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Hot angela white seduces jelena for a hot lesbian fuck
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My name is Kevin and I turned eighteen years old a few months ago, shortly before graduating high school. I am preparing to go to college on the other side of the country and will leaving home today. I will not be living on campus though, instead I will be moving in with my sister Kara, who has an apartment five miles from the school. She is twenty and will be starting her sophomore year. From the time we were little, Kara and I were always close.

We shared a bedroom until it came time for a growing preteen girl to have her privacy. Even though we had caton leone xxx story sex stories 2019 com rooms, we still spent almost all of our time together. It was a combination of a pure sibling love but also comfort for our living conditions. You see, our parents were not the nicest people on the planet, especially to each other.

A stretch of two days without arguing was like Christmas to Kara and I, or at least what Christmas was supposed to be. We never had a fun Christmas, not a single one. More often than not, a toy that one of us got ended up smashed in anger because my mother said the wrong thing at the wrong time to my father.

When they were heated at each other, Kara and Student fucks her teachers empera renato matt bird locked ourselves in her room and played video games, listened to music or just hugged each other.

We both hated living there. Even though we grew older and our bodies began to develop further, the hugging and holding never stopped and it bred a bit of an odd relationship to the outside world. She started to kiss me on the lips to show that someone actually cared and I did the same to her.

It never went farther than that but it certainly was not anything that was ever talked about outside of the room. When she left for college, I was devastated. I was now alone for two years, unable to leave. I started smoking marijuana when I would get home to cope with the pain but it never affected my grades. I was determined to get a scholarship, like Kara did, because I knew that my parents would never spend money to further my education.

They never went to her graduation and they did not go to mine, not that I wanted them to. I called my sister a week before my graduation and set up a date to move as soon as possible. I had to wait for her roommate to leave, which was agony. I spent almost every night in the summer so far in the woods, listening to music. Now, finally, today is the day. The day I say goodbye to my useless parents and say hello to my first happy household with my best friend.

My parents did not care when I said I was leaving and made sure to hold up a stiff middle finger as I pushed the broken screen door open. I threw my suitcase in the taxi and went on my way. The travel was not too bad, the taxi missed all traffic, the plane took off on time and arrived five minutes early. I stepped off the plane and felt like a new man. The weight of my shitty upbringing was lifted off my shoulders.

After going through security, I spotted Kara sitting down a few hundred feet away. She had a huge smile on her face as she looked around, hoping to spot me. It took a few seconds but once I was in her line of sight, my short, brunette sister jumped up and ran towards me. I could see the tears streaming down her thin face as she got closer. Being tall and in decent shape, I knew that she was going to try and jump into my arms so I prepared myself.

My prediction was correct as Kara leaped up and gave me a big hug, kissing my cheek over and over again. She held onto my short brown hair as tight as she could, seeming to never want to let go. "I missed you, Kev," she said as wrapped her arms around my neck, her perky little breasts flattened against me.

I wanted to hold her up but I was not about to grab my sister's butt, especially in public, so she had to let go and got back onto her feet. "I'm so sorry you couldn't come sooner," she said, sliding man bangs black pussy with enjoyment hardcore blowjob my arm and hugging my torso. "All that matters is that we are both free of that hell hole," I said, hugging her back. Kara held my hand as I grabbed my bag and followed her out of the airport and into her car.

I loaded my bag in the trunk and got in, sharing a smile.

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Luckily, the apartment was pretty close to the airport as tears continued to fill my sister's blue eyes. I had never seen her this happy before and it made me equally happy.

We arrived at the apartment as the sun was beginning to set. She led me inside, grabbing my bag before I had the chance to and tossing it on the couch. "Welcome home, Kev," she said as she hugged me and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

"I don't ever want to spend that much time apart again." "I'm here until you kick me out," I told her, wiping yet another tear from her eye. "Let's get you chanel grey craves for her daddys dick in," she said as she walked me to my room. When I walked in, I was surprised to see the room decorated in some of my favorite things. There was a steering wheel from a racecar over my bed, the very PS3 that we played together with so much plugged into a big screen television and a box of random crap that I always kept next to my bed.

She also had bought bedding that looked identical to what I had in hell.

"You like?" she asked. "Absolutely!" I exclaimed as I lay down on the bed. Kara got on the bed with me and hugged me like she used to, cradling my head in her chest and playing with my hair. "I missed you so much," she said.

"I'm glad we can spend time together and not because we need to." "The last two years were hell," I said. "Not having you there was painful but I know you had omg everyone needs a stepmom like yasmine scott in their life pornstars hardcore leave." "It'll never happen again," she said, kissing the top of my head. We were both tired but we did not want to separate.

Kara eventually broke our embrace and stood up. "Be right back," she said, skipping away. I stared up at the ceiling, happy once again to know that I was in a good place for the first time ever.

After two minutes, Kara came back into the room but was no longer in her jeans and black t-shirt, instead wearing a pair of pink shorts and a matching tank top that left nothing to the imagination.

I was taken aback. I had never seen any girl dressed so sexy this close to me, let alone my own sister. "I don't want to spend the night away from you," she said as she sat down on the bed. "Your bag is still in the living room, get into your sleep wear and come to bed." With my mind now a blur from seeing my sister in that way, I walked into the living room and got into a pair a basketball shorts and a white tank top.

I came back into the room to see Kara already under the covers. She pulled the sheets up and signaled me over. I climbed in and she threw an arm over my chest. "You are the best brother a girl can ask for," she whispered.

"You weren't mad even though I left you alone with those…people." "You had to do what was best for you," I said. "You would've been forgiving if I had done the same." Kara kissed me on the cheek and snuggled her face into my neck. Having both been very tired, we both fell asleep almost instantly. When I woke up, Kara was nowhere to be found. I got up and headed towards the kitchen, seeing a hot breakfast sitting alone on the table. "Eat up," she said, looking over her shoulder with a smile.

I sat down and ate the eggs and bacon while she sat down with a plate of her own. Every few seconds, I would look up and see her staring at me with a dreamy look in her eyes. I could sense that she was happier to see me that I ever could have imagined. It was weird having someone give me so much attention and it felt good. After breakfast was gone, Kara grabbed the plates and walked to the sink. I offered to do the dishes but she refused, wanting to make sure I did not have to lift a finger.

"Go into the living room and watch ally brooks rides a long wet dick TV," she said. "I'm going to finish these and take a shower." I did as she asked and left the kitchen. I put on a movie and watched it while Kara finished cleaning up the breakfast mess.

She walked past me and smiled as she headed towards the bathroom. I was shocked to see her pull her tank top off before she walked in, giving me a clear shot at her bare back. She caught me looking and laughed as she closed the door. It felt a little weird having seen my sister be a bit flirtatious twice now but I again just ignored it.

After a long shower, Kara came out of the bathroom wearing only a towel while she brushed her long brown hair. She plopped down on the couch next to me and poked me in the arm. I looked over and she pretended not to have done anything. I turned my attention away and she repeated. I looked at her again with her deadpanned expression. I turned away but caught her about to do it again. "You did that all the time when we were kids, you think I wouldn't have caught you," I said as I playfully poked her the leg.

Kara laughed as she pushed my arm lightly. I pushed her back and engaged in a brief pushing match that turned into a tickling match. As I tried to make her giggle, I accidently undid the towel, causing it to fall open and giving me a complete full-frontal look of my sister's body.

"Shit, I'm sorry," I said, looking away. "You don't have to apologize," she said, making no attempt to cover her chest or freshly-shaven crotch. I looked again, thinking she had covered up but had to quickly look away again once more. "Stop looking away Kev," she said in a cute tone. "I want you to look." "You're my sister, Kara," I said, shielding my eyes. Kara pulled my hand away and stood up in front of me in all her glory. It began to hit me that the sexy sleepwear, the bare back shot, all of it had a purpose and I was not sure how to feel.

On one hand, she was my sister, my blood, and feeling these kind of feelings did not seem right. On the other hand, watching her grow into a woman up close and personal had put the image of her assumed nudity had been in my head before, causing a very 'stiff' reaction. "I know you are my brother but growing up the way we did, I felt a special bond to you that crossed that sibling line," she said as she sat down on my lap. "My love for you is more than just a sibling love." "Kara, when did this start?" I asked.

"Puberty," she replied. "I was never around guys as close as I was to you so when my body changed, you were what it wanted but neither of us were ready." "I imagined you naked when I was going through the change," I said, my masseuse canela skin milks clients big cock aimed at her breasts. "Part of me has kind of wanted this but I never would've thought in a million years that you would feel the same." Kara's eyes lit up at my words.

I could tell that she had the same hesitations but had the guts to actually act on her feelings. She lunged forward and gave me a deep, passionate kiss.

My hands went straight to her lower back, pulling her close to me. She grabbed my hair and pulled my face as close as possible to hers. After a lengthy kiss, Kara pulled my head down to her chest, almost forcing me to suck on her hard nipples. I had never experienced any sexual contact with a woman before, so this was my first time feeling a nipple between my lips.

She moaned deeply while I sucked as hard as I could. I worried for a second that I may have been doing it too hard but with no sense of discomfort on her end, I kept going. Slowly, my sister started to move her hips back and forth. Her bare pussy was right up against the bulge in my shorts, only making it bigger.

My hand slid down from her back onto her firm, round ass. I heard her coo as my fingers dug into her backside. I squeezed it hard but not too hard, pulling her hips back and forth, increasing the speed of her grinding. I wanted so bad for the fabric between us to be gone but I was not about to stop a woman from rubbing up against me, regardless if she was my sister or not.

Kara's breathing was getting faster, the fabric between our genitals getting very warm and very damp. I knew what was happening so I gave her nipple a small nibble. She grasped my skull harder as I did it again. I was surprised she did not fly off me, her hips were moving so fast. "Oh Kevin," she moaned in the highest pitch I'd ever heard from her voice.

Seconds later, the grip on my head was released and her hips froze in place. She cried out in ecstasy as an incestuous orgasm rocked her perfect body. She pushed me back and collapsed forward, resting her chin on my shoulder. "Oh god," she whispered into my ear. "You're the best." I wrapped my arms around her and gave her sweaty body a tight hug.

We remained still for several minutes except for a few neck kissed. Eventually, Kara rolled off and sat next to me. She looked up at me with a sexy look in her eyes and started to giggle. "Wow," she said, rubbing herself and showing me her wet fingers.

I grabbed her wrist and brought it to my mouth, sucking each finger clean. "I never thought this would happen," I said as I reached down to grab my own sample. "So that's what a pussy feels like." "You've never touched one?" she asked.

"You're a virgin?" I nodded, causing Kara to stand up and pull me to my feet. Without saying anything, she led me into her bedroom and sat down on her bed. "No brother of mine should be a virgin," she said. "Come here and let your big sis take care of that.

Have you ever had a girl even touch you down there?" "A girl gave me a hand job at school but that's it," I said as she yanked dylan ryder wants to be deep dicked pornstar pov shorts and underwear down.

With my six-incher standing out in front of her, she wrapped her boney little fingers around it and slowly stroked.

"A handy from a high school slut doesn't count," she said. "From now on, I'm the first one to touch your dick." I took my tank top off to join Kara in complete nudity as her hand moved faster up and down my cock. I could never remember being as hard as I was right now. The hand job girl, porn; nothing got turned me on more than the sight and feeling of my older sister stroking me.

She stuck her tongue out and tickled the hole, which felt fantastic. Kara circled her tongue around the head of my cock before kissing down the shaft. She rubbed the wet head with her fingers as her mouth found my balls.

What started as kissing turned into her taking one ball at a time into her mouth. Gently, her tongue worked around it before she would switch. The whole time she took care of me, her electric blue eyes were locked upward, staring at me. I did not know how she got so good at what she was doing but I certainly was not about to complain.

Once she was done with my balls, Kara pressed her lips to the head of my cock and stroked my shaft as fast as her little wrist could move. Any hope of me holding on to make it last went out the window when she winked at me. "I'm gonna cum," I said, causing the corners of her mouth to curl in a smile.

Kara continued to furiously stroke until I could hold on no more, shooting a thick load into her mouth.

I could feel the vibrations of her happy moans once my hot semen sprayed against the back of her throat and onto her tongue. She pulled away for a second and took a large shot of cum to the chin, which instantly dripped down onto her thigh. I had to hold onto her shoulder to prevent my knees from buckling under me. This was far and away the best orgasm of my young life. "Shit," I grunted. After my balls were emptied, Kara proceeded to once again wrap her lips around the head and suck out any last remaining little sperm from my cock.

Her tongue again tickled my hole as she tasted more cum. It took a few minutes for her to pull away. I was probably clean long before she decided to stop sucking on her brother's dick.

I sat down on the bed next to her and placed my hand on her clean thigh. She looked at me with a sparkle in her eyes that I had never seen before. Even though she smelled strongly blue sexy film in foreign sex stories download my cum, I could not help moving closer and kissing her under the ear.

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Her hand again went to my limp cock, rubbing it while she squealed from the feeling of my tongue flick at her earlobe. "You're the best sister ever," I whispered in her ear. "Hold off on saying that," she said as she stood up. "We have to go buy our books, pick up a few things at the mall and catch dinner but once we get back, that lovely cock of yours will go somewhere it's never gone before." I smiled and stood up, giving her a kiss before I dressed in a clean pair of shorts and a red t-shirt.

Kara slipped into a denim miniskirt and a black t-shirt that barely fit before grabbing her keys and leading me outside. I walked behind her, unable to stop myself from staring at her ass. She caught me and quickly pulled her skirt up and down, giving me a brief glance.

We went out and did the needed shopping and had a nice dinner and some local diner. The entire day, my mind was not on anything but my sister. I was totally in love like never amateur asian loves to reveal on webcam more asian 21ocam com tube porn. Luckily, she did not entirely make me wait until we got home.

As soon as we pulled away from the diner, she grabbed my hand and led it up her skirt. My fingers did plenty of wiggling for the entire ten-minute drive. Just as we pulled up in front of the apartment, she arched her back and dug her fingers into the seat. She looked at me with her mouth agape as I gave her another orgasm, making my fingers so wet.

Kara pulled my hand out and happily sucked them clean. My cock was begging to be released as I watched her suck her own juices off of me. Slowly, she opened her eyes and winked at me again. "Help me get this stuff inside," she said as she got out of the car. I walked up behind her and noticed a dark spot on the back of her skirt, giving me a feeling of accomplishment. I kissed the back of her neck before grabbing some bags to carry inside.

Kara put a few bags down on the couch and directed me to put the rest in the kitchen. It took me a minute to put everything down and come back but Kara was no longer in the living room. I went to my sister's room but did not find her. I checked in the bathroom as well but it was empty.

With really no other option, I went into my room, flipped on the lights and saw a big lump under the covers of my bed. I ripped the covers off and saw her curled up in a ball, giggling. "Found you," I said as I tickled her lower back. Kara giggled as my fingers raced all over her back. Eventually she tuned over and lay flat on her back, her legs up, giving me a look at her cleanly-shaven crotch. "Do you want to put something in there, little bro?" she said, spreading her legs wider.

Kara licked her fingers and rubbed her cunt while giving me an ultra-seductive look. I crawled onto the bed and kissed her. She tugged at my shirt and pulled it up over my head. My hands slid under her tight t-shirt and pulled it off as well. She wrapped her arms around my neck and held on as I stood up. With one hand, I pulled my shorts down while she kissed me.

Instead of removing her skirt, I pulled it up her body enough to expose her pussy. I grabbed my cock and pointed it upwards, waiting for her to drop down a bit onto it. She continued to hold onto my neck while my cock entered her cunt. Our eyes locked onto each other as I placed her flat on the bed. Remaining inside her, I fell to the bed as well. She wrapped her legs around my waist while I slowly moved in and out of her hot hole. Kara finally let go of my neck and placed her hands on my chest.

She kept her eyes on me as her moans and joyous cries increased in volume. Slowly, I started to go faster. Being my first fuck, I expected it to be done quickly so I was not about to waste any of it. It did not take long for me to go from making love to fucking her raw. I was thrusting my hips as fast as I could, which I could tell was exactly what my sexy sister wanted. The smile on her face was enormous. Her moans were higher in pitch once again and paced very quickly.

She was getting very wet around my cock, her hips thrusting hard back against me. Sweat was dripping off of my face and onto hers as I was putting all my ability into making her cum. I grabbed Kara's wrists and pinned them above her head, nibbling on her ear. This was just enough to make her have her strongest orgasm. Tears raced out of her eyes as her body twitched in pleasure. Her legs unwrapped from my body and she delicious playgirl reveals her assets homemade hardcore became a ragdoll underneath me.

Kara was so out of breath she looked like she had just run a marathon. Her sweat, along with mine, drenched her face but was about to be mixed with another fluid. I pulled my cock out of her worn out cunt and brought it to her face. She closed her eyes and kept her mouth open, waiting for me to feed her some salty incestuous seed. She started to laugh as my cum was fed to her.

I felt phat ass dance 3 tube porn I would pass out as the orgasm washed over me. As soon as I was finished ejaculating, I collapsed on the bed next to her. We both remain still, trying to catch our breath and recover. Slowly, Kara rolled over and rested her head on my chest.

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"I love you," she said in a soft voice. "I'm never leaving you again." "I know," I said as I kissed her head. "I love you too." I am writing this all four years later. I am about to graduate college. Unlike my high school graduation, I will have someone in the crowd cheering for me. Kara and I have not spent more a day apart this entire time. We change where we sleep almost nightly but we are always asleep in each other's arms, most of the time naked and after a nice love-making session.

After our first night, we both use protection every time we lay together. While we are in love, we do not want children. As far as our friends now, we are not brother and sister but just a couple that met back home and just happen to share a last name.

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I will never lay with another woman as long as I live and Kara will never lay with another man, and that's the way it should be.