Jerk off to feet hd punish my nineteen yearold culo and mouth

Jerk off to feet hd punish my nineteen yearold culo and mouth
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2nd Story. Please tell me your comments and thoughts below! ~~~~~~~ She was such a hot little girl. Always sat at the front, soaking in every word I said as if I was romancing her. Quite the opposite. The girl was desperate to get the best grades, be the most intelligent in her cohort saucy erika pleasures a throbbing meat pole cumshot facial be granted the ability to enter any college as she so desires.

She constantly was taking notes. I couldn't help but look straight down her shirt at her juicy B cup breasts. She then sex priyanka chopra xstorys com looked up and I suddenly realised where I was but had forgotten what I was talking about. That hot little 16 year old in the front row looked at me quizzically, impatiently waiting for me to continue on with my lecture. "That should do it for today," I said, simultaneously with the sound of books shutting and pencil cases being zipped up.

I was still oblivious to what I had said last. "May I remind you your mid-semester exam is coming in about 2 weeks. I suggest you to start revising if you haven't been already." Half the class had already left and I began to start packing up my own apparatus. I spent the next few minutes shaking myself and constantly asking 'What the hell is wrong with me?'. I'm currently 38, in which I consider not old, not young. I'm a physics lecturer at the local high school.

I have floozy doesnt mind getting finger drilled japanese and hardcore lovely wife and one ambitious young son. Why the hell was I always thinking of the young girl at the front with the ornate B cup breasts?

She was 16 for gods sake. It was so unorthodox for me to be thinking such wild and vivid thoughts. Her name was Mikaela. She had dark brown hair that fell down to the middle of her back.

Her figure lacked curves, but her flat stomach and luscious breasts picked up the slack in that department. She was very opinionated, had several of her own world views and had planned her whole life out right down to the t.

By no means was she the smartest out of the class, but she put in a lot more work than most of them and that brought her up to be one of my top students. She never wore anything that was even remotely suggestive. Her school skirt was only slightly above the knees, unlike most of the sluts at that school. But that night, whilst I was fucking my wife, I kept imagining that I was fucking Mikaela.

My dick pounding in and out of her as she gasped for air. When I came, I realised that I was just in my bed, still on top of my wife. Not the girl who sits in the front row in class. The 2 weeks came and went. I continued to oogle the girl's figure whenever I could. On a couple of occasions she noticed me perving in on her body. She simply smiled an embarrassed smile, blushing as she went back to writing notes. On exam day, Mikaela was obviously very stressed.

She looked to be on the verge of tears. Everyone was called inside the exam room and as they sat down, I handed them the exam papers upside down.

"Ok Physics class, your exam on quantum mechanics starts now. Please turn over your paper and begin," I said. I walked up and down the room observing the class as they went through their exams. It was the perfect opportunity to look down some shirts without being suspected. Mikaela was busy at work, scrawling through a short response question.

She was leaning on the desk in front of her in a way that her breasts sat on the desk lifting up towards the top of her shirt. They were honestly the most perfect things I've ever seen. The top of her lacy white bra began to show. I felt my dick begin to rise ever so slightly. "Mr Ross" I heard from the other side of the room.

A boy was sticking up his hand wanting to ask a question. I sighed as I reluctantly left my position from Mikaela's round lumps and went over to help the boy. Walking around the room, I inspected other girls' breasts, rather than their tests, comparing them to Mikaela's. Many of them had more skin out in display and more shirt buttons undone.

I concluded, however, that nobody in the class had breasts as smooth and wonderful as Mikaela's. The two hours was up and I began collecting finished papers. Mikaela, suddenly realising the time, began to speed through unanswered questions like her life depended on it.

Mikaela was the last student in the room. Everyone else had left, having finished their exams. I did not say anything. I simply began to put completed papers into a folder and tidy up other things that were lying on my desk. "I'm sorry to keep you waiting, sir," Mikaela muttered, now right behind me.

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Her hand held out her now finished paper. A tear trickled down her pretty face. I took the paper from her hand and, without really thinking, I pulled her into an embrace. "I'm sure you did absolutely fine," my hands laying down the middle of her back, "you have no need to worry." I held her a little tighter and her breasts started to push up against my chest.

It was such an amazing feeling. Mikaela just stood there, stunned and confused on what to do. She shuddered away as she felt a hardening sensation against her. "Well thank you Mr Ross," she hesitated, "I'll see you next week in class." I smiled at her as she walked out of the room.

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When the door closed behind her, I hit the desk as hard as I could. She probably thought I was some disgusting pervert now. I guess she knew that ages ago, but that was the final straw.

My dick was still hard from the close contact we had shared together. I readjusted myself to hide my bulge as best I could, and left the school grounds. ~~~~~~ I walked up the high school steps the following week, a little disappointed with the grade my physics class had gotten. I honestly had thought they would have done a lot better. What most surprised me was Mikaela's final mark.

She had received a low B. That would definitely lower her flawless 5.0 GPA. I knew she wouldn't be very happy. I gave the class back the marked papers and observed the expressions around the room. Many didn't seem to care, but Mikaela froze. I could tell she was trying her best not to cry. I didn't push any new work on the class, partly because it was nearing the end of term and partly because Mikaela was feeling very depressed. When class ended, everyone rushed out g queen beeg teen story to be free of one less subject coming to the end of term.

Mikaela, however, stayed behind. She walked towards me, trembling. "I'm sorry about your grading, Mikaela. I know how hard you must have worked prior to the exam," I said, trying to reassure my support. "But it's not good enough," she muttered. "I'm afraid there's not much we can do about it now. Being the end of the semester, there is no other assessment I can give you to lift up this mark. Hopefully you can improve next term." Mikaela paused for a short while. And then spoke, with very little confidence.

"I'll do anything," she whispered. "Like I said, Mikaela, there's nothing I can do," I responded, oblivious as to what would happen next. "And like I said," she spoke a little louder, "I'll do anything." Mikaela began to unbutton her school shirt, revealing those impressive breasts I had been staring at all year. My mouth dropped. I could not believe what was happening. "I know you've been watching these, Mr Ross.

I know you can't take your eyes off me during class," she said, slowing coming closer to me, "So let me make you a proposal. I'll give you what you've been drooling over, and you give me the mark I want." I was stunned.

I couldn't say a word. So I just nodded my head. My cock rose nearly instantly. "Good," she said confidently, now fully aware of the power she had over me. Anal blondie creampie anal rubia tetona anal orgasm orgasmo anal tube porn walked up to the door and turned the lock.

She walked back over to me with a confident stride. Kneeling down, she undid my belt and unzipped my fly. She tore down my pants and boxers with desperation. My erection, which had been painfully trapped inside my clothes, now flung free and stood straight out with pride. Mikaela giggled, to what seemed a nervous laugh.

She took her time as she knelt down, slowly moving her hand up and down my shaft, trying hard to not break eye contact. As if she had been well educated by pornographic films, she put her mouth towards the tip and started to suck the head. She then began to shift her mouth up the shaft, down the shaft in such a slow, seducing fashion. She maintained this pace for a while, altering the pressure of her sucking as she did.

Moans I could contain no longer slipped from my lips with my eyes close as she attempted to fit my whole member inside her mouth. The warm sensation of her mouth making sweet oral love to me was unnerving.

I knew this was wrong. I kept glancing at the door, waiting for some uninvited xxx teacher sister brother sister to slip through the doorway. Mikaela was young, too young, but the chance that such an unlegislated activity such as this with an underage minor only sought to arouse me further. I hadn't felt this turned on in years. Fucking my wife was not exciting anymore; just the same old pattern with the same old results.

Yet this, a sixteen year old student that I had been eyeing on for ages sucking my cock, was the highlight of my erotic chronology. Mikaela suddenly changed her pace, rigidly bobbing up and down on my shaft like she couldn't get enough.

My moans became louder and involuntary as her mouth delivered the pleasure I required to reach my peak. Breathing irregularly as her wet saliva juices covered every inch of my hardened cock, I whispered, unable to make my voice any louder, "I'm going to come." With that notion, Mikaela inserted my shaft as far in her mouth as possible and sucked it to extremities.

I groaned loudly and my penis shot out load after load of cum hitting the back of her throat with powerful force. Mikaela nearly choked on how much semen spurted out but held it together as best she could, swallowing every last drop.

I breathed heavily in relief. I had never come that hard before. There was something about this girl that just pulled me off the edge. With her compliance, I took off her shirt and felt her breasts, still held by her bra. They were plump and perfect just as I had imagined they would be.

"Oh, they are perfect," I said out loud. Mikaela, who had be eyes closed, smiled, as her breathing began to grow heaver with the passing time. I squeezed her breasts hard, rivets of her mounds out pouring out of every gap between my fingers. She yelped, but in severe pleasure. With my next move, I picked her up, sat her on my desk and undid her bra, tossing it on the floor where her shirt and my pants also lay.

I pinched her little light pink nipples with my fingers. Her hands clenching onto the side of the desk as I did. I put one of her breasts in my mouth, wanting to taste her.

Eyes shut tight, her moans were ever present.

Then, as my mouth withdrew from her breast, I bit into her nipple. Her mouth instantly released an urgent squeal. Letting her nipple go from my teeth, I gave a small chuckle. I leant up against her ear and whispered, "What do you want?" She moaned in deep pleasure and responded, "I want to feel you inside of my pussy, Sir." That was all the encouragement I needed. I vigorously lifted her school skirt and ripped off her black panties.

My cock was already blonde doing her cunt with crystal dildo again from all the arousal I received from sucking her breasts. I dipped my finger into the entrance of her vagina. She was already soaking wet. I stuck my finger in a little further to receive as slight moan slipping from Mikaela's lips. I then pulled out and made my way towards the hooded monster that made girls flood in pure pleasure.

I rolled it in between my fingers resulting in fast pace breathing from the little girl I was about to fuck. I took my fingers away and looked into her eyes.

They were calling out in desperation. She no longer desired, but demanded stimulation. "It's time," I stated. "Be careful, I'm a virgin," she alerted me.

I chuckled to myself before saying, "If you want the grades, you little slut, you're going to have to give me what I want." Before she could respond, I rammed by dick inside her. Her look of shock turned into an expression of pain as I felt her hymen rip. She was sitting on the edge of my desk, legs apart, and my hips jerking in between them. I went a little slower, so she could recover from the ache coming from her crotch. Her unchanging face finally began to react to the more recent and movements.

I kissed her passionately as her moans seeped from her lips onto mine as I pulled my member in and out of her weeping hole. I pulled my face away from her and grabbed her ass. Holding onto her, I pounded relentlessly into her. In and out my cock went. Vigorously and unstoppable. I grunted as my pelvis rapidly slammed into her thighs and withdrew, only to repeat this process over and over.

Mikaela then started to give it right back. Leaning behind her on the flat surface of the desk, her hip moved up and down in synchronisation with my thrusts. She was nearly fucking me as hard as I was fucking her. Our skin collides with a large slap only to drive me in further for white sweethearts for black man interracial and hardcore next collision.

Mikaela was panting and moaning uncontrollably. An endless cycle of pleasure it seemed. I watch my shaft push all the way inside and then come all the way out. It felt fucking amazing. I leaned in for another kiss, this time catching her right in the middle of her inhalation. We kissed ravenously as if we were wild animals.

I gave her no chance to breathe, keeping my lips planted on hers and we thrust in to each other in syncopation. I feel my climax approaching, and I know Mikaela will reach hers too by the way her moans become increasingly louder.

I break away from her mouth gasping for breath. "I'm going to come," Mikaela pants. With that notion, I fasten up my pace. Her moans become louder and louder until all of a sudden, she's screaming and her hips are buckling. "AH, FUCK!"she yells. Then, I feel a large gush of liquid pour out from the innermost regions of her pussy.

Her rigorous movements only stimulate me further. On my last thrust, I feel my balls clench, before I unleash huge squirts of semen right down to her teenage uterus. It continues to ejaculate for another 10 seconds before my cock softens and falls right out of her pussy.

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We remain there, panting, recovering from such a passionate and active session of a hard fucking. After a couple of minutes, I finally stand tall and retrieve my pants. Mikaela follows my lead and pulls up her undies over her cum-filled pussy. When we are both fully clothed, I kissed her once more, softer this time as we were both exhausted. "The A is yours," I tell her, which makes her break out into a smile, "And so is my D." She giggles cutely, as if she was a little girl. "Perhaps, if I am to maintain my grades, I should come in a couple times a week for some tutoring?" she asks me.

"I look forward to it," I answer with a wink. And with that, she walked out of the door, her school skirt covering what I had just conquered.