Busty bikini glad blonde rubs her pussy by the pool

Busty bikini glad blonde rubs her pussy by the pool
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Sitting in this dark space, I still can't believe you're making me wait. At least this bunk is comfortable I reason to myself as I sit in the sleeper compartment of this semi-truck, waiting for you to join me. I start to get relaxed as I sit in near pitch-blackness, up against the soft upholstered walls. I watch the curtains sway a little when a hard bump comes along from time to time.

When it does move, I can see a little bit of light in my dark chamber you're making me hide in. I can hear you and your driver friend talk about something, and occasional squawking chatter from the CB radio.

Your friend wanted you to come with him on this overnight drive, but didn't want me along. As I try to adjust my position, the tape you wrapped around my ankles and hands doesn't allow me to move much and tightens around my soft skin. I didn't want to come either. I don't want to be where I'm not wanted. But how was I suppose to know that you took me seriously when I said the only way I would go is if you tied me up and stuffed me in the sleeper?

It is somewhat of a comfort to know that you're in some kind-of torture since your cock has probably german girl play with dildo till the end hard this whole ride so far. You're just sitting there up front knowing I'm back here, tied up and waiting for you to use me as you wish.

Your mind is flashing on all the different positions you want to use me in, and how good it will feel. As the bumping and swaying continues, I lean back and doze off. Before I know it, the CB radio suddenly becomes louder and I wake up. I look up and see the curtain open and I see your head poke through, then your body follows and you join me in the dark bunk. I scoot up and tuck my feet under my body to give you space.

I watch your shadow lean back and switch on a small reading light. I have to bow my head down from the sudden brightness.

After a moment of blinking, I whip my head back up, my hair falling back from my face and glare at you. I must have taken a deep breath to yell at you, because you bring your finger to your lips to give me the "Shh" sign, and then point to the curtains, the space behind the driver. I release my breath, roll my eyes, but nod my head to tell you I understand.

You motion for me to come to you and I lift up my hands to remind you that I'm still tied. You smile widely, and reach across the bed and pull my hands towards you, dragging my body across the soft blanket and up against your body.

I let out a surprise squeal and your hand covers my mouth. Laying my body against yours, I can feel your rock hard cock against my side. Motioning once again to the curtains, you whisper into my ear, trying to explain why you brought me with you. You mention that you REALLY wanted to fuck me tonight and the last trip you took in this truck, all you could imagine was fucking me in this bunk and how ami nishimura ends with cum on mouth after is fucked like hell facesitting position it would feel, the rocking and bumping and fucking and pounding my pussy with your dick.

You also whisper in a husky, low voice, reminding me that I have always wanted to do a bondage fantasy, and this is perfect.

You mention that even though you did turn up the CB volume to cover our fucking, we still need to be quiet. Keeping one hand over my sexxnxx blacked big tits storyscom, I feel your other hand slide down my body and grasp my breast over my shirt. You begin to squeeze it, enjoying its firmness and vast size in your hand. Your mouth moves to my neck, and I feel your warm tongue begin to lick and taste me.

My breath becomes heavier and faster. As your hand continues to slide over my beasts, you smile as my nipples are becoming hard and firm under your caress. I feel your thumb playful circle them for a moment, wishing it was your tongue flicking across them, bringing them to life. Thinking about your tongue, I unknowingly open my mouth as much as I can with your hand covering it and you surprisingly feel my warm, moist tongue lick your palm, slowly for a minute.

I look up into your eyes, showing you the hungry lust in my eyes. Your hand drops its grip from my mouth, and I hold your index finger to my lips with my bound hands. Slowly kissing it for a moment, then bringing it into my hot mouth and slowly suck on it, wrapping my tongue tightly around your finger and suck it hard. My eyes are closed, concentrating on your finger, that I hear a small click. Opening my eyes, I see that you had turned off the reading light. You remove your finger from my wet, hot mouth, and push me down on the mattress.

I lie down on my back for a moment and feel the vibrations of the truck. I'm shocked on how much I need and want you as your body lies down on top of me, and then I feel you move down a little, your head is level with my chest. One of your hands tightly grabs my bound hands and lifts them over my head. The other grabs syren de mer teaching jessica rex how to lick pussy top and yanks it down urgently, my breasts spring free and for a moment, as the curtain parts on a jolting bump and you gaze at them, marveled in their vast size.

You think to yourself, these gorgeous tits are mine to play with however I want. Your mouth leans forward, capturing one of my nipples. You suck on it hard, capturing it with your teeth and bite it softly. My breath sucks in a sharp gasp, feeling your mouth tease my nipple with the painful pleasure you helped me discover that I want so badly.

I want you to play with both of my tits at the same time. You seem to read my mind and I feel your other hand grasp the lonely beast. I jump up off the bunk for a split second; enjoying the sweet torture your thumb is giving me as you roll my tight nipple in a tight circle. I can't get too far off the bed though; your hand is still trapping my arms above my head. I'm becoming partially turned on from your mouth and also on by being sneaky. I'm enjoying that we are doing this right behind your friend, and we could be caught at anytime.

I know that you like that I'm helpless and your slave. I have to take what ever you give to me. It's also totally hot because I can only feel you and not see you. Normally I love to watch your mouth and hands touch and taste me, but in the dark, every touch is a surprise. Your tongue is now flicking across my nipple fast and my breathing gets rapidly shorter and quicker. I start to wiggle and squirm under your body, trying to beg you for more with out saying anything. I feel your hand leave my breast and run up and down the side of my body, enjoying every curve.

You like how my body responds to you. You know my body belongs to you right now- however you want it. And you want it now. I feel your knee try to slide between my legs, but can't. My feet are still taped together. I hear you curse softly as you remember.

I feel you rise off me and roll over against my side and you switch hands for a moment, keeping my arms restrained. Your other hand slides me forward and I feel your body nudge me to maneuver me on to my side.

As I roll into position, you slide up behind me in a spoon position. I feel your free hand slide over my hipbone and then down to the hem of my mini skirt. You pull the fabric up to my waist. I can feel your thumb hook the top of my lace panties, and I feel you tug them down my thighs and to the top of my knees. Your hand slowly traces my soft skin back up my thighs and stops right over my pussy mound. I let out a quivering breath, waiting for you to pet me. Your mouth kisses my bare shoulder, then my neck.

Then your hot breath is against my ear. You whisper to me asking if I'm ready for you. I nod quickly and I hear you chuckle at my eagerness. You whisper to me, "Let's check to be sure, baby". Your tongue licks the outside of my ear and I shiver for a moment and then you lean forward, your mouth on my shoulder again. I feel one of your fingers rub up and down against my small strip of fur that I leave for you when I shave. You then slide your finger down and feel the beginning of the part between my hot pussy lips.

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Your finger slips between them, and when you feel how soft and wet I am, your teeth bite my shoulder in such an overwhelming need to be inside. You curl your fingertip a little and slide in a little further, amazed at hot I am to the touch. Then, sliding up, your fingertip brushed across my clit.

A whimpering sigh escapes from me. I buck a little forward, clenching my legs tighter and trapping your finger for a moment. You give me a second, then make soft circles over my nub, relaxing me and hot school teens shaved pussy big boobs masturbation my legs part a little.

I start to pant as you stroke me so good. I begin to lay more against you, and my ass begins to make grinding circles against your hard dick, which is straining in your pants. It actually gets even harder as you feel my firm, round ass wriggle over it. Your finger begins to move a little faster as I start to get wetter and soak your finger with my hot juices. I keep chewing on my lip, trying to be quiet. You can't see this, but your able to see the shadow of my head thrash back in forth.

Your ego is growing as big as your dick, watching and listening to me, knowing you're pleasing me and driving me mad. You remove your finger after a few more minutes of teasing pleasure.

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Leaning back up, you whisper in my ear that I am more than ready. I respond with a husky yes. I feel you back away from my ass and my body wants more attention from you and I whine softly. I am forced to wait for you to return and feel you fumbling a little, trying to free twteen bitches enjoying anal threesome with massive cock throbbing cock with only one hand.

Once your dick is out, you curl up behind me again. You move my legs up and bend them so they are up near my stomach. Your hand glides down my ass, and you rub it a little, enjoying how firm and soft it is. I feel you guide your cock to the outside of my hot pussy opening.

You stop for a moment, letting the head of your cock feel the heat coming from me. As you start to slowly slide in, the truck hits a large bump and you lose your position and bounce out of me. A soft growl comes from you and you return, and thrust your cock inside me. A sigh of relief and pleasure comes out of your mouth, enjoying the hot velvety soft feel of my pussy surrounding your dick so tightly.

You also seem to notice that each hard, jarring bump makes me tighten my muscles around your cock, trying to hold on to you inside me. I turn my face into the pillow that I just notice by my head, moaning in to it, as I love feeling you stuffing your rod inside me. You start to pump deep and slow, your hand holding my hip for leverage and even pulling me back towards you, my ass spanking against your groin area.

I start to really enjoy fucking in a moving vehicle, the low vibrations from the road are humming on the bed and I can feel it spreading across my skin.

My breasts are swaying and jumping freely with each bump. That with you pumping in and out of me, I'm melting hot. Even though my face is moaning loud in the pillow, your afraid he might still hear.

You stop for a moment, and reach your free hand above my head. I'm not sure what you're doing, but I can still feel you inside me. Smiling to myself, I start squeezing and flexing my kegel muscle around your dick. I can sense that you halt for what ever you're searching for and get distracted for a moment.

I even begin to first time verging fucking girl my hips in short circles. At that point, I feel you hand slap my ass, and you lean over and whisper that you will pay me back for that. After you locate a lever against the wall, you bring my secured taped hands to it and hang my hands against it. Now, you have both of your hands free while I'm still restrained. I'm at your mercy. You settle back behind me, and decide that you're going to make me really suffer.

I feel you slide out of me. My senses are driving me crazy. I can't move or see you; I have no idea what you will do next.

The unknowing has me so excited, I yelp a little when I feel your cock nudge against my anus. Your hand reaches up and slips under my neck and head and covers my mouth. You wait a moment and we sit still to see if your friend heard me.

Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary and you begin to nuzzle my neck. I completely melt and become relaxed and ready again. Keeping your hand over my mouth, you slowly and gentle slide into my back door.

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You slide in pretty easily because your cock was dripping with my hot pussy juice. My hole is so tight, that after you stuff every inch of yourself inside me, you rest for a moment, enjoying that your cock in such a super tight and hot space. You start to move in a small circle, and I jump when your throbbing cock touches a sweet spot. My arms try to get free and I wind up pulling the lever down and opening a vent on the side of the truck and cool air rushes in.

My hot skin feels the cool air breeze across it, and I shiver against you. My shivers send a vibration against your throbbing dick and you start fucking my ass with long, deep thrusts. I can hear you softly moaning; loving how my ass just sucks in your hard shaft each time you ram it inside me. I can also hear cars passing us thru the vent. My mind is now working over drive.

Here I am, tied up and feeling you plowing into my ass, while hiding in a sleeper of a moving and bouncing semi-truck. I start to think that there are cars passing us, and we are just two people having such hot sex and they have no idea. I'm so fucking turned on, I'm moaning so deep against your hand. Feeling my body responding more against your body, you get more turned on too. I feel your hand that was gripping my hip, slide off me and reach across to the edge of the bunk.

Using the edge for leverage, you start pumping deeper and faster into my tight hole. Your knee brushes against my pussy and you can feel that I'm dripping wet as I soak your skin. My teeth clench down tightly as your cock fills me, stroking me faster and hotter than anything I have ever felt before.

The hand on my mouth can feel my jaw tighten up, and you know that you are the reason for this pleasure I'm feeling. Your hand drops horny czech teen stretches her juicy twat to the extreme my panting and moaning mouth and curls around my throat.

I feel your fingers tighten around my neck and the feeling of you cutting off most of my air, makes me just loose it. The lack of air makes me a little light headed, and it feels like every nerve in my body is awake and alert. You feel so in control of me and my body. You're the master. You're controlling my pleasure.

It's too much. You drive harder and deeper in me. Your mouth finds my soft shoulder. Bringing your teeth down and biting my flesh, you start cumming. You cum so hard, I can feel your cock pumping and spraying deep inside me. After the explosion of colors fade from behind your closed eyes, you relax your grip on my throat.

Your body lays back and we are both listening to our panting breaths. Soon, I'm aware of where we are and can hear the CB still on up front and feel the truck sway and jump. Your hand reaches up and frees me from the lever. You rip the tape from my hands and free me. I sit up, nearly banging my head on the low ceiling and reach down to my feet and free them too. While I listen to you reaching for a bag in the corner of the bunk, I slide my panties all they down my legs.

I reach back against the wall and feel the book light and switch it on. I see that your getting wipes from your backpack.

Leaning over you, I put my panties in your backpack and I snatch the wipes from your hand and pull out a moist sheet. Rolling you on your back, I wrap the cloth around your semi-hard cock and begin to clean it. After cleaning it, I pull down your pants, thinking you'll want a nap now and how you hate to sleep with pants on. After a little help from you, I remove your pants and set them next to the backpack. Withdrawing another sheet, I rub and clean your balls. My hands are gently stroking your balls, and you must like it because I notice your cock getting hard again.

Licking my lips at such a hot sight, I super petite teen adria rae is furnish with enough cock slightly. Looking up, I see you watching me. I lift up an eyebrow and wink at you. You smile back at me and whisper to me to climb on and ride you.

After looking up at the low ceiling, I straddle you, but facing away from you. Keeping myself low, I hover over you and reach between my legs, gripping your shaft tightly. You just lay there, eying my ass. You have always loved my large tits, but my ass has always been your favorite. It's a nice big curvy one that you love slapping and biting. After trying to steady myself from the rocking of the truck, you reach up and hold my waist, helping me stay upright.

As I position my dripping hot cunt over your throbbing dick, a rough bump hits us and I slam down on you and I impale myself on your cock. I didn't mean to drive you so fast and deep inside me, and a surprised shriek escapes my lips. You didn't mind it though, a low groan from you proved that. I feel the truck really start to bounce and vibrate. We must be on the older part of the highway that hasn't been repaved in a while. I begin to slide up and down your throbbing, rock hard cock.

You love feeling my pussy lips caress and wrap around your dick as I begin riding up and down on it.

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I'm so hot and slippery, you love the way my pussy feels on your cock. I realize with pleasure that the bumps are moving me up and down with very little effort on my part. I lean even more forward and you feel my nipples sway back and forth against your bare legs. Since the truck is taking care of the up and down, I start rocking back and forth on your stick, trying to get your cock to rub against my g-spot.

I get even hotter and wetter with my efforts and start dripping on your balls. I begin to start to moaning, forgetting to try being quiet. I feel you throw a clean washcloth at me. Hot brunette bethany benz cares only about getting her ass fucked stop grinding on you long enough to roll it up and stuff it in my mouth. I feel your hands leave my waist and feel your thumbs slide slowly down my ass and then to the bottom curve of my ass.

You spread my cheeks a little and lean forward, watching your cock slip in and out of my wet, pink lips. Your shaft is so slick from my juices. I start moving in a quicker rhythm, finding my spot and now stroking your cock against it.

Still watching your dick disappearing and reappearing in my hot snatch, you can see your cock getting creamy. One of your thumbs now slides up and covers my anus. You push slightly against is and rub it back and forth. A muffled cry comes thru the washcloth and I ride you harder and deeper, faster and faster. My breasts are sliding up and down your legs; hard nipples are tickling your skin as they roll lightly across them.

I reach one of my hands between my legs and up your thighs. My fingers find your balls and gently massage them. You try to open your legs a little wider, and more of my fingertips are able to tickle and caress them. Not able to take much more of this, you start lifting your hips off the bunk and shove your cock in deeper.

Both your hands move back up to hips and you drag me back and forth across your dick, ramming me up and down hard.

I hear your low grunting and moaning and knowing that I'm making you feel good, pushes me over the edge. My body step sister fucked his brother to quiver over you and my pussy slams down tight around your cock, spasming against it. Feeling my orgasm against your cock, you make one more thrust and cum with me. We sit panting again, completely but happily drained of energy.

I climb off you and begin to clean you and then myself. After shutting off the light I collapse down next to you and pull a blanket over us. We move into a spoon position, and doze off to the rocking of the truck. Then next thing we know, we are woken up to your friend's voice yelling out "What the fuck&hellip.?" Oops!