Violet starr in clean fuck by stepbro

Violet starr in clean fuck by stepbro
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I hear the footsteps coming down the hall and the door slowly opening. I had rolled on to my side to ease the problem of my blankets rubbing my hard cock as I lay there.

( Damn E.D. pill! ) I squint my eyes as I see Rachelle moving torwards the bed. Rachelle lifts the blankets up and slips into them, She is laying on her side facing me, and puts her hand up to my face, rubbing my cheek with the back of her hand.

She looks right at me and says: "Oh daddy! I wish you could make real love to me! To actually love me back instead of having to be drugged so I can have my way with you.

I wanna be able to see your face looking at me as I please you, and let you see my face as you please me back. I wanna hear you cry out my name as you're putting your seed in my belly, looking for my egg, to make our child together. Oh daddy! I can be your daughter, and your wife, and the mother to our children. I just hate sharing you with Natalia, just to get the drugs I need to use on you, and having to compete with Svetlana for your affection." Rachelle rubs my face a little more rolls over onto her other side and spoons herself into me.

She pushes her ass right into my very hard dick. She freezes for a moment, and I can feel her hand move back and grab what was hitting her in the ass. She holds onto it for a moment, looking over her shoulder, to see if I was awake.

Satisfied that I was still asleep, She slowly puts her leg up across mine, and aims her already cum filled pussy hole, right at the tip of my hard cock. She works her hips and her hand to slide me back in. (GOD! Her pussy is so tight, hot and wet!) My cock slides the whole way in and she starts moving her hips, milking my cock with her velvety wet love glove. She keeps moving my cock almost ebony babe gets pounded in various positions the way out and then push me back in, picking up her pace, breathing harder with each stroke, and getting wetter by the moment.

I could tell she was getting asian toysex fingerings masturbate girl show adultsmartlinksorg to an orgasm. I was enjoying the feeling of her riding my membrane from the side, when I got an idea! I thought: " she wants me to make love back to her, so why not now! Everbody dreams! Right? So now would be a good time!" Rachelle starts to push back when I started to push forward, she freezes for a moment and looks over her sholder at me.

I keep moving my hips in and out of her sweet little pussy and start moaning and slurring my wife's name. She just holds herself there as I keep pushing my hard tool into her young juicy pussy.

I move my hand up, squeezing her young nubile little titty, rolling my fingers power rangers giga rangers xxx her erect nipple, and pushing my cock harder and harder into her sopping wet cunt. I take my hand from her one tit and move it to the other squeezing her tit and rubbing that nipple also.

She starts moaning arching her back with her head pushing against my chest giving me better access to her lovely young breast and letting my throbbing member push deeper into her.


Her pussy feels so good sliding on the walls of my cock!) I am getting close and I could tell she was too. I move my hand from her tits and move it down to her hip to pull her harder into her. I keep slamming into her pussy, and I couldn't hold back any more, as I push hard forward one more time.

I slam my cock deep into her and opening up her cervix and dumping a huge load of my hot baby batter right into her waiting womb. She screams as she feels my hot cum filling her up, sending her over the edge, splashing a hot gush of her own cum back on my cock.

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Her walls gripping tight, letting go, and gripping it again to milk as much of cum into her. She's yelling; " YES DADDY!

YES! YES! I'M CUMMING DADDY! I'M CUMMING! EEEENNNNGGGHHH OH GOD! EEEENNNGGGHHH! We both laid there with my hard member still in her. She keeps shaking a little as she is coming down from her orgasm. Her pussy still pulses, which makes her twitch, as it grips my cock and then lets go. She slowly pulls my cock out of her gay luiggi older 4 me hole making a slurping sound as it comes out.

She goes to the bathroom wipes my finally deflating cock off of our mixed juices. I watch as she closes the door and head back to her room. The next morning I go out and make us breakfast still half groggy from the lack of sleep last night. I figured that I would let my daughter sleep while I got her food ready. I go to her room and shes sleeping with a look of content on her face.

I sit on the edge of the bed, rub her shoulder, while calling her name. She moves from her side to her back, stretching her arms up, pulling her shirt up, letting me see her almost bald pussy. I can see the stains on the sheets where our mixed juices ran out of her pussy onto them.

(MAN! I must have really filled her up last night!) I look at her and say; " Come on sweety. I got breakfast ready." She looks up at me, leans up and puts her arms around me and says; " Good morning daddy. Did you sleep good?" I said; " Yes and that I had a dream about mommy" She just blushed a little bit and then changed the subject real quick by asking what was for breakfast. I told her that I made eggs and toast and bacon. I tickeled her on the side and said; " I made it extra crispy!" I get up and head back to the kitchen, looking back and telling her that I will meet her in the kitchen.

Rachelle had giggled as I tickeled her and said; " Ok daddy I'll be there in a minute." I hear her go in the bathroom for a long time. I tell her to hurry up, her food is getting cold.

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She comes out and we sit down to eat. I can smell the sex on her from the night before, but I don't think she realises it as she is not used to the fact that there are certain smells you get after sex. We are sitting there eating and I am kinda holding most of the conversation, and she is not eating much of her food.

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I look at her and say; "Is everything allright?" She looks up at me and says; " yes I just don't feel good. My tummy is just a little upset." I ask her if she wanted me to get her anything. Rachelle just says that she was going to take a nice hot shower and that would make her feel good. I told her OK I hope the shower will make you feel better, see ya soon.

She got up and I could hear the water running. I got to thinking I hope I didn't push too hard into her last night and maybe had hurt her. I heard the water stop and the door open as she went into her room. I was putting the plates in the dish washer, when the phone rang.

I answered it, cum eating asian attractive chick loves deepthroat it was Natalia on the other end, asking for Rachelle. I told her that she was getting dressed and that I would have my daughter call her when she gets dressed.

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Rachelle came out a little later and asked who was on the phone? I told her it was Natalia and that she wanted you to call her when get the chance. Rachelle calls Natalia back and I could hear my daughter talking to her. They are talking awhile and I could hear my daughter's voice change getting lower in volume but with excitement. I see her look in the kitchen, and I look back at her smiling while putting the dishes away.

She smiles back and goes back around the wall, and I listen hearing her say; " Really! Are you sure! Both of them? You're not lying to me! Are you?

I would have to read it to believe it. I'm coming over. I'll be there in a few minutes. My daughter comes into the kitchen and says that she was going over to Natalias house for a litle while.

I ask her if everything is ok? She looks at me and says; "yeah it just some drama, no big deal. I'll be back shortly. cya." I go back to cleaning the house, and doing the sheets from the beds.

I am just about to turn on the vacume cleaner on, when the phone rings. I answer the phone and it is Svetlana on the other end saying, in her broken russian/english voice; " Robert Can you come over here?

We need some help with something." I ask her If everything allright? She just laughs and says; "Everything is fine but we need your opinion on something." I tell her I will be there in a few minutes.

She says; " OK Darling.

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See you soon." Tell me what you think. Sorry I haven't written lately, just really busy