Excited beautiful chicks have a fun having sex

Excited beautiful chicks have a fun having sex
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Nick had a gift, one which he did not entirely understand, but a gift nonetheless of epic proportions.

He was able to manifest anything which he could think of, simply by writing it down. Nick had discovered this ability when he was twelve, and he had accidentally written a dog into existence.

The surprise had nearly given him a heart attack, but over the years he had become more and more acclimated to the process, until the point where, at the age of eighteen, he was ready to try attempt his most difficult project yet.

The Gift had allowed Nick to accumulate vast amounts of money, and property without ever having to work, but until now he had never tried to write a person. Nick had had many girlfriends, women were invariably attracted to his six foot frame, and eight inch cock, but he had never been able to trust them, something he suspected stemmed from his history as an orphan. The best way he could girl and black guy sex crazi of overcoming that problem was to create a girl that he could then dominate and control entirely, thereby removing the need for trust entirely.

With these thoughts in mind, Nick sharpened his pencil, pulled out a blank sheet of paper, and began to write. " Her name is Crystal Donaghue, and she comes from a small town in Iowa.

Both her parents died in a car accident when she was twelve, and she lived in foster care until she turned eighteen. She is now twenty years old, five foot six, 130 lbs, with bright blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. She has C- cup tits, and a perfect ass and legs from playing beach volleyball. She is an absolute bombshell, but she has low self esteem because she was always laughed at as a child.

We met two weeks ago at a restaurant, and I asked her out to a movie. She has never had a boyfriend, because of her intimacy issues, but now she cannot bear the thought of losing me. She is always worried that she is too boring, and not pretty enough, and therefore she wants to please me in any way possible.

We have had sex once, and now she is hooked, she cant bear the thought of never fucking me again, but she has no desires for another man. She also is completely submissive, and will do anything I ask her to, because she doesnt want to risk arguing with me." I slowly put the pencil down on my desk, and locked to sheet of paper in a safe in the corner of the room.

I wondered to myself how I sweet cat cock and toes hd porn know it had worked, when i suddenly heard a rustling noise coming from the kitchen. I quickly got up, and walked into the kitchen, only to stop and stare at the gorgeous blonde chopping vegetables on the counter.

She had her back turned to me, but I could still see her ass cheeks poking out from underneath the dress shirt she was wearing, MY dress shirt I realized!

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" Crystal?" I asked, "Is that you?" The figure whirled around, and I could see that she was indeed the most beautiful girl I had ever met, her perfect heart shaped lips, and soft cheek bones combining with the rest of her features to make her absolutely breath taking.

"Of course it is silly," she replied, "who else would it be? I'm just fixing some breakfast for you, you know how I like to look after my man". As I realized my plan had actually hottie jaye summers gets all her holes stuffed pornstars and fingering, I could have cried with joy, but instead I strode across the kitchen, and wrapped my arms around her. She immediately reacted, grinding herself against me and kissing me passionately, playing her tongue along my teeth.

After what seemed like forever, I broke the kiss, and decided to test my success. "Baby," I said, " Im glad you are trying, but you know that you cant cook worth a dam". As I said this I saw her face fall into despair, but to my jubilation, it seemed to be directed inwards, she considered herself a failure and was therefore not reproachful of my comment.

"Oh dont worry baby," I continued, "Im not angry, I just want you to remember where you belong, on your knees sucking my cock" Crystal had been devastated by Nick's comment on her cooking, she couldn't believe how foolish she had been trying to cook for him. "I would just have messed up anyways", she thought to herself, "I hope he still likes me even though I'm such a bad cook". But when she heard the last part of his sentence, she realized that he was giving her a chance to redeem herself. "Thank god", she thought, " I get to suck his gorgeous cock, and make him happy again.

I'm going to give him the best head he's ever had in his life". She quickly dropped to her knees and started un-buckling his belt, while seductively murmuring "God I'm so glad you put me in my place, there's nothing I like better than a thick cock for breakfast".

After she had unbuckled his belt, Crystal proceeded to unzip his fly with her teeth, staring into Nick's eyes as she did so. Nick's dick popped out of his pants, landing full on her face, and Crystal had to stifle a gasp, she was always shocked by how big he was.

I took advantage of this slight pause to drop my pants around my ankles, and then Crystal started to stroke my cock with both hands.

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She flicked my head with her tongue, before slowly beginning to suck it, taking care to keep swirling her tongue around my cock. At that moment I reached down and grabbed the back of her head, entwining my fingers in her hair, and slammed my cock into her throat.

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She immediately gagged, my cock being much to big for her to swallow, but she valiantly kept trying, and she kept playing with my balls, even as I fucked her face. I knew that I wouldnt be able to last long, the sight of her lips wrapped around my cock was just too perfect, so I fucked her face as hard as I could, until eventually I could feel my balls slapping against her chin.

I looked down to see that she was still staring up at me, and the sight of that perfect face impaled on my cock sent me over the edge. Crystal could feel his cock tense and shudder, just before it exploded, shooting string upon string of warm cum down her throat and into her belly.

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She tried to swallow it all, but there was just too much, and some of it dripped from the corners of her mouth. Moaning in ecstasy, she cleaned off Nick's cock with her mouth, before lightly sucking any last traces of cum off his balls. She then leaned back against the counter and smiled up at Nick.

"Why thank you you stud, maybe I should try cooking more often", she said as she slowly stood up "I'm going to go have a shower, maybe you could join me and see what other holes you could fill". With that she leaned in and kissed Nick passionately on the lips, stroked his still moist cock with her fingertips, and sauntered out of the room. Nick just collapsed into a chair with a stunned look on his face, he couldn't believe his luck.