Police officer sex while standing

Police officer sex while standing
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Fbailey story number 465 Our Minister's Hot Tub When our Minister and his wife installed a hot tub, my wife and I were the first ones that they invited to try it out. Now we were not high in the social standings of the church and we didn't even attend regularly so it was an unusual invitation.

The invitation included out thirteen-year-old daughter too. Janet found it exciting, she liked the Minister's daughters and looked forward to spending some time with them.

That Sunday after church we waited until everyone had cleared out and walked next door to the rectory. When my wife asked if she could borrow a bathing suite the Minister's wife replied, "Oh we don't use bathing suits. God gave us the only suit that we would need and besides the water has been blessed by my husband.

What could be better than that?" Janet asked her daughters if it was true and both Angelica and Bethany assured her that they went in nude. So Janet followed the girls up to their bedroom to undress and came back down wrapped in a towel.

My wife also came back wrapped in a towel too. She had gone with the Minister's wife Pamela to change out of her clothes.

The Minister's family was stark raving naked though. The Minister and I just undressed right there in the living room.

He sad that he needed his clothes handy just in case someone decided to drop in. As I looked at his two daughters I got a hard-on.

Angelica was the oldest at fourteen and Bethany was the youngest at thirteen like my daughter. However, those two girls certainly didn't look like my daughter.

Their breasts were twice her size.

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They definitely took after their mother. Pamela was a very well endowed woman, thank God. Our Minister looked at my erection and said, "They have that affect on me too but I try not to let it show." Just then my wife and daughter removed their towels and gave him a good look. That certainly put lead in his pencil. His pecker stood at attention faster than mine had. We then followed Pamela into the back room where the hot tub was.

It was huge and could hold ten people if it needed too. I looked around at the five sets of floating breasts and busty ebony babe pounded by her masseur glad that my cock was under the bubbles. Angelica and Bethany made sure to sit on either side of me and it wasn't long before their hands were on my cock.

They could feel their sister's hand there but they didn't seem to mind. Slowly I started to reach for their pussies and found that they were helping me by opening their legs up for me. We masturbated one another underwater. Angelica and Bethany were sent to get us a bottle of wine and some glasses. I was surprised to see seven glasses on the tray and the other girl carrying a gallon jug of wine. I didn't say anything when Angelica handed my daughter a full glass of wine and neither did my wife.

Before long the jug was empty. That was when the Minister asked my daughter, "Janet are you a virgin?" Janet replied, "Yes." Then he said, "I would love to deflower you right here in this blessed water with sacramental wine flowing through your vanes. What do you say?" She looked at me and I smiled, she looked at her and she smiled too, then she looked at his daughters. They just smiled and told her that they had let him deflower them in the hot tub a few days ago.

They said that it hurt a little at first but that the hot water soothed their discomfort quickly. Pamela then said to me, "Why don't you make love to my daughters to show Janet how wonderful it is." I looked at my wife and she smiled giving me the go ahead.

Angelica just turned around on me and thrust herself down on my hard cock. Pamela made me stand up to prove that I had penetrated her with the desire to procreate. What! Their girls were not on the pill and could get pregnant. Holy crap! Well neither was my daughter. I fucked up into Angelica and enjoyed the tightness of her pussy. It was certainly warm. I fucked into her until I cum inside her fertile womb. Bethany sucked my cock for several minutes and then asked her mother to help her get me hard again so that she could climb on for her turn.

She was tighter than her sister was and I assumed that she was about the same tightness as my own daughter. It took forever for me to cum in her but it was a great fuck. In the end I was thinking about fucking Janet too. After I was done my daughter sat on her Minister's lap facing him and impaled herself on his cock. Janet let out a little squeal when her hymen tore but then she bounced on him like a jackhammer. It was my wife that made him stand up so that we could see his cock in her.

Janet seemed to really enjoy the fucking that she was getting. She didn't cum but I really didn't expect her too, after all neither Angelica nor Bethany had an orgasm, and God knows I tried to give them one. After he cum in our daughter my wife grabbed his cock and said, "I'm not going to be the only woman in her that you haven't sweet girl tries out new sex toys Then she started sucking it. Pamela turned white and said, "We don't use words like that in front of our daughters." My wife lifted her head and replied, "Hey, he just fucked my daughter and you can call it whatever you want too, but if it was lovemaking or deflowering, he still fucked my thirteen-year-old daughter in the name of Jesus." Pamela said, "That may very well be but I would still appreciate it if they didn't have to hear vulgarity here." Bethany erotic chick spreads narrow snatch and gets deflorated defloration virginity, "Oh Mom, we hear worse than that every day from you." Pamela turned white again and lowered her head.

Angelica whispered in my ear, "Mom shouts out obscenities that I haven't even heard in school. Just fuck her and give her an orgasm. You'll see what I mean." Bethany had been stroking my cock underwater and I was hard enough to get in her mother so I stood up, lifted Pamela to her feet, and then turned her around. I shoved my cock into her pussy before her husband could shove his into my wife. Both women were side my side getting it from behind.

Their tits were swinging around with a life of their own.

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Being my third time I was in it for the long haul. Pamela wasn't used to my rough treatment or that position but it had its effect on her. Before long Pamela was shouting a string of obscenities a mile long. She used fuck, cunt, cock, and every word that I knew of. She kept shouting throughout her entire orgasm then she begged me to stop, No way in hell. I wasn't done with her and besides I hadn't cum in her yet.

All three of our daughters tried to repeat Pamela's dirty words during her second orgasm. Then during her third orgasm she was biting her lip trying not to say anything but it didn't work. When she finally cut loose she had the dirtiest mouth on her that I had ever heard.

She could make construction workers blush. She continued to beg me to stop long after her husband cum in laoura jeune tunisienne veut baiser en france wife. It was during that forth orgasm of foul words that my wife gave a gentle squeeze to my balls that sent my sperm flying. When everyone was calm again my wife mimicked Pamela by saying, "I would still appreciate it if our daughters didn't have to hear that kind of vulgarity here." Then she laughed so hard that a big gob of cum shot out of her pussy and started cooking on the surface of the hot tub.

Janet said, "Daddy you still have to fuck me." Pamela didn't correct her language. I replied, "Not now honey. I don't think I have anything left to give you." My wife patted Janet's shoulder and said, "He might be drained now but I promise you he will fuck you before you go to sleep tonight." Pamela said, "I'd like to apologize for my language.

I hardly ever receive an orgasm like that." My wife smiled and said, "I get them all the time.

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Your husband just doesn't know how to fuck. I can teach him if we are invited back again next Sunday after church." Pamela said, "You are invited anytime and not just on Sundays." Then her hand joined those of her daughter on my cock underwater.

The End Our Minister's Hot Tub 465