Staggered honey in undies is geeting peed on and banged

Staggered honey in undies is geeting peed on and banged
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WARNING! All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Actions, situations, and responses are fictional ONLY and should not be attempted in real life.

If you are under the age or 18 or do not understand the difference between fantasy and reality or if you reside in any state, province, nation, or tribal territory that prohibits the reading of acts depicted in these stories, please stop reading immediately and move to somewhere that exists in the twenty-first century.

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This story is copyright (c) 2013 by The Technician [email protected] Individual readers may archive and/or print single copies of this story for personal, non-commercial use.

Production of multiple copies of this story on paper, disk, or other fixed format is expressly forbidden. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = * * * * * * * * * * * * Missy actually slept until almost noon, and she didn't come downstairs until almost one.

She was wearing a light blue pair of "pajama jeans" that made it very difficult not to notice that she had a VERY enticing ass to match her cute face and sparkling eyes. I offered her some steak and eggs and she bantered back, "With or without a shot of whiskey?" Then she laughed.

She had an almost musical laugh. If I weren't basically doing therapy with her, I would definitely be trying to do her. Well, maybe when we have other things sorted out, we might sort that out, too, but I had promised to help her and taking her to bed at this point wouldn't be helping her.

After lunch I suggested that we sit out on the back deck. Again, if I wasn't trying to keep my distance, I would have suggested the hot tub located there. But for now, that would not be a good idea. The blue pajama jeans were bad enough. A bikini - or less - in a hot tub would probably be more than I could resist. After we hot teen karlee grey takes on a massive black cock lexbbccom interracial pornstars settled in with a glass of wine for her and a dark ale for me, she asked, "Where was I?" "You were eight years old and getting hot and squishy with David." "Ah yes," she responded.

"Mom never did spank me again. David did quite a bit, and after I got older Dad did occasionally, but that is jumping way ahead in the story. The next time that I really got hot and squishy was when we had a weekend slumber party over at Chrissy's." "Her parents had a lot of land - almost an estate, and there was an apartment over the garage.

I think it was originally supposed to be for a chauffeur, but Chrissy's parents had converted it into a private play area for her. There were two small bedrooms up there and a large open area with a small kitchen on one wall." "Chrissy invited the gang over for a weekend slumber party. It was the beginning of our seventh grade year together, and since we were teenagers - or almost teenagers - Chrissy's parents decided that we could spend the weekend basically unchaperoned.

It was a standard stay up all night, talk about boys, and watch monster movies kind of weekend, except it wasn't all monster movies." "One of the movies was 'Captive Princess.' It was a romance about a princess who is captured by pirates and falls in love with the captain of the pirates and sails off into the sunset with him. When the movie was over, one of the girls said that hood rican tattoo milf makes luv to dick superhead style would like to be captured by pirates.

Chrissy said that was dumb and that she wouldn't like it because it wouldn't be the way it was in the movie. Real pirates wouldn't have treated the princess like that.

They would have turned her into a naked slave who had to do everything that everyone commanded her and if she didn't they would beat her." "Several of the girls said 'Ewww,' and one added 'That would be terrible. I wouldn't like that." "'Missy would like it,' purred Chrissy and looked directly into my eyes. 'She likes being naked and she likes having her ass beaten. Don't you Missy?'" "Everyone was looking at me as Chrissy went on.

'Missy likes it, don't you, Missy?'" "She laughed and said to me, 'I bet that if I told you to strip down and come over here and lay across my lap you would do it, wouldn't you, Missy? Because Missy likes it, don't you, Missy?'" "I shook my head and said, 'No.' But as Chrissy continued to stare at me and held up her hand and beckoned me forward with her finger, I found myself walking directly over to her." "'Missy likes it, don't you, Missy?'" "Again I said 'No,' but at the same time I was slipping down my pants and underwear and pulling my blouse up over my head until I was standing before her totally naked." "'Missy likes it, don't you, Missy?'" "'No, I don't.

I don't. I don't.' I whined, but as I was saying that I was laying myself down over Chrissy's lap." "Chrissy rubbed my butt and softly tapped it with her hand. 'Ask for it, Missy.

Tell me that you like it and ask for it or I won't give it to you." "The other girls were staring at me. I could feel myself turning red all over in shame, but I so much wanted Chrissy to spank me and make me feel warm.

But she didn't spank me. She just kept slapping me very lightly with the flat of her hand." "'Ask for it. You have to ask for it or you don't get it.'" "'Spank me,' I whispered.

"'You're still missing something,' taunted Chrissy. "'Spank me, please,' I moaned." "'Still something missing.' she said" "'Spank me, please, Mistress.'" I hissed. "'That's nice, but not what I was looking for.' she said sarcastically, and then added sternly, 'You didn't tell me that you like it.'" "'Spank me, please, Mistress.

Missy likes it. Missy likes it. Missy needs it.' I was crying and writhing on her lap." "SLAP! 'Say you like it.'" "SLAP! 'Say you like it or I stop.'" "SLAP! 'Let's hear you tell everybody that Missy likes it.'" "I finally said, 'Missy likes it.' and Chrissy really slammed her hand onto my ass." "I kept getting louder and louder and Chrissy kept hitting harder and harder.

'Missy likes it.' SLAP! 'Missy likes it.' SLAP! 'Missy likes it.' SLAP! 'Missy likes it.' SLAP! 'Missy likes it.' SLAP!" "I kristeen chan fucking audition akira hco know how long this went on but suddenly it was like a volcano erupted inside of me. The heat and squishiness seemed to flow all through my body and then suddenly flow out of me from between my legs.

I thought I had peed myself because I was suddenly so wet between my legs." "I had no idea what was really happening, but it had to have been my very first orgasm.

I didn't even know what an orgasm was then, but I knew that Missy REALLY liked it. It wasn't at all sexual, in the grown-up sense of sexual, but it was truly an orgasm.

I had an orgasm purely from the pain and humiliation of laying naked over Chrissy's lap for a spanking and having to say in front of all my friends that I liked having my ass spanked." "After I stopped shaking, Chrissy dumped me off her lap onto the floor and said, 'Well there isn't any doubt that Missy here is a little naked slave girl, is there?'" "All of the girls said something like, 'I guess not,' and Chrissy asked, 'So, what should we have our little naked slave do for us?'" "Mary, one of the girls, said, 'We were supposed to bring pop and snacks over from the house, but we forgot.

Maybe we should send Missy over to the house to get them.'" "'But I'm naked!' I exclaimed." "'Well, duh!' responded Mary. 'Isn't a naked slave supposed to be naked?'" "Despite my protests, they took me downstairs into the garage area and pushed me out the side door. It was still twilight and my naked body was clearly visible to anyone who was watching. Luckily for me, we were quite a ways back from the street, so the only ones who might be able to see me were Chrissy's parents and her older brother and sister.

I ran across the driveway and up the sidewalk to the side entrance to the house. Chrissy's mom had said that she would leave that door open if we needed anything." "I slipped in really quietly and crept up to the kitchen. The small cooler that we were supposed to have brought pop out to the garage with was still sitting on the counter empty. A heavy duty plastic bag that looked like a loosely woven basket sat next to it full of chips, cookies and other snacks.

I tiptoed across the room and opened the refrigerator. Several rows of pop cans lined the bottom shelf and I started filling the cooler." "Suddenly a woman's voice from the living room said, 'Chrissy, is that you?'" "I answered, 'No, Mrs.

Curie. It's me, Missy.'" "'Come in here,' she called out, and I froze. How could I explain the fact that I was naked?" "'Do I have to?' I asked". "'You most certainly do!' she answered." "She sounded a little bit angry, so I scampered into the living room. She wasn't alone. She and Chrissy's older brother, Darren, were sitting on the couch. Her older sister, Sharon, and her dad were sitting on straight-backed chairs in the middle of the room facing them.

Sharon and Chrissy's dad looked embarrassed to see me, even though I was the naked one." "'WHY are you naked?' demanded Mrs. Curie. 'Tell me the truth - all of it.'" "'We were watching Captive Princess,' I explained. 'Chrissy said that the pirates would have made a naked slave out of the princess, and then the girls decided that I should be their naked slave and sent me into the house to get the pop and snacks.'" "Mrs Curie turned her finger in a circle indicating that I should turn around.

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I did and she said, 'It looks like the pirates have punished their naked slave, haven't they?'" "I turned red and looked down at the carpet." "'I asked you a question.

Answer it!' demanded Chrissy's mom. She continued in a very loud and commanding voice, 'Your ass is all red. Did the pirates spank their naked slave or not?'" "'Yes, Mrs. Curie. They spanked me.' I answered in a quivering voice." "'Did you like it?'" "My eyes were totally wide and my mouth was open.

I stammered for a moment or two, and then she repeated herself. 'Did you like it?'" "I hung my head and answered softly, big boobs slaves gets masters big dick liked it.'" "'So, now you are truly their naked slave, aren't you?'" "'Yes,' I answered meekly." "'But you aren't naked, are you?'" "My head flew up and I sputtered, 'What do you mean?'" "'You aren't naked.

You are wearing shoes. A naked slave should be naked shouldn't she? And you are wearing shoes.'" "I looked down at my feet. Chrissy had insisted that we all take off our shoes in the garage before going upstairs to her area.

I had grabbed them and put them on as the girls were forcing me out the door because the wide driveway was white, crushed rock and would have been sharp on my bare feet." "'Take off your shoes,' ordered Mrs. Curie.

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I did, and then she added, 'I think our naked slave needs a little punishment for not being naked, don't you, Darren?'" "If it were possible to turn a darker shade of red I did so as I looked over at Chrissy's older brother. He was smiling at me in the strangest way." "'Why don't you do the honors, Darren,' Mrs Curie said and pushed me towards her son.

He picked up something off the end table and beckoned me to lay over his lap. As I walked over to him, I realized that it was a yellow, hard-plastic Ping Pong paddle. 'Ten should do,' added Mrs. Curie as he pushed me down over his lap." "'Count them,' he ordered and struck me solidly on the left cheek of my ass really hard. He slammed the paddle down again and said, 'Count them or it goes on forever.'" "'Two,' I responded." "'One,' he corrected. 'You didn't count the fist one.' Then he slammed the paddle down on may ass again." "'Two,' I said again.

Then 'Three' and 'Four' and 'Five' and 'Six' and 'Seven' and 'Eight' and 'Nine' and finally 'Ten.'" "My butt really hurt.

The warmth was there. The squishiness was there. But the pain was also there. Maybe it was because he was a boy I didn't know. Maybe it was because I wasn't in front of friends. Maybe it was because he just hit so darned hard, but I didn't like it at all while it was happening.

After it was over, however, the warmth and the squishiness kept growing in my tummy." "'Come here,' said Mrs. Curie. 'And bring the paddle.'" "I thought that she was going to spank me again, but instead ordered, 'Open your mouth.'" "I did and she placed the side of the paddle in my mouth." "'Bite down,' she ordered, and then added, 'and keep this in your mouth until you drop it in Chrissy's lap.'" "I started to go back into the kitchen to finish getting the pop and snacks, but she stopped me with her hand and said, 'One more thing for our naked slave.' Then she addressed her daughter, 'Sharon, one of your old ones will do.

I think the pink rhinestone one with the silver leash. Go get it.'" "Sharon turned beet red and left the room. A few moments later she returned with a pink dog collar that was studded with rhinestones. A long silver leash was clipped to the front of the collar." "'Come here, my naked slave,' ordered Mrs. Curie." "Once I was standing in front of her, she lifted my head and buckled the dog collar naomi russel perfect anal booty my throat.

'Now you can take the pop and snacks out to your pirate masters like a good little naked slave girl.'" "Keeping the yellow paddle clamped tightly in my mouth and trying not to trip on the silver leash that was dragging on the ground between my legs, I returned to the kitchen and picked up the cooler and the plastic container of snacks and started back out toward the garage.

As soon as I stepped out of the house, the garage door opened up and Chrissy and the girls were standing there watching me. I could see them laughing when I got to the stone driveway and tried to gingerly step across the sharp stones.

With the heavy cooler and the container of snacks and the leash hanging between my legs, gingerly was not possible, and I finally had to just walk normally across the drive and let the pain in my feet add to the humiliation of being naked with a collar and leash on my neck and a Ping Pong paddle in my mouth." "When I finally got to the garage, Chrissy laughed and said, 'I forgot that it was Friday night, and mom and Darren would be holding their weekly punishment session for Dad and Sharon.

Did you get to watch anything or were you too early?'" "I couldn't say anything with the paddle in my mouth, so I just me and my girl study together like and started up the stairs.

Chrissy followed directly behind me and twice while we were climbing the stairs slapped me on the ass and said in a sing-song voice, 'Missy likes it. Missy likes it.'" "Despite my tears and humiliation and the pain in my feet, I had to admit, I did.

Missy liked it." = = = Missy looked up at me and smiled an odd dreamy sort of smile as though she were thinking of fond memories that were no more. Then she continued. "From that time on, I was the group's 'naked slave.' Well, not all of the time, but whenever we were alone together in private, and sometimes when it wasn't quite so private." She paused and looked down at the floor, but I sensed there was something else she wanted to tell me, so I asked, "What do you mean by that?" "Well," she responded, "there was this eighth grade band trip.

It was almost at the end of our eight grade year. Chrissy had already turned fourteen. I was one of the youngest girls in the class and I was still thirteen. We were all starting to change quite a bit. Chrissy had a small, but well developed set of breasts. She also had thick hair between her legs. I had only little puffy pre- breasts and just a wisp of hair starting between my legs." "The band had won some sort of contest and was supposed to perform at this big telethon up in the city.

It meant staying overnight at least one night at a hotel or motel. The band director decided on two nights and that it would be better to travel in small groups in cars. Chrissy's mother volunteered to drive and be a chaperone. Our whole gang fit in her big van, and we rode up to the city in real comfort.

There was a cooler under the back seat and a DVD screen in front of each of us." "It was typical junior high chaos as we checked into this hotel on the edge of town. It wasn't the most high-class place, but it was in a basically good neighborhood and was much cheaper than staying right downtown. Rehearsal went well that evening, and after stopping at a fast food place to eat, we got back to the hotel well after dark. We were told to go to bed and get some sleep so we would be ready for the next day." "Our performance was the next afternoon.

It was great. Everyone played just like they were supposed to. We ate an early supper, this time at a really nice restaurant that had a big room that held all of the students and parents.

It was only a little after six when we got back to the hotel. The hotel manager met us at the door asking for one of the mothers. There was a family emergency of some sort and she would have to go home immediately. The curious adorable gal gets anal slammed hardcore and russian with her were really disappointed because they were looking forward to the pool and other things at the hotel that night, but because they were all seventh graders, and young ones at that, they couldn't stay without a chaperone in the room." "'I think I have a solution,' said Chrissy's mom.

'There is no one blonde milf fucked on webcam and gets a facial the ninth floor but our group. Our room is right across the hall from yours and we are at the end of a hallway. My girls are older and a bit more mature. I will just move across the hallway and stay with your younger girls.

I can keep a close eye on them and will still be able to keep a distant eye on my older group. There were a couple of parents who said they would be available in case of an emergency, but couldn't stay overnight. We just have to call one of them to come up early tomorrow to bring your group home.'" "So that is what they did. Mrs. Curie moved most of her stuff across the hallway and became chaperone for the younger group.

That left Chrissy and me and the other girls alone across the hall in our connecting rooms." "We all changed into swim suits and headed down to the pool. Most of the band was there and it was fun, but the pool closed at ten and we had to head back up to the room. Mrs. Curie made sure we were all in the room before going across the hallway to the other group. 'You behave, you hear me,' she said as she closed the door. 'And don't do anything that I wouldn't do.'" "'That leaves things wide open,' said Chrissy.

'And I think we should start with a little naked slave time for Missy.'" "I went white, and then red. I was standing there in my swimsuit - we all were. 'Strip,' ordered Chrissy, and I immediately did. Chrissy stood before me and looked directly at me as she spoke, 'We need our naked slave to properly prepare us for the evening. You are going to stand in the shower and wash each of us, especially our hair, and then you are going to comb and dry our hair like a proper naked slave serving her Mistresses.'" "Yes, Mistress Chrissy," I responded and went into the bathroom to get the shower ready.

Each of the girls came in and stepped out of their swimsuits, leaving them in a pile on the bathroom floor. Then they got into the shower and I washed their bodies and washed and rinsed their hair." "Chrissy was last.

She had a bottle of body lotion with her. 'You are going to do a little extra for me, Missy.' My eyes widened. 'And I am going to like it,' she added with a weird smile." "After I had washed her body and washed and rinsed her hair, she handed me the bottle of lotion and said 'Work this into my body - everywhere.' I poured some of the lotion on my hands and began to massage it into the skin on her back.

I worked my way down to her legs. As I passed her butt, she inhaled sharply and said, 'Keep going.'" "I rubbed it into her legs and then moved around to her front. 'No, from behind,' she said and I returned to standing behind her.

I reached around her to rub the lotion into her breasts. She again inhaled sharply and leaned back against me. I continued to rub the lotion into her as I moved down her body. When I touched her pussy, she hissed, 'Yes, rub it in good, my naked little slave.'" "I poured more lotion on my hands and began rubbing it into her slit.

She was moaning slightly now and pressing back harder against me. As I kept rubbing her, I could feel her clit grow against my hand. I started moving my fingers further into her slit. 'Chrissy likes it,' she whispered. 'Chrissy likes it.

Chrissy likes it.'" "Suddenly she clamped her legs tight on my hand and arched her back against me. She let out a long, loud, guttural moan and almost pushed both of us over. We stood there for a minute or two and then she composed herself and said, 'You may be good for something after all, my little naked slave.' Then she added, 'Finish cleaning me up.

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You have a lot of hair to dry and set before you come back in here and rinse out our swimsuits.'" "Chrissy had an almost professional type combination hair dryer and styler, but it still took over an hour and a half to get everyone's hair dry and set like they wanted it. Then Chrissy suggested that since I was being their salon girl, I might as well do their nails.

So I spent another hour carefully removing any traces of old nail polish and putting on two layers of new color for each girl." "'What do you think, girls?' asked Chrissy when I was finally finished. 'Should we go all the way and get the paws to match the claws?' She wiggled her toes as she was speaking. All of the girls said, 'Of course,' and Chrissy told me to go into the bathroom and get a towel. She had me put it on the floor beneath her feet and then said, 'Do a bad job and I'll spank your naked ass tonight.' She real sister rides her brother till he cums inside at me and added, 'Do a good job and I will spank you harder.'" "All of the girls laughed uproariously as though that was the funniest thing anyone had ever said.

I just crawled down in front of Chrissy and started working on her toenails. There was a little footstool in the room and I pulled it over to us and started to the drape the towel over it. 'No, no, no, little naked slave,' purred Chrissy. 'Our feet stay on the floor. I want you to have to bend over all the way while you work. Then we can watch your naked ass as you humiliate yourself and watch your cunt getting wetter and wetter.'" "She laughed, as did all the girls.

I just knelt in front of her bent over as far as I could and started cleaning the old nail polish off her toenails. In order to properly work on her toes, I ended up resting my elbows on the floor. That meant that I was bent way over and my ass was sticking way up. I could feel the air from the ceiling fan blow against my pussy, and suddenly my pussy lips felt hotter and colder at the same time. I was getting wet and the fan was evaporating the moisture like sweat." "I finished Chrissy and moved on to the next girl.

After I had removed the old polish, but before I started putting on the new, Chrissy stopped me with, 'Don't open that bottle yet. I want to check something and don't want you spilling anything else on the rug.'" "I didn't know what she meant, but stayed very still as she came up behind me.

Suddenly she slid her fingers up between my legs and through my slit. I gasped and jumped and then turned red all over again as Chrissy loudly announced, 'She's dripping wet. We'd better put a towel under her ass or she will drip all over the rug.'" "I wanted to just melt through the floor, but Chrissy lifted up my head and held out her fingers in front of my face.

'Lick,' she said, and I did. 'Suck them clean,' she ordered, and I opened my mouth and let her put her fingers in. I closed my lips around her fingers and sucked hungrily while I cleaned her with my tongue. 'Hope you didn't suck off any of the polish,' laughed Chrissy and she slapped me on the ass." "'Now go get a towel to put under you and get back to work.

naked slave.' Everyone laughed as I scampered to the bathroom and came back with a towel to put under me as well as the towel that I had under the feet I was working on." "'Maybe Missy should open a nail salon,' one of the girls said.

'She could charge for the manicures and pedicures and charge extra for admittance to watch her work.' Everyone in the room, except me, thought that was an hilarious idea." "By the time I had finished with everyone and redone both fingernails and toenails to change the color for Chrissy and two other girls, it was well past midnight.

'We probably need to be getting to bed.' one of the girls suggested, but Chrissy said, 'I think we need a midnight snack before we go to sleep. Everybody chip in and we will send our naked slave down to the lobby to get us some pop and snacks.'" "'But someone might see me!' I protested.

'I could get attacked!' I stammered." "'You're right,' Chrissy answered. 'You might get attacked. We don't want you to get robbed. Maybe you need to carry the beautiful brunette in red dress fucks guy after loosing bet where nobody will see it.'" "She reached into her suitcase and drew out a thin tube with a chain and key ring on one end of it. It was about as big around as a nickle and about three inches long.

'This is supposed to be for boat keys.' she announced. 'If it falls overboard it will float. In case you actually loose it, you're supposed to put some sort of ID in the tube so whoever finds it will return it to you.' She looked at me with a very evil smile on her face and said, 'But I japani sex night ronance at bed a different use for it.'" "Chrissy twisted the tube and it opened in the middle.

She then rolled several five dollar bills into a tight roll and slid them inside. 'Come here little naked slave,' she ordered, and when I stood in front of her she added, 'turn around and bend over.'" "I felt her finger at my ass button. 'Yes, that will work quite well," she said. She reached up and stuck something in my mouth with the order, 'Slobber it up and make it really wet or it is going to hurt like mad going in.'" "I licked and sucked on the tube and then Chrissy pulled it back out of my mouth by the key ring.

I knew what she was going to do, but I really wasn't ready for it. I gasped as the rounded end of the tube opened my anal canal. I could feel Chrissy's finger follow it slightly into my ass." "'Stand up!' she ordered and I did.

The key chain stuck out slightly and the key ring hung between my legs like a piercing. 'There you go,' announced Chrissy. 'All you have to do is pull it out to put money in the machines and then put it back in to come back up here.'" "Chrissy looked me directly in the eyes and said, 'Don't take all night.

And don't drink any of the pop or eat any of the snacks before you come back. I want you back here as soon as you can with your mouth empty and your hands full of pop and snacks.'" "With bombshell victoria june gets her pussy plowed hard she slapped me on the ass and pushed me out the door into the hallway.

I knew better than trying to knock on the door and beg to be let back in. It was easier to just somehow sneak down into the lobby and buy the pop and snacks." "I decided the stairway was safer than the elevator. If I was in the elevator and the doors opened with someone there, I was trapped, but if someone came onto the stairs, I could hurry up or down another floor. I made my way to the ground floor and carefully pushed the door open into the hallway. The vending machines were located where this hallway came out into the lobby.

I could see them against the wall from where I was standing. I crept down the hallway and looked around the corner into the lobby." "My luck was holding. The desk clerk was in the back office, and as long as no one came through the front doors, the little chime wouldn't sound to call him back to the front desk.

I walked desirable blonde in stockings gets double penetrated to the machines. I looked around again before I squatted down slightly and pulled the tube from my rear end." "I opened it up and fed a five into the pop machine. I never realized how noisy a pop machine could be. Not only did the can CLUNK really loud as it fell into the opening, but the change CLUNKED and CLANGED as it dropped into the coin return slot.

I looked around fearful that the noise might have attracted someone, but noone seemed to have heard it. The coins seemed to be even noisier when I put them back into the machine to purchase the next can. Seven more cans of pop to go. With each clunk and clang I nearly peed myself in fear, but finally I had eight cans of pop sitting on the floor in front of me." "Everyone had told me exactly what they wanted for a snack, and I quickly fed a five into three different candy machines.

These machines allowed you to keep selecting as long as you had a balance in the counter, so I didn't have to keep putting change back into the machines. I soon had everyone's snacks and pressed the 'Finished' button on the three machines. Several dollars in quarters, dimes and nickels clunked and clanged into the change slots." "I rolled the remaining fives back into son and mother incest fucking gif tight roll and stuffed them back into the tube.

Looking around quickly to see that I was still unobserved, I squatted slightly and pushed the tube back up inside of me. I was starting to gather the pop and snacks into my arms when all of a sudden I realized that I had to do something with the change." "I had nothing to carry the coins in. Chrissy must have thought of that when she maneuvered it so that I would not be carrying my purse or billfold. I scooped up the big handful of change and was about to put it in my mouth when Chrissy's words came back to me.

I was supposed to come back to the room with my mouth empty." "Well, there were only two other cavities in my body, and I wasn't going to push a handful of change up there with that tube. The image of all that change spilling out when Chrissy pulled out the tube was just too much to bear. That left only one place.

I cupped the change in my hand and reached down between my legs and pushed the coins past my pussy lips. It took several tries before I had all of the coins inside me, and I was afraid that they might come spilling back out at any time." "Trying to keep my legs pressed somewhat together and taking very smalls steps, I headed back down the hallway with my arms full of pop and snacks.

When I got to the stairway, two problems were immediately apparent. With my arms full I really couldn't open the door to get into the stairway, and with my pussy full of coins, I really couldn't climb pretty girlfriend shares bf with her bff. I looked both ways down the hallway and reluctantly stretched out a finger and pushed the button for the elevator." "Thankfully, it opened immediately and was empty.

I stepped in and reached out one finger to press the button for the ninth floor. Everything worked until we got to the eighth floor. The elevator stopped. I moved over as far as I could to one side and hoped that no one was actually getting on. Two young men - they looked like college age or a little older - got on and pushed the button for the top floor restaurant and bar. They were talking to each other as they entered and didn't really see me until the doors had already closed. Then they both stared at me very wide eyed." "One of them said, 'Well, well, well, what do we have here?" "I blurted out, 'I lost a bet,' I could feel their eyes moving up and down my naked body.

'I'm too young for you,' I stammered out, and then the doors opened on the ninth floor." "As I got out of the elevator, one of the boys said, 'Give us your name. We'll wait for you to grow up.' They were both laughing as the elevator doors closed behind me." "I hurried back to the room and knocked on the door.

'Who is it?' rang out Chrissy's voice." "'It's Missy' I replied. 'Open the door.'" "'Who?' came the voice from inside." "'Missy,' I answered a little louder." "'That isn't who we sent down for pop.' said another voice from behind the locked door." "I knew what they wanted now.

I got as close to the door as I could with all the stuff in my hands and said just loud enough for them to hear me, 'It's your naked slave girl returned from her task. Please let me in.'" "The door opened and I hurried into the room. 'You may serve,' intoned Chrissy.

'You will find enough glasses on the counters.'" "I gathered up glasses from the counters in both rooms, removed the little plastic wrappers, and began to pour the pop." "'Don't you think we need ice, my little naked slave?" asked Chrissy. "I just groaned and grabbed the ice bucket and headed down the hall. The ice machine was only a little ways away so I was soon back at the room knocking on the door.

This time when they asked who it was I answered, 'Your little naked slave girl bringing ice for her pirate masters.' There were very loud giggles as someone opened the door and let me into the room." "After I had poured pop for everyone and opened their snacks and distributed them to each of them, Dana de armond adriana chechik sharing a massive cocked stud for a fucking called me over.

'Bend,' she ordered and I did. With a quick tug, she pulled the tube from my ass. 'Clean this and bring it back to me.' she said, and I felt myself go pale." "'You can use the sink in the bathroom, ' she laughed, 'unless you want to suck your turds off it.' I took the tube dangling from Chrissy's finger and went into the bathroom to wash it off.

A few moments later I brought it back out to her and placed it in her hands." "She opened the tube and pulled out the remaining fives. 'Where is the change?' she asked, and I felt myself getting very red.

'Give it to me, now!' she ordered, and I lowered my hand to between my legs." "Chrissy started laughing very loudly. 'That's a pussy, not a purse, silly.' Then she slapped me very hard on the ass. I don't know if it was because it caught me by surprise or because my muscles tightened with the slap, but two quarters slipped out and fell to the floor. Now everyone was laughing and I could feel myself getting hot and squishy." "'Put that towel under you again, and lean against the wall.

We need to empty the change machine.' I did as Chrissy had ordered me and then she and all the girls started slapping my ass very hard. With each slap a coin or two would pop out and drop to the floor." "'We're going to have to wash that before anyone can use it,' said someone. 'That's what naked little change machine slave girls are for,' giggled someone else.

'There is a coin washer at the other end,' added someone and they picked up a few coins and pushed them into my mouth. Soon all the coins were in my mouth and whenever another popped out, it was quickly added." "I don't know how long the spanking went on, but I was getting warmer and squishier by the minute and then suddenly the volcano erupted.

My knees nearly buckled and all of the remaining coins spurted out of me. How I didn't swallow the coins that I had in my mouth I don't know." "Then I heard Chrissy's voice saying to me, 'Spit them out, don't swallow them.' She was bending me over and had her finger thrust into my mouth. I spit the remaining coins onto the towel on the floor. The girls were looking at me wide-eyed. 'Wow!' one of them said, 'Missy REALLY likes it.'" "Chrissy just said, 'I guess it is time for bed after all.

Missy, you can keep the coins. Even a naked slave girl deserves a tip once in a while.'" "The next morning we all got packed up and after a quick breakfast were on the road back home. After we had driven for a little while, Mrs. Curie said, 'Girls, do you know why I was so sure that nothing would go wrong last milf anal fisting solo and webcam masturbation milf cops of us tensed up fearing what might come next and almost in unison answered, 'No.'" "'You see, my family owns that hotel where we were staying.

So I was able to get the access codes for the security cameras and bring them up on my laptop computer that I had with me in the room. I could even record the feeds from the different security cameras. I did, and I decided to make a little remembrance video for you to watch on your way home.' She reached up and punched a button of some sort on the dash board and all of the DVD screens came on." "The image was of the hallway just outside our room.

There was a time stamp in the upper right- hand corner. At exactly 12:47, I stuck my head out of the door, looked both ways, and then stepped out into the hallway naked. As I walked down the hallway away from the camera, you could see the glint of the key chain swinging between my legs." "The view shifted to the next camera and you could see me walking toward the stairway. As soon as I opened the door, the view shifted to inside the stairway.

And so it went as the cameras followed me all the way down the stairs and out into hallway. When I stopped at the pop machine, the camera zoomed in close to show the key ring dangling between my legs. My hand came into the picture and I popped the tube out of my ass." "'I didn't zoom that in,' interjected Mrs.

Curie. 'It must have been the clerk at the front desk. All of the monitors display on his back desk so he can keep track of everything at night.'" "The camera pulled back again as I bought the pop and snacks, but it zoomed in super tight as I stuffed the coins into my pussy.

Mrs Curie continued her narration, 'I had a little talk with the night manager to make sure none of this gets out on the internet. I offered him $10,000 dollars for his complete silence, and told him I would spend twice that much to have him killed if he ever showed the video to anyone.

He handed over the recordings for the night, but I'm sure he had already made a copy and is probably at home whacking off to it right now.'" "I buried my face in my hands, but couldn't tear my eyes away from the screen. The camera inside the elevator showed the young men enter and clearly showed the expression on their faces when they saw me. 'I also had a little chat with the two young men. They somehow got the impression that your father was a Mafia boss or something. Not quite accurate, but sufficient to keep them from bragging about what they saw.' As the video continued, I heard myself say, 'I lost a bet.' Not only was their video, there was audio!" "And if there was audio in the elevator, that means that there might have been audio in the hallway.

There was. When I heard myself saying, 'It's your naked slave girl returned from her task. Please let me in.' I started crying softly, but at the same time the heat and the squishiness was starting to pour into my belly. By the time I knocked again on the door to announce that it was 'Your little naked slave girl bringing ice for her pirate masters.' I was breathing heavily and pressing my legs together tightly to keep the volcano from erupting." "I was just starting to get my breath when the video began all over again.

Mrs. Curie asked, 'Do you want to watch a movie or should we let this loop for a while?'" "Everyone - except me - yelled back, 'Let it loop!'" "'Why?' asked Chrissy's mom, and in unison they all answered, 'Because Missy LIKES it!!'" "I was crying heavily now. Not because they were being mean to me or because I was having to watch myself debased and humiliated, but because they were telling the truth. Missy likes it.

About half way fucked latina nympho gets a cum shower, the volcano finally erupted. It was stronger than it had been in the hotel room.

It was stronger than ever before. I strained against the seatbelts and tried to arch myself off the seat as I let out a loud, guttural moan that seemed to go on forever. When I finally stopped Chrissy and all the girls started applauding. Chrissy said, 'We all like our little naked slave girl even when she has clothes on. We like her because.' everyone joined her, 'Missy likes it.'" "Chrissy turned around and looked at me.

'Missy likes whatever we do to you, don't you? Say it. Say what you know to be the truth about who and what you are.'" "I looked up. All the girls were turned in their seats to see me better, lana rhoades lana rhoades outdoor solo I said loudly and clearly, "Your little naked slave girl not only likes it.

Missy LOVES it.'" = = = With that, Missy settled back in her chair. Obviously her story was over knockers babe throats bbc interracial and big tits the moment, and it was getting late in the day. "I think that is enough for today." I said. "I have some things I have to get finished in my workroom so you can check out the hot tub or take a walk or whatever for a couple of hours and then we are going out someplace fancy for supper." "What kind of restaurant is it?" she asked.

"It is whatever you want. The steaks are superb; the fish is flaky with light, crispy batter; the salads are wonderful; the deserts are to die for. And the chef is a close friend of mine so if you have a special request, she will whip up whatever you want. except an elephant steak." "What?" laughed Missy.

I laughed back. "Its an old joke about a place that serves everything. It comes from way before your time. Don't worry about it. Just plan on dressing up for an evening on the town, so to speak." "Should I wear a dress?" "Up to you." "Panties?" she asked, smiling. "Again, up to you," I answered and met her smile. "What about jewelry?" I had already gotten up from my chair. I turned my head and answered her as I walked back into the cabin, "Whatever you think is appropriate will work at Jake's.

It is all up to you." = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = END CHAPTER TWO OF FIVE = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =