could get their fingers locked around.

Nikki's hands were tiny and he knew his tool would look even bigger than it was in her grasp. Luckily, her luscious mounds could accomodate his lumber and her mouth could mop up the rest. He couldn't even imagine how it would work her little puss inside out.

He would watch his pole pull her lips taught around his thickness and push them back in with his length. When he came she would notice that she could actually feel the hot sperm travel the length of his shaft as he flexed his muscle in ecstasy, slowly driving it into her full and stretched wet box. Most times, that's what made Jack's lovers come harder. His orgasm spasms were obvious and, if his dick appeared big around before it flexed it, it was enormous when he did.

Especially, in contrast to a pussy like Nikki's. Tight velvety lips and nicely accommodating to a slick and juicy thick slab of dick meat.

Today, Jack couldn't conceal his package at all and he knew that she noticed it growing beneath his thin cotton slacks and loose-fitting boxers. Buldging so close to her hungry throat. First taime sex sex stories vidio was fully obvious that he was carrying a loaded weapon.

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His dick was growing as hard as a holiday ham and needed a solid spit basting. She was the cook and it was only fitting that she be the main course and the dining guest. All week Nikki had been wearing the shear, tight shirts that showed off her unbelievable tits. They were round and firm and every once in a while, when she would pull her shirt tight in front, the friction of her skin against the silk (and sometimes lace) bras and made her baby nipples hard enough to make imagining them naked much, much easier.

When she did that, Jack could see those ripe and naked tits offered to him right in front of his face. Each time that he would come into her cube, he'd struggle to see a glimpse in his minds eye of what they were like and not be completely obvious. He did want her to know he was looking but not enough to call him on it. When he didn't have her face at hard cock length distance to her chin, he would kneel down next to her chair and get his face right up close to her tightly hanging tits.

They nearly rested on the backs of his hands as he typed into her keyboard. Kissing teens first time lesbian experience raw heat reaching them as only her clothing held them safely away.

All the same, they were close enough to get a good eyeful of when she wasn't paying attention. Enough to store away in his tit-filled fantasy vault. enough to imagine touching, sucking and licking them. She knew.she was imagining it too. She wanted to kneel in front of him for weeks now but there wasn't a way that she could manipulate it without being the office whore.

So she wore the silk bras and the french cut bikini underwear that she'd surely soak with thoughts of sucking that dick. Draining his balls into her throat and taking his fat and rigid tool into her tightly gripping pussy hole up to its trunk-like base. She would flirt with him and get dangerously close to him. When she caught a glimpse of his bulge this morning, pushing the pockets of his jeans out like he was carrying a 'D' battery flashlight in his shorts, fantasies of playing the role of Jack's Little Cocksucker came bubbling to the surface.

++++++++++++++++++ Nikki studied herself in the mirror each morning after her shower. Naked, shiny wet, and swollen pussy recovNikkig from her heated round with the shower massage.

She'd run cold water over her hands and explore the curves of her body, imagining Jack's hands caressing her from her hips up along the cup of her breasts then around the sides and down her chest, over her stomach and finger-spreading her shocked and now stretched pussy lips. Teasing them with the thought of his bulbous dickhead invading and wrapping itself relentlessly within their accommodating hold to the point that they disappear around his thickness.

He'd be right behind her. The bulge of that dick might instead press along the crack of her ass, tease her pussy with its length and firmness. She had even thought once or twice about taking that dick in the ass. But she hadn't ever had a cock in her ass. Her pussy was tight enough with most dicks, to take it into her bung would more than likely be too painful. She was sure, however, that she had to suck the hell out of it. Until it was the biggest that it had ever been and as close to unloading as possible.

Then, she might venture into the stuff that can only be explained as the heat of passion. She wrote "fuck me" on the instant messenger to him.

She snapped out of her fantasy in fear that she had crossed the line and thought of how she could write it off as playful chat.

But the danger made her nipples poke out like they had just been flicked by Jack's tongue. So she waited instead and quickly made up syed ghouse desi mom old sex download story in her head about how her phone rang. "I would love to." Jack sent back. A lot of the same cover-your-tracks explanations generated in his now sex-filled brain.

Mostly for the potential sexual harrassment suits that he was sure his nasty thoughts would incur (although the real 'incidents' were never instigated by him). His cock began reaching down his pantleg, tightening his clothing, the heat from it against his own thigh. Skin that he imagined was hers. A drop of pre-cum found its way to the tip of his dickhead. He flexed his muscle, pushed it out and felt his meat grow further down his leg.

+++++++++++++++++++ Nikki got up and looked over the cubes. No one was in the office. She turned to see Jack rounding the corner. Pulling her shirt up over her head, she leaned back in her chair and shed her pants along with the silk panties that had already been sopped in her juices. Stopped dead in his tracks by this sight, Jack was standing in front of her, pants down, the silly looking angle of his hardened dick restrained within his boxers.

He was shocked because he never expected any of his fantasies to come true. He had stroked his dick plenty of times with thoughts of Nikki, her incredible rack, quarter-sized nipples, sweet porn mom sex creampie and gentle curviness, and of course her velvet, dick-hugging, hot and wet, nicely-groomed pussy.

He made every effort to see her body from every possible angle but now they were revealed to him in their full glory as Nikki unhinged the clasp of her silk bra and let her titties free. They barely moved. Even as she giggled in reaction to their spontaneity and nervous anticipation, she reached out to release Jack's man-sized offNikkig from its cotton restraint. Jack's dick was surprisingly large and extremely hard.

She was immediately reminded of a marble sculpture as she marvelled in its shape and structure. It wasn't huge by the typical definition and yet wonderfully confident in the category. It was long enough to not look out of place on his frame, thick enough to warrant the pussy-filler description in a classified ad, as straight and as curved as a cock built for orgasm ought to be.

She knew this was going to be fun. She ran a single finger down the length of his shaft, her mouse-like hands adding emphasis to its fullness, a thin vein filling and then slightly thinning as her fingertip passed, almost thickening the pulsing tool even more. Her nipples were now rock hard and her free hand firmly pet her pussy to satisfy it's plea for fulfillment. She wanted him inside her. NOW! Especially when teamskeet compilation of hot sexy teens getting creampied saw what a wonder he had been hiding.

"How come you didn't tell me you were so hung?" She kissed the tip, lifted it up and moved her mouth down hot ebony babe victory phoenix banged hard by her boyfriend lick the base.

"It's thick too. Have you ever measured it?" He had but didn't want to say anything. "I have a method.watch." She opened her mouth as wide as she could and swallowed his entire dick down to the balls.

Then she closed her mouth around it and slid slowly to the miss morgan whos always ogling their tits and asses and stopped. Jack's toes curled up, he lost his breath and his bunghole tightened up. No one had been able to take all of his cock into their throat. Not since puberty. It had grown a bit since then and he knew that it was no easy task that Nikki had completely swallowed his erect cock without so much as a gag or a pause for relaxing her throat.

"Your balls are so much bigger than I could've imagined. They are so cute. I just want to eat them up." Jack could barely see through the haze, just past her incredible tits, a little tuft of hair that lined her pink pussy lips. Clearly, she trimmed it for just such occasions. His dick was completely charged at this point. The excitement of her coming after him so aggressively had gotten him going full-tilt. She had gone back to licking his shaft longways and sideways, every once in a while she would take it into her throat again.

He could feel it getting even bigger as he filled her mouth with 8 inches of dick meat and muscle. He pulled back to take it out because he didn't want to cum too fast but it was so deep inside her mouth and so tightly gripped between her lips that it was almost impossible to pull it out.

It also could have been because she was now gripping his ass cheeks, pushing and pulling his dick in and out of her mouth in a sucking rage. One hand letting go long enough to wrap her thumb and forefinger around the base and jerk his meat against the rhythm of her swallows.

Again, she was somehow surprised at the way he felt in her hand. Her mouth was swollen when he stepped back. Her face looked a little pink and puffy, her lips were glowing red. Nikki's eye's opened wide as he gave her a full view of his manhood. "It's fukkin huge!" Nikki said, "I can't wait to fuck your dick Jack! It's going to stretch my pussy good?" Jack could tell that she had a tiny box. Smaller than average and much smaller than her build which was taller than most.

Still, all other signs pointed to her having a neat little pink slice of heaven. As attractive as that was at that particular moment, Jack couldn't take his eyes off of those volumptuous and geometrically sound tits. "Do you like my boobies?

Wanna fuck my boobies with that big ol' sucker?" Jack glanced down and was a little surprised at his dick size himself. He had been sucked off so well that ebony bbw christy minx enjoying that hardcore treatment appeared to have added nearly another inch in length and who-knows-how-much girth. "Why don't you try to see how much bigger you can pump my cock?" He was inspired and he loved getting head.

It didn't hurt that she was great at it. MastNikkig the art of cock wrangling wasn't what he ever would have thought possible for a beautiful, built, intelligent and wealthy princess like Nikki. She certainly didn't need to be good at sex since most guys would fuck her senseless irregardless of her level of participation.

Nikki didn't even answer Jack's question. She saw a challenge and dove right in. She ran her tongue along the shaft from now tightened balls to his rounded thick dickhead and swirled it around.

Occasionally flicking his 'sensitive' spot right below the head and just above his circumcision scar. She then sucked the first half into her mouth slowly.slowly.her tongue barely moving over the 'spot' and sending shivers up Jack's spine.until she reached her gagging point. Then she stopped.relaxed, exhaled through her nose, sending a gust of air through his pubic hair and around his balls.and then she went deeper.

A low moan came out of her throat, vibrating Jack's swollen cock forcing him to flex it. He could feel his aching member filling her mouth and dangerously pressing against her molars and the roof of her mouth. The moan was accentuated by the hardness of her teeth and Jack thought he was going to explode. She stopped moaning, regained her relaxation and pulled the cock slowly out of her mouth with her thumb and forefinger squeezing the trunk of his engorged, hot and wet tool.

The pressure somehow stopping him from blowing cum all over Nikki's proud and glowing face. Veins of various thicknesses now defined every inch of his fully extended cock meat, shiny with spit and other juices, throbbing visibly. Shaking in Nikki's little hand as she wrestled to maintain a hold all the way around it. Hard as a rock and yet still wobbling, unused to its newfound length. Nikki's other hand found a place on top of her first grip and helped to steady his member.

She moved her swollen mouth slowly over his cock again.slowly.so that he could feel and she could taste.every inch. She pulled it from her mouth just long enough to say "I love your big dick Jack. It's bigger than I thought it would be.

I mean, I don't really care.or at least I didn't but now I'm glad that it's so thick and long because there's more for me to suck. And even soaking juicy group blowjob striptease and hardcore for me to fuck. Do you wanna fuck me now Jack? I think your big hard dick would make me come pretty hard and I know my little pussy will treat your massive dick with its magic." "Just suck my dick for now.

And play with your tits. They are unbelievable." He bent his knees and moved his balls down below Nikki's chin. What was left of them anyway. Most of his skin was needed to add to the size of his enslaved 8 and a half inch cock. Now, it appeared strange on his build. She moved up and let his engorged cock slide between her perfectly round tits.

She squeezed each big globe around it and resumed sucking and nibbling on it as it seemed to beg for the relief of shooting a well-deserved load into Nikki's hole of choice.

She squeezed his balls with one hand as she tried to wrap more of the fingers of her lower hand around the base. She couldn't quite touch the tips of her fingers together but she did succeed in making it even harder still. She could feel the head swell up in her mouth. He flexed it again to discover that it wasn't going to flex any further without causing him great pain. She felt the strength of a nearly 9-inch rock-solid and pulsing Jack Cock between her tits, both hands and lips.

Jack reached down and squeezed her tits. They were perfect in every way. Shaped, firm, smooth and with a raging cock sliding firmly between them. She sucked and pushed her boobs around his balls and he felt like he was going to burst. His balls were so tight at this point that they were barely there at all.

The skin that usually made them so big was needed to stretch around his rigid stick and his nuts were packed tightly up against Nikki's chest. "Suck my dick Nikki. Suck it. It's gotten bigger for you.I'm gonna fuck your mouth. I'm gonna fuck that mouth deep enough to make you feel my balls on your chin. You'd like that huh? Pinch your nipples for me." Jack's talking had aroused Nikki even more and she began to pick up speed, sucking and stroking, squeezing his balls and titty fucking the shaft that didn't fit in her mouth.

"Suck my balls Nikki. Fill your mouth." He grabbed the base of his dick from Nikki, pulled it sloppily out of her mouth and she greedily pawed for more of his cock, reaching wildly for it while he pulled it out. He couldn't take it anymore. While her body and lips were driving him crazy, he still couldn't see those tits well enough. He wanted to pornstar idol gets her ass hole poked with long dick amateur babe them rocked.

So he decided to fuck her. ++++++++++++++++++++ His dick usually stood straight out when hard but this time its weight made it arch as he pulled her to the floor. It was dripping with all of the precum, spit, and sweat. He latched his mouth on her nipple as she reluctantly released him. His dick clumsily found its way to the gateway of her wet and ready pussy all by itself. Her pants and panties were long gone and she was welcoming his shaft as the head kissed her clit briefly before he let himself in.

He caught another glimpse of the small well-trimmed strip of hair that lined her pussy as he attached himself to her incredible chest.

He didn't even notice the strip of red cock-burn that his titty-fuck had created. His mouth never left her tits while he grabbed at her ass, parted her legs a little further and drove his meat into her pussy like he was aiming for her heart. He pushed so far that he could feel her cervix at the back side of her pussy flicking against the head of his cock. She gasped like he had taken the wind out of her. "OhmyGod!" Nikki's eyes glazed over a bit. "I've never been touched that far inside before.

I can feel you stretching my pussy. Do it again!" He plunged til he felt that flick and again and again. He was in amazement at how unbelievably tight she was while still taking him in without any friction. They were both truly lubricated. "I wish I could get my balls in there. Your pussy is as amazing as your tits. Where did they make you? Big firm tits, tight little pussy, beautiful blue eyes and amazing dick sucking skills.

Wow." "It's not just czech public agent anal fack Jack.

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Your cock is so big and thick! I can feel the muscles in it when you flex. It matches your big balls and sexy ass. Come inside me Jack! Deep inside me. Fuck me hard and fill me up with your come. By the looks of those balls, I'm sure there's a load in there that will overflow my little pussy." Nikki's pussy was no doubt as tight as a her ass was.

When Jack came, the lubrication made her pussy as tight as it was before. He could feel the cum fighting its way out as he stretched her pussy lips tightly around his cock.

He looked down and could see her pussy lips being pulled out when he pulled out his cock. It was a snug fit. "That thing has got to be bigger than 8 inches. I've never felt so full before. If anything, it's that it's fat at the base.

God, I love your dick! Fuck me more! Suck my tits!" Nikki was about to cum too and when she did, her spasming box tightened so intensely that it cut off the circulation to Jack's cock. The tension kept his spent dick hard enough to bring Nikki down slowly from her intense orgasm. She moaned and breathed as he pumped slower and slower. She clenched her legs around his body and jerked with the spasms of her tight little pussy as she came again and he lost all feeling in his lower half.

Numb from the Cum. ++++++++++++++++++++++ They fell asleep still locked in position. Stacy walked around the corner admiring Jack's balls as he lay there sleeping. His cock still full from its workout. Not hard petite slut and two massive meat poles a soft 6 inches and nice and plump.

Her nipples hardened through her chiffon lace blouse and her mouth watered as she noticed Nikki's body still glowing from her proper fucking. She considered giving them both a little kiss. Stacie was a mix of Puerto Rican and Black. Her body was as curvy as Nikki's but more soft. Not to say loose but less impact and incredibly shaped. She had one thing over Nikki and that was her dick sucking lips. A little more ass too but just enough too tell she was a woman of color.

Her pussy was a neat and symetric flower of sexiness. Stacie dropped her clothes outside of the cubicle, a sundress and panties, no bra. Her tits did fine all by themselves. Jack's left eye drowsily opened to see her body lowNikkig over his cock.

While it wasn't completely hard when she began to sit on it, it was stiff enough for her to tuck gently into her moist pussy. Wow! Jack's head fell back and his hips began to pump his tool up inside sex priyanka chopra xstorys com Stacie as her face grew more and more relaxed.

She was sexier than sexy and, to Jack's surprise, he was fully hard and slapping his big ol' balls up into her ass. His shaft expanding once again but not nearly as hard as when Nikki worked it over, Stacie's eyes opened and she looked down at Jack with a grin appearing on her sexy mouth. He fucked harder in response and she put her hands on his chest. She began to rock against the base of his dick to feel his thickness against her swollen clit.

"Faster Jack. I wanna wake Nikki up to the sound of my pussy being fucked by your impressive dick stick. How come you didn't come to me dance asian 02 tube porn you wanted a good fucking?

Isn't my body attractive to you? If she only knew. Jack had fucked her so many times in the Men's room with the help of his left hand that he could tell the story like Uncle Remus. "It happun'd on one of those feel-like-fuckin-the-hottie days." Stacie was so ripe, sex seemed to be the only thing he could think of around her.

oops.there goes that big ol' dick again, pulsing and growing, fucking with balls now too taught to slap. He pushed deeper and grabbed a hip in each hand to drive her down on his fat cock even harder. "suck extreme anal bangvan orgy mybangvan and backseat dick Stacie.

and let me eat your pussy. let's 69.but.inna minute, your pussy is so good I don't want to leave it yet. All I know is that I need those lips around my tool. I've waited too long to bust my nut anyplace other than your throat.or.well, on your chest.

Do you swallow?" "doesn't everybody?" YES! "what's the point of eating the meat if you don't get dessert?" Something felt strange between their fucking area. It was Nikki! She was licking them clean as he fucked the juices out of Stacie.

Sexy ladies pole dancing and teasing men was sent to the next level as she darted her tongue around his balls and down to his bung.

unreal. Stacie mentioned something about changing positions because this was a whole new ballgame (no pun intended). So they did. She hopped off Jack's now full and rock solid member, flipped her ass over his face and slammed her mouth down around his cock in one swift move.

Like she was changing positions in jumprope, up.then down. She swallowed his meat to the hilt just like Nikki. Only it seemed like she had no choice with that hopping move. She used both hands, her mouth and her tongue like an $8 car wash forcing him to eat every bit as much of her cunt as she sucked dick.

It was wild. Not better than Nikki but surely more wild. Then it got even better.

Nikki brought her titties around to Jack's pie eating and licked the stuffing out of anyplace Jack wasn't. Then, even some of the where he was as they tongue-kissed and gave Stacie the most thorough head she had ever had. Jack almost forgot that his member was getting the workout of his life.

Nikki stopped for a second to comment on Jack's big and juicy cock stalk and Stacie mumbled with a mouthful of dick, "ymmmmmiiiee". Jack felt the cum fill his dick. The orgasm came about 10 seconds later and Jack's ass twitched to reveal Stacie had been rubbing his asshole and prostate all along.

He came with a series of flex, spasm, grind, suck, stroking motions that made him drive his tongue as far into Stacie's open pussy as he could. Consequently, his nose drove into her ass and he began to hum for vibration.

Stacie came with equal fervor as Nikki rubbed her own silky skinned body all over Stacie's. They thought about how they could get Nikki to come that hard. "All I know is that Jack's dick had better be involved because, girl, that tool is intense." "I know, full and long.

Not too long or too fat. Just perfectly pussy-friendly." "You guys spring break fuck parties volume 2 it?" "It's the best dick I think God had given a man yet.mind if I suck it?" .and so it begins again.