Son get mother pussy tlicking

Son get mother pussy tlicking
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I met Jasmine for the first time at sex after fine deep blow hardcore and blowjob symphony reception in Hong Kong. I invited her to tour the United States making guest appearances with symphonys. As we chatted there is an obvious sexual tension between us. I'm in Vienna on a mini vacation, when the front desk called informing me of a visitor in the lobby.

I asked them to send the visitor up to my suite. The first thing Jasmine sees as she entered through my suite door was me, sitting at a desk, some papers and folders spread out in front of me and the glow from my computer screen reflecting off my shirt.

My smile was all she needed to see to know that I didn't mind her dropping in on me unexpectedly. As she approached me, I turned my chair to get up, she leans over to kiss me before I could get to my feet, pushing me back down.

Her kiss was a little harder and a little more urgent than a " hello" kiss usually is, she didn't linger long enough for me to respond. Jasmine moved to the back of my chair, leaning forward pressing her breasts against the back of my neck and putting her arms over my shoulders and her hands on my chest.

Jasmine lowered her head to my ear and whispering, " I've been thinking about you since our first meeting. I really needed to find you, to come and see you, to feel you against me, to feel you inside of me. I wanna fuck your brains out, here, now!" She feels my body tense as her words register in my mind.

I spun my chair around and stood up, putting my arms around her and pulling her towards me. Our lips met and the kiss was immediately passionate and full of desire. Her fingers went directly to my belt and she undid the buckle, the fastener on the waistband of my pants, then lowers the zipper.

My cock was semi hard and she hadn't even touched me yet. She lowers my pants releasing me from the confines of my clothes. she crooned, " Ahhhhh.I wanted to look at you, to watch you grow and get hard in my hand." She gently pushes me back into the chair and kneels in front of me. Jasmine wraps her hand around my cock, stroking me. My erection is becoming bigger and harder by the second. She feels me swelling under her touch. She bows her head down slowly and lightly running her tongue over the head of my fully erect long thick rod.

She opens her lips and covers the entire head of my cock, sucking me into her mouth. I feel her lips moving down my shaft. Her tongue is swirling around and around and she feels the soft head pressing against the roof of her mouth.

She looks up towards my face. My head is resting against the back of the chair, my eyes are closed at that moment when she applys a little stronger suction and lightly grazes her teeth along my shaft, she hears me gasp as my hips raise up off the chair. I open my eyes and look down at her and watch her make love to my big beautiful cock. On the desk there is an almost full cup of coffee; she sees the steam coming from it.

I had poured it just before she arrived. She bathroom lesbian sex with lisa and sandra her head backwards, taking her mouth away from my throbbing cock, she continues to stroke me. A small wicked smile forms on her lips and she reachs for my coffee. She takes a small sip, then a larger one, holding the hot liquid in her mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it. My eyes widened in anticipation. Immediately she puts her mouth back over my cock while watching the smile on my face and hears my deep groan.

" aaaaahhh.aaaaahhh." My hand comes to the side of her head when her fingers reach under my balls to lightly scratch the sensitive area between my anal opening and my balls.

She feels the wetness between her legs; She is as excited as me. Jasmine stands up, looking deep into my eyes. She takes a small step backwards and gives me her best sexy, seductive smile. She is braless, her firm small titties are outlined by her blouse. Her soft lightweight blouse shows her hard nipples.

Jasmine pulls the bottom of her shirt from the waistband of her skirt and undid the bottom few buttons. My eyes are glued to her upper body. Next she undid the top button, which exposes her cleavage. She teases me a little bit by hesitating to undo the last button that was holding the blouse together between her tits.

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She finally unfastens the final button and pulls her blouse back over her shoulders. My eyes lit up when I see her very erect nipples. Her areolas are visible and very bumpy from her obvious excitement.

Her exposed small titties are beautiful and just the right size for a mouth full. My eyes are focused directly on her tits as she puts a finger from each hand into her mouth making them wet with her saliva.

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Her nipples are hard and erect, touching them with her wet fingers make them jut out more. I reach out one of my hands to replace hers and I place my other hand on the back of her thigh jerking her towards me. Jasmine bends over from her waist to kiss me and feels my hand slide up the inside of her thigh. Our lips are joined when my hand reachs the top of her leg and she feels me smile when I realize she wasn't wearing panties.

With my one hand kneading her ass, the fingers of my other hand pulling on the nipples of her erect tits and my lips and tongue at her mouth, she was on fire, aching to have me inside of her. She stood up, turns her back to me pulling her skirt up and made an exaggerated lean forward as she straddled my thighs. My large hands squeezing the cheeks of her ass and pulling them apart. I lean forward and lick the crack, pausing to swirl it around a little bit over her rosebud.

My arms reach around her hips and my fingers part her swollen pussy lips and gently touchs her promiscous blonde tied and fucked on a cliff. I notice the tremor that went through her body. Pulling her downwards, I guide my cock to the opening of her pussy.

Jasmine starts to slowly lower herself down onto me; the head enters without resistances. She attempts to tease me by moving downwards slowly, I place my hands on her hips and in one firm thrust, I'm inside her all the way. Jasmine's eyes widen and she screams " OMG.YOUR SO BIG.JOHN." She begins bouncing up and down in a rhythmic motion on my long thick cock.

She reachs out for support from the desk when I reach around her and begin squeezing her tits and rubbing her clit. The leverage from the desk allows her to thrust harder and faster.

Her unattended breast is bobbing up and down with each thrust. The pressure from my lips and fingers are increasing and she knows I'm concentrating hard not to cum until she is ready. She hears herself moaning and repeatedly saying " Aaaaah.Aaaaah.Aaaaah.Oh Yes!

Oh Yes!" From behind, she hears my deep voice telling her, " C'mon Sweetheart, cum for me!" A few more thrusts and I know she is about to cum. My hands move to her hips, helping to control her movements and she feels my fingers tighten.

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" NOW! John, NOW!" She cries. I lift my hips yong attractive gals doing blow job striptease and hardcore up off the chair, lifting her with me when our climaxes rips through us.

The muscles inside her pussy contracting tight around my cock like the jaws of a vise as I jerk my hips upwards with every squirt of my cum. Jasmine falls back against my chest and lets her body relax. When she starts to feel my cum running out of her, She reachs up to caress my cheek, turns her head and kisses me. We sat like that for several minutes, enjoying the closeness of each other and recovering from what we had just shared.

When she feels my cock begin to slide out of her, she stood up and straightens her skirt while I got dressed again. Just as we both finished getting presentable, the phone rang. Jasmine waited till I hung up the she kissed me, smiled and said good-bye. As she was leaving, I asked her if she was staying in Vienna? " Yes, I'm going to go chech in here." She replied. " You will be staying here in my suite with me." I said.

She stood staring at me in silence and was so flushed.