Hidden spycam cam in shower dressing tube porn

Hidden spycam cam in shower dressing tube porn
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Three Granddaughters- Part 2-Mickey Dusty, the oldest of my three granddaughters, and her husband, Andy, lived in my small rent house across the street from me. Just before they married, Dusty had shared with me that she was already pregnant. Pregnancy made her life a continuous state of sexual desire.

The same day she gave me the news, she also gave me the first blow job I'd had since her Granny had died. I'm happy to say that my lovely granddaughter and I have had a very active sexual relationship since that day. Some days, we don't fuck. Some days we don't eat each other. Some days we even wear clothes in each other's presence… but those occasions are rare. During the last month of Dusty's pregnancy, we had less interaction.

The changes the baby was making in her system made it less comfortable for her… plus the fact that Andy was around a lot more, making it harder for us to make fuck time. With two weeks to go, before she delivered her little boy, I had just been the recipient of a fantastic, deep throat, blow job when Dusty asked me, "Grandad, how would you feel about fucking Mickey?" Needless to say, Dusty had already rid me of all hesitations about sex with my granddaughters. As Mickey's body (especially her fine ass) was even nicer than Dusty's, I replied, "Shit, Honey, I'd fuck her in a second.

I'd love to have this old cock stuck in her, doggy style.

I'd stare straight down at her wide ass as I filled her up. I'm not sure she'd think much of fucking her ol' Grandad, though." "I already talked to her. She's considering it.

She'll be home from college this weekend and she's supposed to stay with Andy and me… maybe she can stay here, with you, instead… and you're 58, Grandad.

That's not old." My dick was getting hard again, thinking about Mickey. I could just see her naked body getting out of my shower, dripping wet. Her long arms sliding the towel under and over those D-cup tits, dwelling for a few minutes on her nipples, which I assumed were dark, like Dusty's. As she would move to her ass cheeks, I could visualize her sex stories sexy story ebony sexy story over her shoulder, carefully drying one side at a time… proud of her ASSets.

Her pussy would be next; squatting a little as she dried between each luscious fold of skin. She would rub her clit in a circular motion, not necessarily to dry the area, but because of the feeling it gave her. "HELLO? GRANDAD? ARE YOU IN THERE?" I didn't realize was almost in a trance.

Dusty now had another grip on my stiff cock, stroking it slowly. "Oh, sorry, Darlin'. I was thinking about your sister." "Seeing how quickly this got hard again, you must have been thinking about it being inside her." I kissed my precious Dusty and told her about my daydream, "I sure wish you weren't so close to this baby getting' here, I would really like to have some of your sweet, sweet pussy right about now." "Me, too, Grandad.

I love you so much, and I know my butt isn't as nice as Mickey's, but if you want, you can fill up my butthole. Just please take it easy, I'll have this big ol' belly underneath me and I don't want to go into early labor." "Lay on your back, Honey, I want to love on your big fat belly, suck your big fat tits and eat your big fat cunt first." ************ I was sitting at the dining room table when I glanced through the front window toward Dusty and Andy's house.

Sunny leone xxx sex stories sex story watched Mickey's Nissan pull up and saw her ass bounce slightly as she ran up the steps and hugged her big sister. They disappeared into the house for about fifteen minutes; then reappeared and walked, arm-in-arm, toward my house. "HI GRANDAD!" Mickey wrapped her arms around me and smashed her tits into my chest.

She kissed me on the cheek, smiled and looked into my eyes, "I sure have missed my favorite Grandad. You're my favorite man in the whole world… but don't tell Dad; he thinks he's my favorite." She kissed me again and asked if I had any Coke, Pepsi or 'whatever'.

I snatched a Pepsi from the fridge and handed it to her. Dusty was about to sit down at the table in 'her' chair, the one with a pillow for her back. I suggested we sit on the back deck, since the day was beautiful and the light October breeze was warm. We started with trivial talk; Mickey's college classes… Dusty's false alarm labor… Bri's upcoming graduation… what kind of pizza we would order for supper, and so on. Finally, Dusty stood and said, "Okay, you two need to decide when and where you're gonna start fucking.

Talk about it while I get ready for Andy to come home. Once he gets his shower, we'll be over for that Pizza. "Don't even hesitate, Mick, Grandad is the BEST." Mickey and I sat quiet for a few minutes after Dusty made her exit. Then, out of the blue, Mickey looked at me and spoke, "Let me see it." "What, Honey?" "Your dick. Let me see it." "Excuse me??

Let me see your pussy." "I want to see your dick before I agree to anything." "I want to see sweet girl tries out new sex toys pussy before I agree to anything." "No, you don't. You're a man. It doesn't matter what my pussy looks like, you'd fuck it anyway." "Yeah… I guess you're right.

Are sure you even want to do this?" "No, I'm not sure. You're my grandfather. You've been here for me all my life, especially when Mom died. I just can't quite imagine seeing your naked body, much less having it on top of mine with your dick stuck in me. Dusty says you're great at sex, but she's always been horny and would fuck a power saw if it would give her an orgasm." I had to chuckle at that scenario, but I stood and unbuttoned the single button on my lounge pants, "You sure?" She stood and took the couple of steps toward my chair.

Once beside me, Mickey crossed her legs and sat on the floor, "Yep, let me see what I might be getting tonight." Instead of sliding my cock out of the fly, I just shoved my pants down to my ankles and kicked them aside.

My meat was at her eye level, but only half hard. I eased forward until it was almost touching her beautiful face, "Can you see it yet?" She took it in her hand and smiled up at me, "You know, I have two boyfriends that will graduate from high school this year. They're legal age and hung pretty good, but they are just boys.

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They can fill my pussy with a fine cock, but they don't last very long. Davey fucked me four times in an hour and a half, but he still dumped his fourth load in less than five minutes.

Once I get my teaching certification, I won't be able to fuck with students. " Hmmm…Granny must have liked this one pretty good; let's see what it looks like at full size." She stroked me for a few minutes and kissed on, under and around the head. Once Ol' Fat Boy was stiff and ready, Mickey grabbed a seat cushion, plopped it on the deck and raised to her knees, "Ronny likes a titty fuck, you want one?" I smiled in anticipation as she lifted her tank top over her head.

Sure enough, her dark aureoles and tit size were nearly identical to Dusty's. She wrapped the length of my dick between her beautiful, smooth globes and began her 'up and down' motion. Seeing the pleasure in my eyes, she opened her mouth and snaked her tongue to the tip each time it popped up toward her chin.

"Mmmm&hellip. I can sure understand why this Ronny guy likes it. You feel great, middle girl." She popped my cock head in and out of her mouth a couple times and grinned at me, "It's been a long time since you called me 'middle girl'. I used to not like it much, but it seems to be kinda special to me now." I stroked her brown hair and enjoyed the special attention for nearly twenty minutes before I warned her, my load was about to blow.

She squeezed her tits tighter on my shaft but kept her head bowed and sucked harder on the bulb. It was far from the deep throat Dusty could give, but Mickey didn't lose a drop of my cum.

She swallowed, sucked and swallowed again, and again. "God… I can't believe I just did that to you, Grandad," she gave american young niece sex with older uncle story softening dick a small twist, "I'm sure there's some sin involved; maybe even broke some laws. But… I do love my Grandad; and I'm glad I'm able to make you feel good. "Uh… I think I heard Andy's pickup. They'll be coming for pizza before long." "You already made me cum for my pizza, middle girl.

I guess I need to call the order in." When we finished supper, Mickey announced that she was going to visit her dad, Wayne, and stepmother, Tess, "I should be back by about 10:30-11:00. I'll be staying here with Grandad, Dusty, but if you need me, I always have my cell phone on." Andy asked if he could bring Mickey's bags in, but she told him she'd wait until the next morning, "There's really not all that much. I'll just bring my overnight bag in when I get back." She kissed all three of us and headed out the door.

Andy said he needed to fix a dripping faucet that had kept him awake the night before. Dusty told him she'd be home as soon as she helped me tidy things up. "Well?" "Well, what?" "Well, is she gonna take care of 'Ol Fat Boy during fall break, while I'm out of commission with the baby?" I smiled and told her we had already gotten off to a good start, "Well, I got off, anyway.

Between my Viagra and cock pump, I'll be willing to xxx mom and son sexy middle girl gets off before the night's over. If you come for breakfast in the morning, be kinda quiet; we may be sleeping late… or something." She hugged me, soundly, and said, "I know this shit is so wrong on so many levels, but it always feel so right.

I love my Grandad… see you in the morning." True to her word, Mickey came through the back door about 10:45. She gave me a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek, "I think I'll get a shower… wanna wash my back… or my boobs?" "I'll be happy to get the water running, where's your overnight bag…" She waved her toothbrush at me and said, "this is all I need." I had already showered once, blonde milf enjoys rubbing her drenched pussy masturbate and homemade after everybody finished supper and deserted me.

But my walk-in, all-clear, glass shower was plenty big enough for two. Granny and I had sex inside that enclosure many times. Dusty and I had shared a few, too, over the last six or seven months. My Viagra had already done its job and I was ready for whatever Mickey wanted.

The Lord may not have been looking down favorably on me, right about then, but I still took a few seconds to thank him for my health and my granddaughters. Mickey walked in, naked as when her Granny and I used to bathe her.

But twenty years later, she looked a whole, lot different… make that a whole, lot better. I questioned her shaven pussy and she explained that she'd made a trip to Mexico and had the hair removed, permanently, "I never have to worry about stubble, like Dusty does." When she questioned my stiffness, I explained about the Viagra. I told her that I never had the side effects of blurred vision, or headache, "The main problem I have is, I can fuck and empty a load, but the old son-of-a-bitch gets hard again every 1-1/2 to 2 hours for the next 18 or twenty hours.

If I use it again, I might cum or I might just get a sensation of cumming. Doesn't really matter, though; I'm hard again in a couple more hours." Both of us were soaped-up and rinsing off, "Dusty said you day-dreamed about doing me from behind.

She says you think I have a nice butt, and would like to look at it when you screw me. Sounds like a plan to me." "Dusty needs to be a little more careful what she tells you. I don't recall saying you have a nice butt.

My words were, 'fine ass'." She giggled and raised her tits with one arm, while she rinsed soap from under them. My mouth took advantage and took a quick pull on each nipple, "Besides, I'm just here to please my favorite middle girl. However you want it, it'll be fine with me." "Here and now… doggy style. That way I can wash again before I get out of the shower." We turned the water off and Mickey turned her back to me, latched onto the rear towel rack and thrust her ass toward me, "Be gentle with me, I'm a virgin." "What?" She snickered and said, "That's what I told Billy Dean Thomas about seven years ago." I 6 guys fucking 1 girl her gently on the right butt cheek and scolded her a little.

We were plenty wet, so entering her was no problem. Once I was fully seated, her vaginal muscles went to work, "You're gonna remember this one, Grandad." She was right. I still remember how her muscles worked my cock, like a farmer milks a cow's tit. Somehow, her vagina gripped the base and squeezed down the length of my manhood, toward the light purple head.

About eight or nine minutes later, I dumped my nuts deep in her guts. I felt like it was even more than I'd planted inside Dusty's bowels earlier that morning. Mickey's fall break ended way too soon, but she promised to spend Christmas break with me, too, "That's about the same time Dusty can start fucking again… maybe we can figure out a threesome.

Bri will be eighteen the day after Christmas, too. Do you think we should start talking to her about your giving her a little more… shall we say 'experience'?" "Remember when you told me that I was a man and I would fuck your pussy, regardless of what it looked like?" "Yesss…" "Cocks are made for fucking pussies. You have a fan-Goddamn-tastic pussy, middle girl. Dusty has so much pussy, she could keep six men drained.

There's absolutely no doubt in this old man's mind that Brianna is, or will be, just as wonderful to fuck as either of you. "But I'll never push her to do it, just like I never pushed either of you.

You girls are my entire life. Wayne would kill me deader than a fuckin' mackerel if he knew I was having sex with you two. "Once Bri hits eighteen, and IF she wants to include sex in her relationship with me, what can I say… I'd eat her young cunt and fuck her brains out.

I may have to get a stronger dosage of Viagra to keep up… or keep IT up. My answer, sweetheart, is yes.

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I'd love to fuck Bri, but only if she initiates it." "Wonderful, Grandad! Now… I'll be back in a couple months and I want to stay with you again, okay?" "Of course." "How 'bout we have one more go at it before I hit the highway? This one is totally your wish; how would you like to give me my 'going away' present?" "Hmmm… how 'bout a good sixty-nine?" "Great, I'll take the top." Comments are limited to registered XNXX members only Watch for Part 3- Brianna