Busty blonde britney wants to be fisted

Busty blonde britney wants to be fisted
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Dominating My Older Sister (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Five: Sister Submission By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! Carmelita Campo The tears wouldn't stop coming. Everything was all so screwed up. I was screwed up. I should have loved fucking Clint's dick. Or at least wanted to do it more than licking my sister's, or another girl's, pussy. I was straight.

I had to be. My sister stalked off, my cheek stinging from her slap, from the disappointment in her words. Disappointment. She.wanted me to admit I liked licking pussy and hated sucking cock. Clint's cum lingered in my mouth, a salty, bitter taste. His spunk churned my stomach. I wanted to throw-up. And more of his jizz leaked out of my pussy.

My unprotected pussy. I wasn't on birth control. What if he bred me? At least then I'd prove I was a straight slut. My shoulders shook more. Tears poured down my cheeks as I gasped. My head spun. My stomach growled despite being full of cum and piss and pussy juices. My head throbbed, my ass ached. Clint stood. He looked down at me, his hard face set. Then he marched off. Lee knelt down beside me. Once, we had been friends, united in picking on the other girls who were beneath us, like Lee's half-sister Alicia.

God, it was hot when that little brat had fisted me. But then Lee had turned into a freak last year, destroying our friendship. How could I be seen with such a whore? She'd do all sorts of obscene stuff, flashing herself, shaving herself while everyone watched, let us insult her, demean her. Made me fantasize about forcing her to lick my pussy.

Her arm went around my shoulders. She pulled me close. She was a slave, like me. Clint spanked her like Juana spanked me. He made her drink piss like I drank Juana's. She'd been bound, degraded, humiliated, and she loved it. Why? How? "It's okay," Lee whispered. My arms went around her. I pressed my face into her chest, my entire body shaking.

My tears stained her flesh. They flowed out of me. Everything was so confusing, so fucked up. I wasn't a lesbian. My father would disown me. But. I loved it. I loved pussy so much and I hated cock. Cum. It was so nasty. "Do you remember how I masturbated before our PE class?" Lee asked, her voice soft. "And shaved my snatch bare?" I nodded, sniffing. "Clint made me do it." "I know that," I said. "You're his sex slave." "But I didn't fight it," Lee said.

"He doesn't really make me do anything. Or. he does, but only because I let him. Because I want him to make me do humiliating, disgusting things. I want to be his slave, his whore, his cum dumpster. And you. You want to lick pussy." "No!" I protested. "It's so clear." Lee cupped my face, her fingers brushed the tears spilling down my cheeks. "It's Juana. She's lying about me!" "Sure you're not lying about yourself?" Her eyes bored into mine. "I saw you gag when Clint fired his cum into your mouth.

You hated it." "Cum just doesn't taste good." "Not to you." Dark playgirl cums many times hardcore blowjob beamed. "I love it. It's better than pussy juices or piss for me. My brother's cum is ambrosia to me. Just like your sister's pussy juices is ambrosia to you." Naomi russel perfect anal booty leaned closer, brushing her nose against mine.

"I bet you even liked Juana's piss better than Clint's cum." Heat caressed my cheeks. "That's what I thought. So, Carmelita, why don't you want to be happy?" "My father would kick me out of the house horny women play with their strap on I were gay." I stared at Lee.

She had to understand why I couldn't be gay. No matter how much I liked pussy. "He'd disown me and be so disappointed in me. He despises lesbianas and maricónes. I can't be one." "If he disowns you and kicks you out, you can live here. You and Juana." Lee gave me such a friendly smile. "Because it's more important for you to be happy by being true to who you are then to live a lie for someone who hates who you are.

I acted like a brat for attention, craving to be disciplined, looking for a man to take me in hand. And when I found it, I was so happy. And I think you want the same. All this forcing dykes to lick your pussy.

You were looking for they dyke who'd force you to admit who you are. "And your sister's doing it. With my Master's help. So let them! Or you're going to have a shitty life, Carmelita. Be true to yourself." Then she kissed me on the mouth.

Not a hot, passionate kiss, but something like a pair of sister's might share. A brush of lips, something loving. I closed my eyes, feeling the heat of her lips as she broke it and scampered off.

True to myself. Was I really a lesbian?

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My stomach twisted. Father stood over me, glaring down at his filthy, lesbiana daughter, face burning with rage, fists clenching. And in his eyes dwelled the worst thing ever: disappointment. I bolted for the bathroom, stumbling into it and falling before the toilet. My stomach heaved as I puked up my shame.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Juana Campo I avoided my sister all Saturday night. I hoped letting her think about things would improve her. Clint had his sex slaves bind her and leave in the middle of the living room floor like last night. They had promised to check up on her. I found my sister lying on her side early Sunday morning, hardly moving, her face smeared with drying pussy juices.

"Good morning, slave," I said, staring at her, hoping to see her eyes light up. She flicked up her gaze at me then looked away. "I said, 'Good morning, slave'!" My hand clenched. "How do you respond, bitch?" "Morning, Mistress," she muttered, words slurred.

I bent down beside her, working on the knots. In a minute, she flexed her fingers as she sat up, massaging feeling back into them. Then, without a word or permission, she stood up and stumbled on wobbly legs to the bathroom.

I ground my teeth. I stood ready for her return, the huge, black dildo strapped onto my naked body. My sister tottered out of the bathroom, her round, golden-brown breasts jiggling, her nipples not even erect. Her head downcast, black hair falling around her face. "You are being a bad slave," I hissed. "You're walking instead of crawling. You're my bitch-slave, linda." My older sister sank down to her knees without a word, no energy.

In my hands I held a pair of nipple clamps. This would get a reaction out of her. "You know I have to punish you for your insolent behavior." My older sister shrugged. I leaned down, my small tits jiggling. My nipples throbbed, so hard with my excitement to play with my sister-slave.

How dare she rob me of my fun. I opened the clamp then paused. Her nipples weren't erect. They didn't protrude out for me. I rubbed one with my finger, massaging it.

The little nub poked out, half as erect as normal. Good enough. I clamped her nipple. She sucked in a breath, her body trembling. She let out a whimper of pain. Better. "You are going to wear these all day for being an insolent slut, bitch!" I told her, my pussy growing moist as her other nipple poked out on its own. I opened the clamp, the toothy jaw engulfing her nipple. The triangular alligator teeth bit into her brown nipple. She shuddered again, sucking in another breath.

My pussy clenched, juices dribbling down my thighs as her breasts shook. The nipple clamps pulled on her nubs as they swung back and forth. "Now what do you say?" I demanded. "Thank you for punishing adorable ember gets her pussy banged hard by her stepdad, Mistress," she muttered, her words slurred like she was drunk.

But that was impossible. I grabbed her chin, lifting her face, peering into her eyes. They were dull, lifeless. "If you don't start showing me how thankful you are, you're going to be punished more." "Guess it'll be more punishments." "That's your choice, bitch." I pointed at couch.

"Crawl over there and bend over it. I'm going to spank your insolent ass." She shrugged and shuffled along on her hands and feet, her ass wiggling. Bruises splotched her ass, fading from brown-purple centers to yellow edges.

Reminders of her spankings two days ago. She reached the couch, pressing her clamped nipples into the fabric, wincing. I advanced on her, my pussy so wet for this. I would spank her, get her in the mood, and then fuck her so hard with her favorite dildo. She 20 guy is trying tacur remember what I gave her—the pain and pleasure she craved.

The lesbian pleasures that she desired but refused to admit. CRACK! She grunted, her head lying on her arms, hardly moving. My red handprint burned on her ass. CRACK! The stinging slap echoed harder. I landed it right on a bruise, my snatch clenching from causing her pain. But she just grunted again. She didn't moan. She didn't whimper. She didn't wiggler her ass, begging for another.

CRACK! "What is wrong with you?" I demanded, three bright spots burning on her gorgeous ass. CRACK! "Don't just lie there!" "Dad's going to kill me," she said in Spanish. "He's going to find out I've licked your pussy and think I'm a lesbian." "You are a lesbian! A lesbian slave!" CRACK! "Don't tell me you hate licking pussy, bitch! I know you love it!" Her entire body shook. Tears fell down her cheeks. "I.I don't like it.

I'm just doing it because you're blackmailing me." My excitement died. It wasn't hot spanking her when she didn't care. I stared at my older sister. I wanted to dominate her, to make her my sex slave, not to break her spirit so completely.

She shook worse and worse. This was all fucked up. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alicia Elliston I was lightly humping my pussy against my teddy bear, sliding my shaved, slick slit against his soft fur, when my bedroom door opened.

Juana walked in, having only left a few minutes ago. Now tears fell down her cheeks. She had a huge strap-on thrusting from her crotch. "What's wrong?" I asked, lifting my body from my teddy bear.

"I thought you were going to play with Carmelita?" "It's not fun when she's crying," Juana said, sobs shaking her body. "Real crying. I.I think we've broken her. It's all falling apart. She won't admit she's gay." I hopped off my bed, my pigtails flying, and flew to my friend. I embraced her, the dildo digging into my stomach, our tiny breasts pressed tight.

She pressed her wet face against the nape of my neck, shaking harder, clinging to me. "Let's go talk to Clint. He's got to have a plan. He must have been thinking all night about the problem." "Y-you really think that Clint will help?" I pulled away from her enough to cup her face. Tears rolled down her cheeks to amber rayne puts on her cheerleading outfit fingers.

I gave her a kiss on the lips, sweet and loving, putting all my friendship into it as I wiggled against her, my nipples tingling as they brushed hers.

Oh, I missed humping my teddy bear. My pussy had been so close to erupting. "Come on, let's go talk to Clint," I said, when we broke it. "Right now. You paid him with your pussy and mouth to get Carmelita as your sex slave, and he'll deliver. He's just down the hall with Mommy-Slave and Aunt Vicky." "Okay," Juana said. I just wanted my friend to be happy. Clint had to help her. He just had to. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Clint Ellison Mom groaned and gasped as Aunt Vicky and I sucked on her fat nipples.

My tongue swirled around her nub before I sucked hard on it again, making her body arch and her wanton moans echo through the bedroom she shared with her sister. "Oh, Master, yes. I can't wait until I lactate like Melody and Pam," moaned my mother. "Then you'll be my human cow," I grinned, releasing her nipple. "We'll just milk these huge udders." My aunt shuddered, sucking harder. The pair were so alike, only two years apart in age. They both had huge, soft breasts and fat nipples.

Their hair differed, Mom's bleached blonde contrasting with Aunt Vicky's black, their tresses brushing around my mom's shoulder. They both had the same tattoo on their left tit, a triangle with three initials: two C's and a V for Clinton, Cheryl, and Vicky. My father's owned both sisters before he died. Now I owned them. But that top C, over Chery and Vicky's letters, belonged to my father even though we shared the same name.

"Yes, Master, you can milk me all you want," Mom moaned. "Mmm, Mommy-slave's big, strong son will need her milk to make him even stronger." I flawless beauty is showing off her opened narrow slit in close up, my dick throbbing, aching for her incestuous depths.

I sucked on her nipple one last time, bringing another squeal before I broke away. I grabbed Mom's hips, dragging her down the bed so she was in the center, pulling her away from Aunt Vicky's hungry mouth.

My cock throbbed, thrusting before me, as I knelt between my mom's spread open thighs. Her pussy, adorned by her black bush, glistened. Her thick pussy lips, thrusting through her curly pubic hairs, begged for my dick as she undulated her hips. I rubbed her stomach. My child grew in her belly. I had bred my mother. "What are you grinning about, Master?" Aunt Vicky asked, shifting around, her big boobs dangling before her.

"How he's such a stud he bred his mother," Mom answered, her hips wiggling. "He's thinking about breeding more of his family members." "Maybe a sexy aunt. You have bred both my daughters, Master." Aunt Vicky gave me such a smoky look. "Or one of his sisters.

His little princess craves to carry her big brother's son," purred Mom, stroking my dick with her hot hand. I shuddered. I should breed Alicia. Her slim frame, swollen with pregnancy, would be so sexy. Mom's hands rubbed my precum around the sensitive crown propertysex sexy petite tenant gets fucked hard by her landlord my dick as the fantasy of a pregnant Alicia burned through my mind, watching her bouncing on my cock, her budding tits jiggling above her round belly.

"That's it, sister-slut," Aunt Vicky moaned, her heavy tits dangling right over Mom's lips. "That's what he wants. To breed my cute niece." "Oh, yes," Mom moaned. "My sexy son needs to breed my baby girl." My dick throbbed in her hand. "I do. But right now, I need to fuck my Mommy-slave's pregnant pussy." Mom shuddered, her hand bringing my dick right to her wet pussy.

At the same moment, she latched onto her sister's nipple, sucking on the fat nub. My aunt's eyes rolled back into her head, moaning in pleasure as her sister sucked. I groaned, Mom's thick pussy lips and ticklish bush rubbing on the tip of my cock. She worked my shaft up and down her slit while nursing on her sister's nipple.

Then her silky labia engulfed my dick's crown, her undulating hips sliding my shaft an inch into her pregnant pussy. I took my time sinking into my mother's pussy. Slowly.

Ever so slowly. I savored every incestuous inch of sliding back into the pussy that birthed me. I groaned, the hot heat of her pregnant snatch engulfing my shaft. I bred the womb that had birthed me. Goddamn, that was intoxicating. Mom squealed about her sister's nipple as my cock filled her. Her cunt clenched on my dick, swaddling me in hot silk. I buried to the hilt in her. Her thighs locked about my hips, her pussy rippling about my cock as she suckled so hard.

"Fuck my sister-slave, Master!" Vicky moaned. "Satiate your lusts! You're so hard! Use your Mommy-slave's cunt to satiate your desires!" "Yes," I groaned, drawing back my hips, Mom's silky flesh caressing my dick. The pleasure shot through me. "I'm going to dump so much cum in her, and you're going to lick your sister-slave clean, slut." "Yes, Master!" Aunt Vicky moaned, her entire body shaking.

Her ass wiggled. I slammed into my mom's pregnant depths, incestuous friction burning about my cock. I groaned, loving it. My balls smacked into her taint, full of my seed. I wanted to breed her all over again. After she birthed my child, maybe I would. Another baby planted into the womb that birthed me.

I drew back and thrust in faster, the incestuous thrill of fucking my mother's pregnant cunt shooting through me. My ass clenched with each thrust, the pleasure flooding down my shaft and filling my balls.

They ached more and more as they smacked into her taint. Aunt Vicky moaned again, her face twisting with pleasure.

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"Got a hot cunt, slave?" I demanded. "Always, Master," Aunt Vicky moaned. "That's why I need my strong nephew to control me. I'd be such a whore, just fucking every cock I could, without that." I grinned at her. "Plant that hot cunt on your sister's mouth.

Grind your cunt on her and cum so hard." "Oh, god, yes, Master! Thank you for letting me use my sister's mouth!" "You're welcome, slut. Now get that whore-cunt on her mouth and drench her!" "Yes," Mom moaned, her pussy clenching on my thrusting cock. As Aunt Vicky mounted my mom's face, I thrust harder, the pleasure spilling through me.

I slammed into my mom's cunt, her body shaking. Her big boobs, piled into two lush mounds, jiggled with each thrust. I stared at them as Mom devoured her sister's cunt with such greedy hunger. Aunt Vicky moaned, her big tits jiggling as she squirmed on her sister's mouth. Two delicious sets of breasts to stare at. I licked my lips, pounding my mom's pregnant cunt kinky interracial gangbang with slutty nicole gaucho hard, eyes flicking from Mom's to Aunt Vicky's bouncing tits.

My balls smacked so hard into my mom's taint, her pussy clenching down on my dick as she licked and nuzzled and ate her sister's incestuous snatch. "Oh, yes, Cheryl," groaned my aunt. "Oh, yes, you are so good at licking pussy. Mmm, yes, eat my snatch. Shove that slutty tongue into my depths while your son fucks your whore-cunt!" Mom's pussy clenched on my plunging dick, pleasure rippling down my shaft. "Such a whore-cunt," I growled. "Mothers shouldn't be so hot for their son's cock.

Only a complete slut would do that. Just a filthy skank who lets her son fuck her and breed her!" "Yes!" gasped Aunt Vicky, grinding her pussy faster on my mom's lips. Vicky squeezed both her big tits, holding them up, proffering them to me. I growled, leaning over, and sucking hard on her fat nub. I worshiped my aunt's nipple, housewife raped by stranger storys my mother's mouth on it. I shuddered, plowing my mom so hard, the bed creaking.

Her pussy was so silky and juicy on my dick. Her thighs tightened on my hips. Her hips bucked so hard. She screamed out rapture, muffled by my aunt's pussy, as her own cunt spasmed so hard about my dick. The pleasure rippled up and down my shaft. I made my mother cum. "Oh, yes," gasped Aunt Vicky. "My sister is a huge slut! Cumming on her son's cock like a whore!" "Such a whore!" Mom moaned. "I love my son's huge cock in my pussy!" I pounded her spasming pussy.

Her flesh writhed about my cock. The pleasure rippled through my body. I moaned about Aunt Vicky's nipple, sucking so hard. I fought off my orgasm, savoring my mom's convulsing flesh for as long as I could.

It was so hot feeling her silk massage my cock. My mother's pussy spasmed on my dick. I made her cum. Pride surged through girls and horsh sex story, the same pride I felt when I made any of my women cum.

I sucked so hard on Aunt Vicky's nipple, moaning as my orgasm built. Pressure swelled in my balls. They begged for release. But I kept fucking Mom. I plowed her cunt as hard as possible. She moaned and squealed into her sister's pussy.

I kept her cumming. I kept her gasping. Her silky flesh fisting her huge teen pussy in bondage at my cock, begging for my cum to flood her pregnant depths. "Fuck," Aunt Vicky moaned. "Oh, god, Cheryl. You nasty slut. Finger my ass! Ooh, yes! Oh, that's so hot and. Ooh, yes, watch us, girls!" I ripped my lips away and found Alicia and Juana standing in the doorway watching me. Alicia, her glasses perched on her cute nose, beamed at me.

She fingered her shaved pussy, her arm reaching past her flat stomach. I pictured it bulging with our child. "Fuck," I groaned, my orgasm threatening to spill through me.

Golden-brown Juana, as petite as my sister, looked so cute, her skin contrasting with Alicia's paler flesh. My balls tightened so much, Juana's eyes wide and reddened.

Tear tracts stained her cheeks which made the lesbian girl so.desirable. "Yes, yes, yes, watch us sluts please our master!" Aunt Vicky howled, bucking hard, her tits slapping together. "Fuck, my sister-slave knows how to make me cum!" Aunt Vicky howled out her orgasm as Alicia grinned at me. She was so cute. I had to breed her. Soon. She deserved a big reward for bringing Juana to me.

I slammed into my mom's pussy, my balls boiling. And came. The pleasure shot through me. I growled through my teeth as my jizz pumped over and over into my mom's pregnant snatch.

I howled with Aunt Vicky, both of us pleasured by my Mommy-slut.

My balls unloaded. Blast after blast of jizz basted my mother. And then left me breathing hard, buzzing with rapture. "That was so hot, big brother," moaned Alicia, rubbing her pussy hotter. "I love watching you fuck our Mommy-slut." "I can tell. My little princess has a hot cunny." I pulled out of Mom's pussy, sitting down on my ass, leaning back on my arms.

My cock, still hard thanks to my morning red pill (I took one right at the start of the day on the weekend) thrusting wet before me, stained with our gf shares bfs big schlong with freaky roommate juices. Beside me, Aunt Vicky let out a hungry groan and buried her face into her sister's pussy, licking up my cum.

"So," I grinned, eyes flicking back and forth from Alicia to Juana. "Do both of you have hot cunnies, or just Alicia?" "Just me, big brother," Alicia squealed.

"Juana's a lesbian. You know that." "I can hope," I grinned. I had enjoyed her once. It was enough. "So come over here, princess, and slide that hot cunny down your big brother's cock." Alicia gave a squeal of delight. She darted over and hopped onto the bed. The springs creaked as she bounced on the bed. Then, with another agile hop, her pigtails flying about her face, she straddled my waist, grabbing my cock.

I groaned as my nineteen-year-old sister sank her tight pussy down my dick. My eyes rolled back into my head at the feel of her incestuous cunny. She was so hot and silky. She gripped me with such youthful enthusiasm, moaning the entire slide down my cock. "Oh, no," she gasped, shaking her head. "I'm so sorry, big brother, but you need to help Juana first." "Is it Carmelita?" I asked, staring at Juana.

She shifted, not looking at us. She had become Alicia's lover, and clearly didn't like seeing her impaled on my dick.

My cock throbbed in my little sister's cunny. "Yes," Juana said. "She started crying when I was spanking her. Real crying. And she's so.despondent. She's broken. I didn't want to break her. I wanted to make her my slave." I smiled at her. I had thought of it all night. Lee's words to Carmelita inspired my plan. "This is what you do, Juana." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alicia Elliston Juana darted out of the room, a huge smile on her lips.

I smiled at my big brother, my hands rubbing his chest. "You are so amazing! Will it work?" "Hopefully," he said, leaning back on his hands, his huge dick twitching in my pussy. I loved riding my big brother.

His cock reached sooooo deep into my cunny. I squirmed, impaled on his huge slab of meat. My pussy, on fire from humping my teddy bear, needed relief. Especially with Aunt Vicky and Mom sixty-nining with such incestuous enthusiasm beside us. Big brother groaned as I slid my pussy up and down his dick. A pleased grin crossed his face as my pussy pleased his dick. I clenched down on his girth when I rose, my hips wiggling, stirring my dripping pussy about his cock.

Then I impaled my cunny down his length again. Pleasure rippled through my body. "Oh, big brother, I love your huge cock!" "My princess has such a hot cunny that needs to be satiated all the time." I blushed and moaned, "Yes, yes, by my big brother's dick! I love it! Love you!" "Love you, Princess. Now ride me. Beauteous teenie doxy swallows his whole pounder that itch in your cunny." I squealed, bouncing faster and faster on my brother's dick.

The friction burned in my cunny. My silky flesh clung to his dick. I squeezed so hard on him as I rose up his shaft. Then I slammed down him, gasping, my clit mashing into zari hassan uganda sex story pubic bone. My glasses slipped on my nose. My moans echoed through the room, pigtails bouncing about my shoulders. My hands massaged Clint's muscular chest.

I loved the feel of his iron muscles beneath me. I squeezed into them, fingers digging into his strength, my pussy clenching harder, the pressure swelling in my cunny. My little nipples throbbed, aching to be touched. With a squeal, I threw my arms around his neck, rubbing my tiny nubs against his hard body. Pleasure tingled from my nipples, racing down to my hot cunny.

I bounced faster and faster, drinking in the delights of his body. "Big brother!" I squealed, pressing my face into his neck. I breathed in his musk, so salty and delicious. I licked admirable attractive teen girl fucks on camera hardcore and blowjob neck then planted kisses on him. "Your cunny's getting so hot," he growled. "Someone wants to explode." "Me! Me! Me! I want to explode on my big brother's huge dick!" "Then do it, Princess!" I pressed my face into his neck, screaming out my rapture.

I slammed down his dick, my clit throbbing as it rubbed into his pubic hair. My pussy spasmed. Rapture shot out of my snatch and rippled through my body. My flesh spasmed about his huge cock. I squealed and groaned and gasped into his neck.

The pleasure burned through my mind. It bathed me in ecstasy. Fireworks detonated across my vision, celebrating my incestuous orgasm on my big brother's dick. And then he groaned, "Princess!" Hot cum flooded my snatch. I squealed, pretending he was breeding me. That his cum was flooding my womb and finding my little egg. I bucked and squirmed, hugging him so tight as more and more rapture shot through me.

"I love your cum in my cunny, big brother!" I moaned. "Oh, I love it." "I can tell," he grunted, his cock firing the last blast into my pussy. I sank down his cock, shuddering, my pussy's spasms slowing.

I breathed, feeling his heart thudding beneath his chest. I just held my big brother's strong body, wiggling against him, loving this so much. "Do you think Juana will do it?" I asked. "Will she get through to her sister?" "I don't know," Clint admitted.

"Carmelita's one stubborn bitch." "She is," I hissed. "Ooh, I hope Juana does. I want to see that bitch humiliated at college for all the meany things she did to me." "Me, too, Princess. But it's up to Juana. She has to be the mistress. She has to be in control of Carmelita. She'll need self-control to do it." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Juana Campo I darted downstairs, feeling so energized by Clint's words.

They made so much sense, even if it sucked having to watch Alicia twitch and squirm on his dick. I so wished she was a lesbian like me. Then she could be my girlfriend instead of just my friend. Well, friend with lesbian benefits. I guess that wasn't too bad. My feet scampered down the stairs.

The strap-on bounced and waved before me. I jumped past the last three stairs, landing in a crouch on the floor. I sprang up, darting down the hallway past the stairs to the living room. Carmelita was just where I left her, her ass still red, though not as bright. She still cried. I fell down in the nearby chair and spread my legs wide. My pussy, covered by my thin bush, aimed right at her. I pulled up the strap-on, shifting so the dildo's base was higher up on my crotch and not pressing on my clit.

Then I didn't say a word. That was hard. I really, really wanted to. My pussy was so juicy and itchy. Carmelita glanced at me. She stared at my pussy. I didn't make eye contact with her, looking off to the side, my heart beating so fast. I wanted to glance at her, to look in her eyes and get a sense of what she thought. My pussy clenched, juices trickling out of my pussy.

Some worked through my hairs, reaching my ass. I wanted to squirm. To command. I itched to. Please, please let this work. Upstairs, Alicia squealed in delight, riding her big brother's cock.

She received the incestuous pleasure that I craved so badly. This had to work. It was so hard not saying a word. The grandfather clock ticked every second, louder than Alicia's faint moans. My heart thudded with it. An eternity of ticks, though maybe only sixty or eighty, passed before my sister licked her lips. She wiggled her hips and then pushed away from the couch. She crawled across the floor, her dog tag, engraved with her name, jangled as she came nearer and nearer.

I fought to smile, to react at all. Her eyes locked onto my pussy. A spark flared in her eyes' dark depths as she licked her lips again.

Her breasts swayed, the clamps pulling at them, stretching them out. And then she was between my legs. Her hair brushed my thighs.

Her breath washed across my pussy. I tensed, my pussy clenching as I sucked in a breath. My sister's face leaned closer and closer to my pussy. My pubic hair brushed her nose. Her lips. Her tongue licked out, diving through my folds. I let out an explosive, "Yes!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Carmelita Campo With every lick through my Mistre.little sister's cunt, life quickened within me.

I shivered, my pussy clenching, heat swelling in my core. The throb in my nipples changed, the pain transforming into something.exhilarating. I closed my eyes and focused on her tangy musk, on the heat of her silky pussy sliding across my tongue, rubbing on my lips.

I breathed in her musk with each breath, my hips wiggling more and more. Juices trickled down my thighs from my shaved pussy. She whimpered and groaned, the sounds opening my eyes.

I stared up her body, the huge strap-on fluttering before me, a flagpole waving in passionate breezes. Her small breasts heaved, her hands cupping her little mounds, brushing her brown nipples.

"Oh, yes, my delicious bitch, lick your sister-Mistress's snatch. Oh, you just love it!" I flushed, knowing I did. But I didn't care right now. It was so wonderful just enjoying her pussy, not having to worry about anything else. I jammed my tongue into her hot depths, swirling around her silky walls, making her squirm and wiggle. "Such a good slave!" My heart beat faster.

"Mmm, yes, bitch, just get that tongue into my depths. Such a good bitch to lick her sister-Mistress's pussy. Oh, yes, you are!" Her moans echoed through the living room. I pressed my face tighter into her pussy.

My breasts swayed, the nipple clamps pulling on my nipples. The aches zapped lightning down to my pussy. My snatch clenched each time, the heat building, a growing fire raging in my cunt. To be fucked by that huge dildo waving before my eyes. Juana humped against me. My little sister ground her pussy on my pussy as I devoured her. My hands seized her thighs, stroking them as I licked faster and faster.

I found her clit, making her buck and squeal in delight. So I sucked on it. "Oh, yes, you are such a carpet-munching dyke-bitch!" she howled. "Oh, yes, my big sis loves eating muff. Just dives into it! Such a dyke-cunt. A lezzie-slut!" All the words I used to call her and the other lezzie-bitches I'd dominated made me shudder hearing them heaped on me.

My body wiggled more, the nipple clamps swaying my tits like heavy pendulums. My nipples throbbed with each movement, fanning the fires raging in my cunt. I sucked so hard on her clit. I worshiped it. I nibbled and sucked and tongued it. Such delight rippled through my body. Juices poured down my thighs, my pussy so on fire. It smoldered with passion that had to explode out of me. My tongue slid up my sister's snatch, running over her labia and then brushing her clit.

That made her buck hard. She groaned and little caprice lesbo fuck in sauna full lengt her thighs about my face. She shuddered, her eyes rolling back into her head. Her pussy grew hotter and hotter, molten juices pouring over my lips. I tongued her so hard, licking through her folds.

She gasped and moaned, squirming as she humped against me. She smeared wet fire across my face as I licked and tongued her. "¡Joder!" howled Juana, her juice squirting out of her cunt, splashing into my hungry mouth.

"You lezzie-bitch! You are such a carpet-muncher, Carmelita! My big sis loves snatch! She's a dyke-whore! My lezzie-slave!" My pussy clenched with every word as I drank down her juices. I gulped down her cream. It overflowed my mouth, pouring down my chin and neck. It reached for my swaying breasts, tormented by the nipple clamps.

I licked and tongued and pleasured my sister. She squeezed her tits, the huge strap-on smacking my forehead as she squirmed and howled out her rapture. She spasmed and convulsed on the chair. It groaned and squeaked with her, sharing in her rapture. "Madre di Dios, linda!" she moaned, calling me pretty girl like she had when we were kids. "You are amazing." I blushed, taking a final lick through her pussy. I looked up at her, whimpering, my cunt on fire.

"So why did you lick my pussy?" she asked, cheeks flushed, eyes smoldering. She sat before me, back straight, face regal like a queen on women sexy story with black guy in ebony sex stories throne. "Because you told me to," I answered.

"You're blackmailing me." "I didn't say a word. I just sat down on the chair. I didn't even look at you." Her eyes bored into mine. "Why did you crawl over to me and lick my shocked bombshell in underwear is geeting urinated on and screwed My eyebrows furrowed. She had to have said. No. She just. I just. "You had your thighs spread and." "And you wanted to be a good lezzie slave?" She cupped my cheeks, lifting my sticky face as she leaned over.

The world spun around me as I stared up at her, only her face in focus. "Because this is what you want. You're so happy right now. You're not sad. You chose to do what you want." I trembled, switching to Spanish. "But, Father, he'll." "We'll face Father together," Juana said, her voice so gentle, so loving.

"I'll be with you. Always. You just have to say it. Admit what you are." I trembled as I stared up at her. Lee's words echoed in my mind. Be true to who you are. Who was I? How many times had I masturbated to a guy?

I couldn't even remember. But girls. I imagined them licking my pussy and. When I was on the verge of cumming, I pictured licking theirs, the shame propelling me into my orgasm. Such hot cums. Like when Juana forced me to do things. To be a lezzie-whore. My little sisters lezzie-whore. Tears burned down my cheeks, reaching her soft fingers. Father filled my mind, but. But I had a strong mistress. She'd love me. I didn't have to pretend to be something else. My stomach writhed just thinking about Clint fucking me, being forced to drink his cum.

It was so humiliating. "Y-your my." I took a deep breath. "I'm your dyke-cunt bitch-slave, Mistress." Her smile was radiant. Diamonds twinkled in the corners of her eyes before falling liquid down her cheeks. She leaned down, kissing me on the mouth. She claimed my lips.

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I closed my eyes, surrendering into the incestuous kiss. Her tongue shoved into my mouth. I shuddered, my pussy clenching. My tits swayed, nipples begging for relief. Mother and son s new pron xxc a weight fell off me.

I felt lighter, like I could float away. I was a lesbian. I had tried and tried to fight it, made myself into such an acerbic bitch to keep at bay all the dykes. I didn't want them to love me, so I made them hate me.

Then they would never try to draw me out of the darkness and into the blinding truth. My Sister-Mistress broke the kiss. "Good. You finally admitted it. Truly." "I did, Mistress," I said. "Your bitch is a lesbian.

A pussy-licking, cunt-lapping, muff-diving, clam-eating, carpet-munching dyke!" "There's one other thing you are," she purred, guiding my face to her pussy. She pressed my lips right against the top of her snatch.

Against her urethra. Then her hands let go of my face. I knew what she wanted. I didn't flinch away. I made a choice, opened my mouth, and sucked. She groaned, that slow, moaning sigh of relief as her bladder relaxed. Bitter, acidic urine flooded my mouth. Lee said morning piss was the strongest and the best, the must humiliating flavor. Tasting my sister's, I agreed.

My pussy spasmed, a little orgasm flooding through my body as I drank my Mistress's nasty pee. I was her slut. Her slave. I lived to please her, and this made her so happy. And it made me happy even as it humiliated and degraded me. The euphoric high swept through my body, reaching my mind as I gulped down mouthful after mouthful of her piss. I gulped it down, urine spilling down my chin, dribbling hot.

I smelled the nasty, shameful smell. I gulped down more and more. "Oh, yes, you nasty pee-slut!" Juana moaned, squirming, her face tensed as she forced out more and more of her piss. There was so much. It poured hot down my throat. My stomach filled with it. The nasty, bitter flavor filled my mouth. Salty and hot and acrid. The aroma stung my eyes. But I kept drinking, I kept savoring the humiliating of being my little sister's toilet. "Oh, such a good slave," she moaned as the final spurts of piss flooded out.

And then my tongue licked at her folds, cleaning her up as my heart beat with such joy. I made my Sister-Mistress happy. She cooed her delight, her hands stroking my hair like the lezzie-bitch I was. I wiggled my hips, juices flooding down my thighs. "Tomorrow, at college, I'm going to have so much fun humiliating you," Juana purred.

"You were mean to a lot of people. And it's time you paid." "Yes, Sister-Mistress," I moaned. She was absolutely right. To be continued.