Krissy lynn sex stories porn story sxxx best

Krissy lynn sex stories porn story sxxx best
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I had just taken delivery of a brand new car and rather like the overgrown youth that I still am at heart, I will admit that I was rather proud of my gleaming BMW. But then, it's overgrown youths that are my problem in so far as I still fancy them like hell, even though I'm old enough to know better. Nevertheless, when I was going up the hill at the end of my road on a beautiful sunny afternoon in my brand new penis-extension, who should be ambling down the other side of the road toward me eternal source of squirt she goes insane a spikey-haired youth in a T-shirt and jogging bottoms.

I'll be honest and say that the first thing I spotted was the protrusion in the front of his jogging bottoms; THEN I saw the youthful face and my sex-alarm went off.

He was one I hadn't seen before. "Hmm, nice," I thought to myself as I cruised slowly past him at barely 5 miles an hour, giving him the look - you know the one.

The thing is (and it so rarely happens these days), he gave me the look as well! And as I looked in my wing mirror as we passed each other, I saw him stop in his tracks and turn round to look back at me or was it the car he was looking at? The new number-plates gave it away, of course. I should have just carried on and I don't know why but I just stopped the car in the middle of the road with my foot on the brake.

It's really quiet down my road usually anyway, and I watched in my mirror to see what he would do next. What he did made my heart start pounding in my chest.

He was only walking back up the road towards my car and he was stepping into the middle of the road to do it! I decided to try to be cool, so I remained with my foot on the brake and casually lowered the window electric of course! "Nice Car!" he said, standing opposite my window, just a foot or so away, so that I could get a good look at him.

He was about 5 ft 9 inches tall, with spikey brown hair and dark eyes. He seemed slim but in his tracksuit, it was difficult to be sure. His face was essentially clean-shaven but a bit pocked, as if he had suffered badly from spots a few years ago. Up close, he looked to be in his early twenties. And this much closer to it, that protrusion seemed even more evident! He blinked and looked at me, but not at the car.

I was sure he had seen where I was just looking. "Thanks," was all I could think to say. Then I thought, "What the Hell! Go for it!" "Sorry if I stared," I said, "I thought I recognized you but I don't think I've seen you around here before." He smiled and nodded slowly, half-closing his eyes, as if knowingly. "Oh, is that why you were staring?" he said, rather cheekily I thought.

Then, as if sensing my embarrassment, he continued, "Actually, I'm only staying here this week with Leah and Brad at Number 26 Brad's my Uncle. Anyway, where are you off to in your perfect tiny yo angel from your dreams new BM?" "Nowhere really," I replied, "only to the shops. Why, do you fancy a ride?" And then I added, "if you're at a loose end." "I am actually," he smirked, "and yes, I'd love a ride!" The double-meaning in our exchange was making butterflies in hot babe annemoon blow dildo continue on mycyka com stomach at the thought of this young guy and more particularly, what he seemed now to be playing with, with one hand in the pocket of his tracksuit bottoms.

"Hop in then," I said, as I gestured to the seat next to me and unlocked the car. He ran around the front and got in. As I drove off, my mind was racing and blood was rushing in the direction of my groin, as my cock swelled in my white cotton CKs.

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His name was Dean and he was 22. I was trying hard to think of what next to do or say, as well as where the hell to go and within moments, we were out on the main fast road and I had slipped into top gear and was cruising at 65. I decided to take a chance with some more double-meaning word-play with him, to see where it led.

"I think you're quite brave," I said, making conversation, "either that, or reckless!" "Oh yeah?" I had his interest . "I mean, getting into a car with a total stranger," I explained. "For all you know, I could be just a dirty old man, luring innocent young guys like you into my perverted clutches." There was silence for a moment. Then he just said, "Who says I'm innocent? For all you know, I could be a sex-crazed druggie who would think nothing of dragging you off into the bushes to do nasty things to you before stealing your car-keys!" This chap was going to give as good as he got, that much was clear!

I sucked-in a breath between my teeth. "Is it that bad, do you think?" I said, trying not to sound too serious.

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"Well, you never know," he warned, "after all, if you WERE just a dirty old man, wouldn't that be what you deserved?" He paused, and before I could think of what to say, he continued, "Anyway, dirty you may be but old? Nah, not yet at any rate! Why don't you drive down by the river." "What about the sex-crazed druggie?" I asked. "Oh, he may be sex-crazed alright, but he's no druggie," he replied. "Besides, he wouldn't have a clue what to do with the keys; he can't drive humiliatedmilfs horny milf gets a young stud to stuff her ravenous pussy old least, not one with gears 'n stuff!" By now, the ice had been well broken and I laughed out loud, causing him to look across at me with a rather self-satisfied smile on his cheeky face, as he slouched deeper into the passenger seat next to me.

I pulled into a quiet part of the car park down by the river and switched off the engine. I unbuckled my belt and he did the same. There was just the sound of the ducks quacking on the water as we sat there. "So what do you think?" I asked.

He had already set the seat-back down slightly, so he was sort of half-laying, half-sitting next to me. "I love the smell and feel of leather, don't you?" he said, as he stroked the soft cream leather of the sides of his seat, "especially next to my skin.

Mind if I slip these off; I'm getting really hot, here in the sun." Before I could respond, he lifted his buttocks in the seat and casually slipped his tracksuit bottoms down below his knees, revealing his bare legs, bare stomach and a thick bush of pubic hair.

I was instantly shocked by the absence of any underwear but the shock quickly dissipated as my attention rested on the semi-tumescent, uncut piece of meat that lay before me in the midst of that dense thatch. I can honestly say that any young man would be proud of such a piece and mine was already oozing pre-cum in my own briefs, now constrained even more tightly by my jeans in the seat next to him.

As I gazed at him (probably with my mouth open in surprise I can't remember!), he looked back and smirked, "It won't bite y' know," he said. Then he added, "you're not gonna go chicken on me are you?" So checking around that there was no-one else in sight, I lifted his weighty cock with my right hand, as I put my face down into his lap and took it straight into my mouth.

My face was already into his thick thatch and Sexy kenna has her beaver slammed hard could inhale all those steamy, masculine odours of musk & sweat, combined with the more healthy scent of soap and talcum powder. His organ seemed to take on a life of its own. Awoken from its semi-slumber, it rapidly grew inside my mouth, as I slurped and sucked and as I pressed down on his balls with my pretty blonde masseuse cum showered all over her face hardcore massage hand, my tongue felt his foreskin slip back, revealing the hardening ridge of his cock-head, which was still growing!

Eventually, I had to come up for air. It was getting really hot in the car, in the sun and I figured that if I just sucked him off here, he'd soon lose interest and that would be that. So I suggested we make for the trees to find a quiet spot but in the fresh air. To my surprise, he agreed and quickly slipped is trackie-bottoms back up and got out of the car. He was keen! Heading into the clump of trees set back from the river, it wasn't long before we found a small clearing with some grass and a scattering of wild flowers, partly shaded from the sun.

On this sheltered bit of the riverbank, we lay down in the soft grass and I put my left arm over his shoulders, as I slid my hand inside his trackie-bottoms and into the warm sweatiness of his pubic hair, now damp from my having dribbled all over it in the car!

Again, he lifted his buttocks and pushed his tracksuit bottoms down to his knees. Laying down again in my embrace, his erect organ lay up across his slightly hairy stomach, throbbing gently in anticipation. As if matching his spikey brown head of hair, his body was also peppered in parts with tiny curls.

His legs were quite hairy but his muscles were young and taught, the outline of his abs framing a treasure-trail of hairs leading both in and out of his soft navel. I ran my face softly over his stomach and I felt him inhale, as I kissed first one side and then the other side of that tender area beside his hip-bones, now protruding slightly, as he lay stretched-out before me in the dappled sunlight of this deserted riverbank.

Breaking-off our embrace for a moment, I rapidly kicked off my trainers and undid my shirt but as I made to unzip my jeans, he sat up and said, "No, let me do that," and he leapt up and straddled my legs, slowly unzipping my flies and almost carefully revealing my white Calvin briefs before grabbing the waist of my jeans and pulling them down to my knees.

As we manoeuvred and got rid of my jeans, his erect cock stood out from his body, bouncing around and pointing at me, as if to say, "What about me? Don't forget what you started!" He knelt across me, shuffling up across my body until his organ was in front of my face.

His hand was holding his tool, guiding it towards me. He wanted some more of what I had given him in the car! I eagerly took his tool in my mouth again and began sucking and playing with it. As I repeatedly slid up and down, slurping and swallowed his young weapon, licking the tender underside of his cock-head and tickling his testicles with my fingers, I tasted his saltiness on my tongue and realized it was his pre-cum.

This just got me higher and wilder; he was 22, fit - and all mine. His hands gripped my head, as he began face-fucking me, gently at first but then more urgently, as I held his taught thighs, his organ pounding in and out of my throat, nearly causing me to gag two or three times. But eventually, I felt the tell-tale signs and, gripped in my hands, I felt his sides shuddering, as his breathing suddenly changed. Pulling his swollen organ free of my mouth, he began frantically stroking his own tool in front of my face, holding my head back, away from it.

Don't you love that moment when a young man loses all self-control just before he cums? Clearly, he wanted to watch himself cum on my face and this just made me crave it more.

I wanted his salty sexiness and as I heard his first murmur of surrender to his desperate, inner urge, I begged him, "Give it to me, please.

Please!" I licked and pushed hard to get my lips to his throbbing tool, as with a deep, hard gasp, he exploded towards my mouth, two great gushes of salty cum spewed across my face. As his concentration shifted to his consuming orgasm, he relaxed his grip on my head and with my hands still aside his thighs, I pulled his whole body forward, so that his organ was thrust into my aching mouth. "Oh fuck!" he gasped, "Oh shit, Jesus, no!" He was momentarily helpless.

In the midst of his orgasm, the sensitive head of his ejaculating manhood was now trapped within my mouth and I had my hands firmly on his buttocks, the muscles in which I felt rapidly tensing and contracting, tensing and contracting, as jet after jet of his white seed, coursed through his throbbing member, firmly gripped between my lips, so that I could taste every squirt of his salty cum, as it shot from his shuddering body and into mine.

Then relaxing, throbbing and exhausted, he breathed heavily and I allowed him to pull back and withdraw his cock from my mouth. I was still savouring the last drops of his cum as his tool finally slipped out between my lips and he shuddered, letting out and stifled gasp of relief. "Fuck me!" he uttered, without thinking.

"You probably don't mean that," I laughed, as I looked up at him, the sweat now pouring down his body. He just grinned, as if apologetically, and collapsed alongside me in the long soft grass. I thought he would lose interest now but as he lay at my side, his hand slid between my thighs and began caressing my balls, still contained within my white briefs, now soaking wet from all my own leaking pre-cum.

I was in heaven; this 20 year-old fantasy had just had one tremendous orgasm and hot babe jewell marceau has a lesbian crush on sexy babe sinn sage invites her over to have lesbian he was still interested - in me! I wasn't expecting any more than I had already experienced but I was ready for anything he was prepared to offer, and I was enjoying every precious moment.

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Pulling the waistband of my Calvin briefs down below my balls, his hand enveloped my aching and soaking organ. At first, I think he thought I had cum already, until I explained that I get very wet when I get excited. And he had got me VERY excited! He laughed. He seemed to like that.

It fuelled his ego I suppose, to realize that someone could be so turned on by his doing something so selfish as masturbating in my face. But I could tell that his interest was waning. So as he lay there, propped up on one elbow, his hand slowly massaging my manhood, I took control again. I sat up and gently but firmly rolled him away and over onto his belly, in the long cool grass and began stroking and caressing his buttocks, sliding my fingers up and down the soft ripples of his back and trim waist.

He crossed his arms under his face and relaxed beside me, a vision of youthful nakedness in the dappled sunlight. His back, unlike his chest, was almost hairless and he had bracelet-style tattoos around both his upper arms.

His skin was tanned, apart from a narrow band below his waist and covering his rounded buttocks. I climbed over him and pulling his legs apart slightly, I buried my face between the cheeks of his bum.

And it was a gorgeous bum; soft but muscular, round and full, peppered with little black hairs, just like his tanned legs. As I spread the cheeks of his buttocks, I slipped my tongue into his arse-hole and tasted him, sweaty now but soft, clean and pungent with male odours.

He groaned in appreciation and spread his legs more, as I licked around his balls and played my tongue in and out of his hole. His cock was pointing down in front of him below his balls as he lay there and I noticed that he was still pretty hard.

I tickled his cock-head with my tongue, then licked it, kissed it and tasted the remnants of cum, still oozing from its tip. But my own tool was dripping pre-cum uselessly on the grass between his legs and the ache within me for relief was becoming more intense. So I stopped my gentle massage of his lovely young body and just lay down on top of him, drawing his legs together again between mine, so that my organ and balls nestled wetly between his warm sweaty thighs just below his ass-crack.

I slipped my arms under his and clutched him tightly around the shoulders, as my own body now slipped and slid, easily up and down webcam masturbating with vibrator and vibe letcamscom his back, lubricated by a sensual mixture of pre-cum and perspiration.

The head of my organ pushed and thrust against the resisting cleft of his anus, dripping pre-cum over the back of his balls as I withdrew. But as I felt him squirm under me, he groaned softly, as if to tell me it was ok to go further. At least, that's the way I took it. As I slid upwards over the back of his legs and body, my tool pressed firmly hard and forward, hitting just the right spot as he breathed-in and his hole relaxed, just for a moment, long enough for my cock-head to slip effortlessly beyond the first barrier.

He gasped beneath me, and I felt his anus contract around my tool. But he didn't offer more resistance than that. We just lay there a moment, until I began pushing a little further. As he gently moaned into grass, I buried my face in the nape of his neck and began kissing him. He squirmed some more and I thrust forward and felt the second barrier give way to my organ, as he gasped tiny sexy lolly pop huge cock sucking and then relaxed.

I had finally penetrated his inner sanctum, that most precious and private part of a man's body, and I was losing myself as I now began thrusting in earnest, not quite withdrawing all the way before thrusting ever deeper into his burning insides.

But I couldn't keep it going; I was too high and now I couldn't control it any longer. I felt those tell-tale signs, as the ache began deep inside my groin, sending out that familiar wave of tingling warmth that seemed to envelop the whole of my body. I made one final thrust forward into the depths of his insides, as my orgasm exploded from within me and the jism surged from my balls, through my pulsing tool and spewed long and hard into him.

"Jesus!" I swore, as pulse after pulse shot deep into his innards and emptied my pent-up sexual desire in endless squirts of man-seed, draining the cum from my balls. I felt his buttocks clench two or three times, as if to draw every last drop from my captured tool, before I finally withdrew and collapsed beside him, spent. But little did I realize, it wasn't over yet. He raised his head on his hands, turned and looked at me.

"Hm!" he grunted, "OK, so that's how it's gonna be, is it? Well now it's my turn!" Frankly, I was speechless but at that moment, I hadn't the strength to resist and he knew it. Before I knew what was happening, he had me on my stomach and was thrusting his hard and slippery cock-head between my arse-cheeks and against my reluctant hole.

Only he didn't wait for me to relax; with the impatient urgency of youth, he just shuffled forwards across my backside and rammed his tool into me. God, did it hurt!

I even yelled-out as he did it; I couldn't stop myself but it was "my own fault" after all. Thankfully, my exclamation of pain made him hold still for a few moments, while I gathered myself and then consciously gave-in to him.

Then he began gathering momentum, pushing and thrusting, urgently bringing himself to what he had decided was his just reward for my having taken advantage of him.

To be honest, he wasn't hitting the right spot as far as I was concerned, and there was never a chance that I was going to reach another climax under his inconsiderate pounding of my backside.

But it satisfied me, sexy storys xxx suny leone thrilled me to know that I was the means he was using to bring himself off again. I was relieved when I finally felt him shuddering and grunting, as his second orgasm of the afternoon began coursing through his body. In that moment, I imagined again all that white, salty cum I had tasted earlier on my tongue, only this time, it was via a different route that it surged through that same tool and into my own body again.

On reflection, we had been fortunate not to be disturbed, lying together in sinful nakedness in the summer grass on a deserted riverbank all this time. There we were, both of us face down, legs facing the river, him on top of me, his organ still subsiding inside of me, when we heard the dreaded sound of the "putter, putter, putter" of an outboard motor. A boat was coming along the river. There was nothing we could do but lie as still as possible and just hope whoever was on the boat wasn't looking in this direction as it went by.

If they were, God knows what kind of view they got! By the time the boat passed, both of us were laughing ourselves silly, still laying there against each other, as the creamy white evidence of our afternoon of debauchery put, put, puttered from our relaxing holes and into the sunlight, where we eventually collected our clothes, returning silently and shamelessly home in my brand new BMW.

In this case, I guess you might say that "It must have been the car!"