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Xxx storys pron open smol gril
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It's been a week since the day Hannah became owned by Tyrone. It was taxing on her mind as she kept waiting for the next message, the next command from Tyrone. "Hey," She heard from the living room. Jack had come back home again. "Hey," She replied, not caring as she kept looking at her phone, pretending to scroll on Twitter.

"Home again? Good to see you home, I guess." "Yeah. Hey, wanna go out tonight?" Jack asked, giving her attention for once. "No," She rejected him instantly. "You can cook your own meal tonight though." "O… okay," His voice came off as a bit sad. "Why do you have makeup on then?" "Just wanted to wear it," She replied. "Why aren't you fucking your bitch?" Jack didn't reply. He was quiet as he searched for an answer.

"Anyways, I'm not in the mood. If you want to have sex, too late. I'm on my period," She lied. She wasn't in the mood for him or even felt the need to be around him after her birthday.

In fact, she felt almost nothing. Then, as she waited, her phone vibrated and there she saw a new message from Tyrone. Her face lit up with joy. Have you been a good girl? The message read. Yes. I've been nothing but a good girl. Can I see you tonight, Sir? She replied, waiting to receive the next text from him. Yes. Meet me at the park tonight and bring a pair of shoes. Heels are preferred, but wear something you are comfortable in.

And do not wear a bra or panties/thong. Uh… Well that will be embarrassing, but yes sir. Anything else? Yeah. One more thing: bring a change of clothes. No dresses. Just a pair of sweatpants and a blouse. What time should we meet? Some time near eight thirty. Yes, Sir. Hannah was ecstatic, but also anxious. What did Tyrone have in mind for her? After what happened a few nights ago, she still coughs harshly at times. He took her throat and her body without her permission, but she felt no real malice to him.

She felt a sense of enjoyment, but fear as well. What if he was planning to kill her or if he had some STD? Hannah couldn't tell and she wouldn't know. All she could do was hope he wasn't going to truly hurt her. "I'm heading out late tonight," Hannah told Jack. "Don't wait up. I'm going to see a friend of mine." "Friend? What friend?" Jack asked, suspicious. "Oh, I'm going to see a friend I made recently. Her name is Tracy. She's a nice girl who invited me to watch a movie with her." ".

Okay. Have fun," He murmured under teen emo girl blonde hot dolls taking a shower together breath. Hannah didn't care what he was saying. She just wanted to be with Tyrone. ***** "Hey," Tyrone said to Hannah as she walked up to him.

"Hey," She replied. She expected Tyrone to hit her or reprimand her, but no such action happened. Instead, he smiled. It made Hannah's heart melt as she saw his teeth. They weren't perfect or very white, but just seeing them from his smile set her heart ablaze and heated her loins like never before. "Come with me," He notioned as he walked over to a small building, getting behind it. Hannah followed immediately and finally noticed that he was wearing a backpack.

"What's inside?" She asked, both curious and scared as she imagined that he would have a ski mask, tape and gloves to commit an act of murder, or even rape her out in the open. Even though the former sparked fear inside of her, the latter caused juices to flow from her heating hole. Just being raped in public by this muscular, handsome man filled her thoughts with the most exciting, yet morally depraved thoughts. "Get naked," Tyrone told her. Hannah didn't hear him until he spoke again, this time in a more clear and stoic voice.

"Get naked." "H-here?" Hannah hesitated and stuttered. "But… we're in public…" "Get naked, cunt. NOW." Hannah immediately stripped down as she was commanded by him. The way his voice immediately changed to be not only deeper, but also far more commanding made her want to just do anything for him, even grabbing a leaf from the trees above them and shoving it up her ass. In just a minute, she was naked before him with only socks remaining on her feet.

She looked down at the ground before she felt his large, rough hand grab her chin and slowly raise her head up to him.

He was easily a foot taller than her. And the way he was being gentle, even for a moment, made her heart skip a beat. "Do you hate your body?" He asked her.

Hannah nodded, noticing a slight look of disappointment in his eyes. "Why?" "Because… when I was younger, a group of girls would always make fun of my weight," She admitted sorrowly. "I used to be called 'beached whale,' 'fat skank,' 'fat bitch of the world,' and other names. And… one boy who I liked asked me out on a date, but it was just a prank because 'no one would love a fat girl like me unless they wanted an easy lay.'" Tears ran hot skinny brunette strips off her pink lace thong ampampamp toys herself Hannah's cheeks.

All her life, she was treated like she was the fattest person in the world. All the guys she dated only got with her because they expected an easy lay, a blowjob or just a quick first time lay so they can get with a popular girl.

And sadly, Hannah fell into those tricks far more easily than anyone else could. But those tears were wiped away by Tyrone. He looked at her with caring eyes. Eyes that she had never seen before, not even from Jack. She felt safe near Tyrone instead of being scared. She saw how much he cared.

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And that was enough for her to feel most of her anxiety wash away. She was ready to be controlled by him. "It's not okay to dislike or hate your body," Tyrone told her. He moved behind her, slowly moving his hand down her body and onto her stomach. Even though she had felt as if her rolls were very unattractive, she never felt so happy to have them as Tyrone grabbed one of them, squeezing it in his hand.

He began to slowly pull on it, using his other hand dagfs stolen emstory archives part 18 grab her breasts, first holding the left one then feeling both with his forearm. Her nipples were growing erect as a soft breeze began to blow under the late summer night. After several minutes of that embrace, Tyrone let Hannah go.

"Okay," He started, "let's start tonight." Tyrone set the bag down and he opened it up, removing a collar with chains and nipple clamps, a small vibrator, a dog tail anal plug, a leash and another clamp. Hannah had a look of both bewilderment and excitement as she saw the items. Her wet, hungry pussy grew even more wet and hot, causing the liquid to slowly run down her large thighs.

He then wrapped the collar around her throat, making sure it was tight enough. She looked at him, not knowing what to do. She just kept her hands at her sides, hoping to not mess up in some way.

He then placed the chained clamps on her nipples and made sure to have them tight, but not extremely tight. Hannah bit her lip from the pain, but it excited her even further as she was practically hoping he would feel her wet pussy. And just as she hoped, he felt her pussy. But the touch didn't last long as he quickly moved his hand away and grabbed the dog tail anal plug. "Spit or your own juices?" He asked her as the black, silicone plug was in his grip.

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Hannah didn't answer for a moment as she didn't know what he meant, but she quickly figured it out. "My own juices," She replied as she was squirming in place.

Then, just as she answered, Tyrone shoved the plug into her pussy, the fur ticking her lips. She moaned out, feeling something penetrate her for the first time in a while.

Even though Tyrone penetrated her a few days earlier, she wasn't conscious to fully enjoy the feeling. Then, after just a few moments of the plug being inside of her, it was pulled out. "Bend over," He commanded. Hannah nodded and bent over, spreading her ass cheeks for him. It wasn't a quick motion, but it wasn't slow either as the plug was shoved into her asshole, fully planted inside.

Even though it was small, it felt large inside of her asshole. Hannah couldn't help but gasp and moan like a bitch as the plug felt so alien, however, it was completely amazing. She hasn't felt something in her asshole in years. But Tyrone wasn't done as he pushed the small, purple vibrator inside of her drooling hole.

Another moan escaped her lips as she felt her body shake in the pleasure. It was so alien for her. "Get on all fours," Tyrone told her. She slowly got on all fours, looking up at her tall master. The black leash in his hands gave her a look of true submission as she realized she wasn't more than his bitch. And it excited her greatly.

She wanted to be his bitch. He actually wanted her, so the least she could do was be his bitch. Tyrone latched the leash onto the collar and the click secured them together. With xxx ful saxy story callips collar and leash together, Tyrone began to tug on it, forcing Hannah to move along with him as if he was walking her.

Before long, Hannah was a bitch being walked by her master. They were moving at a somewhat slow movement as Tyrone didn't force her to walk quickly or fast to match the pace he wanted.

He just kept moving at a pace that she could get used to. Her fat ass jiggled and shifted from left to right over and over again, the cool breeze feeling nice on her ass while her hanging tits bounced again and again.

Even though she tried to maintain a smile on her face, Hannah was feeling so embarrassed and afraid because she kept thinking that someone she'd know would see her. But even that made her horny as she deeply hoped that someone would take a video or images of her like this.

Then, a sudden urge overpowered her. She needed to pee. "S-sir…" She stuttered. "I need to… p-p-pee…" She was embarrassed. "Then pee in that patch of grass," He told her, pointing to an area with a tree and a soft patch of grass. Hannah didn't know what to do for a moment, then, looking around for other people, she went to the tree and squatted, feeling the warm liquid of her body flow out and release onto the grass.

Even though it felt good, she felt so degraded. She didn't even feel like a woman. She felt like a complete bitch. 'It feels amazing,' She thought. 'I'm a bitch. I'm amateur hairy strip teen the olympic interchange a woman.

I'm just a fucking dog.' Her hand began to rub her clit as she finished pissing. It felt amazing to her. Both of her holes had something inside of them, but they weren't too big. Then, just as she continued to rub her clit, she was nearly pulled over as she felt Tyrone tug on her collar with the leash.

She crawled back to him, her head down as she realized that he was watching her play with her cunt like some horny bitch. "I'm… sorry," She started.

"It felt… so good being a bitch…" "No," He told her flatly. "Don't apologize. You're simply reacting to your instincts. You're a fucking bitch. Bitches get horny all the time." Hannah felt her pussy overflow as he called her a bitch. She didn't feel human at all. She truly felt degraded and low, as if she was really his dog. "Are we heading home?" She asked him. "Not yet," He replied. "We're going to fuck." She looked at him with bewilderment for a moment, then she began to process what he said and felt her face burn to the touch.

"Sex? Here?" She was in disbelief.

"But… no one ever had sex in public with me…" "Then I'll be the first." He moved to the bench, sitting down on it. Then, he pulled down his joggers, revealing his throbbing, erect fuck stick. Hannah was mystified by it as the fat pole stood as if it was a monument of god. She needed it inside of her. She needed it to surprised by her hubbys desire to see her fucked inside of her and claim her.

She truly needed to experience it and finally fall in love with it. "Push out the vibe and get on my lap," He commanded her. She nodded, and using all of her strength, she pushed it out of her hot, drooling sex.

It wasn't long before the toy fell out of her and landed on the ground with a soft clonk. She then, panting softly, got on his lap, spreading her legs wide as she straddled him.

His cock was just touching her clit, exciting her even more. "Please…" She started. "Hm?" He raised an eyebrow. "Destroy me, please, Master," She begged. "Fuck me. Hurt me. Make me yours completely. I belong to you." That was enough to have Tyrone shove his cock deeply into her pussy, moving his hips like a piston as he fucked her without mercy.

Her eyes teacher mom sex his son in room into the back of her head, her tongue hung out of her mouth and all she could do was moan and howl like the bitch she was. His hands grabbed her ass, squeezing it and slapping it as she bounced with his piston thrusts. The world was disappearing around her as all she could see and think of was Tyrone and the monster he has of a cock. Even slutty college teens licking sorority pledge pussy at hazing lesbian and party it was so large to her, it slid inside of her easily and felt so natural.

He really did take advantage of her, but for how long? She didn't know, but she still enjoyed the entire feeling of his black cock. Nothing she had before could even match the intensity and feeling of this moment. The way his cock pounded and destroyed her. The way she bounced and how he was a piston; it was a match made in heaven.

"Get up and bend over the bench," He told her. She obliged quickly and bent over the park bench, her fat ass out to him again. Hannah felt Tyrone grab her fat rolls, something barely anyone did, and shoved his cock back into her pussy, fucking her as if he was a beast now.

Her moans became louder and filled the quiet park, until the sound of footsteps were heard. She looked up, and saw a couple looking at them. "Oh my…" The woman said, watching Hannah's lewd, pleasure filled face. "She's really enjoying that," Her boyfriend said in reply, smirking, at Hannah. "I bet she could enjoy it from anyone if she's letting a nigger fuck her." Tyrone looked up for a moment, anger flashed across his face, but instead of being angry, he looked back down and focused his attention back on Hannah, becoming more beastly than earlier.

Hannah moaned out loudly, watching the couple as they grew wide eyed. It wasn't even a moment before Hannah reached her climax. Her pussy tightened around his cock, moaning loudly as she closed her eyes, fully enjoying the feeling of being watched and being fucked by her master. "Let's go…" The guy said, practically tugging his girl.

But his girl wouldn't move. She was practically hypnotized by the scene in front of her before the man stepped in front of her and pulled her away. "Where do you want me to cum?" Tyrone asked Hannah, growling under his breath. Whether it was out of anger or complete lust was unknown to Hannah.

All she could do was continue to enjoy the feeling of her beastly master. He was becoming hasty with his thrusts and his cock was growing, ready to cum. "Fuck!" He howled out as he released a thick load of hot cum into her drooling pussy. The white, thick load filled her pussy to the brim, creating a thin ring of cum around her his cock and her hole. It felt so right to Hannah and Tyrone. The feeling was a complete masterpiece that only those who were involved would truly enjoy and appreciate.

"Fuck…" He panted again, slowly pulling his cock out of her hole. Cum leaked out of her pussy, the rate at which it came out could only be compared to molasses.

It was amazing. "Thank you…" Hannah softly whispered. "I… haven't felt this wanted in… I don't know how long…" "It's no problem, my princess," Tyrone replied. He smiled at her as her heart was set ablaze by his words. He had the look of a king to her, a true king she had needed for a long time. "I think we should go home before we get reported." Hannah nodded, but only for a moment.

"I don't want to go home to him," She admitted. "I want to-" "Come stay with me then," Tyrone said. Hannah smiled and turned around, holding her king close to her.

***** "Welcome to my home," Tyrone said as he allowed her through the door first. "Sorry about the mess. I meant to start cleaning tomorrow." Hannah smiled and looked around the home. It wasn't very big. The living room just had an recliner and a large tv with a gaming system with a poster behind it. "How many bedrooms does it have?" She asked him as he shut the door behind him.

"Just one. I moved here a few months ago. My landlord has no lease for me. She understands I can't live here for years, so until I have enough money saved up for a new place, she's letting me just pay half of what I should," He told her. "I'm thinking of moving up north." "Really?" She had a look of sadness on her face, almost crying. "I won't be able to see you then…" "I'm not moving up just yet," He told her as he caressed her cheek. "Not until you're fully mine." Hannah blushed deeply.

The fact that he wasn't moving until she myanmar sexest vigin girl sex his entirely made her heart beat.

"But… what about Jack?." She asked, almost in a daze. "You'll just have to leave him," He said flatly. Hannah snapped out of that daze and thought for a moment.

"But… I really do love Jack. Even though I'm doing this with you, I still love him. But I… I want to truly leave him. I know why he hasn't been fucking me. The night I went home, there was mail for Jack. It was thrown out after being opened, but I looked at it. I was heartbroken.

"He has gonorrhea. I don't know who he got it from and what happened, but I do know one thing: I'm done." Tyrone held her close to him. "Worthless bastard." Hidden rage seethed through his mouth as he held her. Hannah then rubs his back gently, calming him down slowly. "Tomorrow, after work, let's get your stuff," He told her after calming down.

"You're no longer living there with him. He doesn't deserve you." Hannah smiled and kissed his cheek. "Can we sleep tonight, in your bed, the one you raped me on?" She asked him, smiling at him. "And if you want… you can rape me in my sleep. I belong to you." Tyrone smiled, but as he was about to speak, he looked at the clock.

It was already past midnight. "Shit, it's that late? I have to work in seven hours. Let's go to bed." Tyrone grabbed her hand and lead her to his throne room; his bedroom.

***** Why do you find me so unattractive? I'm a little slut see?! You can do what you want to me, I won't tell anyone. I… Wish you would love me. Hannah woke up suddenly, gasping for air. Her head throbbed and her body felt heavy. She was just feeling exhausted even her rest. Turning her head just a little, she found a note taped to the side of the black nightstand. "I'll be home in 6 hours.

There's food and drinks in the fridge. Make yourself comfortable. -Love, Tyrone P.S. I had some fun with you before I left for work. Hope you enjoyed the little treat~" Just realizing what he meant, Hannah shoved her hand down under the blanket covering her large body blonde milf from mash fucks hard seventies parodies felt her pussy, a sticky fluid covering it as the same fluid leaked out of her pussy.

She felt a smile form on her face. "I love it," she said to herself. She slowly rose up and stretched, the blanket falling off her chest and revealed her large breasts. She hadn't slept like that in months. It felt so new, so invigorating and just wonderful. "That dream though," She started, "it was so… weird. Did I say those things?

When did I? I guess I will find out later. Maybe." She got up from the bed and made her way to the kitchen. The apartment was small, almost just enough for two people, but it still just felt so cramped. Hannah was amazed how Tyrone could really stay here for months. She and Jack wouldn't have been able to stay here for even a week. Grabbing some milk and cereal, Hannah grabbed a bowl, the only one in the kitchen and a plastic spoon. Heading to the living room, she placed the bowl of cereal down as she realized that she was naked and cum still was leaking out of her.

"I shouldn't eat like this on his seat," Ugly chick with saggy tits and big ass said softly. She walked back to the room and found her clothes. But as she grabbed them, she found Tyrone's closet door and opened it up, revealing a set number of shirts and several pants.

The closet, being as small as it was, made it easy to grab shirts, pants and shoes rather easily. Shifting her eyes between his clothes and hers, Hannah grabbed one of his shirts and only grabbed her underwear, closing the door quickly. She then dropped her clothes and immediately got into his shirt and her panties, smiling widely as if she felt his embrace around her.

Even though the shirt felt just a bit tight around her, she loved it. She then made her way back to the living room where she turned on the HDTV and began to watch some shows on Hulu. After eating and watching only about a hour and half of Hulu, she looked at the wall clock.

"12pm?" She asked out loud. "One more hour?" Then, just as she asked that, her phone began to ring. She immediately went to get it, hoping it was Tyrone. And she was right. It was her master. "Hello Princess," He started, the way his deep voice sounded as he was at work excited Hannah tremendously. "Hi Master," She replied back, smiling widely.

"How is work?" "Very hot and tiring. I'll be home in an hour. It's a short day. I won't be back to work in a few days. They're letting everyone get some rest." "Okay Master. I'll be waiting. Would you like me to do anything?" "There's nothing yo need to do yet. We will have to go get your things later. For now, just relax and enjoy some time to yourself." "Yes Master. Anything for you." "Good girl." He hung up, and instantly, Hannah began to melt as she loved the way he sounded.

But as she let her phone rest on the nightstand, something caught her eye. The drawer of the night stand was slightly ajar. A bit curious, she opened the drawer a bit more and discovered a handgun in it. She knew nothing about guns, but looking at it, she knew one thing: it was meant to do harm. She then saw something else. A letter. Even though it was folded neatly, she didn't hesitate to grab it. But for whatever reason, she couldn't open the letter. Open it, She told herself.

Open it. You know what it is. His test results. You're carrying a disease now, you fucking slut. You're worthless. Tears formed in her eyes as she grew afraid of the thought. She was afraid now that he'd be carrying a disease. And hoping to quell her mind, she opened the letter. But instead of it being test results, she saw something more horrific to her. A suicide note. The tears grew in her eyes as she began to read the letter.

Dear mom, Thank you for your years of caring for me. Thank you for what you did for me. You are my superhero. As for you dad, rot in hell. But I can't hate you. No matter what, I can't find a reason to hate you. You were right about one thing: women are objects. And for whoever else is reading this letter, thank you for reading and for knowing me.

I'm happy to have known you. But this is goodbye. -Love even after death, Tyrone Hannah was crying. She was just in shock and couldn't think. She was horrified and almost felt herself vomit. He was going to kill himself. He was going to do it. He… Words escaped her as she kept crying. All she could do was cry. Then, the door opened. Turning around at the sound, she saw Tyrone. "I'm home," He said loudly as the sound of his boots thudded against the hardwood floor.

But Hannah couldn't move. She didn't want to. She just kept crying. "Oh, there you are. Wait. What's wrong? Why are you crying?" He was confused and worried about her as she kept crying. Then, she brought the letter up and pointed at the open drawer, the silver gleam of his handgun catching his eye.

He had this look of anger flash on his face, then it turned to sorrow as he looked at her. "I. I almost did it the day after. We had sex…" Hannah just ran to him and hugged her arms around him tightly. Her tears soaked his grime ridden shirt. She didn't know how much she cried, but after a while, they were on his bed.

"Why did you attempt suicide?" Hannah asked as she looked at him. He didn't answer for a minute. "I hate myself," He told her softly. "For a long time, I've hated myself." "Why?" "Back when I was in high school, I had this girlfriend.

She was a 'feminist' and always tried to strive for 'equality' between males and females. But that was a big brunette babe tries out her new toy lie. "She didn't want equality.

In fact, she practically abused me in every way. Emotionally, physically, mentally and always made it seem as if I either deserved it or I was the one who did the abusing. But that's not all. She would cheat constantly. She even got pregnant and kept telling me it was my kid.

Then…" Hannah kissed him softly. She heard enough for now. Tyrone returned her kiss and felt a few hot tears run down his cheeks. "It's okay," She told him softly. He nodded as he wiped away his tears. "But one thing confuses me. You said we had sex. But you raped me." He shook his head slowly. "The truth is that we had sex. We were drunk, but you were worse for wear," He told her.

"What you told me-" "That I'm a little slut?" She interrupted. "That I wish. You'd love me?" Tyrone nodded slowly. "I. I had a dream last night.

I said those things to you, didn't I? Why would you still do that to me?" "Because. The moment I saw you, I wanted to shove my cock inside of you. I wanted you to see how much I wanted you. How much I would love you.

And. To give me a reason to live." Hannah looked at him. She then grabbed his hand and wrapped both of her hands around his large, rough hand. "Am. I the reason now?" He nodded again and placed his other hand on top of hers. She smiled softly and brought her lips to his, giving him a kiss. He returned the kiss, both giving in to the motion as they deepened the kiss. Their tongues slowly felt each other, becoming intertwined in their pleasures. Then, they slowly moved their faces from each other, soft pants that were out of sync just being heard from them both.

"I love you," Tyrone blurted out gets for a what she begs. A look of shock was brought on his face as he realized what he said, but Hannah had the same shocked expression. And she smiled. "I love you more," She replied. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw how flustered his face grew, but it wasn't just that. She saw it in his eyes.

He was extremely happy. "I. Really do love you. And I want you to know me more." Hannah nodded and smiled as he began to listen to him. He told her about his past in full detail. How he was a victim of sexual assault as a kid.

How he watched a video of his own mother being gangraped by his father and his friends before he was born. What his beliefs truly are. What caused him to become as fucked up as he is. "Your father instilled the thoughts of how women should be raped and treated as objects when you were young? He even made you watch the rape of your own mother?

I'm so sorry." "It's okay. Honestly, because of him, I realized how worthless women are. How they desire to be raped and treated as objects." "But. " She trailed off.

"When I was 12, I was raped. It was by my dad's friend. I hated it for years, but when I was 16… I was molested by a teacher. It made me hate myself because I started to think of when I was raped and how good it felt." She looked down at her large thighs. "And… I started to masturbate to rape videos. I looked them up a lot.

And I never told anyone or admitted it because I always felt that if I did, I'd be hated more and feel as if I'm hurting the actual victims who couldn't move past their rape. It's why I hated my body." "Then stop hating yourself for it," Tyrone told her bluntly. "I am a victim too, but I don't think of what happened. I think of how it made me. I hated myself for so long because I thought I was a monster. Then, I found videos cute amateur blonde milf gives handjob 2 tube porn met people.

They told me that rape is okay. Women believe they hate it, but the truth is that they love how helpless and weak they feel. The lack of control over what happens and who enters her makes her love it far more than anything.

And that's when my father's words hit home. 'Women are nothing but objects.' And I live by those words." "It's okay for me to love rape?

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You wouldn't hate me or think I'm betraying anyone?" "No way. Honestly, I'd love it." He smiled widely at her. "Would. You rape me even if I wasn't into you?" He nodded. "Even if I screamed?" He nodded again. "Even if… I was racist?" "Well I'd end up raping you into a BBC cow." She laughed as he chuckled. "Okay, you win. So. What now? Should we go get my things?" "Yeah, we should." "Then can… can we watch something together?" He looked at her, but nodded in confusion.

"Sure thing, love." Her heart skipped a beat. ****** Arriving to her 'home,' Hannah saw a note on the door.

In large, vermilion letters, her heart dropped as she read it. "EVICTION NOTICE" "Huh…" Tyrone said softly. "Evicted? Did you know about this?" Hannah shook her head furiously, tears streaming down her face.

"No. No please." "Huh? What's wrong?" "MY CLOTHES! My memories… They're all gone…!" She was crying as she grabbed onto Tyrone. "I have nothing now! No clothes, none of the things I've bought from home with my parents and my laptop! THEY ARE ALL GONE!" "Hey, hey. It's okay. It's okay." He rubbed her back gently as she kept crying. She didn't know what to do. Then, the sounds of footsteps were heard.

"They're all gone, you cheating slut," A familiar voice said venomously. "What was that?" Tyrone said, growing kinky mature bbw plumper drilled in ring. "She heard me. Now come here, slut," Jack said, grabbing Hannah's arm. "You had your revenge.

Now we can go-" A fist flew. Tyrone punched Jack's face with sheer force. The sound was so dull and strong. Jack stumbled back as he cupped his nose, blood flowing out of it. "You fucking nigger!" Jack rushed at Tyrone, but was met with another fist. Tyrone looked at him with animosity in his eyes. "Get back up. Come on. Get up and fight me. Show me what you can do, you fucking diseased pig." Jack stood up, and in his foolishness, he tried to punch Tyrone once again.

Even though it managed to connect, Tyrone wasn't hurt. In fact, he was laughing. "Is that all you can do?! Hah!" Tyrone punched him once again, this time knocking Jack to the floor.

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He couldn't stand back up. He was afraid to. "Why… Why did you cheat on me?" Hannah asked him. Jack didn't answer.

"She asked why you cheated, you fucking ingrate," Tyrone told him and he stepped closer to Jack. He winced and jumped a little as he began to answer. "Because I never loved you. I only wanted an easy lay. Then, I realized how easy you were.

I could have you to myself. And then I would cheat and you wouldn't leave me because no one would love a fat pig like you!" Hannah was shocked. She couldn't believe what he was saying. She felt her entire body grow cold as she grabbed Tyrone. "Why were you evicted?" Tyrone asked. "I haven't paid the rent in months. I used that money on drugs and prostitutes." "What about that girl?" Hannah finally asked him. "That bitch?

She ended up getting pregnant by some other guy and sold her body for baby clothes. She's the reason I got this STD." "You know what? You're pathetic." Hannah just began to walk away. "I'm pathetic? YOU'RE PATHETIC! Fucking a nigger in a park like that! How could anyone manage to be in a public area with a fucking whale?!" Hannah didn't reply. She just kept walking.

Tyrone didn't move. Instead, he squatted down and looked at Jack. Then, he just shook his head. "How could you even love yourself? You're disgusting." Tyrone stood and began to walk away. "GO KILL YOURSELF!" Jack yelled at Tyrone. But his face quickly turned to fear as Tyrone turned back around and ran, getting ready to kick him. But His foot kicked only air as Jack covered his face. "Pussy." Tyrone just walked away and found his way to Hannah, who was standing over his car.

"Get in," He told her as he unlocked his car. She got in silently as he got in and they drove away. ***** They drove for an undetermined amount of time, but they arrived at a location. Some place Tyrone knew as they sat in the car silently. Then, Hannah began to cry. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," She repeated as she cried into her hands. "I was in love with him, and seeing him like that hurt me… I'm so sorry for even having feelings towards him." Tyrone didn't do much.

He just wrapped his arm around her. Instinctively, she grabbed him and held her close to him, crying her eyes out as she felt shame and disgust for that person she couldn't even see as a man. In just minutes, her tears dried up as they held each other in silence for a few, long moments. "Master," She said softly, breaking the silence, "do you hate that I was with him?" Tyrone shook his head. "Why should I hate you? You're not him nor did you believe in the things he did," He told her.

"I don't hate you or feel any disgust towards you. Honestly, I love you. Maybe it's too soon to say that, maybe I am rushing things in my mind, but I feel so much care and love towards you. Whether it's lust or love in general, I don't care for which one.

I just want you." Hannah smiled. She then began to kiss his muscular arm softly, feeling safe with him. "There's something I've always wanted to have happen to me," She admitted.

Tyrone raised an eyebrow. "Yes?" He asked, curious. "I've always wanted to be fucked against a car. Just manhandled or forced against the cold steel and have my holes abused by someone until they're satisfied." Tyrone smirked as she blushed and looked away.

He then got out of his vehicle and went over to her side, opening her door. "Get out." tied up hentai girl gets vibrators hardcore animated Unsure what was going to happen, Hannah got out of the car.

"Now go to the hood and bend over." She was commanded and followed, her heart beating rapidly as the sun was still as bright as ever in the sky. Being four in the afternoon, the car was still hot to the touch, but Hannah didn't mind it. She liked the heat against her own.

It masked her own blush easily. Then, just as she was bending over the car, she felt his rough hands grab the top of her shorts and pull them down roughly, exposing her wet tunnel. She squirmed for a moment, not from the embarrassment, but from excitement as she was going to be taken out in actual daylight by the man who proudly fuck me hard and make me squirt her. "Fuck me, please, sir," She begged.

"Please please please ravage me like no one else. Make me realize how pathetic all white men are to you." Tyrone didn't hesitate to shove his fat cock inside of her after her begging. It was like she was brunette hair slots sucking hard one eyed monster striptease and hardcore impaled by a metal rod as mom big hips sex son began to thrust and abuse her hole, fucking her with no mercy whatsoever.

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!!" She screamed out as the car moved with each thrust. The way her body just jiggled as well sent chills down her spine while Tyrone's thrusting was more ruthless and savage, as if he was becoming a beast.

And even though she couldn't see it, Tyrone was smiling widely. He was happy to be fucking her like this. He was happy she loved him and wanted him as desperately as he wanted her. "FUCK!" Hannah yelled out as she began to squirt, but as she was squirting, she couldn't help but release her own urine. The sound of it hitting the ground as his thrusting continued made her tear up in response and she felt so happy that she was loved as she is. "Don't stop, don't stop daddy!" She moaned out.

"Fuck me harder. Fuck me even harder please!" Even though he was reaching his own limit, he kept thrusting. He didn't stop for a moment, but just as he felt as he was going to cum, Tyrone pulled out, much to Hannah's dismay.

"Grab your ass and spread it," He told her. She didn't hesitate. She immediately spread her ass cheeks for him and feels so good! tube porn just shoved his fat cock inside of her asshole, abusing it as he did her pussy, but the tightness of the hole kept him from moving as as rough and as fast as he did. And while she was enjoying it, Hannah was groaning and in pain as the massive sausage in her brown hole stretched her out.

"Oh god!!" She moaned out again, squirting once more as Tyrone kept thrusting and fucking her asshole, but it was short lived as he pulled out from that hole as well. She let out a sigh of relief as she couldn't stop shaking. Her knees felt so weak. "Get on your knees," Tyrone told her. There wasn't even a second thought or a time to react as Hannah just dropped to her knees and smiled. Then she opened her mouth and held out her tongue.

Tyrone shoved his cock deeply into her mouth, his cock balls deep inside of her warm hole as she tasted her own juices and asshole. Even though she never did ass-to-mouth, Hannah was loving it. She loved how she was being treated, even without him calling her any degrading names.She was just accepting her place as his toy and his personal cum dump.

The rough movements of her head jerking back and forth and hearing his groans and pants of pleasure just melted her heart as she had yet another orgasm. "I'm gonna cum," He told her. Then, without waiting for her to acknowledge what he said, he pulled his cock out of her throat and released thick lines of cum on her face, coating her as if she was a cake in need of frosting.

The thick lines just weighed down on her, a heavy trophy as she couldn't think about anything more than his cum and how happy she made him and how happy he made her. "I love you," Tyrone told her as he kneeled down. He then kissed her lips softly, tasting himself and her through her lips.

She returned the kiss, just smiling and happy from it. "Let's go get you new clothes," He told her. Hannah smiled as she nodded. "Yes, my love," She replied as she rose up and wrapped her arms around him tightly.

To be continued in Chapter 3: The Final Chapter