Watch and envy you cuckold cunnilingus girlfriend

Watch and envy you cuckold cunnilingus girlfriend
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This story is going to begin with the main character, her name is Brianna. She is a young girl, younger than 16 is all I will say. She is a very smart girl, even though she would never admit it. She likes to spend time with her family and hot mom fucked by friend and has a brilliant sense of fashion.

Anyway to start off the story Brianna lives in Canada, she lives with her mother and her mothers boyfriend. One day they had an argument so Brianna decided she was going to go for a jog to cool off her moods. The moon was out but the sun was not gone, it was warm but there was a cold chill in the air, she was jogging along the main road that takes you to the next town. She starts to feel like she is being watched, she quickly turns her head in both directions, left and right but nothing was there.

She continued to run down the road, plugging her earplugs in so she can focus on her music and nothing else. Ten minutes down the road it happens again, she stops and is sure someone is watching her, following her, someone was there. She just couldn't figure out who or what. Brianna was a very naughty girl at times, she would wake up feeling like she wanted sex really badly a lot of the time, she was generally a horny girl but not on this night, this night was all about getting rid of this angry mood she was in with her mother.

To continue where I left off, Brianna was so focused on fat girl moon baby xxx sex stories music that she didn't hear the car coming around the next corner she was abotu to turn, her mind went blank and black as she screamed loudly seeing the lights coming so close to her body, after a while she starts to realise there is an arm holding her, she is so dazed and confused that she thinks it's her arm at first.

Then suddenly a deep sexy manly voice says "Are you okay?!" a cold chill ran right down her spine as she jumped, replying with a soft "Yes, I'm fine thank you" she turns around to look at this man who obviously saved her life but she was too confused to even realise it was real. She doesn't remember the mans face from anywhere, she had never seen this person anywhere, ever.

He had medium black hair, styled very nicely. He had a sexy feel to his body, a little facial hair and his eyes were so bright that he almost looked dead. Dead is the keyword right here, he was dead. He was a vampire. Not like a normal vampire you would instantly think of, such as from any movies.

He was a proper vampire, killed when he was hungry, lived his life as much as he wanted to without anyone telling him otherwise. His name was Damon, she did not know this yet but he was the one who was following her at a distance, the smell her of her skin really attracted him to her.

He knew who she was, he had been watching Brianna for a few weeks now from a far and finally got the chance to speak to her. After a some time of staring into each others eyes, thinking she was dreaming, Brianna suddenly felt her heart racing for Damon. Not even knowing her name she kissed his soft, cold lips. He stopped her, "Wait!" he said quickly. "You don't even know my name, where I came from, how I saved you.

You know nothing about me". Brianna looked into his eyes and replied in her soft voice "You saved my life, I want to thank you for it, in any way possible!".

He looked at her and said "My name is Damon, I've followed you from a far for a long time and there is something you must know, I'm not like you". She just replied with a simple "You might not be like me, but I feel inside that I know you, I feel like I know who you are, where you're from, what you are.

I don't care what happens here today! Just shut up and kiss me already, Damon". What had happened? His dreams of kissing this girl who he had followed for weeks was suddenly opening to him, allowing him to do as he wished.

He exclusive –mommy got huge natural tits help but let himself kiss her, slowy moving towards her with his lips, their lips touched and it was like lightning had struck, there was clearly something between them.

Brianna was still thinking she was dreaming and knowing what her dreams have been like lately, she knew this was only going to go one way, she was gonna end up having blond babe pussy fucking with big dick with this stranger. She knew it, deep inside she may have knew it wasn't a dream, maybe something was telling her it wasn't but her mind was clear, to her it was infact a dream. She started putting her hand around his head, kissing his lips so passionately, he started biting her bottom lip.

Confused what to do, Brianna just started moaning in a quiet tone. After about what felt like forever, Damon started losing it. He was getting turned on majorly by Brianna. He knew she wanted him right now, as did he, her. He grabbed her and pulled her further into the forest that surrounded the roads around this part of town, she pinned her against a tree near by, he started kissing her neck in a very sexual and intense way.

All Brianna could do was moan loud, just like most girls kissing her neck was a great way to make her turned on. Brianna grabbed hold of his head from behind and was running her fingers through his soft hair, not caring what happened to her right now she was just enjoying the moment. Damon suddenly grabs hold of Brianna's legs and pulls them around his body, lifting her up against the tree. She grabs his hair and pulls him closer into her neck.

He starts breathing really heavily, getting so turned on by this he rips Brianna's shirt off without a second thought, it comes clean off her skin. He starts kissing her nice, smooth skinned breasts. Working his way down to her right nipple he starts licking it, looking up at her with his amazing eyes. He starts to suck on her now hard nipple, sucking it deep into his mouth he starts closing his teeth onto her her it.

Brianna is moaning so loud by this point, she pulls him closer to her body. Brianna hears a really loud noise out in the distance. She looks around and all she can see is part of the road and darkness, nothing else in sight. She closes her eyes and all of a sudden random hands start pulling her hair back, slowly.

Unknown lips start sucking on the back of her neck, it's another vampire. Infact it's Damon's brother Stefan. Damon and Stefan have both been vampires for a very long time and occasionally they like to fuck girls together, they help one another in the process of sex.

It's a little weird but they don't care. All they do is get whatever they want, when they want it. Why get in the way of each other when you can share everything?

So to continue, Stefan pulls Brianna's arms back around the tree, she is so confused but doesn't care. She realises it's not a dream anymore but still doesn't care what so ever, she loves sex and it had been a while since she last got fucked. This was kinky as hell and she loved every single moment of it. Damon suddenly rips off Brianna's tight trousers and reveals her nice, hot pink gstring. He rubs his fingers up and down it for a few seconds, feeling that she is really wet inside those panties he rips them right off her.

Brianna calls out for Damon to fuck her, "Fuck me Damon, I want your big hard dick inside my tight pussy, please give me it?!". Without a second to spare Damon puts his hand down his trousers and pulls out his long, hard dick. Right away he starts rubbing the end of it up and down her dripping wet pussy. Teasing her to the max while she has no way to stop him, she tries to move her arms and realises that Stefan has tied her hands behind the tree, she is now stuck there. No way of getting away until they are done with her.

It was pratically rape but she didn't care, it was amazing to her. Stefan starts sucking on her neck, he bites into it softly, drawing a little blood from it. "Mmmm, this is the best blood I have tasted in a long time Damon, you should try some". Damon replies with "I will taste her soon, don't you worry brother". He was right, he would be tasting her soon. Damon grabbed his long, hard cock and pushed it right inside of Brianna's tight, wet, litte pussy.

She let out a very loud moan, so loud that if anyone else was near they would hear it no problem. Damon rips Brianna right open as he goes audrey royal seduces and fucks with stepdad, this is because his cock is so big and thick.

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Brianna starts bleeding from her pussy, again thinking that she is being raped by two vampures and can't help but enjoy herself and want even more done to her. She continues moaning loudly as Damon slowly starts fucking her pussy, pulling almost all the way out before pushing hard all the way back inside. Stefan pulls her hair back even more, making her neck as exposed as it ever was.

He continues to slowly kiss her neck while Damn fucks her. There was loads of blood and cum dripping out her tight pussy. Brianna was thinking to herself that this was the most kinkiest thing that ever happened to her, she couldn't describe the feelings she was feeling that night to anyone, she could barely understand it herself. Damon presses Brianna right up against the tree and fucks her so deep and hard.

She begs him for more and more. He starts fucking her really fast and hard, as fast as humans could possibly go. He didn't want to hurt Brianna, as much as he was wanting to go as fast as a vampire could on her tight pussy, he managed to hold back. Suddenly he pulls her legs up onto his shoulders and starts spanking her arse really hard "You've been a naughty girl Brianna" he says.

"I know Damon, please punish me" replies Brianna. He decides to spank her so hard that it leaves a hand print on her perfect ass. Stefan starts to stroke his cock as he watches his brother fuck this smoking hot young girl, he decides he wants in on the action and unties the ropes on her wrists around the back of the tree.

"Hold her up Damon, I've got an idea for this dirty whore". "Alright brother" Damon replies and pulls her up against him, cock still deep inside her, blood and cum dripping everywhere. Stefan grabs her from behind and gets his cock into position.

"Alright Damon, bring her towards me a little" he says.

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Moving forward Damon feels his brothers cock touch his balls "WOW STEFAN" he shouts. "Sorry Damon, I didn't mean it" says Stefan. They both start laughing and Stefan continues by pushing his cock slowly up into Brianna's arsehole. "Oh my god, this is so tight" he moans.

Brianna let's out a loud as hell scream into the night sky. She was now being double penatraded by two vampires in the middle of a forest, this night was going to be one she would never forget. Stefan lays down onto the grass behind him and tells Damn to drop her onto him.

"Alright, hold on" says Damon. He slowly drops Brianna down onto Stefan's rock hard cock. "Mmm yes, that's the spot" moans Stefan. She lays down onto her back, laying on Stefan's body. Damon realises what Stefan is doing and gets down onto his knees and holds his cock in his hand "Are you ready for more Brianna?" kitty jane gangbang in public with random guys asks her. She is suddenly feeling really shy and exposed, she just nods at him with a look of embarrassment on her cute face.

Damon pushes his cock deep inside her yet again, fucking her hard and fast. Stefan is bouncing her up and down on his cock as Damn pounds her tight little pussy. Getting on the verge of fucking her like vampires would fuck, Damon winks at Brianna. All she can do right now is moan in pleasure, staring into Damon's gorgeous eyes. He starts fucking her faster, faster than she ever thought would be possible, Stefan does the same, bouncing her up and down so fast.

"Oh yes, this feeling is amazing you guys" moans Brianna. Fucking her harder and harder, so fast that you can barely see what is even happening anymore. Brianna has already came several times by this point and is very tired, but she wants both their cums, she wants it in her pussy and on her face and breats. Damon jumps up onto his feet and starts stroking his cock, Stefan lifts Brianna off him and lays her down.

"You're gonna take both our loads all over your sexy little body, understood?" Damon says with a meaningful look in his eye. "Yes master" Brianna replies. They start furiously stroking their cocks and as soon as you know it, boom. They covered Brianna's entire body with their cum. She was even more pale now, you could barely see any of her skin there was that much cum covering her.

They started licking their cum off her, she was so confused but went with it. Turns out Damon and Stefan are closer than anyone actually knew, they even shared each others cum with one another. After licking Brianna clean, they stood her up.

She could barely stand her legs were so weak after such a fucking. "What, what just happened" asked Brianna. "You just had sex with the best two people you will ever meet" whispers Stefan as he winks at her.

Damon hands Brianna some clothes that he took from the last meal he had and tells her straight "We will be back for you at some point Brianna, don't forget us".

Brianna got dressed and looked around and they were gone, she started to wonder if it was a dream or if I did really happen, she slowly walked towards the road and soon realised it was infact real. Her legs were ridiculously weakened. "I guess I'll just walk home then" she thought to herself. Once she got home that night, she never said a word to anyone, she had her dinner and went straight to her bed. "Was that real? Was it a dream? I guess I'll never know" was her last thought as she fell asleep on her bed.

I hope you enjoyed my story and don't forget to leave feedback. Thanks for reading!