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Lusty erena gets drilled with sex toys creampie brunette
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A true fantasy come true The 1st of 4 John was home when Keith came in to work with me on his biology assignment. I told John that Keith helped me a lot. I hugged Keith for all his help. I don't know why but Keith turned me on and it didn't bother me as John watched us. Keith fixed my computer.

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John said, "I have to go. I'll be back in a couple days." Keith and I sat on the couch. I had changed into a sexy mini dress. I don't know why I did but I looked hot. The dress slipped up almost to my panties.

I was so horny now. I suggested we go outside to work. I was afraid I might do something I would regret. I dressed more warmly to help Keith with the biology assignment. I was so horny but knew I shouldn't think about sex with Keith who is only 17. I often fantasize sex with him.

After class Keith asked me if I wanted a ride. I probably shouldn't but did. He helped me get in the car. I wore a sexy blouse and no bra. We got in the back seat. Keith took my hand and put it on his lap.

I felt his felt penis. I was hard and I kept my hand there foe a while. I pulled away and said, "Keith please don't make me do that. I'm married and you are much too young." I didn't stop him when he pulled my shirt and exposed my breasts. When we got home Keith pulled me to him and we kissed. John told me later he saw us. That story is for another time when John will tell you his side and what he witnessed Keith, John milf and teen babe enjoyed a very hot threesome session I do.

Keith poured a drink for us. I didn't what it was. I wanted some.

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He said, "Alicia try it. I know you will miakhalifa sitting on big cocks with big tits facing forward compilation it." I said, "Ok Keith I'll try it." We drank it.

I liked it, but I got very woozy but I drank it all. I was aware when I almost passed out on the couch. I wore a tiny mini skirt. When Keith pulled my panties down I didn't stop him. I wanted him to see my thighs and breasts. I didn't know John was home and watched as Keith put his young penis in my mouth. Keith said, "Alicia I want to fuck you." I said, "And Keith I want you to fuck me." I saw John watching as Keith and I fucked. I didn't care he saw us. The next thing I remember was when Keith and I were alone later.

I wanted to see and maybe suck his young penis. I felt his erection. He said, "Alicia I want you to give me a message." I was giving Keith a massage when John got home and saw us. John asked, "Alicia what's this?" I said, "I'm giving Keith a massage. He helped me so much and deserves a message." He said, "Ok I'll be back later. Have fun." I said, "Thanks John and take your time.

I will message Keith for a couple hours." Keith rolled over on his back. He said, "Look what you did to me Alicia." He had an erection that caused the towel to tent up. I pulled the towel off him and couldn't believe the size of his penis.

It was much bigger than John's. I was so horny that I took his penis in my hand and masturbated him. I cannot believe that I was about to fulfill a fantasy when I kissed and him. I took his penis and licked pre-cum off it.

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I loved the taste and wanted to taste his sperm. I never liked the taste of John's. My blouse slipped exposing my boobs when I sucked his huge young penis. Keith said, "Alicia I have to cum." I said, "Keith go ahead I want to taste your cum." He ejaculated a huge load in my mouth and asked, "Can I fuck you again?" He was still hard and I said, "Keith I want you to fuck me again.

Can you ejaculate again?" He said, "I need a little time before I can cum again.

Did you like my cum?" I loved the taste of his sperm. It wasn't bitter or salty like John's and I knew I had to have more. Keith wanted to fuck me again.

I was half dressed. He was naked. Keith and I went for a walk in the woods. We sat down on a blanket and kissed. Later I learned John saw us almost every time we met for sex. Keith asked, "Alicia can I suck your cunt?" I said, "Please do Keith." I had an intense orgasm and then he fucked me from behind.

His penis was about 7" but I guided him into my vagina to fuck me. When he pumped in and out his penis felt great and didn't hurt me. For some reason even though John's penis is much smaller Keith's huge penis felt good.

When I saw John, Keith yelled, "Alicia I have to cum now." He stiffened and I felt his sperm as he ejaculated in me. I felt Keith ejaculate in me. John didn't do anything when he saw us. I wanted John to see Keith ejaculate. Keith ejaculated all over my breasts.

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My boobs and chest were covered in Keith's warm sperm. We went back to Keith's car. We sat in the back seat naked. He didn't have to ask me to suck his penis. I wanted to suck it. I said, "Keith I want you to ejaculate in my mouth again." I tasted his pre-cum. I knew John knew I had sex with Keith so I didn't try to hide it. Keith and I fucked in my bed at my home.

John walked in naked and asked, "Can I join you?" John had an erection when he took Keith's penis to guide it into me. John got in bed with us and masturbated as Keith and I fucked. Keith and I planned to have sex as often as possible.

I measured his penis at 7" when hard but really feels great in me I was so horny I had to have sex with Keith. I wanted him in me a lot. He pumped in and out and went deeper and deeper. After he ejaculated in me he went to my vagina and sucked.

After he sucked his sperm from my vagina he fucked me again. I wrapped my legs around him. I wanted him to fuck me harder. I rolled over on top of Keith with his penis still in my vagina.

I wanted to try other positions when Keith sat up to fuck me. Keith asked, "Alicia do you think John would suck my prick?" Watch for part two coming soon.