Joseline kelly busted step dad feeds her his cock

Joseline kelly busted step dad feeds her his cock
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He gripped his wallet tight the second before he put it deutsche milf anni aus arbeit in arsch und fotze gefickt german milf the counter. The cashier looked at him inquisitively as he placed a box with an insipid price plastered across the top.

The cashier opened the box, checking to make sure both of the red heels were the same size, and closed the box once more. "That'll be $235." His gut sank. He unwillingly paid for the shoes and tried avoiding eye contact with the cashier as he left the store, carrying the bag with the far too expensive, albeit extremely sexy, high heels in tow.

As he exited the store, he looked around and saw her. The girl whose feet would undoubtedly fit the shoes, considering she had pressed her old shoes against his face long enough for him to read the size while she demanded he remember the numbers, even as that smell entered his nose. Admittedly, he had had to write the size down on his wrist, but it was a necessity considering the risk associated with getting the wrong size or, God forbid, not getting a pricey enough pair.

He had already let her see his cock, which wouldn't be as much of a problem if she wasn't so much younger than he. Couldn't afford to piss her off or disobey her in any way. He got in his car and eyed her from across the parking lot and she finally made eye contact as she sat atop the hood of her car and dangled her old shoes, just as she had done above his face mere hours before.

He was her slut, he'd have to buy her what she wanted for as long as she wanted to hold this over his head.

Who knows how long that could be. He sat in her empty drive way out of sight of any neighbors. Her parents had decided to take a long trip, leaving her in charge. Even at her age, her parents trusted her to be able to handle herself.

Boy, if they only knew the half of it. Finally, he heard her old flats tapping against the sidewalk.

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He shook his head to try and physically scramble up the memories of those flats pressed against his nose, to no avail. She turned up the driveway and he made eye contact, it was all he could do not to drop his eyes to the floor. That would put him in trouble. She turned and went in the back door, leaving it slightly ajar for him to follow. At her age, there was no reason her ass should be shaped like that, which was one of the fucking reasons he was in this situation to begin with.

He stood and grabbed the bag of shoes and followed her into the house. As he entered the house and continued into its depths, he saw the only light in the house and approached it.

Fuck. Her bedroom. He vividly remembered his only time entering that room, the time he was tutoring her in there with the door wide open and her parents in the kitchen, the time she demanded to see his cock or she would claim he had tried molesting her. She'd simply spit on his cock and rubbed it until he was hard as a rock, then pushed his cock away and went back to her book. He barely got his cock put away before her mother came in, smiling, for a progress check.

She had him hooked.

He shook his head, again trying to remove the thoughts from his mind. He eyed the $235 heels in the bag, knowing that if he had just pushed her away that once, he would never be in this predicament. But she was irresistible. He turned the corner to her room, and saw her lying on her bed, her feet dangling over the edge of the bed, her flats balancing on her toes.

"Knees." That was all she said. Before even entering her room, he slowly dropped to his knees and began crawling like a little piggy to her feet. As he approached her, she sat up.

Her sundress kicked up enough so he could see her panties just barely covering her young pussy. He gulped. "Come here." She sat with her hands on the bed between her spread legs, holding her sundress down.

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Her eyes taunted him. As he got close enough to her that he could reach out and catch her dangling flats, she spoke, "Show me my heels, now." It was all he could do not to eye her sexy bare feet peeking from inside those shoes. He bored his eyes into the bag and dug out the box, putting it on the floor. He looked up at her and honey cant live without the way she gets nailed hardcore blowjob her smiling almost devilishly at the price tag, not even looking at him any more.

As he opened the box and the red heels glistened in the light of her room, her eyes sparkled and his heart skipped a beat. Almost instinctively, she raised her feet nearer his head and shook her flats on her toes so he would remove them. He took them off and set them on the floor. "Hold one to your nose." She demanded. He felt his cock twitch. He looked up at her, but her eyes simply glared at the shoes.

He held a shoe to his nose and briefly smelled the scent of a young girl who'd spent a day walking around town in old shoes, before she used her bare foot to press the shoe into his face. This engulfed him in her scent, and he grew weak as the blood left most of his limbs. She put her free foot to his face once again, tapping her toes against his cheek.

"Put my new shoes on, Piggy." He could hardly move, and could hardly find the will to move even an inch in fear of her shoe leaving his nose, but he reached down and, by some miracle, grabbed the shoe that would go on the correct foot. She gracefully dropped her foot near where he held the shoe, and he gently slid it on. Luckily for him, it fit. He felt relief, and then immediately a pang of fear of what would happen if they hadn't fit - she'd tell her parents and as many people as she could find that he knew online.

She'd show the pictures of him groveling at her feet. Show the four-and-counting receipts for things she demanded he buy her. He'd be accused of statutory rape, and his life would be ruined. His life literally hung on making this girl happy. She pulled her foot from his face and the flat fell to the floor. She eyed the heel on her foot, twisting it every which way, letting the light gleam off it at every angle. Fuck, it looked good on her. She motioned for him to put the other shoe on her, and he did.

As he tightened it, she pulled her free heel to his face and touched the tip of her heel to his mouth. She reached over and pulled out her camera and aimed it at him, motioning for him to suck her heel.

He took the heel in his mouth, pushing his head toward the sole of her shoe as the heel traveled down his tongue.

He gagged slightly, and his spit drizzled down the heel. Click. She gently lifted herself off the bed, heel still in his mouth. He had been in this position once before, her pushing him back with her foot to his face, but that was her flat. Her heel pressed into the back of his tongue and she lowered him to the floor.

As he fell to his back, she stood above him. "You better keep sucking on that. Wouldn't want to choke on your spit." With that, she pushed her heel down with a bit of force, the tip of the heel pressed into the back of his throat, and all the spit that had accumulated spurted out onto the sole of her shoe when he coughed.

Click. His spit drizzled down her heel and this time, he heeded her advice and swallowed as much as he could around her heel. She pressed it deeper into his throat, the toe of her shoe touching his forehead, and he tried hard not to gag. Finally, she relented and pulled her heel out of his throat and dragged it back across his tongue. "How disgusting Piggy, what would my mommy and daddy say if they saw your spit all over their little daughter's heels? Clean it off." At that, he lifted his head, letting the heel go into his throat again.

He closed his mouth around the base of her heel. He held back a gag as the tip of the heel scratched the back of cameron minx avery moon in you fuck my dad and i revenge fuck yours throat. He pulled down slowly, careful to suck any spit from her heel. He sucked all the way down to the tip and swallowed everything all at once.

Her heel glistened from his spit and she pushed her heel into his hair to dry it. Click. "Piggy, go sit in the corner while I try walking in my new shoes." He crawled into the corner and sat with his back against it. He heard her walk outside and shut the door. He took the opportunity to wipe the spit from his mouth. He looked down at his solid cock and grimaced at how fucking hard she had made him. He rested his head against the wall and relived each and every time she had forced him to worship her young body.

He realized he must have been asleep when he opened his eyes and her heel was inches from his cock. He took a closer look and saw she had unzipped his jeans and revealed his hard cock under his boxers.

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She smiled as he came to the realization, and then pressed her toe into his lower stomach, and rested the tip of her heel on his cock. She pushed with slightly more force, and he spasmed in what he could only describe as the most amazing mixture of pleasure and pain that he had ever felt. She smiled down as the look of ecstasy covered his face and his eyes closed. She then leaned slightly forward, pressing down at a different angle with her heel.

The knee connected to that foot pressed into his chest hard. He gasped for breath after she knocked the wind from him, and she pushed her hand upwards into his hardcore cunt plowing session massage and blowjob. She felt his cock moving beneath her heel and stepped down a bit harder. She smiled again as she raised her sundress, her panties now inches from his face. She moved her hand down her stomach, pushing her panties down her thighs.

Her tight virgin pussy a mere thighs length from his face, his eyes widened. She pressed down harder on his cock and he yelped. "What a good piggy. Let's make sure we make good use of these shoes so your cheap ass can't return them." At that, she pulled her heel off his throbbing cock under his boxers, and pulled his cock out. She loosened her heel and lifted her arch, wedging his cock between the heel and her bare foot.

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She lowered her foot towards his crotch, squeezing his dick tightly inside her shoe. The inside of the heel scraped his cock as she forced it down. As his cock rested against his stomach, she twisted her body slightly so she could place her heel flat against his stomach too. She motioned with her other hand. He slowly crawled toward her, his red cock dangling from his pants. "You've left quite a mess already, Piggy.

What would my mommy do if she saw an old man's cum on the sole of her daughter's new heel? Lick it up for me." He'd never tasted his own cum before, and hadn't planned to. Still, she wanted it and she got what she wanted.

He let her place the inner sole of her shoe to his face. Even though she had probably only walked a small deal in these shoes, some of the new shoe smell was replaced with her irresistible scent already. And the smell of his precum. He dragged his tongue across the spot where his cock head had been. He wouldn't say he liked the taste, but he couldn't really say he disliked it because he was licking it from inside his young goddess' shoe.

She smiled as she put her clean heel back in the box. Her feet blonde nurse got cumshot on her ass stockings hospital from the edge of the bed, his eyes followed. Her feet were still somewhat dirty, and he had a feeling of what was next. His feeling was proven correct when she put the toes of her left foot to his face and wiggled them.

He didn't have to ask, he simply took all four of her smallest toes into his mouth. He let his tongue slowly roll under the creases of her toes, licking the spot where the sweat most congregated.

She pulled her toes from his mouth and shoved the biggest one into his mouth. Click. He sucked on her big toe continuously, staring up at her the whole time while she mischievously looked down at him. He sat split legged on the floor, his cock hanging between his thighs. She moved her hot little ass down the bed a few inches, and her toes ground his cock into the ground.

She pulled her toe from his mouth and put her heel up to his mouth and he started licking. As she pressed her toes harder onto his cock, he stopped licking her her young student ass gets ravaged by big cock of her boyfriend and simply moaned into the skin of her foot, causing her to grip his hair and pull his mouth onto her heel.

Click. She slid her sole down his cock, letting the toes walk towards the base of it. Her toes now pressed into the base of his cock and forced that down onto his balls, leaving her heel pressing down against his cock. More and more, she applied pressure, and more and more, his licks slowed. He was licking the dirt and sweat from the entire day from her foot, as she pressed down onto his cock. He couldn't shake the feeling that he would never be luckier than he was as the Piggy at his Mistress' feet.

She pressed down, grinding her toes into his balls and the ball of her heel onto the head of his cock. At that moment, he couldn't handle it any more. His spit glistened from her entire sole, and he could no longer hold his body up.

He fell back, her foot pushing him to the ground and coming to rest on his stomach, as her other foot ground into his cock. She pulled her weight off the bed. Click. Leveraged more and more onto the ball of her heel.

Click. Twisted her heel into his cock head. Click. Finally, he let out a yell and his cock spurted out across her carpet. It shot continuously as her foot squeezed his cock dry. He laid on the floor for a good while and she sat on the bed, dangling her cummy feet, waiting for her Piggy to wake up again.