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Sarayu malayalam film actress sex
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If you're enjoying this series, please leave some feedback to let me know. Or, if you have suggestions or complaints, that info is helpful as well. Enjoy. ---- Part 16 On Wednesday night, my son had a little league baseball game and we all went out for pizza afterwards. During dinner, I noticed how Judy was slyly checking out the other women in the pizzeria. Lots of families like us were in there with young kids. We live in an affluent area and most of the wives took care of their bodies and looks lest they lose their husband to someone hotter.

That meant Judy had a lot to look at and I realized it's much easier for a woman to ogle other women than for men to. There was also a young waitress with sandy colored hair and an athletic build who was waiting on us.

Because of her uniform, I couldn't quite tell how good her tits were, but she had nice legs and a friendly smile. Her face was cute enough and I could see some tattoos on her upper arm and one on the inside of her left wrist. Judy was just picking at her food while I was talking with the kids about the game and trying to spy the other women. When Judy saw our waitress go towards the restrooms across the room, she announced that she needed to use the ladies room.

About 5 minutes later, the waitress emerged a bit shaken and hurried back to her shift. Judy came out about a minute later and walked over to the table and asked if we were ready to leave. As we were paying the bill and collecting the doggie bags, I couldn't contain my curiosity and asked what had happened in school girl sex full movis bathroom with the waitress.

She just looked at me with a disappointed face and said "Nothing." In a whispering laugh, I said "I guess you learned that deciding to fuck some young dude on the spot is easier than trying to get into a chick's pants." Her only retort was a curt "Hmph!" and we went home.

Knowing that she had missed out on some action from our waitress, I wasn't surprised when, after the kids were all down and sleeping, she walked over to the couch where I was sitting and pulled down her pajama bottoms. She turned around and squatted a little bit and spread her ass cheeks apart and pushed her pussy right into my face.

I stuck my tongue right into her and she reached back and grabbed my head to hold it in place while she pushed even harder onto me.

I licked as hard and as fast as I could and grabbed her hips with my hands so I could move her ass and pussy into any direction. She reached down and rubbed her clit and I licked her pussy inside and out.

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When I started working my way to her ass, she went even harder on her clit. I kept going from her pussy to her asshole and back again. Over and over and I'm not sure who was enjoying it more. I felt her getting close to cumming as I licked her ass. But, before she could come, I stood up and quickly unzipped my pants and shoved my dick up her pussy.

She started fucking me back, but with less abandon. I kept pounding her and got ahold of her hips so she wouldn't fall over. She reached back with her hand and tried to get me to finger her asshole.

I did it for a minute but was then took it out. When she tried horny guy bangs hot bbw fat girlfriend bbw blowjob to get me to finger her ass, I pulled my hand away and then she stuck her own finger in her ass.

She fingered her ass the best she could and even got a second one in there. I blew my load in her pussy and after I pulled out, she got down on the floor on her back and kept banging her ass and rubbing her clit until she started cumming.

She had two fingers sliding in and out of her ass and they were covered in pussy juice and my cum. She lay motionless for a moment with her fingers still in her ass, and then slowly pulled them out and got up and headed toward the bathroom. Part 17 On Friday, the kids went to a sleepover at a friend's house and we decided to go out to dinner. Without the kids, we picked a nice place and were enjoying a nice meal and some good wine. With our meal nearly over, I noticed Judy surveying the crowd, and that she was paying close attention to a group of women having a girls night out.

It looked like one of them made eye contact with her several times, and a few minutes later Judy got up and followed her to the hallway on the other side of the restaurant. I had already finished my dinner and sat there drinking my last glass of wine wondering about what Judy was up to. After about 10 minutes with other women coming and going from the bathroom, I decided to go investigate. I walked down the hall to the restrooms and slowed my pace outside of the ladies room hoping to hear something, but women seemed to be coming and i like to star in a porno and it didn't seem like Judy and the other gal were in there.

I walked a little farther down to the men's room trying to look normal and not like I was spying on the girl's bathroom. Right before I entered the men's room I heard some voices coming from a room with a sign on the door saying "Private." This door was partially shielded from the rest of the hall by a short wall and gave me just enough room to duck behind while attempting to hear what was being said behind the door.

I could hear a female voice saying "we're sorry. I don't know what we were thinking.

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Then I heard Judy saying in an urgent whisper - just let us go and we'll be fine." Next I heard a male voice saying in an equally low but forceful voice "you can't just sneak back into my office and start fucking like you're a couple of animals! This is a nice restaurant and not a night club! I could hear Judy saying "we were just trying to have a little fun. Don't you think fucking is fun?" Then, she said, take out your cock and let us see it." He didn't say anything but I could hear the girls giggling while they undid his amateur brunette takes a big black dick. Judy then said, "okay, stick it in her pussy and you'll see how much fun that is." He must have been pretty excited because he stopped arguing.

I heard Judy say, "see, isn't that better?" Judy kept giving him words of encouragement to keep fucking this chick whose name I now learned was Sally. "Sally, how does that feel?

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Nice cock?" Sally panted "Oh, yes, real nice." Judy then chirped, "OK! My turn" and I heard her softly moan as the guy started fucking her instead of Sally. I listened for a bit longer, but didn't want to get caught in the hall. And, more importantly, I wanted to go inside and catch Judy in the act.

When I walked into the room, both the guy and Sally froze. Judy said, "Oh, that's just my husband" and then she moved her hips back towards the manager. Sally was on her knees facing the couple and must have been watching full sex stories xxx sexs sopar storys action close up. Now, she looked shocked at being caught by her new friend's husband. She was a good looking gal in probably her late 20s and I was glad that Judy was also attracted to slender and fit women.

Her skirt was off and her tits were partially sticking out of her bra. I walked toward her and pulled out my dick and she just looked at me without reacting. Since she didn't seemed to be spooked by these surprises, I decided to just go for it and stuck it right in her mouth.

Sally found her wits and started sucking me. Her mouth felt great and she sucked me slowly but firmly while japanese teen school girl sex virgin blood this dude bang Judy over his desk. She was using her right hand to stroke my shaft and I looked down to see her left hand fingering her own pussy.

I bent over enough so I could fondle her exposed tits and finger her nipples. After a few minutes of her sucking me, I decided I wanted to fuck her and helped her stand up. I pulled her close to me and massaged her ass and bent my head down to rub my face on her tits and suck her nipples.

I nudged her back to the desk and she sat on its edge with her legs spread. Next, I knelt down and licked her pussy for a minute, but we were both getting impatient, especially with the hard fucking of Judy and the manager right next to us.

When I stood and started fucking her, Judy reached over and started squeezing her tits and trying to get a look at her pussy. Sally's pussy was super tight and it only took me a few minutes to dump my load in her. As I withdrew from her, Judy pulled Sally's leg over and then positioned herself so that she could eat Sally's pussy and suck my cum from it. Judy's tongue slurping on her pussy sent Sally over the edge and she started cumming; this became too much for the manager and he dumped his load into Judy.

Judy kept eating Sally's pussy as the guy put on his pants and looked frantically at his watch. He started to leave the office when I whispered to him, "if you have any friends that want some, you better be quick." Judy looked up from Sally and I told her, "you better eat her now." Sally got down on her knees behind Judy's ass, and with Judy still leaning over the desk, Sally started to lick the manager's cum off her leg and pussy lips and then from inside Judy's slit.

Judy must have sensed she didn't have long in this office, so she rubbed against Sally's face as quickly as possible trying to cum. Right as Judy was cumming, the door opened and five guys came in with the manager.

They looked like a variety of wait staff and kitchen workers. The girls looked over at them as he said to the guys, "we have a full house out there, so make this as quick as possible." They all started to take off their pants and one guy in particular who looked like the busboy was in a big hurry and ran over with his dick in his hand, and just about had to push Sally out of the way. Then the other guys started looking at Sally and she started to say, "I'm not part of this" but one guy walked up to her and turned her around and bent her over the desk next to Judy.

Before she could even put up much of a struggle, he stuck his dick right in her pussy and started pounding her as hard as possible. The two restaurant workers had these women bent over their manager's desk and seemed like they were racing to see who could come the fastest. The guy in Judy exploded first and I could see Judy looking over at Sally hoping she would lick her out.

But, the next guy quickly took his turn in her now sloppy pussy. He fucked her for only about 6 strokes and pulled out thinking he could delay his orgasm. But, he said "oh, fuck!" and his dick started shooting cum all over the Judy's back and ass. Guy number 3 jumped behind Judy and gave it to her. This manager must have been a hard ass because these dudes were fucking as fast as possible and then leaving the room in a hurry.

The guy in Sally finally started cumming and when he stopped, she turned around and put up her hands and said with a tired smile "no mas. no more guys. I can't take any more." The guy who was getting ready to fuck Sally looked equal parts disappointed and pissed. He said to her, "Come on, I'll be fast. Just let me stick it in you for a minute and I'll be done." Sally just shook her head bent down huge tit ass beautiful fuck gather up her stuff.

He then looked over at Judy and waited his turn, but he was too far gone and just emptied his load onto Judy's ass the other guy kept fucking her. After he left, the manager came back into the room as this final worker was still fucking Judy as fast as he could. I had already gotten dressed and was ready to go.

The manager said to the guy "Come on Oscar. We have work to do. You better dump your load or stop it." We all watched as Oscar gave Judy's sopping pussy a few more thrusts before he finally came insider her. He quickly put his dick back into his pants and said with a smile "Ahhh" as he zipped them up.

Oscar hurried out of the office with his boss trailing and left the three of us in there. Judy's ass was covered with two loads of fresh cum and two more were leaking from her pussy. She looked over to Sally with a hopeful look that she would clean off this mess with her mouth and tongue.

Sally, however, said, "I've been gone forever. My friends are going to give me a bunch of shit." Judy stood up and disappointingly said, "OK, well thanks. I hope you had fun. Sorry to get you caught up in all this. I have no idea where all those guys came from." I just looked at my feet and Sally said, "Don't worry about it. I had fun too. It's just that I need to get back right now." Judy said with a cheerful smile, "OK, it was chubby milf lexxi meyers does her plump pussy with a toy to meet you.

Have a good evening." I looked at Sally and said the same thing. Sally looked at me for a moment and then back to Judy and said "I'll tell you what. I work at the makeup counter at Sax in the mall. Come by sometime when you're shopping." Judy brightened up immensely and said "OK. Yes, I'll do that. Go get back to your friends." With Sally gone, I turned my attention to Judy and picked up her panties from the floor. She had cum all over her ass and thighs and I did the best I could to wipe it off with her panties, but I could only get so much before they were soaking wet.

She adjusted her tits and bra and pulled straightened her skirt. She fixed her hair the best she could and I held her panties wondering what to do with them. She took them from my hand and tossed them in the trash can by the manager's desk. Judy looked a little rough, kind of like a whore who had been banged hard by 5 guys in a span of about 20 minutes. But, since the restaurant was dimly lit and no one was paying much attention, she didn't really stand out.

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As we were walking out of the hallway are, I saw that our table had been cleared and reseated with another couple. Just then, the manager came up to me and said with a smile "Your dinner is comped for tonight." I was pleased and said, "Wow, that's great. Thanks for that and sorry about the intrusion." He retorted with "Don't mention it. It happens all the time." I started to laugh and he just arched an eyebrow and smiled.