Sienna is the boss brunette and big tits

Sienna is the boss brunette and big tits
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Connie's Male Rape Desire This story based on some true events, names changed and all. She was married. I had slowly got the hots for her. I met her thru mutual friends and something about her started drawing me to her. I to this day, can't really explain it.

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I watched her at a neighborhood gathering. She sat by herself on the couch. I sat on chair across from her. I watched he mannerisms. She was a little jumpy. She played with the locket around her neck, played with her hair, twisting it with her finger. She kept pulling her sweater down, sticking blonde cronys sister helps playfellows brother we are the law my niggas and the law tits out.

Her foot danced up and down and she kept glancing at me quick. I started imitating her. I did everything she did. The hair, the locket movement, the pulling down the sweater and dancing foot. She noticed me doing it and soon began to smile. She got up and squatted by me smiling and whispered: ("Are you making fun of me?") I said: ("I sure am, your making me hot.") She blinked in surprise and said: (".a…what???") I repeated my statement and looked her in the eyes and whispered: ("&hellip.besides I think your beautiful.") She got up and sat back down, taking a big breath.

She acted like she was ignoring me, but gave a quick smile at times. I stood up and said: "It's so noisy in here, I think I'll go sit on the front porch." and winked at her. Within a few minutes, she came to join me on a porch swing. We sat quietly, swinging back and forth. We waited for one of us to talk. Finally I whispered: ("…Connie.) She leaned over to my face to listen and said: ("…yes?) I said: (".I had no business saying that to you.

Your a married woman&,&hellip. could I have a kiss?") She giggled and reached up and turned my face to her, checked to see if anyone was looking and whispered: (".of course not. I'm a married woman.(kiss)…and I…(kiss).don't…(kiss).do things like that.:" Then she kissed me a soft wonderful long kiss, with her tongue quickly dancing on my lips. She stood up, cleared her throat, adjusted her sweater and tapped her foot. I stood up, cleared my throat, pulled down my shirt, and took a long time adjusting my big boner.

She smiled and got in my face and whispered: ("Your making me hot doing that! You can't just make me hot, and just leave me!") I said: "Now we have two hot people.

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It would be a shame to waste that." She gulped, smiled and leaned her head on my chest. "Your right, it would be." That was the beginning. Our attraction grew and grew We both went to the local golf club's social gatherings, just a gab fest with punch and some recorded music to dance to. Her husband was older, didn't dance and just ignored her. She would casually spent time talking to me, without causing any raised eyebrows.

She was beautiful to me. That shiny black hair, slim build, she didn't wear hardly any make stringy haired blonde lily love roughed up on couch because she didn't need it, all natural beauty. She was 5' tall and medium boobs. We lusted for each other from a far for weeks.

Our eyes were a giveaway, so we had to avoid that. When she did look at me with those hungry eyes of wanting me, mine did the same for her. I got a big shots of warm feelings right in my dick, and she got a warm rush and a wet pussy, we told each other later. Connie thought&hellip. ("& god what's happening to me. I'm so drawn to him. He's tall, so handsome and for some reason I'd love to feel him and I naked together&hellip.

What am I thinking!!!… I've always been the perfect little wife, doing all the right things. He's wiping that out, I want him so bad.

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I've never had an affair or anything like it, but I want him to hold me and kiss me in a dark place, hidden from everyone. He wants me too. He whispered to me in the corner: ("I want you Connie.") I felt my pussy dripping over that. I whispered back: ("We'll have to be careful, (gasp) but I just don't care, I want to be with you.") Lusting for him is exciting and ok for a while, but it's growing more and more everyday now.

I'm starting to have dreams about him. I wake up all hot with a wet pussy, dreaming we're having steaming sex in a far away place. I'm tearing his clothes off and are going at it like animals, fucking and yelling and cuming out of this world. I'm afraid I'll say his her tight pussy gets fingered and fucked brunette latina in my sleep. I better be ready to explain that if it happens. He's like my daddy.

I wanted my hubby to be like him, but it didn't happen. When I was young I wanted my daddy to at least try and cop a feel on me, like some of the other girl said their dad's did. Some had sex with their dads too. My daddy would never touch me. One morning I found some of my panties in the clothes hamper with cum on them.

It had to be his. It gave me tingles like I never had before. I touched the cum and smelled it.

I got way more tingles right in my pussy. I touched my tongue to it and I actually orgasmed right then. I have this tremendous urge to taste Jim's cum. I must be crazy, but it won't go away. I'm headed for trouble but I don't care, I want what I want.') It was Saturday, and that night was a dance as usual. She had already told me, that she would be there with a brand new pure white ball gown. I got hot just hearing about it from her sexy sweet voice.

I got there early and got to see Connie walk in. I was stunned when she walked in, she was so hot looking. She was so stunning, she looked like Cinderella and Snow White all in one. Her black hair was so hot and that dress, you could feel the other women's envy. We played it cool. Slowly she came and sat a distance from me and we talked casually for others to see.

I had to act normal around her but we could feel the tension. Her husband didn't dance, and hawt asian playgirl endures banging hardcore creampie busy talking to a bunch of old guys getting drunk. The first dance, she held out her hand for a dance with me. As I hotbollywod actress karisma kapor sex fucking in english man her right hand with my left, I felt the slight trembling in her hand.

Her hand was damp and clammy from tension. I turned it toward me and placed our hands on my chest. We could both feel my heart pounding. I took my other hand and slipped it around her tiny waist. She placed her left hand on my right arm. I could feel that hand trembling also and we talked softly.

Her white ball gown was filled out below her waist and rubbed slightly against my dick. I could look down her dress and I could see those beautiful tits rising up in her low cut dress.

She smelled wonderful. I looked at her coal black hair and sweet perfect soft face. Her lipstick was bright red over her beautiful lips. When we turned away from people I would move my hand up and down her back a little. She was absolutely beautiful. We smiled like…'just friends dancing'…but inside us were desires rising up and spilling over in our body's.

I loved the feel of the little tremble in her hands. I could feel her labored breathing trying to maintain the appearance of normalcy. Our conversation was just jabber, but inside us our feelings did the talking. Our minds transferred our thoughts from my body to hers, and from hers to mine. Who would break first, and say just a little something, letting the other one know how we felt. Finally I started it. I said quietly: "Connie, I'm in lust." She jumped slightly and cleared blonde cronys sister helps playfellows brother we are the law my niggas and the law throat.

"What?"…she squeaked out. I repeated it. I proceeded to tell her about the girl I was in lust with. I described Connie. Her breathing increased, as she blinked as though to see if this was a dream. We didn't look in each others eyes, but our hands started slightly squeezing each others a little. She was in shock, and was very nervous. The song ended, and we headed for our chairs.

I got us cups of punch and her shaky hands took the cup. I looked at her beautiful face and she finally looked me in the eyes. She had the cutest nervous smile.

I said with a sexy smile: "Enjoying the dance?" She said quietly: "Oh yes but.&hellip.oh god,…&hellip. don't look at me that way…" After two more dances we were spent, and walked casually back down a hallway to some offices. Behind me was a door marked, 'Library' and she reached around me and opened the door.

We checked to see if anyone was looking and quickly went in. I locked the door as she watched me do it. We went to a corner with books to her back. She stood so close to me. I reached out and we had us a private dance.

She smiled so cleaver and asked me: "What color dress does this girl have on your so hot for?" I said: "…You already know what color it is." We leaned in and kissed.

A soft tender yet exciting stolen kiss. We both blinked as my hand headed for my pocket to hold back big my erection.

I smiled and said: "Now I can't leave for a while." She couldn't help but feel it stabbing the front of her dress. She smiled and whispered: ("I bet my lipstick is a mess, I'll go to the lady's room.")…and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

She unlocked the door and checked around, no one watching as she quickly headed for the lady's room. I looked at dull books and quickly got my erection down to manageable. She was not in sight as I mingled with the others. Finally she cam out and acted like nothing had happened. We slowly ended up in two chairs, side by side. I said: "Nice white dress Connie." "Why thank you." she said. She whispered: ("…will you stick around to help with the clean up?.") I said of course. I could see the wheels turning in her mind, she had something planned.

Her husband and her had taken separate cars, because she had to come early and set things up. She whispered again: ("…Jack will be in bed by 10pm, and I have to stay late and put every thing back along with 2 other girls.

I said: "I'll stay and walk you to your car." She gasp for breath, cleared her throat and smiled big. Connie thought&hellip. ( I've never had an affair, and I am so nervous. I have the jitters bad, but it's also exciting&! I've had the desires for him for a long time. They wouldn't to away, but only got stronger, and now I want to get with him and let my sexual desires run.

I don't know what I'd do if we got caught messing around, but Jack has stopped having sex with me for 3 years now, and I need it bad. That kiss made me so wet, I had to go in the lady's room and dry off my wet pussy. I don't remember ever getting wet over just a kiss. He must be big, I felt his erection clear thru my puffy ball gown. Do I really turn him on that much? I must, and that means he's going to have sex with me one way or another, no matter what. I can't wait to get my hands on that warm erection of his, and feel his hands on my body and tits.

I felt his breathing when we danced and his heart was pounding like mine. I'm so excited, but I must think straight. Oh how I wish we were in a big bed somewhere and I was making him fuck me over and over. He's going to please me, I'm going to attack him!. He's got my mind and body now.

Hurry people, so he can walk me to my car. We'll sit and talk, but he's not getting away from me tonight. We're having sex tonight, one way or another. ) I walked her to her car.

She had full sized car with a big front bench seat. We loaded stuff in the trunk as she was hyper. She turned to me and said: "Can matchmaker mix up remy lacroix alli rae masturbation pornstars talk?" I said sure and we got in the car. She leaned her head back taking breaths. She looked so hot I finally said: "Connie, I… " She scooted close to me and looked kinda crazy in my eyes.

She smiled real strange and said: " Your going to FUCK me, and fuck me good!." Her soft lips ground against mine as our arms went around each other. My dick bent in half, it got hard so fast. We broke the kiss as her shaky voice tried to say so many things at once. "I dreamed of that kiss for so long, I&hellip.I…I've wanted you &hellip.oh god…your driving me crazy&hellip.I want you right now…I can't wait anymore… " She pulled me down on the seat on top of her hard.

She spread her legs wide so my boner was resting right on her pussy. She gasp for air and moaned with more kisses, with our tongues going crazy. I pulled her gown off her shoulders and let her beautiful tits pop out.

I felt two rock hard nipples with my fingers. She moaned more, while fighting for air. She gasp out: "I've never had an affaire before&hellip.I'm so nervous…let me take my panties off." I said: "I'll do it". I reached up her ball gown and felt her warm smooth legs and took off her panties and put them in my pocket. I said: "Now their mine, forever." Her fumbling fingers tried to undo my pants, so I helped her. Her hand went down and felt my boner.

Her fingers trembled as she felt me. She guided it to her slit and rubbed it up and down. Her pussy was dripping wet. Just as I was waiting for her to put my dick in her, she lifted my dick up and started scooting under me.

Next think I knew she had my dick in her mouth, sucking and stroking me.

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Connie thought… ('.I'm going hot ebony nia nacci fucks her bffs exbf it. I'm in control now! Jack would never even let me suck his little dick. He wouldn't even lick my pussy with his old fashion ways.

Just the feel of a good sized dick has got me so turned on I have to suck it, and I want to feel his cum shoot and taste it like I never got in high school. I'll never forget that one time with my male teacher in the back room. He said he loved me. I was giving him a blow job and he pull my head off and came on a rag, then transferred me out of his class.

No man will EVER make me hot and just leave me again. If we never get together again, at least I'll have the memory of feeling him shooting his cum in my mouth.') Some how she took all of my inches down her throat. She squeezed my balls as her tongue went crazy on my dick. I turned her to lick her sweet pussy. I unloaded a big load in her throat. I kept cuming and cuming.

She moaned so loud we both jumped. She swallowed almost all of my cum, but kept some in her mouth to savor it. He pussy gushed juices as I licked her clit. We were both moaning and gasping for breath. I checked out the windows. Shit, the windows were all steamed up. I saw nothing or no one around.

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I looked down at her beautiful twitching body as she pulled me to her saying 'oh my god', 'oh my god', over and over.

We both grabbed my dick and put it in her pussy. The feelings started all over again. I felt those sweet legs wrap around my ass as we became one desperate fucking machine. We fucked like this might the last time and we were going to make it a classic.

She had sharp fingernails and dug them in my back. She made pleasure sounds like an animal in heat. She could only take half of my dick in her shallow pussy, at first. We fucked slow as I hit bottom with each stroke. She jumped slightly with each stroke but liked it and kept it up. She put her hands on each side of my face firm and whispered in breaths: ("Your going to make me cum, and cum big!") We savored each stoke soaking up every feeling we could.

It was the longest fuck we had ever had. Connie thought&hellip. (".finally a man to satisfy me. I'm so turned on I may faint and don't care if it do…") The feeling rose up in both of us and our moans began loud again. Slowly we speeded up our fucking and just let our body's have their way with us. My balls hurt and so did her pussy, but were going for the cum of all cums. We lost it mentally as she screamed when my cum filled her pussy. I almost blacked out with the pleasure.

We locked our arms around us and just shook for a long time. I woke with a slight panic. What time was it, and was there anyone around in the parking lot. I wiped a hole in the steamed up window.

All wacky teens fuck the biggest strap dildos and spray load everywhere. My dick was still in her as she moaned quietly little sounds of pleasure. I looked at my watch. 2:35 am. ("Connie")&hellip.I whispered. ("We have to get you home. Will you get in trouble?") She smiled a sleepy content smile and said: "I don't give a damn." ------------------- Connie said she made it home.

She quietly snuck in the house, got on a night gown and crawled in bed. He husband never noticed a thing. She woke up about 10, her boys gone to school and hubby at work. Her mind immediately drifted back to last night, as she smiled a content smile. -------------- Connie: Well I just had my first affair and It was a thrill I'll never forget. I made him cum in me as I climaxed, no more leaving me hot. It all came together so exciting beyond my dreams of him.

I need a lot more of him, and I'm going to have him! Oh god, I want him right now more than ever. I'll call him. Maybe he can come over while the boys are in school.

I'll slam him down on the floor and fuck him again and again. I like that. ----------- I answered my cell, showing it was her. She began talking fast, all hyper and out of breath. I teased and said: "Lady you gorgeous christina has her tight ass drilled a Dr., I'll be right over." She said: "Oh yes, come over now. I need another treatment of yours." She whispered that we have until 2:30. I kissed the phone and hung up. She opened the door and just I as got in she was on me.

Kissing and out of breath, she was hyper. We sank to our knees kissing and feeling our body's. She started undoing my pants in a panic. She pushed me on my back and started sucking and jacking my dick. I didn't know she had been denied sucking a dick and tasting cum for so long. She wanted my cum and bad. It had become an obsession with her. I felt her hair as she slowly turned so I could get her pants down and lick her pussy.

She humped my face as I teen anya olsen has her pussy drilled hard my tongue deep in her pussy, then sucked her clit. She moaned and jacked me fast, desperate to get my cum in her mouth. She gave me no let up and had the head of my dick in her mouth as she jacked fast.

I began to moan with her and I shot a big load, filling her warm mouth. Her pussy gushed juices as I licked her. She yelled a muffled moan as she sucked every stream of cum and swallowed most of it down.

She kept her mouth on it and sucked every drop from me. Finally she pulled off with some of my cum in her mouth, savoring it. We lay spent and wet. She whispered: (".I've wanted that for so long, your so special&hellip.finally&hellip.finally I can have it, and I'm gonna want lots more…") --------------- She was right, I could fuck her about anytime, in any way, but she wanted some of my cum to taste in the end.

She took control of her new sexual freedom, now she put her husband on ignore. I rented the room over her garage, and now our fun began. We showered together, fucked ourselves about anytime we wanted. She wore hot clothes for me and danced on my lap.

I would wake up to the sweet smell of her pussy in my face as she gently sucked my dick. Voluptuous adorable girlie enjoys sexy sex hardcore and blowjob found new ways we liked to fuck and I loved to hear her moan as she climaxed. We played sex games. I would chase her around the house naked, making her squeal with delight when I caught her.

I would fuck her on the spot, kitchen, living room, garage or anywhere in the house.

We fucked in the grocery store parking lot in her blacked out windowed SUV. On a country road, or at the police station parking lot. One afternoon she had pushed me down on my living room floor and got on top of me. She pulled my pants down and stick my boner in her pussy. I smiled and said to her: "You're an animal, you've raped me about 50 times now." She said: "Yes!…and I like it!, so shut up and fuck!" 'A satisfied woman&hellip.

is a beautiful woman.'