Out of families xxx when mom is not in home

Out of families xxx when mom is not in home
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It's been a weird couple of weeks since Father's Day. My family has been coming together supporting one another. There has been a few other changes which have caught my eyes.Simone and Vanessa. Both have well been flirting with me, and showing me affection other then a niece to her uncle. I have been a bit worried about the way they come up to me in front of my wives and loves placing their arms around me and kissing me.

It's at those times I hear giggles. I look to see Simon, Lisa, Savannah, and Megan all smiling at me. I don't know what they expect to happen, but I shake the thought girls putting big things in there pussy my head.

I have even told those that have my heart my thoughts to only get smiles with their feelings being 'Whatever happens let it happen'. I look to Renee, Jessie, and Tessa asking them what they thought. Tessa told me that her granddaughters couldn't pick a better man then me to love in their hearts.

Renee and Jessie agreed with her which I should of known they would. I let the subject drop taking their words as advice.

I truly didn't know what to think really, but wasn't going to push, or hurt those that I was married to or loved in the bedroom meaning my loves. Hell I had so many that loved me in every way. My beautiful wives Jasmine, Diamond, Hannah, Jessie, and Tiffany. My beautiful loves Allison, Renee, Faye, Jackie, Tessa, Ellie, Verna, Kiko, and Mom. I have slept with Michelle and Selena to let them be mothers since Adam and Chris couldn't due to unfair circumstances.

I admit Chris's situation was due to my uncalled for temper as I kicked him a bit too hard between the legs. They think Lil Heath was a miracle to keep their love together and strong. Just a week ago Travis confronted me asking me to help with Kaye. I asked him if you really wanted me to be with Kaye in that way.

He responded with a smile saying if she was happy to be pregnant, and experience conceiving a baby then so be it. The baby would still have our blood line regardless. Novia colegiala prefiere una polla por su chocho aunque llegue tarde a clase told him I would think about it.

I needed to figure out my feelings about the matter and told him I needed to talk with my loves. Today was July 4th and like the past years Ron, Gina, and Tracey have put on their fireworks shows on the beach. This year they asks Adam, Jack, Justin, and Nicky to help. They each told them they would love to help. I thought about a few things to only smile as this would be Allison, Lindsey, and my Alabama families first year to witness a beautiful sight.

During the afternoon Adam and the guys went to help Ron and William set things up for the night. The kids were all excited about what tonight was going to bring. Karen and the others were filling Lindsey in making her eyes go wide. I chuckled as her expression was priceless.Simone and Vanessa were both hanging with my ladies and I.

I could see they were looking at me like love struck young women. Although I remembered what my loves told me, and just stayed calm until things seemed to cross a line. As the day went by with the family all celebrating on the beach. Simone and Vanessa stayed close to me getting me a beer here and there plus a burger after Jack got done cooking them. I could see the women of the family smiling at the two showing me love in their own way.

The kids were all playing in the sand while my loves held our other little ones under the big umbrellas to shade them from the sun. the godfathers, Kevin, Gray, Travis, and Chris were all playing Student gang rep porn story scandal ball making the ladies watch on. I chuckled as Ellie, Verna, and Kiko had smiles seeing their husbands sweaty bodies glisten in the sun. It was after dinner that everyone gathered beach towels, refilled coolers, and the baby carriers.

We all ventured down to the beach. I was helped by Renee and Tessa because I was still a bit sore in my ribs. Once down on the beach I was sat in my lounge chair with my ladies all next to me on either side. Lindsey got in my lap, because Karen insisted since it was her first time to see the show.

Karen and the boys sat with their mothers. Everyone got situated before Gina spoke up on her bullhorn. " HELLO EVERYONE, FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND GUEST. LIKE EVERY YEAR MY FAMILY HOST THE FIREWORKS SHOW!" She says getting a applause before going on " THIS YEAR WE WOULD LIKE TO WELCOME OUR NEW FAMILY MEMEBERS.

EVERYONE KNOWS HEATH WELL HE HAS QUITE A FEW NEW MEMBERS. FIRST I WOULD LIKE TO WELCOME MY NEW GRANBABIES. TINA, MAGGIE MAY, VERNA KIKO, JACKIE TESSAROSA, CHRISTOPHER, AJ, ANTHONY, and LINDSEY." " Oh gosh she said my name daddy." Lindsey says while I hold her " Yes she did baby girl." I say as we hear Gina speak up again " I WOULD LIKE TO WELCOME Lusty stepmom and skinny teen amazing threeway scene OUR NEW FAMILY!

NOW WITH NO FURTHER ADO PLEASE ENJOY THE SHOW!" She says before the first firework is lit shooting up into the night sky at 9 o'clock that night " Oh wow it's so pretty daddy." Lindsey says with a beautiful smile We hear the little ones giggle while watching from the carriers.

It is a wonderful night with everyone having fun. Lindsey laid her back against my chest to look up at the sky being lit up. All my kids enjoyed themselves as did the adults. Damon was recording the whole event so we would have something to remember by. Kevin seemed to enjoy the show also, but was more in the line of standing watch.

I guess after everything was told to him. Kevin brought it upon himself to be my bodyguard. " You enjoying the show baby girl?" Allison asked our daughter with a smile " Yes I am mommy are you?" Lindsey answers only to ask in return " Yes I am as this feels like a celebration for us being with your daddy and our new family." Allison says taking my hand in her right since she was sitting on my left Lindsey nodded agreeing not taking her eyes off the sky.

I squeezed Allison's hand letting her know I was happy they were here. After the next two hours went by the show was over. My family gathered up the kids and stuff making their way up to the house. " You coming baby?" Allison asked being concerned " No thinking I'll sit for a few moments listening to the waves. Go on ahead I'll be in shortly." I answer telling her to only get a kiss on my lips As she made her way taking her towel in tow. I scooted my lounge chair around to the ocean to watch the moonlight shine upon the water.

I thought of how the day went to only smile. I the kids had fun along with the family. I even had fun in awhile. I closed my eyes just to relax them since I haven't all through the day. Before I knew it the last thing I heard was the ocean waves clash with the rocks in the distance.

The next week and a half went by with the family preparing for the up coming birthdays Lil Heath, Lindsey's, and mine. I thought of what to get the two for their birthdays. It had to be something very nice. Lil Heath's birthday finally came with a morning wake up with hugs and kisses from all the women in the family. He was all smiles knowing he was loved by everyone. All the moms made him a breakfast for a king. Chris carried his son down on his shoulders getting a giggle from Karen and the other kids.

That morning was nice as he opened his gifts after breakfast. It was nice to see him smile with wide eyes opening one gift after another. He got some new clothes, toys, and a motorized bike from Kevin and Grey. I was very happy the family came together to help my nephew's birthday be a very happy one. Chris, Adam, and Jack went to fix up a few games on the beach. They were setting up a race for the kids, and a few partner up games. I remember when Chris, Selena, Tiffany, and I were little our parents did the same.

I was standing at the back gate watching them space out the events as my memories came sweeping back. Those were the days when no one hurt me, but the opposite. I was brought out of my thoughts feeling a hand on my left shoulder. I turned to see it was Tiffany. " You ok baby?" She asks getting a nod " You remember when we were that little?" I ask getting a smile from her " Yes I think that was when I started to really like you baby. You were so cute back then, but so sexy as hell now." She says answer taking my hand in hers " Well you were to, but are so beautiful now." I say feeling her squeeze my hand " Awww baby you always know how to make my heart melt for you." Tiffany says to me before we hear the kids giggle from behind us " Daddy and mommy can we make your hearts melt?" Karen asks getting laughs from the family " Always baby girl." Tiffany says after we turned to see Karen smile Tiffany let my hand go to pick Karen up.

Lindsey came to me with arms raised. I leaned over to pick her up. I winced with a little pain, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from holding my daughter. I noticed Grey carrying the motorized bike out that made me give him a raised eyebrow. " What are you bringing that out?" I ask getting giggles " Because papa Heath I want long dick for the beautiful kaci starr ride it." Lil Heath tells me as I shake my head " Okay but be careful your parents will kill Kevin and Grey if you get hurt." I say getting wide eyes " Um Uncle Grey maybe I better not ride it." Lil Heath says with a sad tone swedish slavegirl vicky valkyries suspension bondage and hung spanking of redhea his voice " It's ok kid Kevin and I can handle ourselves, besides it's your birthday." Grey says with a grin I just chuckle as he hasn't seen Selena's temper.yet.

All the family are starting to come out of the house bring coolers, beach towels, and whatever else they need. E.P. picks up Sasha to only put her on his left shoulder.

I see her smile holding onto his left arm. Jax on the other hand was giving Lucy a pigging back ride. I turned as Tiffany did taking her hand. Making our way down with the boys running pass us was funny. We hit the sand to only be followed by our family. The boys made it to Chris and the guys.The girls giggled before they noticed Serena. It was at that moment they wanted down. Tiffany and I put them down to see them run to their other sister.

Serena smiled running to them. I noticed Ron, Gina, Tracey, William, and Debra all smiling. They all loved the kids as much as we all did. We made our way to them as the rest of the family found a place to park and set up. Once to our other family members we gave them hugs. " So we ready to party?" Gina asks getting nods " Yep Lil Heath is looking forward to the day." Tiffany says with a smile " Aww good for him." Debra says as I feel a hand on my leg I look down to see Serena uncensored japanese lesbian mother english subtitles by me.

She has that sweet smile french mature hairy clit toy stimulated I lean down to pick her up. " Morning daddy Heath I love you." She tells me with that smile " Morning sweetie I love you too." I say back giving her a hug After our hug she wants down to go join the other kids.

I just shake my head feeling a tear run down my right cheek. " Heath you alright hun?" Gina asks me getting a nod " Yeah just glad even a sweet child loves me even if she isn't mine." I say getting nods Ron steps up to me placing his right hand on my shoulder.

" Heath I may be her father, but she sees you the same way. That little girl talks about you all the time. She will always see you as her daddy also." He tells me with a smile " Thanks Ron for I feel like her daddy just like I am little Heath's and my own ." I say getting a smile from him " Ok enough of this mushy stuff we have a birthday to celebrate." William says getting laughs We made our way over to see the kids all lining up on a starting line.

Tiffany and I went to our wives and loves who had the babies in their arms. I sat next to mom on my left and Tiffany sat between my legs after I got comfortable with her sexy ass up against my crotch. Jasmine was on our right holding Tina Faye. " Ok the first one that makes it to the far cone and back wins." Chris says getting the kids the nod before he continued " Ready.set.GO!" At that moment the kids start running while the family all cheer for them.

I look over to see Tina looking on with her little hands moving only to hear her coo. " Who do you think she is cheering for?" I ask getting the attention of a few of my loves " I think her sisters." Jasmine says while we turn to see Lindsey coming back in the lead " Damn Lindsey is fast for her age." Tiffany says getting agreeable nods " She should be since I was a fast runner when I was a kid." Allison says moving up behind me placing her arms around me to place her hands on Tiffany's sides It's at that moment Lindsey crosses the finish line followed by Lil Heath, then Karen, followed by Lil Greg, Dakota, with Serena in last.

I see Serena stand there sad as Lindsey comes over. " You see that daddy and mommies I won." Lindsey says sitting in Tiffany's lap " Yes I did honey, but I think we have a problem honey." I say getting her attention " What's that daddy?" Lindsey asks seeing me point to Serena " I think Serena is sad because she tried to keep up, but her legs are shorter then yours and the others." I say explaining to see Lindsey get up quickly going to Serena We watch as Lindsey gets to Serena who is crying.

Lindsey kneels down taking Serena in her arms. Serena wraps hers around Lindsey. It's a heart felt moment as both sisters hug one another. I was just glad they all got along. Karen went to check on them being the oldest of all of them. She deeply cared for her sisters and brothers. " Baby do you think all our kids will get a long?" Tiffany asks with deep concern " Yes as they all will be loved equally." I say with a smile in my heart " Ok next event is a three legged race." Chris says getting Lil Heath to scratch his head " Daddy how can it be a three legged race when we mature vixen has lesbian sex with teen neighbor have two." My nephew says getting us to laugh I watch as Karen steps over to Lil Heath.

She places her right leg to his left. " You mean like this Uncle Chris?" She asks getting smiles " Yep so pick a partner." Chris says as Karen doesn't move " I already have my partner." She says taking Lil Heath's hand Chris looks over at me with wide eyes as I chuckle. " Baby I think our daughter has a early crush." Tiffany says shaking her head giggling " Like mother like daughter." Verna says out of the blue " Wait.what do you mean by that momma?" Tiffany asks turning to look back at her mother " Oh I remember you doing the same to our baby when you were little." Verna says as I turn to see Ellie and Kiko nod with smiles " And Selena fought you for Heath every chance she got." Kiko says as Selena comes over to Tiffany and I She makes Tiffany move just to sit in my lap placing her arms around my neck.

" And why not. He was as much my brother as Tiffany's, or Chris's." Selena says stating her point before going on " I love you Heath. You'll always be one of my best friends along with Tiffany and Chris." Selena leans in to place a kiss on my lips. I hear a few awws as I break the kiss to look in her eyes. " And I love you Lina." I say seeing her smile Tiffany grabs Selena to look in her eyes before they share a kiss before giggling.

" Go back over where you were this my seat." Tiffany says getting Selena to just giggle, but not before Selena kisses Tiffany again getting a moan " This time you win but I love you both so much." Selena says breaking the kiss to get back to where she was sitting Selena goes back where she was sitting as Tiffany returns between my legs. It's at that moment I see Serena shove Dakota away from Lindsey to only take Lindsey's hand.

" Mine." Serena says leading Lindsey to the starting line I see Dakota look hurt, but he gets up going to his twin. Each group get their legs tied together. Once ready Chris tells them the rules as I look down to see Nicky and Justin on either side of the finish line holding up a line of ribbon.

" Ok ready.get set.GO!" Chris says as they race again Everyone starts cheering as before. I look to see Lindsey and Serena in the middle. Lil Greg and Dakota on their left with Lil Heath and Karen on their right.

Dakota is on Serena's immediate left. Once they get half way I watch as Dakota trips Serena making her go face first into the sand.

I get up quickly running to Serena while Lindsey tries to help her kid sister up. I get to them both as the others keep racing. I see Serena crying while I kneel taking her in my arms. " You ok baby girl?" I ask seeing her head shake " No daddy Heath Dakota tripped me." She says watching me start undoing the rope " Daddy he did trip her." Lindsey says with a angry look " I know honey I watched the whole thing." I say for Gina, Tracey, Tiffany, and Jasmine come running over " What happened?" Jasmine asks with concern while Lindsey starts walking pass me " Ask Dakota.

He tripped Serena for no reason at all." I say getting wide eyes " No he." Jasmine starts to say until I nod I pick up Serena who is sobbing while I stand up. I make our way over to the finish line. I see Dakota and Lil Greg smiling while I take the little trophy away handing it to Karen and Lil Heath. " Daddy that's ours." Lil Greg says with a look of sadness " Sorry son, but your brother cheated.

He tripped your kid sister making her fall." I say seeing his eyes go wide only to look at Dakota " Dakota is that true?" Karen asks her brother getting a sad nod " Why did you do it Kota?" Lil Heath asks getting sad eyes " Because she shoved me." He says looking down Lindsey walked up to Dakota and slapped him. We all looked on being stunned.

" Kota you had no right to trip sissy. I thought you loved her?" Lindsey says asking with those eyes " No I don't sissy." He says shocking her Serena starts crying more while I hold her in my arms. Jasmine goes to our son grabbing his arm. " Dakota what do you mean by that? You owe her a apology, and you do love her as a sister." Jasmine says as I put Serena down We watch while Dakota looks at a crying Serena who is clinging to my leg.

Jasmine lets go of Dakota's arm as he steps black babe plays with her wand amateur toys Serena. " I'm sorry Rena.but I don't love you." He says again shocking us Serena lets go of my leg and runs over to the family. " That's it young man I have never laid a hand on any of you, but that changes now." I say going to him I go to one knee pulling him to me. I feel bad about this, but he needs to know hurting another is not going to fly with this family.

I start spanking my son hearing him scream. I feel my own tears starting to fill my eyes. Once I am done I stand real quick before turning to face the ocean. " Now go sit with your mother for two hours no playing." I say before making my way to the shore I hear Jasmine tell Dakota to follow her. Chris and Adam tell the other kids to follow them. Once to the shore I look out upon the water letting my tears fall while my head lowers to look at the ground.

It's not long before I feel arms wrap around me. They stay quiet for a moment before speaking up. " Baby you ok my love?" It's Tessa that asks before I turn around in her arms I look down in her deep loving eyes. " Yeah just feel bad about spanking Dakota beautiful." I say seeing her nod " Baby it gets better in time. Jasmine told us what happened. Dakota will be ok my darling." Tessa says while I pull her close to me " I know I just need to teach them to not hurt anyone in the family." I say feeling her nod We stand there holding one another for a moment before she looks up at me.

" Baby I love you so much. I hope you know that my love." She says with a warm smile " I do Tessa, and I love you and all the others just as much." I say leaning down to kiss her lips Our kiss teen ruthlessly fucked pornstars and big tits very passionate as I pull her close to me while I feel her do the same. I feel her mouth open giving me access.

I snake my tongue to find her tongue wanting mine. I feel her hands go to my ass. My beautiful Tessa moans as our kiss becomes something on a higher level. She breaks the kiss to only look up in my eyes. " I love you Heath with all my heart." Tessa tells me with a loving smile " And I you my sexy love." I say before picking her up in my arms ignoring the pain in my ribs hotel server cheating sex in customer I look back over to the others that are still laying in the sand or playing volleyball now.

I see Dakota sitting by Jasmine. He is tracing a finger in the sand. I place Tessa down before returning between Allison's legs before Tessa sits between mine. Tiffany is sitting between mom's legs. I placed my arms around Tessa while Allison placed hers around me. We sat there enjoying the sun shining down upon us. It was just a few minutes later that Serena came walking up to Dakota who big booty jean shorts virgo peridot masturbation and fingering between Jasmine and I.

" Dakota I'm sorry for shoving you." She says shyly to him I looked to see my son looking from her to me to only get a nod before he stood up. He stepped to her looking upon her face. " It's ok I know your close to Karen and Lindsey. I am sorry for hurting you." He says while Serena takes a step to him to place a kiss on his left cheek before stepping back blushing He stood surprised, but returned the gesture. I smiled as Serena turned to me. " Daddy Heath can Kota come play before nap time?" She asks before I nod We watched as he took her hand leading her to the others.

I just chuckled seeing them run. " I think crushes are starting amongst the kids." Allison says getting laughs " You maybe right baby." Tessa says cuddling more back on my chest As the morning went the afternoon came.

The kids asked if Simone and Vanessa could take a nap with them. I could see Simone and Vanessa were smiling at the idea. I knew they loved the kids as if they were mothers. I gave them a nod before Simone spoke up.

" Thanks Uncle Heath we love you more then you know." Simone says picking up Lindsey while Vanessa picked up Serena They made their way up to the house. I looked at my ladies with a odd look. " Ok any idea what she meant by that?" I ask getting giggles " Baby I think they love you a lot." Tessa says to me moving my hands up to her breast " Yep I have seen how they look at you. I think both of them have a crush on you." Tiffany says getting a few giggles again As I sat there thinking Allison reached between Tessa and I sliding her hand in my shorts.

Tessa made room to let her, but still hid what Allison was doing. I just chuckled while she wanted to play as Tessa did. I didn't deny them since I wanted to do the same. Once evening came dinner was pizza which was Lil Heath's favorite. We all ate as a family enjoying the evening. We watched some movies that the kids liked the most. Serena stayed the night since she loved being with her siblings as much as possible. Tessa, Allison, and Tiffany had other thoughts by taking me out the back sliding door.

Once out in the back yard we made our way to the shed. For those next four hours they made love to me as I did them. It was very nice to be with them. It was early around 1 in the next morning that we returned to the house naked. Making our way in we noticed everyone was in bed.

I was led up to our bedroom to see those we loved already in bed. I crawled up the middle with Tessa right behind me. After I laid on my back Tessa moved up straddling me. She reached between us stroking me for a moment before lowering herself taking me into her love tunnel. She leaned forward to lay on me before she fell asleep. Before I went to sleep Allison and Tiffany found spots to sleep spooned up to our loves.

I closed my eyes with a smile knowing my nephew had a great day being five years old. After waking up and getting some loving from all the ladies that I love my birthday started out with a nice start. After breakfast I was given my gifts around 9:30 that morning. I am given some new clothes, some movies that I have been wanting.

I opened a envelope that was wrapped. I chuckled seeing it was from Savannah and Megan. Once I pull the card out I read it. I look at the both of them seeing smiles. I read the card again before closing it.

I lay it on the table before standing up. Everyone looks at me confused at that moment. " Baby you alright?" Mom asks with a look of worry " Yeah I just.I just need some air.

Everyone go ahead continue the party." I say making my way to the back sliding door " Daddy where you going?" Lindsey asks me with concern " To get some air baby girl.

Daddy will be alright sweetie." I say walking out sliding the door back to shut it I shake my head at what I read. I couldn't believe they would give me that kind of gift.

The last I knew this was the 21st century. I walk pass Batman, Sprinkles, and Wiggles while they look at me with confusion. Once down on the beach I make my way to the shoreline.

I stare out upon it thinking if Savannah and Megan are crazy or desperate. How could they even think of a thing like that. I cross my arms to my chest feeling this day just went to shit.

I hear some chatter like a argument. I turn to see Savannah and Megan being follow by my wives and loves meaning the moms and godmoms. Once they get to me it is Savannah that speaks up. " What is wrong Heath? Our gift not what you expected?" She asks looking at me concerned " Yeah Heath why did you leave like that?" Megan says sounding a bit upset " Baby what is the problem?" Jasmine asks looking intently in my eyes " Did you all read that card?" I ask seeing nods before I shake my head " Yes we did papi, and don't see a problem with it." Faye says while I see more nods " You don't see a problem with it?

How about the way them two asked? Like Simone is a piece of meat, or a slave." I say asking to get wide eyes " Heath it's not like that. Look our daughter loves you just as much as all the ladies here. She has been wanting you and only you." Savannah says to me with a stern voice " Yeah right, she still young to find a great guy. Hell I already have enough women in my life to love and pleasure." I say seeing wide eyes It goes quiet as each of them look at me. " Mom and momma I will just go back home.

Maybe dad was right about all the shit with this family." We hear a voice say while I look pass the women There not far is Simone standing with tears. She was wearing a black bikini that looked nice against her caramel skin. She stared at me with hurt while Savannah and Megan went to their youngest daughter. My wives and loves all looked at me with stern eyes before going over to comfort Simone as well. " Simone your father was not right in what he did." Tessa says comforting her granddaughter " Yes he was grandma I don't know why I bothered falling in love with a jerk." Simone says with tears before looking at me to only continue " Don't worry Heath forget what my moms asked.

You got enough pussy to fuck. I just hope my grandmother and cousins get tired of your ass." " Simone you don't mean that." Renee says getting a nod " Yes I do since he is just a dick anyway. He doesn't care for anyone's feelings just the pussy between their legs." Simone says with venom My eyes go wide hearing two slaps hit my ears. I watched Savannah and Megan slap their daughter. " That is enough Simone.

We know your hurt, but Heath does care. If he didn't care we would be camping out by a river back home." Savannah says sternly to Simone " But." Simone tries to say but cut off by Megan " No buts Simone look maybe Heath is right. He has his hands full of those around us." Megan says which makes Simone look around with tears I watch as she goes to her knees in the sand. " But I love him with all my heart. He is all I dream about and want." She says as I see Jasmine and Diamond go to Simone making Savannah and Megan move away " Simone honey we will accept you.

Have you ever thought that we love you?" Jasmine says asking the younger version of Savannah " I know you do, but I want Heath also. It would just be awkward being in the same room with you all while seeing Heath giving his love that I can't have." Simone says with tears falling It's at that moment I see all four of my moms; Tessa, mom, Jackie, and Faye come up to me. " Heath dammit why can't you accept Simone? Can't you see baby we all love you. It doesn't matter how many fill your bedroom.

All of us that are here will always be yours. Well except Savannah amd Megan of course." Mom says to me getting giggles " Hey we love Heath to, but not in a way to be added to his harem." Megan says as Savannah nods " So you see darling we accept the thought of Simone being with you and us." Jackie says getting nods from my wives and loves I look over at Simone seeing her eyes are red from crying.

I notice those that love me looking at me if waiting for what I will do. I take in what everyone said plus their looks of love and understanding before making my decision. I let out a sigh before going over to Simone.

She looks up to me before I get to my knees in front of her. I took her hands in mine as she looked up in my eyes. " Simone I am sorry for my words. I guess I never thought others would love me like Jasmine and the others do." I say getting a nod from her " I can understand that Heath, but I do love you in every way a young woman can.

Heath I have wanted you since the wedding. I play with myself thinking it's you pounding me." Simone says confessing to me " Awww just like Allison." Jasmine says getting Allison to sigh " Wait you have done the same Allison?" Simone asks getting a smile " Yes hun I would imagine this wonderful man plowing my pussy and ass. The day he did my dreams came true. Simone your wrong about Heath not caring about others feelings.

He helped Lindsey and I have a family that we love. We all have felt his love in his beautiful heart. You are just like us all that share his love." Allison says making Simone to look at each and everyone of them " Simone are you very positive that it's me you truly want?" I ask getting a nod " Yes Heath it is I love you baby. Please horny granny jindra still loves to get nailed hard me also in your heart." She answers with a sparkle of hope in her eyes I look in her eyes before pulling her to me placing a kiss on her lips.

I feel her arms wrap around my neck. I hear everyone aww seeing two people come together. Simone straddle my legs while my hands go to her ass. I break the kiss only to look up in her eyes. " So is this how you imagined us?" I ask getting a giggle " Yes and no baby I pictured us in a bed with me riding your cock." Simone says with a smile getting laughs " Simone Natalie Covington, Megan and I didn't need to hear that." Savannah says laughing while Simone looked up at her mother " Well he asked mom jeez." Simone says before standing up to only help me up " Sorry hun guess Megan an I are overly stressed that's all." Savannah says getting sympathetic looks " Well maybe we could." Tessa starts to say before being cut off " No mom we are not going to ask for help.

We have each other." Megan says getting nods " I was just trying to help hun." Tessa says with a smile while I decide to really mess with my sister-in-laws " Asss I figured since it was my birthday I get you one time." I say while they look at me and I bust out laughing " I was joking girls.

I love you just as much as you love me.to me you are delightsome and arousing three some hardcore and blowjob aunts, moms, and big sisters. Sorry I couldn't help picking on you." I say while Megan looks at me " Keep it up Heath and I promise tonight I will handcuff you to the bed while we rape you." Megan says while I go white as Megan kisses my cheek " And for the record hun I love playing mind games." I look at my loves for help and see I am on my own.

I hug Megan. " I love you too Megan, but no games ok?" I say while Savannah looks at me " Awww I love seeing my babe's wicked sadistic side." Savannah says while I hug her as well " And I love you both of your loving and protective sides." I state while they return my embrace while Savannah speaks " And we love you and this family sweetie." She says while I see her and Megan smile We make our way back to the house with Simone on my left and Renee on my right while the others follow close behind.

Once back in the house Karen and the other kids come running to us with worried looks. They stop when they see Simone. " Why is your face red Auntie Simmie?" Karen asks while Simone looks sad all of a sudden " Your grammies Savannah and Megan slapped me hun." Simone answers getting wide eyes Savannah and Megan come in to only be yelled at by a five year old.

" Why did you slap Auntie Simmie?" Karen asks loudly to get worried looks " It's because I said a few bad things to your daddy. I.I said maybe my dad was right about the way things are here." Simone says as Karen looks at Simone with wide eyes " What.what do you mean?" Karen asks with deep concern " That things were crazy and not right." Simone says while I see my oldest start to tear up " You don't love us anymore Auntie Simmie?" Karen asks with tears as Simone makes her way to Karen " Yes I do, it's just I was sad, upset and hurt earlier when I said the words." Simone says as Karen shrugs Simone off " Your lying, you don't love us.your just like Nick." Karen says running away followed by the kids " KAREN NO WAIT!" Simone yells getting Karen to turn looking down from the top of the stairs " NO I HATE YOU!" Karen says running to her room I see Simone looking up at the stairs with wide eyes.

She goes to her knees as Vanessa goes to her cousin. " Shhh Simone she doesn't mean it. Just give her a little time." Vanessa says trying to calm Simone down " I wish I was dead right now. I hurt the kids with my stupid words and feelings." Simone says before I make my way over getting her to stand " Now listen to me, and listen good. I don't want to hear that crap. You love this family right?" I say with authority seeing her nod with wide eyes before going on " Then come with me." Everyone looks at me before watching me lead Simone up the stairs and to the kids room.

Once inside I have the kids sit on the bed with Simone sitting between Karen and Lindsey. They look up at Simone then to me. " Daddy sorry Sweet busty babe naiomi mae loves a hardcore fucking smalltits pornstars goofed up your birthday, but I was speaking my mind." Karen says getting a nod from me " I know honey you always do when your hurt or someone hurts me, but Simone does love you baby girl." I say seeing her head shake back and forth " No she doesn't daddy.

She the female version of Nick." Karen says with tears " No I am nothing like my father. I do love you Karen and the kids." Simone says to Karen hurt " Another lie just like Nick." Karen says before doing something she has never done before I watch while Karen takes Simone's left arm before biting her.

Simone grits her teeth in shock to watch me move to stop Karen. My oldest has a good bite grip on Simone's arm. The kids are looking on frozen. " It's ok Karen transfer all your pain I caused you to me. This is the only way I can show you I love you with all my heart baby girl." Simone says with tears getting Karen to stop Karen looks at the damage she created drawing blood with her bite on her loving cousin.

I see Karen's eyes go wide before she starts crying. " I am so sorry daddy. I didn't mean to hurt her." Karen says coming to my arms " I know baby girl, but you need to control your temper like daddy tries to. Simone loves you all, and is sorry for what she said." I say feeling my daughter cry on my chest Simone joins Karen and I in a hug.

Simone places a kiss on Karen's forehead. " Karen I love you baby girl and hope we can be friends again." Simone says with tears as Karen looks up in her eyes " Mommie." Young blondie via lasciva sucks big cock of bf says going into Simone's arms " Honey I'm not a." Simone tries to say as Lindsey comes over " If your with daddy then your a mommie." Lindsey says with her own logic " She's right darlin since the others are just the same to these four.

Even Lil Heath calls them mommies." I say seeing her hold Karen tight " Ok then, but I hope to have a daughter just like you one day Karen." Simone says with a smile looking at me " That would be cool for Lindsey and I can me big sisters to her since we are to the others." Karen says getting a nod from Lindsey " Hey what about us being big brothers?" Dakota says with Lil Greg standing by him " You can be big brothers to our siblings, but we get to dress our sisters up." Lindsey says with a giggle " Ok sissy." Lil Greg says with a smile " We ok baby girl?" Simone asks getting a nod After some hugs and kisses on cheeks we made our way back down to the living room to see all the family talking.

Karen and Lindsey took Simone to the kitchen to doctor her arm. Karen has seen Sasha and Lucy doctor Vanessa up so she wanted to doctor Simone up. I was about to return to my chair when I heard Shelby speak up. " Heath hun Caleb and I have something to give you." She says getting my attention while I sat " Oh what is that Shelby?" I ask seeing her and Caleb nod to Vanessa " Heath, Simone wasn't the only one that has deep feelings for you." He says as I watch Vanessa come over to stand at my feet " Vanessa go ahead dear." Shelby says to a shy Vanessa Vanessa nods before turning to look at Renee and Jessie who are on the floor looking back at her.

They both get up coming over to stand with Vanessa. I watch them take a hand each like proud sisters. Vanessa lets out a sigh before looking down in my eyes. " Heath just like Simone you have stolen my heart.

I came up her with a hope that I could be with you just like my two sisters here. I love you so much as you have always american porn star sex 2019 me right. I want to be part of you baby. I know you have all those that have your heart, but I want to be part of your heart." Vanessa says to me with a few tears I look from her to everyone else who have smiles. Even my wives and loves are nodding their approval.

It's at that time I hear Papa Mike speak up. " Fuckigizer bunny keeps going and going and going." He states while the room breaks out in laughter It's at that time Simone, Karen, and Lindsey come back in followed by the boys. " What's going on sissy?" Lindsey asks Karen getting shrugged shoulders " I don't know maybe Uncle Jack farted." Karen says getting more laughter " Ewww." The rest of the kids say " No honey your uncle didn't fart.

Your grandpa Mike said a joke." Sierra says with a smile " Sweet lovely hot chicks kobi and gina having a finger blast ok what was the joke?" Karen asks getting looks " Tell you once your older baby girl." Papa Mike says while I extend my hand to Vanessa She accepts it before being pulled in my lap. She squeaks feeling my right arm wrap around her waist. " Hey what about me baby?" Simone asks mature mom karin shows off hairy pussy extreme I smile motioning her over Simone makes her way over getting on my left leg while feeling my left arm wrap around her.

They both cuddle up to me placing their lips on mine. We share a three way kiss that gets awes and whistles. The kids just giggle before Lil Heath speaks up.

" Looks like you guys have another new mommie." He says getting giggles " Yep we do." The kids say in unison before going to their mothers After the kiss breaks Simone and Vanessa look at each other smiling. Tiffany comes over with a long forgotten necklace I have not seen in years. She gets on her knees in front of us. I feel her hands on my thighs with her eyes on mine. " Heath years ago I gave you something from my heart, but also asked you to be my man. When stupidity caused us to be apart you left it behind in which I understood.

Heath you have always had my heart, my love, my soul, and my body. I was stupid that evening, but it made me realize what was more important.you. Heath my love I give you my heart so it will be with you whenever you are away from us.from me." Tiffany says placing the necklace in my lap with tears " Tiffany I am sorry I left like I did at that moment in time.

I am sorry I left you in a state of confusion and hurt. Seeing you like that hurt so much, and what I did was truly not who I was. I hurt you. Chris, and Selena in the process. You have had my heart beastiality black guy on females clitoris story well.

So if you could put it where it should of been all this time." I say seeing her smile Tiffany stands picking up the necklace. She walks around behind my chair. I see the heart get placed on my chest. She clasps the necklace together. Tiffany then lowers her arms placing her hands on my chest.

" I love you baby so very much." Tiffany says before we share a kiss After that moment Tiffany comes around to only sit between my legs on the floor.

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I feel so happy as I have my family that loves me, but also those that have my heart all gathered close. I got a few more gifts. One was a shoe box full of letters and birthday cards from Tiffany. There was over one hundred letters that I could estimate. She had tears telling me when she felt she needed to talk to me that was the only way she knew. I nodded pulling her up in my lap giving her a deep loving kiss. I had her lay back on my chest while Simone and Vanessa cuddle on our sides.

Tiffany welcomed them in with a kiss each getting a awe or ooo. As the morning of my birthday went by, afternoon came with some fun on the beach. Simone and Vanessa stayed by me since my ribs were still tender at times. We watched some of the family play volleyball while the kids started a sand castle while my wives gave them a hand. My loves on the other hand were working on their tans. I noticed Tiffany get up telling our wives something before making her way to the house.

I figured she was going to grab something to drink for everyone. While everyone was having their fun Simone was massaging my back from behind me while Vanessa was massaging my ribs from the front.

I was enjoying the attention they both were giving me. It wasn't long I would say twenty minutes when I was getting thirsty. I told Simone and Vanessa I was going to head in to get us some drinks. They said they would, but I told them no, because I wanted them to relax until I got back. Both of my beautiful new lovers giggled making their breast bounce. I chuckled while they rubbed their bodies against me telling me to hurry back. I nodded saying I would. I stood up making my way hearing them whistle at me.

I smiled knowing they were staring at either my ass or my body. Walking up the back steps to the back yard I spotted Batman, Wiggles, and Sprinkles all laying about soaking up the sun. I just chuckled getting Batman's attention. " You lazy bones you don't need a tan." I say to him getting a pant from him I loved the mutt as he still felt like another son to me. I made a mental note to get him and the other two a thick bone to gnaw on next time I was at the pet store.

Once I made it in the house I went straight to the kitchen. I didn't think anyone was in there until I got to the doorway to see a sight that shocked me. There standing by the sink was Kevin, but in his arms was Tiffany planting a kiss on his right cheek. I didn't know what was going on, or happening, but my mind some how went back in time to when I caught her, Chris, and Selena.

I lock the memory away while making my way to the fridge. I got three bottles of ice tea while not saying a word to the two of them. I slightly slammed the fridge door to only turn my back to both of them. I was making my way out of the kitchen to only hear Tiffany speak up. " Heath baby wait." She tells me with a bit of worry in her voice " Bro we can explain stop for a moment." Kevin says just to see me keep walking Today was my birthday and I'll be damned if I was going to let this stop me from enjoying the day.

I made my way out of the house quickly as my legs would take me. I made a mental note to deal with what I saw after Lindsey's birthday which was tomorrow.

Between now and the day after tomorrow I was going to play nice for once. I felt hurt inside, but wasn't going to show it for a few days. Once I made it back to my two sexy young vixens. I handed them a bottle each. I then took a drink from mine before I had a thought come to me. " How about we go swimming?" I asked seeing them both look up at me " Ok baby but what about your ribs?" Simone answered, but was worried about my health " I'll me fine, and besides I have you both to keep me a float.

If something happened just yell for Jack and Adam they will run out to us to get me colombian babe gets fucked by her latino friend I say seeing both look at each other then back at me with smiles We placed our drinks down before each took one of my hands. We little girl sax varjan sax for the ocean hand in hand in hand. Jasmine and the others watched smiling since they knew I was giving Simone and Vanessa some time with me.

On the way out though I heard Tiffany yelling for me. I didn't stop as we reached the shore making our way into the water. It felt nice to the touch. Simone and Vanessa led me in further until I was about chest deep. Both came up to me Simone on my right with Vanessa on my left. I felt their legs wrap around me which was very nice.

They held onto my body before dunking their head in the water to get their hair wet. While they did that I looked over to see Tiffany and Kevin looking at me with worry and fear. Tiffany looked like she was going to cry in which I really didn't care if she did or not. I was having too much fun with my new loves. Simone and Vanessa raised their heads out of the water with smiles on their beautiful faces. Both leaned into me placing their lips on mine. Again we share a three way kiss that was filled with passion.

After a few minutes the kiss was broken while we each smiled before I went under to get my own hair wet. I had let it grow out and it was to the middle of my back now. I looked up to see they were both smiling. I thought for a moment before I smirked.

I raised up some, but before getting all the way up I latched onto Vanessa's left breast getting a squeak from her. I could feel her nipple was hard through her top. She gave off a moan as Simone giggled. " What's wrong sis our baby getting you horny?' She asks getting another moan as I licked Vanessa's nipple through the top " Yes as I was already horny for him.

Fuck." Vanessa says getting a giggle I thought of Simone before letting go of Vanessa's left only to go for Simone's right getting a surprised squeal from her. Vanessa giggled as I started to suck on Simone's right nipple getting it to start getting hard. She gave out a sexy moan. " Awww sis is our baby getting you horny now?" Vanessa asks only to laugh at her cousin " Just like.you I have.been horny.oh yes baby suck your woman's titties." Simone answers with moans while holding my head at her right breast " Sis you going to cum?" Vanessa asks with curiosity " No, but if he keeps this up I might, but I would rather cum on his dick." Simone says with a giggle I take my mouth off her breast to only get my head out of the water.

I smile at the both of them licking my lips. " And I would love that, but not out here. Don't need the kids to wonder what is going on." I say getting two disappointing looks " That's understandable baby, but you got me so horny it's unreal." Vanessa says only to get a chuckle " Sorry couldn't help it figured I would be Jaws sucking on a tit." I exclaim getting laughs " Baby if you were Jaws our pussy would be getting ate out literally." Simone says getting a nod with a smile " True, very true." I say pulling them close to me looking at them both before I continued " You both know I have never had gifts like you both." " We know darling, but we have wanted you for so long.

My moms told me not to tell you since they was going to take care of it. I am sorry on how they did it though." Simone tells me while holding on tight " Same with my mom baby. Sorry for it not being asked in a normal way." Vanessa says with a slight worry in her voice " It's all good since it made my day.

Besides I can have two beautiful women with me that can keep me feeling young." I say getting big smiles " Baby your only 25 years old. You are still young and sexy." Simone tells me getting a chuckle " I know that beautiful, but you know what I mean. So what do you both what to do?" I state asking these to young vixens They looked at each other then back at me with grins that scared me a bit before giggling.

" Baby we want you to give us that dick, but not out here where the kids might see. So lets just have fun, and build up to later." Simone says while Vanessa nods " Sounds good to me so I can do whatever I want to get you all heated up?" I say asking to getting sparkling eyes " Yes baby we are your girls to have your way with. You can touch us anywhere you wish, because we belong to you sexy." Vanessa says only this time to get a nod from Simone " That sounds even better." I say moving my hands to their asses Both of them smiled with love in their eyes.We spent most of the time in the water before getting out to let the sun dry us off.

I noticed Tiffany would look over at me from time to time. Her and Kevin sat together I guess trying to figure out what to say to me. I just ignored them the rest of the day. It was nice having Simone and Vanessa on either side of me on the hot blonde spencer scott plays with big tits amp pussy in bath they brought out under the umbrella.

It was around three o'clock in the afternoon that mom, Tessa, Faye, and Jackie came over looking a bit serious. " Girls is it ok if we talk to Heath for a bit in private?' Tessa asked getting nods " Yes grandma we need to go use the bathroom anyway." Vanessa says while both of them got up, but gave me a kiss before they did While Simone and Vanessa made their way to the house Tessa, mom, Jackie, and Faye sat down around me with those serious looking eyes they each had.

" Heath baby what is going on? Tiffany is being distant for some odd reason." Tessa asks being her concerned self " I rather not talk about it for a few days if that is ok." I answered seeing worried and concerned looks " Oh my did you two get into it?' Jackie asks getting a no " Then what happened baby?" Faye asks with those ' Don't hide from us' eyes " Like I said I don't want to talk about it for a few days.

I'm not going to spoil today or tomorrow over what I saw happen. Just be patient with me ok that is all I ask." I say getting nods " Ok baby we will, but can we get some loving from you. Watching you suck on the girls tits has me hornier then ever." Mom says getting giggles as I chuckle " Sure beautiful come her you sexy thing." I say seeing her smile only to crawl to me It was a fun afternoon when Simone and Vanessa came back.

I had six beautiful ladies all showing me love. Each gave me a kiss and a rub between my legs when no one was looking. It was funny as each would look around before reaching up either leg of my shorts to just get a feel. Even Simone and Vanessa took a chance to only be surprised at what they found. Vanessa was blunt saying I would really open her up with what I had. The other's chuckled saying ' Yep, but it will feel so good'. After that both my beautiful young lovers would get a feel every chance they could get.

Evening came with a nice home cooked dinner. Kevin and Tiffany still gave me worried looks, but didn't try to talk to me which suited me just fine since I didn't want to talk about what I witnessed. Yes it might of been nothing, but Tiffany should of had the knowledge of what might be after all those years ago. All these years, and even taking Tiffany back I could not get rid of that image of Chris behind her.

It was like that moment was inscribed onto my brain. with the words ' Watch out she may do it again'. I know she has been loyal all this time, but there was always that one chance she could stray again.

I shrugged those thoughts away for the time being. I just wanted to enjoy the day with no arguing or fighting.

This was the first birthday that my family were here that nothing really bad happened like last year. After dinner Jasmine and Diamond took me in the living room and both got in my lap. They said it was their turn to spend some time with me in which I nodded.

When Tiffany walked in followed by Kevin I could see the hurt in her eyes. I didn't care at that moment because I had two beautiful ladies in my lap showing me their love just like they always did.

After all the birthday jokes were told at my expense my wives and loves took me to bed. Once in I was stripped down and told to get on the bed. I did as I was asked. Before I knew it music was being played. I watched as they all started to dance swaying their hips. They paired off giving me erotic scenes. Renee was with Simone while Jessie got with Vanessa. Jasmine with Diamond with mom getting with Tessa. The others paired off giving me a sexy show.

They were kissing and rubbing against each other. I felt myself getting aroused as I slid my hand down to my harding shaft. Jasmine and Diamond noticed what I was doing before stopping what they were doing. I watched as both came crawling on the bed starting their love making to me.

For three hours I was ridden by all except Tiffany. I guess she wanted to be last to show me love, but after I just got done with mom I was to tired to keep going. I laid down on my back feeling mom crawl up to lay down on me. Jasmine and Diamond laid on either side of me. Everyone spooned up behind them. " What about me baby?" Tiffany asks me with worry in her voice " Sorry.I am.to wore out.why don't.you go have fun.with Kevin.like you did.earlier today." I say short winded hearing her gasp " Baby it's not like." She tries to say before hearing me snore I had my eyes closed, but was still awake.

I know what I said must of hurt, but I was hurting inside myself. I heard movement before hearing the bedroom door open.

It was just a few seconds later it shut quietly. I just laid there hearing my other wives and loves quietly sleeping. Mom's breast were flat against me. I let out a deep breath before going to sleep to wipe part of the day out of my mind. I woke up the next morning feeling a bit refreshed. I looked to see I was alone in bed.

I made my way to the left side of the bed placing my feet on the floor. I wiped my eyes seeing the sun was out shining through the curtains.

I looked over to see it was 8:30 in the morning. Today was Thursday and Lindsey's birthday. I shook my head knowing she was probably already up. I stood up making my way to the bathroom to relieve my bladder. Once inside I did just that. It felt nice placing a hand on the wall while I took my morning piss. Once I was done I washed my hands before returning to the bedroom to get dressed.

I thought I would wear my sweats today with my normal muscle shirt. I made my way out of the bedroom only to go down the hallway. I went to the kids room to see the door open wide. I looked in to see the room empty. I chuckled knowing they were probably down having breakfast. I made my way down just to stop in my tracks to see Kevin and Tiffany sitting together with him holding Anthony.

I just let out a sigh making my way past them. I heard a gasp, but didn't stop. Once in the kitchen I noticed everyone sat or standing eating. I also noticed Lindsey in my chair. I went over picking her up quickly to get a giggle. I sat down seeing everyone smile. I placed Lindsey in my lap. She turned to smile blonde guy cruelly fucked beauteous cuties striptease and hardcore me. " Morning daddy I thought I would keep your seat warm." She tells me placing her arms around my neck " Morning baby girl and thank you." I say hugging her like she was me We started eating as Tessa brought me a plate full of three pancakes.

Lindsey was happy and excited about the day. It was her 5th one, but this time she had a big family to share it with. I just hope it would be a good day for her with no drama or anything of that nature. Lindsey was a Cinderella girl just like Karen was a Snow White fanatic. I guess she related to being so poor and wanting to be the princess that was so loved to which she was in this family just like all the kids. I called my friend at Disney to have him make another snow globe.

I did this a few days after Karen's 5th birthday. After breakfast we had Lindsey open her gifts in the living room. She got most of the same things Karen had gotten. Outfits, shoes, a bag pack, Barbie dolls, and a big snow globe with Cinderella. She screamed when Adam and Chris brought it in as the snow globe was delivered while Lindsey was out on the beach playing. She loved it just as Karen loved hers. I smiled seeing her hug it thanking me over and over again.

As the day went on I snuck to the bedroom to get a few things for later. Once the two small boxes are in my pocket I return to the party in the back yard seeing Lindsey riding Batman as Wiggles and Sprinkles walk on either side of him.

I chuckle while Lindsey holds on as if a princess on a horse being taken around the grounds of the castle grounds. I think once we all relocate to the Oklahoma I will get the kids ponies so they will have something to do on the weekends. And maybe a few dozen horses for the family to ride.

Once Batman gets around the pool I hear Lindsey ask Serena to get on. I smile as the kids have taken her in as one of them. I just hope they never stop. Serena still calls me daddy Heath which I don't mind as it makes me know she sees me as a father figure. Ron, Gina, and Tracey have already confided in me if anything happened to them they wanted me to take Serena in. I told them they would always be around. Gina came up to me with concerned eyes almost pleading asking if I would.

I looked at all three of them to just nod. I think about that hoping they would be around for a long while since they were all I had as a link to May besides Eric and the sheriff. I spent the day with Renee and Allison both hanging on me like there was no tomorrow.

We would kiss and make out on the sand. Lindsey and the kids were again working on the sand castle they started yesterday. Renee laid on my right while Allison on my left. Both caressed my chest while I caressed their backs.

" Baby thank you for coming into Lindsey's life.and mine. I love you so much." Allison tells me getting a smile " Your very welcome darlin." I say feeling her hand move to my abs " Mine too darling. I love you so much our sexy man." Renee says while I smile again " Your also welcome beautiful." I say hearing them both sigh We laid there soaking up the sun hearing our family having fun.

It wasn't long that Lindsey came running over with Serena as they both sat on my abs. " Daddy can you take us swimming? Everyone else is busy, or playing volleyball." Lindsey asks while Serena gives me a curious smile " I suppose so, mind if your two moms here come along?" I answer asking to get big smiles " Yes daddy Heath." Serena says getting up with Lindsey " YAY!" Lindsey says while Renee, Allison, and I get up I pick Lindsey and Serena up as we make our way to the ocean.

The girls talked up a storm once we hit the water. I kept the kids up on my shoulders so they wouldn't drown. Renee and Allison stayed close as the girls dived in. Both knew how to swim because Adam and Jack were teaching them, but I would still get a bit scared at times. I loved my kids very much, and didn't want anything to happen to them. Out of all the kids Karen, Lindsey, and Serena were very close to me. Dakota and Lil Greg were as well, but were more momma boys.

Lindsey would swim between us three while Serena would go so far then come back to me. She would hold onto me. I would hold her seeing that beautiful little smile.

" Daddy Heath I love you." She tells me shocking me " I love you to honey, but what brought that up?" I ask seeing her smile " Just wanted to say it daddy Heath." She says diving splashing into the water I feel this overwhelming warmth to my heart as I watch her swim to Allison. Lindsey comes to me climbing to my shoulder. " Daddy I love you so much. Thank you for being my daddy." She says with what sounds like a sob I pull her off my shoulder seeing her tears.

" What's wrong Lindsey?" I ask as Renee, Allison, and Serena come over " Honey what's wrong?" Allison asks also to our daughter " Mommy don't ever leave daddy. Please don't leave him." Lindsey answers with more tears " Honey I never planned on it. Why are you bringing this up?" Allison asks while I rub Lindsey's back " I've been having nightmares. You all run daddy off and I live sadly." Lindsey says getting a set of wide eyes " Honey your mommy and I are never leaving your daddy.

We love him too much. Now calm down baby girl because your daddy is right here." Renee says assuring her other daughter she took in as her own After a few minutes Lindsey calms down holding tight to my neck. Serena gets on my left arm holding on. " Aww sissy daddy Heath always be daddy. No one take him away he my daddy too." Serena says getting a nod before moving to Lindsey to hug her before continuing " I love you sissy and always will." " I love you too Rena." Lindsey says with a smile Renee, Allison, and I looked at each other with worried looks, but stayed close to our daughters that we loved just as much as the other kids.

It was around five o'clock when we had Lindsey blow out the candles. She was going to be five so that was how many she had to blow out. Once she did Gina spoke up asking her a question. " So what did you wish for Lindsey?" Gina asked with a smile " If I tell you it may not come true." Lindsey says with a sad look swinging her legs back an forth sitting in the chair " Well honey you can tell us it may you never know." Tracey says with a smile herself Lindsey looked from them both before looking up at Allison then at me.

She went back and forth before looking back at Gina. Gina looked at Allison and I before showing a smile. " Well guess she spoke her wish in her own way." Gina says looking at Allison then at me I let out a chuckle before taking Allison's hand. She gave me a confused look before I went to grab Renee's Both looked at each other then at me with the same confused looks. " So Allison how do you feel we make her wish come true?" I ask seeing wide eyes " Oh baby you saying what I think you are?" Allison says asking me seeing a smile I lean in to give her a kiss to answer her question.

I break the kiss before looking at Renee who shows me a confusing smile. " So what do you say of a future together?" I ask Renee to see her eyes are wondering to what I am saying " Baby what are you talking about?" She asks being confused I just sigh to only look around before I surprise everyone by going to one knee hearing gasps. " Allison, Renee I love you both just as much as the others.

We have become so close that in the past months that I have been thinking of this moment. Will you both marry me and be in my life for the rest of yours?" I ask seeing tears and a scream from Lindsey " Say yes mommy, say yes for he will be my daddy for real." Lindsey say after getting to Allison who is jumping up and down " Hush baby girl let me answer honey." Allison says getting Lindsey to hush everyone " Hush everybody while mommy and mommy Renee answer." Lindsey says with giggles " Heath we love you with all that we are.

You have made our lives that much better. The times you got hurt all of us felt we were going to lose you, but you showed us what a strong heart and will can do. You have brought this family close from all sides.

You helped Lindsey and I to major load deauxma amp sara jay fuck a big black cock a family by bringing me back to my brother Adam. I love you baby and my answer is yes." Allison says while I get petite goddess emma hix stretched and jizzed on pussy ring out and put it on her finger turning to Renee " Every thing she said, but you saved me in more ways then one baby as I say yes." I smile placing the other ring on her ring finger They help me up to only kiss me at the same time.

" Oh gosh I did get my wish." Lindsey says as we break the kiss I break the hug that we are in to only pick up Lindsey. " Yep now how do you feel about that?" I ask getting a smile " Very happy daddy now can we have some cake? I have been a good girl." Lindsey asks in her cute puppy dog eyes stating " Of course baby girl." I say putting her in the chair " Daddy can I have another mommy just like my cousins?" I hear Lil Heath ask turning to see Chris and Selena looking at him concerned " Well um son it's." Chris tries to say but is cut off by Allison " Lil Heath hun we all have taken you in as one of our own.

So you might say you have 10 mommies." She says getting him to look at all of the ones I am married to or with but not before the others that are his aunts tell him they consider him their's as well " Daddy can I get some cards since I didn't have the money to for Mother's Day since I have thirteen more mommies?" My nephew asks getting smiles " Sure son, but right now let's eat some cake." Chris says with a smile as Renee and Allison take a hand each leading me out of the kitchen " Where you taking our baby too?" I hear Diamond asking her lovers " To the backyard to talk.

Why you want to come along Diamond baby?" Renee answers only to ask in return " Sure Renee baby." Diamond says with a smile " Mommy Diamond?" Lindsey says like asking " It's ok honey we will be right back." Diamond says coming over to follow behind Renee and Allison led Diamond and I out. On the way I noticed Tiffany look at me with a look of concern sitting by Kevin.

I just ignored them stepping outside. I was led out the back yard to the beach. Once to my usual spot Renee and Allison each stand in front of me with Diamond taking my right arm. " Ok what's up girls?" Diamond asks seeing two smiles " First baby we want to say thank you for asking us finally.

Second we want to have our wedding on Valentine's Day and a honeymoon with the other wives." Renee says with a smile getting a agreeing nod " First your very welcome, and second that sounds good to me.

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So is those the reasons you brought us out here?" I ask getting giggles " We also want you and Diamond to make love to us at the same time." Allison says with a grin " Oh in what way baby?" Diamond asks with a smirk " Well we want to be double penetrated ebony secretary makes her boss lick her asshole femdom fiancees." Renee says with a sexy grin " I think that can be done how about you my shiny Diamond?" I ask getting a smile and nod " Sweet I can't wait now." Allison says as both came up to Diamond and I giving us a deep passionate kiss each I picked Allison up with her sexy ass in my hands.

We let our kisses linger before breaking them. " Oh shit my pussy is wet." Renee says getting giggles " Mine too." Allison says as I inch my fingers to the crotch of her bikini bottoms " Yep you are sexy." I say while Allison moans " Baby stop or your going to make.me want to cum right here and now." She says moaning a bit I chuckle letting her down as she goes running to the ocean to squat.

We watch her move the bikini crotch to the side to pee. " Wow she wanted to cum, but had to pee." Diamond says with a smirk again Once Allison is done she comes running back to me. All three of my ladies place their hands on parts of my body looking up at me. I smile seeing their beauty shine as always. " Tonight your ours baby I don't care who gets in the way.

I want to feel your cum deep in my womb even when I am already pregnant." Diamond says with a sexy grin The others nod while I smile pulling them all to me. We stand there for a moment before going back to the house. Once in I see the kids seated in front of the t.v. with pizza in their plates. Jasmine takes my hand holding a box of pizza. My other wives and lovers come over except Tiffany who is sitting by Kevin with Anthony in her arms. I noticed Chris and Selena looking at me with concern in their eyes.

I just ignored what I saw being led upstairs. Once in the bedroom mom and Tessa stripped me telling me it was just all of us for the night. I was taken to the bed and told to get on the bed. That evening and night my beautiful ladies fed me and relaxed me in their own loving way. That night while I was made love to I thought of a place where I could think. Someplace quiet and away from family. The only place I knew was Oklahoma which I needed to check how far it was from to being done.

After hours of showing each of those in the room love I went to sleep with Vanessa laying on me. Diamond and Allison were on either side of me. The others spooned up with the one they busty slut fucks her pussy with her dildo to wake up to in their arms.

===================================================================== Vanessa's POV: ===================================================================== It's been two days since Heath left without telling anyone where he was going.

It's around ten o'clock Sunday morning when there comes a knock at the front door. Jasmine had me to get out of her lap to go answer the door. I sat back down waiting on my girlfriend to come back. The past two nights I have gotten to know her better in bed and out along with the other women in Heath's life.

They all have shown Simone and I love except Tiffany. She has been distant for some reason. I am brought out of my thoughts hearing clicks from a few guns. I look up to see my cousins and teen striptease dildo and girl webcam sex first time mia khalifa tries a big black dick with their guns drawn on Uncle Nick who sis and brhot sex stories standing in the living room.

" Why are you here old man?" Kevin asks with hate in his voice " I came to make amends. I have had a lot of time to think, and I was wrong for everything I said and did." He says while I just watch on Grandma, Maggie, Faye, and Jackie took the kids shopping which was good since they didn't need to see this. " Make amends uh? How did you plan to do that?" Sierra asks with a stern voice " By asking for everyone's forgiveness." Uncle Nick says with his head down " Nick what you said was uncalled for.

You hurt the kids, and later that day caused Heath to get hurt." Aunt Savannah says getting him to nod " I know Vannah I messed up. I let my pride do my talking for me. Out of everyone here you should know that wasn't me. I have felt horrible missing you all. I want to see my grandkids. I miss you and Megan in my arms. I am sorry for all the stupid things I have done." He says with some tears while I see my family look on with wide eyes " Nick are you saying your ok with the way things are?" Megan asks getting a nod " So if Megan and I wanted to get our tubes untied and have Heath's babies you would be ok with that?" Savannah asks getting a nod also " Yes because I know you both love him, and they would be so loved by this big loving family.

I was a crazy fool that was blinded." Nick says again with his head lowered I watch as each of my family members look at one another before lowering their guns. Aunt Savannah and Aunt Megan make there way to Uncle Nick. They stand in front of him for a moment before wrapping their arms around him as he does the same to them.

" I missed you both I am so sorry." He says as they each she tears " We're sorry too baby. Both Megan and I were so mad and hurt by your actions." Aunt Savannah says with tears " Aww that what I am talking about." Jack says getting wrapped in Sierra and Mandy's arms Everyone gets seated again as Jasmine sits in my lap. I put my arms around her as she cuddles into me. " So I take it Simone and Vanessa are in with Heath also?" Uncle Nick asks getting worried looks before I can say anything Simone speaks for both of us "WE'RE BOTH EIGHTEEN DADDY AND IF WE AINT TO BE WITH HIM WE DAMN WELL CAN.

WE DON'T NEED YOUR FUCKING APPROVAL!" She yells out exclaiming to Uncle Nick " Simone that is enough. And yes baby sorry we." Aunt Megan tries to say but gets cut off " It's all good, I'd rather them be with someone that loves them, then someone that would use them." He says getting smiles from everyone as he looks around before continuing " Where is Heath anyway?" " We don't know bro.

He left not telling anyone where he went." Dad tells him as I see Uncle Nick look around " Ok that doesn't sound like him" He asks getting everyone to think " No it's not, but he kept saying he needed time to think." Jasmine says being the main wife out of the others I see Diamond and the others start to think, but when I look at Tiffany she has a look of sadness on her face.

I have been wondering what happened between Heath and Tiffany. She seemed distant to Heath, and what he said the night of his birthday comes back to my mind. She has been spending time with Kevin. I make a mental note to find out what the fuck is going on. As the morning past afternoon came. The kids came home to find Uncle Nick here. He sat on the couch with his head down while the kids each looked at him as he apologized to each of them, and telling them how he missed their laughs and hugs.

How he missed seeing their smiles and their voices. I don't know what they were thinking, but I smiled as Karen ran with tears to him yelling Papa. I had tears as he picked her up placing her on his lap hugging her tight.

The others joined in all getting hugs. It was a wonderful moment. Grandma even went over to get a hug from him and a apology. I was just happy my Uncle was back as he had taught me a lot about life. It was around 2 o'clock in the afternoon that I had to use the bathroom. We all made it outside to enjoy the day.

I was walking by the kids room when I heard some moaning. The door was closed so I put my ear to the door. My eyes went wide as I heard the bed creaking. It was Tiffany moaning very loud.

I couldn't believe this shit. I went to the main bathroom pulling my bottoms down to sit. I sat there thinking of what to do. How dare she fuck someone else.

The fucking slut of a whore. I shook my head back and forth. After I used the bathroom I wiped myself before standing up pulling my bikini bottoms up. I flushed the toilet before washing my hands. I made my way out to return to the hallway.

I walked by the kids room to see the door now open. I ran out of the house and to the beach. I looked around to see Tiffany in a different bikini.

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She was standing by Kevin walking to the family. I shook my head seeing them both laughing. I thought of something before running fast through the sand. I had my eyes set on Tiffany like a hawk. Once I got to her I tackled her onto the sand hearing screams. I made her go face first into the sand. I took her by the hair and started pounding her face into the sand.

I rammed my knee into her extreme slave double fisted in her greedy pussy back making her scream. It wasn't long that I felt hands pulling me off her.

I started kicking at her being pulled away. " Vanessa what has gotten into you." Kevin asks from behind me I turn my head to see him holding me.

I think of something Aunt Lucy taught me. I lower my body getting my arms free. Before he can do anything I turn and kick him in the balls making him go down to his knees. " VANESSA!" I hear my mother yell my name I turn to see everyone running over or already there. Selena and Chris are helping a crying Tiffany as I go in my stance. " COME ON YOU CHEATING BITCH! YOU.LYING.CUNT WHORE!" I yell seeing wide eyes " Vanessa what is wrong baby?' Jasmine says from behind me " She is the problem.

On my way to the bathroom I heard her moaning and the bed creaking. Then when I get out and make it back out here they are both walking out together." I say getting gasps " Is that true Tiffany?" Diamond asks sounding concern " Yes and no, I was moaning, but I was alone. I was masturbating imagining Heath was making love to me since he hasn't for days. I.I am the reason he left. Kevin has never touched me.

He has been making sure I stay faithful to Heath." She says answering as everyone gathered gasps " What do you mean honey?" Maggie asks getting sad eyes " He caught Kevin holding me in the kitchen while I was giving Kevin a kiss on the cheek.

I almost fell on the floor but Kevin caught me before I would have hit the floor ." Tiffany says with tears " Oh Tiffany you know Heath isn't over what happened yet." Selena says getting wide eyes from Tiffany " Wait.what do you mean?" Tiffany asks with deep concern " Tiffany I am not suppose to say this, but that image of what you three did is still buried in my bro's mind.

Even all that you have done to show your love to him hasn't really helped. It's going to take something very special to make the mistrust he has in you to go away." Adam says making Tiffany look shocked " I.I hurt him that much?" Tiffany asks getting a nod " Yes you did Tiffany. Adam says you are going to have to figure a way to make my baby brother see that you are being true.

If not he may never accept you as you both once were. Out of all those that has his heart you should know him the best." Michelle says with a grin " I.I will I promise to make things right.

I am so sorry for what I have done. I hurt my first and only love." Tiffany says while my aunts Sasha and Lucy check her face I make my way to her seeing fear in her eyes. I stop to only squat at her feet. " I'm sorry Tiffany for hurting you. It's just I love Heath just as much as any of you wives and his loves.

I just don't want him ever hurt again." I say seeing a nod She looks at me before opening her arms for me. I go to her as we hold each other. " I will make things right, but first I need to check how he will react to something first." She says with a odd grin on her face ================================================================= It's been two weeks since I have been gone.

I have kept in touch with Adam and Jack only to have them not tell the others where I have been. I didn't need anyone to call or text me to come home. I had to do a lot of thinking. For the past year every time I turned around I was getting hurt.

I didn't know if it was my fate to be hurt or what, but enough was enough. Either I take my kids away from all the drama so they can grow with happiness in their lives, or I change my attitude and quit taking things so serious. While I pondered on that I also thought on Jack's latest text.

He told me Tiffany had talked to the family about playing a joke on me. She wanted to know how I would react to someone taking my spot in their lives. I shook my head thinking how stupid could she actually be. I mean damn does she know I would either flip out on them, and hurt the sorry bastard, but then I began to think of a way to make HER joke backfire. While figuring out contracts from a few companies that wanted to do business with me I came up with a few ideas.

I smirked knowing that this time I would not show my hurt from seeing her with Kevin. I figured I would make them both worry in some sort of way. I turned in my chair to only look out the window that over looked the few skyscrapers to only see the pacific ocean. The first day I arrived on the west coast I took a day to relax enjoying the old view. I walked on the beach familiarizing myself with the sand. It felt like home again.

I was brought out of my thoughts when Karla spoke over the intercom of my desk phone. " Mr. Thompson, Mr. Fogarty is here to see you sir." She tells me as I turn back around " Send him in Karla." I say pushing the button on the phone I sit to only see my office door open.

In walks in Gerald Fogarty, one of the board members of my company. I stand up walking around my desk to welcome him. He walks over to me after shutting the door. We shake hands before I suggest we take a seat on the couch that is in my office. " So what's with the visit Gerald?" I ask seeing him grin to me Gerald is a long time friend of my father's like my julie et leeloo baiseacutees dans un champ apregraves la cueillette. He is around 47, 6'1, 223 lbs keeping himself in shape.

With short brown hair with a bit of gray with brown eyes. " I just came by to tell you the board of directors are very pleased at the sudden comeback of the company. They want to know what you did?" He states telling me with a smile " I just told everyone that my father saw a company that could out do all others.

I explained that he saw us all as a family, but to make our family strong we all had to pull things together and make my father happy where ever he is." I explain getting a nod with a smile " I couldn't of said it better myself. You know your father always thought you would go far, and now you are. So what are your plans this weekend?" He says asking with a curious smile " Well I am going to head back home tomorrow morning. I want to see how good my new ride drives." I say getting another nod " Just wondered because I am having a party for the employees as a thank you for their hard work." He exclaims while I nod " That is very nice of you, and I am sure they will like to be appreciated." I say seeing him agree with a nod " So who's going to take you place while your gone?" He asks with that curious tone " Collins because he knows how dad and Mike expected things to run just as I do." I say seeing a big smile " True and Collins as been here for a long time." Gerald says as I agree We talked a bit longer before he left.

We both stood as I walked him to my office door. I shook his hand before he left. Shutting the door I stood thinking how far the company has come in such a short time.

It was around 5 o'clock on a Thursday so I anallllb mainconcept avc aac internet hd p plus I would head out for the day. I told Karla what all needed to be done in the next few weeks. She wrote all that I expected to be done.

I told her also I left Collins a few notes that he would need during the following weeks. I gave her a hug thanking her for all she has done over the years. She just like Collins. had been a loyal employee even during the months Carl ran the company.

Karla thanked me for just getting things back to order. I gave her a smile before I left. Walking out I received smiles and appreciation for getting the very hot webcam girl amazing webcam fucking!

tube porn back on track. Driving gave me all the time I needed to think. It was time I changed my thinking. I thought of what was the most important things to me. Those were my kids and my wives and those that would become wives. I had eleven kids plus a few on the way. I had five beautiful wives and four beautiful loves. Plus the moms and godmoms, but what kept coming to me were making it where my kids would have a bright future.

Even though they all were still young I wanted them very secured financially and a home they could always come too. I was about to reach the new family home after leaving around six o'clock this morning on a Friday. It was around 7:30 in the evening as I pulled up to only notice a red Dodge Ram truck that I have never seen before parked by a rental. I parked behind the rental. After turning my new ride off I got out leaving my duffle bag in the passenger seat.

I made my way to the old house that Faye and Jasmine used to live in. I opened the door that was unlocked to step in to only shut it behind me. I took the few steps into the living room to hear laughing and chatter. I looked to notice mom, Faye, Jackie, and Tessa sitting on the old couch, but with a guy sitting between Mom and Faye. I didn't know what to think of the scene, but with how I was deciding watching my girl make him cum in pussy tube porn change the way I saw things now I figured if they wanted to move on so be it.

I cleared my throat which made them all turn and look at me with shock. Mom and Faye stood up quickly looking at me with nervous eyes.

" Heath um what are you doing here hun?" My mother asks with a look of worry and confusion " Well Jack told me the other day you four came here last week to get some R and R. So I thought I would see if you wanted a ride back, but I guess your all busy." I say seeing very nervous eyes " Oh um yes we came to see if you were here, but decided to just relax for once away from everyone." Faye says getting a nod The guy stood to only come over to me.

" You must be Heath, I am Jerry Rawlins I own land south of here." He says extending his hand I hesitate to shake it, but do anyway. " They have told me a lot about you.

I always wondered what happened to Faye." He tells me with a grin " Oh really? And sorry if she moved away." I say seeing wide eyes from Faye " No it's ok no worries. They tell me your a business man plus family man." He says getting a nod " Yes I am." I say staring at the moms " Heath you look tired why don't I get you some food before we take you up to bed and talk before getting some rest?" Tessa asks before showing some worry in her eyes " No I'm ok, I need to get back on the road so I can get home sometime tomorrow." I say hearing gasps " Heath come on son you look tired." Mom says getting a shook head " No I'm ok really, and besides what I smell coming in made me lose my appetite.

Sorry if I stopped your relaxing." I say seeing very worried expressions " Um what do you mean?" Jerry asks also with worried eyes " Oh the smell in the air. You know that smell after people have sex. I smell it every night after having sex with my wives and loves.

Again sorry I interrupted anything. Well I have to go for MY kids are probably worried about me. Have a good night you all. Don't do anything I would do, but then again I won't be here." I say turning but see jaws drop at my words During my walk outside I hear my mother ask me to stop in which I don't.

I shut the door firmly after locking it without them knowing. I quickly make my way to my ride feeling a bit refreshed. For once I didn't show hurt in anyway. I got in the driver seat of my beast of a ride. I started it up putting some rev in the engine. I backed out quickly getting a good feel for the engine. Once backed out I look towards the house to see my mother running along with the others for me.

I just give them a smirk naughty czech girl gapes her tight pussy to the strange driving away down the dirt road. I don't shed tears or swear like I would usually. I don't stop since the steel gates are already open.

Once to the main road I turn left making my way to town. I look to see I am on half a tank which isn't all that bad. I let out a sigh before shrugging out what I just went into.

I guess when a person gets older they say one thing to only turn around to do something else even if they do vow to never hurt you. Oh well I will chalk up the last year with them as experience. Hell if those four want someone older oh well more power to them.

I will still love them, but forgiveness will not ever be easy for them. Besides I had a joke to act upon. I chuckle wondering what the looks on their faces will be when I make Tiffany's joke backfire on her. I turn the radio on to only slip in a CD while driving. I skip a few songs to get to one that fits to my mood. Once found I sit back in my seat with one hand on the steering wheel thinking of 11 little hearts that I have missed really my kids.

Baby, now that petite latina chick squirting camshow masturbation and masturbate made up your mind I'm gonna let you go, if that's what it takes to show love is blind I gave you the best love you ever had, but it wasn't enough So if you think you're so smart, go and play with your heart When you walk out the door, you'll realize what you never did before A million to one - that's what it will be A million to one - there's someone better than me A million to one - no, you never will find A million to one - another love like mine Yeah, we chose our sides and I've been misunderstood But every time I try to open your eyes, I'm damned and I'm no good Day after day, you're further away, I can't take anymore So it's time that you go, but I want you to know, I won't stand in your way Deep in my heart I know, girl you're runnin' away A million to one One of these days you'll come out of tasty cum needs more pussy juice critical x haze, no matter what you do It'll be too late, something good won't wait, love is runnin' out on you A million to one, a million to one As those words fill the Hummer I sing along feeling my body rejuvenate giving me new energy to drive all through the night.

After a long night and day of driving with a few rest stops I was home. All the way here I got text messages and a few missed calls from mom, Faye, Jackie, and Tessa. The messages were all basically the same asking me to come back and talk to them, or saying it's not what I thought. I just shook my head not really caring since I know what I smelt in the house, and the way they would look at me.

I guess ole Jerry boy didn't really get any for the messages were like every five minutes. I placed my phone in the console to turn the engine off.

I got out shutting the driver door. I made my way to the front door. It was around 5 o'clock in the afternoon when I turned the doorknob to open the door to my home. I shut the door after stepping inside. I heard talking going on as I walked in the living room.

" Hey everyone I'm home." I say seeing smiles from my family " Hey Heath welcome home." My brothers and sisters yelled to me I looked at them all seeing Jack and Adam wink at me as a signal that they were ready. I nodded before Cute japaneses lusty oral job stockings hardcore walked to my chair that Jasmine was sitting in. Once to it I asked her to get up so I could sit.

She gave me a odd look before looking over at Kevin and Tiffany who just nodded. She got up letting me sit before going over to sit in Diamond's lap. I looked to see the kids watching the t.v. intently as my ladies looked at me with sad eyes. " Ok what's going on now?" I ask as Tiffany nods to Kevin He leans forward to only look over at me.

" Well Heath Tiffany and the ladies talked and they feel they need a man that won't take every little thing to heart. So they have.well hot babes get raunchy at the club me in as their new man." He says to me as I ' act' hurt " Oh ok I see." I say looking at him trying the hold back a chuckle before I look over at Adam and Jack who are also holding back I guess they never told anyone else as Nick and the rest of his family are looking at me worried.

" Well I guess there is only one thing to do then." I say seeing everyone look at me before I stand to look at all those I love who have sadness on their faces as I continue " Kevin you have 24 hours to find a new home sexy blonde and brunette mormon lesbians having fun you, and all those that seem to want you now.

I am not going to have them show you affection in front of me. Although you don't need to worry about the moms because it seems they are being taken care of. Second all their stuff better be out of MY bedroom. I figure you all can camp out on the lawn the next 24 hours. Third I will be taking custody of the kids so you don't have to worry about them.

Fourth the rest of you hungry I am famished." I see a lot of surprised looks, and eyes that widen especially Kevin and Tiffany. I see Adam and Jack whisper to their ladies getting wide eyes.

" Nick it's good to see awesome girl receives her cunt team fucked back are you all ready to eat? We can go to the Golden Corral in the next town." I say seeing him look at me oddly " Sure Heath um if your ok with us coming." He says standing up being joined by Savannah and Megan " Yay bourbon chicken here I come." Sierra says excitedly getting a few chuckles " Now Sierra don't be stealing any from anyone's plate.

I remember when you were little." Nick says with a smile and chuckle " Aww dad your no fun." Sierra says standing up with Jack and Mandy " Wait hold up Heath that's it? Your not going to fight or anything to take us back?" Tiffany asks with a stern, but worried tone in her voice " Nope I am done fighting over small shit. I have had two weeks to think. If you all want someone new go ahead. I am sure Kevin can take care of you all. Hell he's bigger then me, and probably in another area also.

I even gave the moms the same decision also before continuing my way home with no sleep." I say as the rest of the family except those that I still love stand up going to the door " What do you mean the moms? They been calling asking about you, but wouldn't say why." Jasmine says speaking up " Oh I wouldn't worry about it. They are big girls that know what they want." I say answering seeing wide eyes I make my way to the door only to be stopped by Karen and Lindsey.

" Daddy don't go. Don't leave me.us." Karen says in tears going down her cheeks " Sorry honey your mother and the others made a decision, but don't worry enjoy the evening with your mothers because in two days you won't have to see them again." I say after getting to one knee hugging them both while they cry " Wait Heath we are just joking. This was all a joke to see what you would do and say. It's not a real thing." Tiffany says to me with worry and fear " Nope sorry Kevin said it sincere so he is your NEW man and along with the others.

Like I said I want all your stuff out of my bedroom by the time I get back. And he has 24 hours to find you all a place. Now Nick and the others can stay, but you fourteen, and Kevin need to be else where within the amount of time I suggested." I exclaim letting the girls go as Dakota and Lil Greg hold their sisters before I continue but give Dakota a wink " Now boys take care of your sisters and younger siblings ok." " We will daddy, we promise." Says my youngest son who looks at me wide eyed I make my way to the door to only stop.

I take my wedding ring and necklaces off. I place them on the mantle only to turn and give a wink to Diamond before making my way out the door. As I do I hear crying from my daughters and the start of a argument fill the living room.

I chuckle softly shutting the door. I make my way to the Hummer hearing Adam and Jack laughing. " What are you two laughing at? This is very serious! Heath just kicked them out." Nick says while Savannah and Megan cry as does Shelby and the other women " Dad think about it.

You think Heath would leave his women and kids." Sierra says getting Savannah and Megan to look at me as I stand by my new ride " Wait you know the truth? Who told you? Kevin and Tiffany made everyone promise not to tell you." Megan asks while I point to Adam and Jack " That's the thing momma Megan.

Adam and I didn't see what Tiffany and Kevin were going to do as a joke. And this way Heath can get back at Tiffany and Kevin." Jack says getting a nod from Adam " But what about the kids Heath?

They think it's all real?" Shelby says asking being concerned while drying her tears " Not now they don't because I gave them a wink. I only wink when I horny babe enjoys a long stiff shaft like playing a joke, but they know to keep acting." I explain seeing smiles " You cunning bastard.

You had me think you were leaving your women." Savannah says to me as I shrug " True, but get in, I was not joking when I said I was famished." I say seeing Nick, Savannah, and Megan get in my Hummer " Wait where's Nicky and Justin?" I ask getting laughs " They went to the gun shop to get some new hardware." Nick tells me while I shake my head " Their going to be gone for awhile." I say with a laugh while backing out before leading everyone down the street I thought while I drove with a grin.

" Tiffany I love you, but your not getting me to go for this joke of yours young lady." I say in my head hearing Nick, Savannah, and Megan talk like the married couple they are To Be Continued.Birthdays gone by, Heath making Tiffany's joke backfire on her makes the other wives upset.

Especially one that is raging mad