Step brothers gets a boner while sister reads bed time story

Step brothers gets a boner while sister reads bed time story
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After the afternoon of sex I'd had, I knew that my sister Judy would expect a complete round of sucking and fucking. My mom, Gina had come in and caught my friend Chrissy screwing our dog, Max. I figured we were dead, but Mom got right in the middle of it and proceeded to show Chrissy and me how it was done. Then she explained that she and Dad had been planning on showing us the ins and outs of sex. Now they had no choice and Chrissy was thrown into the picture also.

Things were going to get interesting. There was not much conversation between Mom, Chrissy and me as we prepared dinner. I think everyone was lost in thought. I know I was thinking of all kinds of shit. Judy came home and was surprised by the dinner being prepared.

"What's the special occasion?" she asked. "The beginning of our new lives as we become adults" Mom replied. I smiled and looked at Chrissy, who was grinning from ear to ear. "Mom came in on us playing with Max this afternoon" I told her. "It sure didn't end up the way I thought it would" I smiled. About this time our Dad pulled into the driveway.

"Get ready for little mary loves my big black dick kids, and we'll discuss this later" Mom ordered. When Dad walked into the door, Mom met him as usual, kissed him and asked him how his day had been. He kissed her back, said "Good" and asked "What's the occasion?" Mom took him by the arm and led him to the bedroom and closed the door. We all stared at each other and went into the den.

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Judy had a million questions and we proceeded to tell her what had happened. She almost couldn't believe it, until Chrissy backed up my story. "Holy fuck" was Judy's response.

"Who would have guessed?" "I think we are about to get the first of many sex lessons" I said, "and I hope they are as good as the one we had this aftrernoon". "My pussy is leaking goo down my legs right now" Chrissy said, "Look here" as she lifted her dress to prove her point. The bedroom door opened, Mom and Dad came out dressed in their casual clothes looking like they did every other night of our life. "Let's eat" Dad said and directed us to the dining room table.

We sat and had erika kane has got the body of a supermodel wonderful meal and made the usual small talk families do at the table. After desert, Mom brought out a bottle of wine, opened it and gave us all a glass full. "Let's all go into the den" Dad said, and we all followed him and sat down. "Your Mother and I have been wondering when this situation would arise.

We knew it would be soon, but we thought we had a little more time. We have discussed it and had planned on an open relationship with you kids. We didn't plan on Chrissy, but we are very happy to include her in this like she's one of the family. We only ask her that what happens here stays here and I think you have already proved that she agrees. Our sex life has always been an open one and we have tried about everything. Some things we probably will never do again, but we tried them.

We intend for it to be like this for you too. We may present a situation and if you are not comfortable with it, you speak up and you will never be expected or forced to do anything you don't want to do. Understand?" We all looked at him and nodded in approval. "I know that incest is frowned upon in the world. I see no problem with siblings engaging in sex as long as it's private and the proper birth control is used.

I take it you all feel the same way?" Dad looked at us all as we shook our head "Yes" in approval. We talked for several hours about our experience and our exploits so far. Mom and Dad were pretty impressed with what we had figured out on our own. We all needed to get to bed for the following day at work and school. So Chrissy left for home and we all retired to bed. I undressed and crawled into bed with millions of ideas running through my mind. In about ten minutes, my door opened and Judy mom olivia fox teaching stepdaughter pressley carter to my bed.

I looked up at her shadow in the dark and could tell she was naked. "I need to be fucked badly" she cried "please make me cum". How could you say "No" to a plea like that. I reached out, took her hand and laid her down on her back on the bed. I kissed her and she nearly sucked my tongue out of my mouth. I began to rub her gorgeous tits and licked her earlobe.

She moaned and I started working my way south. My mouth replaced my hands on her wonderful boobs and my fingers began to massage her sweet pussy. Wetness was abundant between her pussy lips, my hand was soon covered and I tasted blonde vixen amber deen fucks driving instructor to see if it was as sweet as usual. I was not let down. "Eat me, please" Judy begged. I had to oblige and went right after it.

I licked all around her beautiful shaved pussy and the homed in on her clit and attacked it. I nibbled and bit her clit and she let out a long moan. I knew I was in the right place. As I worked on her clit with my mouth, I stuck a handful of fingers in her pussy. I continued this until she begged me to fuck her. I sat up and grabbed my dick and placed it at the opening of that wonderful pussy and rubbed it up and down her slit. She grabbed my hips and pulled me into her.

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My cock went in all the way till my balls slapped against her ass. I proceeded to hammer the fuck out of my sex cream on girls cute face hardcore blowjob. I fucked her hard until I thought my balls were about to explode and I heard her say "Cum in my mouth, brother.

I want to swallow it all. Please shoot your jizz in my mouth!" That did it, I proceeded to start shooting cum all over her face, and then into her open mouth. She swallowed it all and then proceeded to lick my dick clean. I looked at her and kissed her lips and tasted my own cum on my sister's face.

I licked it off her face and let her suck it out of my mouth. God I loved my sister. Dad said "Not bad kids, not bad at all!" I turned around and there were both of our parents standing there naked with Mom Stroking Dad's nine inches of dick. "I think she could handle one in the ass yet, what do you think Mother?" Dad said. "I think so too" Mom answered. I had never seen Dad naked, let alone with a hard on, and I think Judy was the same.

"I'll take that challenge" Judy answered "I just need to measure it". "What?" Dad asked. "I need to suck it and be sure it fits in my mouth" she replied "if it doesn't fit in my mouth I won't let you stick it in my ass. My rules". "Good by me" he said as he stood above her and watched her swallow his cock. She proceeded to give him the best blowjob I had ever seen her deliver.

Watching her slobber all over our Dad's cock was bringing mine back to life. "My rule is you can't fuck it if you won't eat it" Mom said as she had several fingers buried in her snatch and one stuck in her asshole.

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"You gotta eat it first honey". I don't think Judy really wanted to stop sucking Dad's cock, but she liked the idea of having her asshole licked and fucked. She let the cock go and rolled over on her stomach and stuck her beautiful ass in the air for all to see. Dad wasted no time and dived in like a starving man. He licked and sucked on her ass like he was possessed by the devil.

Sticking his tongue in as far as it would go and sucking on her hole like honey would run out of it. She was moaning and almost crying from the pleasure she was getting out our Dad eating her ass. "You could learn a thing or three from this, Son" Mom explained "There is no reason you can't suck my ass too. Come here". I couldn't say no to my own Mother, and I proceeded to put her legs over my shoulders and worked on her asshole with all my might.

I licked all around the hole and paid special attention to the area between her pussy and ass. "O, yes work on that taint" shed moaned, "Mommy likes that a lot". I worked on Mom's ass for all I was worth till I heard Judy say "Please fuck me in the ass, Daddy. Sensual and wild oriental fingering stockings and japanese do it now." Mom and I both turned to watch as Dad proceeded to work his dick into my sister's near perfect asshole.

He lined it up and started to push it in. It slid in slowly and he took his time and you could see the lust in Judy's face as she loved it sliding in her back door.

Mom reached up and started rubbing Judy's tits, tweaking her nipples and pinching them to make them really hard and pointed. When Dad had his entire cock buried in Judy's ass, he just stopped and let her moan and enjoy the feeling. You could see the bliss on her face, she loved it.

"My turn" Mom said as she called me to her with her finger, "Come to Mommy, baby, come to Mommy". I hoped I was up to the task of making this gorgeous woman happy. I knew I was going to be happy! I licked my fingers and rubbed my spit on her pretty asshole, she spit in her hand and rubbed it the length of my cock.

My dick slid into her like it was a custom fit, slow and tight all the way till I felt my balls slap against her cheeks. I followed Dad's move and just stopped to enjoy the feeling. It was fantastic and Mom moaned and said "Fuck me hard, son, fuck me hard". As I began to hammer my Mom's ass, I looked at Dad doing the same to my sister. We went on to give them both one terrific ass fucking. Lustful busty dykes get freaky inside a cab started kissing Judy and they both were having the time of their life as we plowed into their assholes.

Mom looked up at me and said "Cum on our faces, we want all your cum on our faces!" "Yea, on our faces" Judy gasped "I want to taste it!" That was all I needed to hear, I pulled my cock from my own Mother's asshole and blew a huge load of cum on her and my sister's faces.

One, two, three big streams of white jizz all over them. I almost covered Mom's face and then I still sprayed two more spurts on them.

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Holy fuck was this scene hot or what? Dad must have thought so too, as he pulled his dick out of Judy and splashed them with about ten big streams of hot cum. I had never seen so much cum at one time. Two beautiful women covered with cum, licking this wicked legal age teenager beauteous girl off each other, swallowing each mouthful like they needed it to stay alive.

The men watched as the women cleaned themselves and each other, really enjoying it as they kissed and sucked on each other. When they had cleaned each other's face, they told us to step closer and they went after our cocks.

My sister cleaned every spot of cum from my dick and Mom had given Father the same treatment. We all collapsed in a heap on my bed and nobody said anything. We laid there for several minutes before Dad said "We better get some rest or tomorrow will be hell, nobody misses school or work.

That's my rule. We have to look like a regular family, not a bunch of crazy fucking sex maniacs. So everyone off to bed, I'll get you up in the morning." I asked Judy if I could sleep with her as my bed was pretty much tore up and covered with sweat and cum.

She agreed as long as I would keep my hands to myself. Then she laughed and said "Like that's ever going to happen!" I followed her to her room and crawled into bed, she crawled in next to me. We snuggled up close and kissed each other goodnight. I think we both were dead tired as we fell asleep before we could ask each other what we thought.

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I know I couldn't wait to see what would happen next. This sure is a great fucking family!!!!!!