Tiny teen rides black rod interracial and big dick

Tiny teen rides black rod interracial and big dick
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How a husband should handle those late calls from work. The husband gets back from working all day and all that has kept him in good spirits is the thought of his wife and how appetizing she looks naked and hungering karlie brooks goes naked and banged hard him.

Yet, he is hungry and when he gets home, he finds out his wife has ordered food instead of cooking today, claiming she has no time to cook. He was looking forward to her wonderful home meal so he was obviously disappointed but didn't say so and ate. The food was cold and unappetizing and he could hardly stomach it. Husband looks at his wife as she is across from him on the dining table, working on her papers.

He was mad, all he does is work all day for her and she doesn't even pay the slightest bit of attention. Doesn't ask him how his day was or anything. All he wants is a little attention, he's not even mad at the food. He throws his plate to the floor and it shatters, the wife jumps from her seat alarmed and shocked at his unusual behavior. He screams to her his complaints and she panics and apologizes, shaking in fear.

He tells her to crawl to him and she looks at him like he is crazy. He repeats once more in a harsher tone and she reluctantly hits the floor, feeling at a loss for words as she slowly makes her way over to him, her ass up and moving as she reaches him.

He presses her face to his crotch and tells her to open his zipper with her mouth and take out his cock and she looks at him mortified as she is muffling a respond from down his crotch.

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"Just do it!" he shouts and she jumps and after many failed attempts, manages to unzip him and extract his dick. "Now suck it." he orders and she whimpers a nod as she places the tip on her mouth and sucks it. He makes a satisfied sound and walks back to her chair, making her struggle to follow him but she was sure he wouldn't be happy if she let go of his dick without permission so she kept his cock on her mouth as he sat, leaving her under the dining table now.

He tells her to take it all in and she struggles to do so, gagging and tearing up at his length.

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He simply caresses the top of her head, complimenting her fine work as she sucks him for a good half an hour. It was then, that his cellphone rang and he managed to take it out of his pocket and began to speak. Wife believes this is a break for her and is about to let her mouth rest when the husband presses her face back into it and shakes his head.

The work needs him to fix some big problem and even as he tried to get out of it, it seemed futile so he sighed and agreed to be there right away. The wife is slightly relieved but at the same time, torn.

Why did she felt like she deserved more of this?

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The husband raised a curious brow at her and smirks as he gets an interesting idea. He tells her to get up and look down at the floor. She obediently does so as he leaves her and comes back with some rope. Her eyes widened as he tore her dress up and left her completely naked. He spanks and slaps her a few times when she tries to cover herself and she finally learned to show her impeccable body to him.

"I am your husband, dear. Your body belongs to me." she nods as he gets around her and ties her arms to her back and exposes her breasts more with the rope surrounding it.

She gasps at this sight but he tells her to be quiet. He takes out the chandelier from the ceiling above the dining table and ties her up there, hanging from the ceiling. She is terrified as he grins and begins working on her legs. He ties them up behing her knees and pulls them so her knees touch the side of her waist, exposing her pussy like it has never been exposed before. The wife is tearing up and begging him to put her down.

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She begs him and pleads, feeling completely humiliated but he just smiles as he watches her. "I have daughter gives daddy a handjob then fucks him very exciting surprise for you, my lovely slut." he leaves and quickly comes back with a vibrator.

Her eyes widened in shock and now she becomes frantic as he turns it on and shows how fast and violent that vibrator moves. "No! Please! I'm sorry! I'm sorry, please don't put that inside me!" he ignores her begs for mercy and goes to her. He had turned the vibrator off as he set to work on her pussy. It was wet but he wanted it wetter.

He licks and sucks and teases, making her crazy and she moaned loudly as his fingers went inside her. One, two and three fingers. He realizes, he needs to get a move on so when he sees her dripping pussy, he slowly begins to put the vibrator inside of her.

She strggles with it and wiggles as he grabs more rope and ties it on her pussy, trapping the vibrator inside of her. "Well I have to go now, but I'll be back in a few hours sweetheart. I love you." he kisses her goodbye while twisting her nipples.

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He takes off his tie and ties it around her mouth "I don't want you waking up the neighbors now. Have fun!" he's about to leave when he remembers and grins "Whoops.

Almost forgot." he goes back to her and turns on the vibrator. A muffled scream immediately erupted from her throat as she struggled to move and accommodate, cum dripping wildly from her pussy, glistening down onto the dining table and he watches happily before leaving. Two hours later he is back and excited to see his main course. The rightful dinner he deserves with the attentive and caring wife he wants.