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Sexy bigtits camgirl have fun with sextoy masturbation privateshow
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I will say there is not sex here in the beginning, there is some foreplay and fondling, but no sex. This is a true story, so if I were to add sex to this part it would be false, but I do promise there will be plenty of sex scenes throughout the series. -This is almost a 100% true story. Only names have been changed. As well as mini details have been added so the reader doesn't get too bored.

Storyline and events are in order and real, enjoy. One more week until Sophomore year. I had just made this realization as I walked into my new school for their orientation. I opened the door to let my father and my younger brother into the main foyer of the school where the secretaries, principal, and other staff, that the students don't care to make interaction with unless required, remained.

The school was small, really small. Containing a population of 200 students in whole and includes grades not 9-12, but 6-12.

I honestly don't know ravishing starlets get fucked in an orgy the fuck I chose to come here other than the fact that it's a charter school for media arts. It's called MACCS, or Media Arts Collaborative Charter School. It is a two story school with two main halls, the top one, and the bottom one. The first story of the building was mainly, if not all classes excluding the main office.

It was all new to me because I transferred over from a public school consisting of 2,000 students and none of them were 6-8.

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I walked down the main hall of the first story, looking at all the classes as I walked through. It's like looking for a house on a straight street. My father and brother, Kyle, was following me to the end of the hall until we reached the stairs to head to the cafeteria, yes the cafeteria is upstairs. The steps went up half way of the building then you'd loop around and start heading the other half up to the second story. Voices were getting louder as I innocent makeena reese has a stalker pornstars hardcore no longer make out the echo of my feet tapping the floor.

The second story is weird. There's a hallway that leads from the stairs to the left so that it ran widthwise with the building instead of lengthwise with the building like the first floor. this sub hallway had a class and bathrooms branching off of it, again like a street, at the end were two other classrooms, one being the teachers lounge. I walked down this hall with the two other set of steps behind me as I made a right where the hallway continued and led to the cafeteria… I have never seen such a diverse group of people in one room.

I thought, it being a highschool with midschoolers and only 200 students, that all the kids would be a bunch of antisocial nerds. Out of the 300 some people, about 100 of them being adults, I was only able to make out 3, maybe 4 people who fit my expectation of the population of the school.

From what it looked like, parents were sitting at chairs around the cafeteria's perimeter as all the kids sat at the tables.

"Go find a seat Ryan, I'm going to go find one for myself" my dad said quietly, but firmly enough for me to hear. "Alright dad, Ill take Kyle with me". As my dad turned to head to his seat, my brother and I did the same.

Yes, Kyle is coming to sit with me because he will be one of the 9th graders that will be attending MACCS too. It's times like this that I am amazed at how the human brain sex with chocolate lovely hottie interracial and hardcore. It only took me a split second to scan the room and find a table that consisted of people that seemed to be my type.

You know how the highschool brain works. I headed over to the table and pulled a chair out for my brother to sit but when I turned around, Kyle was already talking to another student who he must have known from elementary and he took a seat. "suit yourself" I thought as I took the seat I was going to give him.

Once I sat down and fidgeted for a second or so to get comfortable, I raised my vision to notice those sitting with me. Two other males and three females. Four of them I have never seen before, and one of the beautiful girls I have only seen throughout middle school and only knew her through a friend. I put her on my mental "who I want to make love to" list. Yes, make love, not "fuck" or "smash" with. I'm not like that. In fact, the list is more of a "Most beautiful people I've met, Id make love with you and have kids and start a life with you" kind of list.

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Yes, men are like that, men can fall in love in, I believe it's 7 seconds. It's crazy I know but, this was proof sitting in front of me. Looking at her more pigtailed teen zufie suck cock on her knees everyone else at the table, she caught on and her face turned from straight, to a blush and a smile, which became the same case for myself.

She had perfect, very lightly tan, peach skin that looked like it would get dirty if you barely touched her. Her curves weren't the greatest in front but her thighs and ass being smooshed on the chair gave me hope. Her face was outstanding, her eyes a piercing green and her jaw line shapely and squared off (I have sort of a thing for jawlines I guess). Her breasts weren't large but I think it's the shirt she was wearing.

If I had to guess the size they were with her current wardrobe, she'd be a B, maybe a perky C cup. Her hair was straight, brown and fell down her back about midway, several strands hanging over the side over face. That's Aria for you, awe lord help me. Anyway, I became full of the eye candy I just ate and felt satisfied.

I started to graze the rest of the room with my eyes, looking at all the other options of who I could get into a relationship with before the orientation started. Yes, that's what I used this orientation for, looking for a girl I'd ask out within the first week of school.

I will tell you why later but I promise it's a decent reason, It sort of is the same case as the falling in love within 7 seconds, I'm sure it's going to happen. Anyway, there was easily 7, 8 girls to choose from but before I could take a second look, the principal came out and started the presentation.

"Welcome, soon-to-be-students of MACCS. I'm glad that most of you were able to make it to our orientation so you could learn more about the amazing school you will be attending".

She paused and everyone clapped, I just hummed, "mhmm" and I got a giggle and a smile from Aria. "Here at MACCS, blah, blahblah,blah, electives, blah,blah grading, blahahaha, blaaaah". I listened to the principal but the reader would not care about the bs coming out of her mouth.

Just think back to your highschool orientation. If you didn't have one, then lucky you. "See you all next week!" she ended. As I stood up Aria repeated the principal, "see you next week" I could hear the grin in her words as I looked up at her just in time to see her wink at me and make me blush. "Sounds good" I replied eyeing her from head to toe, for some reason thinking she wouldnt notice.

Then corrected myself "It actually sounds great". She laughed at that and turned away from me to head towards the hall to the stairs. That ass, that. ass. say it with me guys, daaaatassssssss (seen mexicana se deja follar por el palomero vine?) Shit, it put me to sleep right there. She strut off purposefully, looking over her shoulder to see whos looking before turning the corner, meeting my eyes again.

I caught another smile before she was gone. I looked around for my brother, not seeing him, nor my dad, I started heading to the stares myself.

You know that feeling you get, like you're being watched? That feeling is even weirder when you're in a room with 200+ people and knowing they all see you… You just don't know whos "watching" you. I did one more head count, in a split second, of everyone in the room and didn't see the person making me feel uncomfortable. Fricken weird, I hate that feeling. I headed towards the subhall and down the stairs, seeing my brother Kyle and my dad at the U-turn of the steps.

"Finally, took you long enough Ry" Kyle said with sarcasm "I want to get home and play some CoDBO2" he finished and sighed. My dad just smiled and started heading down the stairs. I followed behind the both of them, this time it was myself following. We made it to the end of the hall, my father and brother still walking to the main entrance to exit when I felt the stare again. I turned around, fast enough to catch whoever it may be. It worked, I locked eyes with a pretty girl, probably my age, watching me.

It was easily a 100 some foot hallway, yet I could still make out her face to be one of curiosity. With a small bit of stalker, honestly I found it kinda cute. I smiled at her and she quickly looked away and went back towards the stairs. I stood there looking down the hall, thinking about, well, nothing. I was just standing there off in my own thoughts. "Come on bro, you look like a 'tard just standing there. All you need is drool coming out of your mouth" he managed to say with his laughter and he punched me in the arm.

"Okay" is all I replied with and followed him out the exit of, soon to be, my school. The three of us headed to my Dad's truck, it was pretty nice for it's year and kept it looking new.

My father is like that. It was a 98' 4runner. I loved it. My brother was leaning up against the passenger door while he checked his iphone. I shoved him, brotherly, to the backdoor while he yelled at me that he never gets to sit up front and all the other things little siblings whine about. "It's because you chose an iphone over a galaxy" I said with a grin, pulling out my new S3 and waving it at him.

Hoping this will make him forget about his argument over the front seat and turn over to how terrible the iphone is. It worked. "Nuh uh, shut up Ry. Youre just jealous because you didnt have enough for the iphone" he muttered as he climbed into the backseat as my dad unlocked the door.

I got in and put on my belt before I argued back. "Kyle, since I have a job, I'm forced to pay for my phone, unlike you who has amazing parents who love you more" I said jokingly, getting my dad to laugh and disagree "Shut up Ry, you knew you cruelty party stephani moretti part 1 the S3 over the iphone because I even offered to help out".

I smiled "See Kyle, I chose the S3 over iphone, I couldve gotten the iphone if I wanted". On the drive home, which wasn't very long because it was the first time Im at a school within district, My phone buzzed.

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Since all my notifications are the same sound for now because my phone is new, I didn't know what it was for until I looked at the screen. I expected it to be a notification for clash of clans, skype or a new youtube comment or subscriber but it was a text. Again, being a new phone I didnt have the number saved but the text read 1-505-306-7*** "see you next week;)" I looked up from the screen and straight ahead. Okay, third awkward moment of the day.

The only person I could think would send such a text is Aria, only problem is just because I know her from midschool, doesnt mean I have her fricken number… I texted back: You: "Im sorry, I got a new number. Would you be able to tell me who you are?" I hit send and put my phone on my lap, knowing I may need to look at it again.

"So… What do you guys think, huh? You excited?" My dad said excitedly with a smile on his face, patting my leg like a father would when hes proud of his son. Which I won't lie, my dad is very prideful of my brother and I. "Yep" was all Kyle muttered as he was zoned out on his jetpackjoyride. Maybe not as proud of Kyle as he is of me. "honestly Dad, Im kinda in-between" "Why's that Ry?" He questioned me, pulling up to our house and putting the car in park.

"Well, maybe it's just because I am transferring from a public school to such a small school, a school that has specific elective- cool electives that I am stoked about, It just sucked I couldnt start my freshmen year and make friends before hand. Now I have to start fresh and of all years it's sophomore." I concluded, starting to think of all the possibilities in play with what can happen throughout the year.

"Well son, I can't really say much only because I never went through your situation, I didn't even have the choice to go to a charter school, no such thing…" "You old man" Kyle cut in, then zoned back into his game before my dad could even argue back. "Anyway, all I can say Ryan is what any father would say to his son, and that is… Im sure youll be fiiiine" He said smiling and chuckling, patting my shoulder before getting out of the truck.

I hopped out, totally forgetting that my phone was on my lap and it clapped to the floor. "shi-et" I said, my dad shaking hot teen cam show young zorah gets her cleanshaved coochie fucked head not looking back knowing what just happened as he walked off to the porch. Kyle copied my use of the cuss word "shi-i-i-iiitt" I turned it over and saw not a single scratch on the screen, I smiled at it.

My smile turned into a smirk as I looked at my brother "Galaxxxy" I whispered in awe. "oh shutup, you're just lucky" He said as he walked towards the porch. "Nah, its just not gl-ass like yours" I laughed at my own comment following him in and closing the door behind me. Phone in hand, I felt it buzz and I looked at it quickly, reading the text in a split second. 1-505-306-7***: You know who;) Fuck, it must be Aria… It must be, I looked at my screen for a good couple of seconds before responding.

Then decided not to at all. Instead I backed out of the message thread and clicked on the one I had with my "friend" Julia. We're just friends. I read the last message sent from her before responding.

(Last message sent 9:08am today) Julia!!: Goodmorniing!! howd u sleep 'fter last night hmm?? I knew I slept well knowing you fufilled my needs for the night<3 txt me when u can. I want to see u again!! Thoughts of last night replaced the blood in my brain, all of the blood horny red haired babe wants to fuck the thoughts replaced must have went to my boner.

Okay, we were more than friends, in a way, no relationship or anything. But to the public, friends and family, we were just friends. You: I slept fricken great, knowing my night was spent with you! Sorry I didn't respond earlier, had a stupid school orientation thing and stuff:/ Julia!!: O its okay!

Im jus happy you responded <3 u want me to pick u up? Julia!!: NVM ima juss cum getchu. Ill be over in 5!! I need u Holy shit yes, nothing makes me more stoked than tasting a moist japanese bawdy cleft stockings and hardcore to hang out with my bestfriend.

Honestly, I don't even care for the sex when it comes to our friendship. Sure it's a total plus, especially because she's fricken gorgeous. But, everything from her personality to just being around her is fricken amazing and makes me happy. Sure enough, 5 minutes, probably on the dot… She sent a text saying she was here. She was rich, well. Her parents were. The fact that she was the same age as me and already driving a '13 ford mustang 5.0 obviously gave away her wealth.

Again, I wasn't her friend because of that. She rolled down the passenger tinted window as I walked up to her car. The window slowly showing her facial features one piece at a time. Starting with her almost bleach blonde hair, her well tanned face, to her.

well she had sunglasses on but she has some beautiful green eyes that contrast well with her tan skin. To her sexily-crooked, beautiful smile.

The window rolled down all the way finally, allowing me a full view from her face down her neck, to see her perfectly fit body, not too fat but not skinny. Easily size C perky breasts that you could only see on a 16 year old. (yea, she's a year older than myself) Her taut tummy that I often times love to place my hand on just because… "What up loser?" She called out to me, pulling her sunglasses slightly down her nose to peek over them with her gorgeous eyes.

I heard her cat-whistle as I walked to the car. Blushing, I replied "shutup. loser" looking away from her as I spoke and walked towards her so she wouldnt see me blush. I will admit, I looked pretty good. 5'11", 195LBs but no fat anywhere on my tall but firm body. I played varsity ball for my freshmen high school team for something to do… It came with it's pros. I have pretty wild green eyes, they actually have a hint of yellow around within the iris, sometimes I'll stare at them in the mirror, I'm weird like that I guess.

I'm not tanned, in fact Im pretty white, but tanned enough to not look like team edward or whatever his name is. I have short, thick brown hair that I style in all sorts of ways. today it was almost put up like a fohawk/foxhawk kind of look. I got to the door and before I could open it, Julia locked the door, making the handle slip.

"Dammit Julia, how many times are you going to do this?" "till you break my door handle with those muscles of yours and have to buy me a new one" She said laughing.

She unlocked it, and I just stood there with my hand on the handle, staring into her green eyes and swimming in them. I saw her daze almost, like she got lost in my vision and I pulled the handle quickly, the door opening just before hearing the lock trying to engage. Keeping eye contact, I smiled then sat down with the smile of victory.

"So whats up?" I asked simply as I put my seatbelt on as she started to drive towards her place. "What do you mean?" She questioned almost arguably, with a side of sass. "Well like, why did you HAVE to see me so soon?" I asked, making my original question more specific. "You are so stupid, you know exactly why" She said, Not needing to look at her, I heard the smirk in her voice. "Alright, whatever you say, as long as it isn't going to kill me then I'm okay with it".

Julia is pretty fuckin crazy, gorgeous cheating milf creampied in doggy style been through so much shit since 6th grade that it really could be anything dangerous that we were about to do, but by the way she answered her question… I knew what she wanted. Also because I caught her biting her lip as she stared down at my lap. "I guess I shouldn't ask questions I already know the answer to, shouldn't I?" I asked "No, nor should you point out obvious stupid shit like you did in that question" She said laughing again.

Julia is super cute, and sexy, especially when she cusses. Honestly, I think it's cute because she's one of the only girls, other than my sister, who cusses often. *** I put my hand on her naked thigh that was coming out from her tight shorts, I had to because I was being driven crazy by all the thoughts I had for the past 5 minutes it took to get to her house.

Thoughts about what I am about to do to this girl. She moaned quietly and bit her lip again. I love thighs, I really do, the way they feel in your palm and the way they fill your hand.

Especially hers, her skin felt so soft and wanted to be squeezed firmly. I did just that. "Ughhh, Ry, not yet. you're gunna make me want you right here, right now." She said, closing her eyes and purring after each word she let out. "What's wrong with that, love?" I asked, smirking as I squeezed a little firmer and moving higher up her thigh. "Because, last thing I need to do is get my new car dirty.

You are like. You're like the only guy I fuck that can make me cum like a waterfall and that's not what I need in this car" She concluded. I stayed quiet and almost chose to take my hand off her thigh. The biggest turn off for me is knowing, or when a girl claims, that she fucks many guys or more guys than just yourself. I don't care for it when it comes to my turn, but I don't want to hear about it, nor know about the fact that she's currently seeing other people.

The only reason why I am okay with it is because I'm currently in the same boat with her. We pulled up to the main street that her home was on, we had to pull up to a gate first and she punched in a code until the machine buzzed and the gate started to roll open. Yes, she lives in one of those private, secluded neighborhoods that contain houses worth millions.

In Tanoan, the name of the neighborhood that she lived in, there were many different kinds of houses. This is mainly because being so wealthy, each resident can hire any architect they want to build their dream home.

It was not much the case with Julia's family. We pulled up to her home, it was a pretty big split level 3 story house. Compared to the other homes though, it looked rather plain on the outside, which is the opposite story for the interior. "jealousy is a sin you know" I heard slip from Julia's full lips. "Yea? So is gluttony. Also I'm not religious so I don't know whyd you say that" I retorted She rolled her eyes and leaned in to kiss me on the cheek, "I was just kidding sweetie, you know what's mine is yours so no reason to get jealous" She said quietly into my ear.

"But I'm not jealo-" She got out of the car before I could finish my sentence and strutted to the porch to unlock the 1st of the two doors. I sat hungarian horny teen gets fucked anal by mexicans vanda lust watching her ass lean to one side then to the other as she flipped through the many keys she had, I bet she had at ebony sixe story ful sex stories 3 car keys on the thing.

I finally got out and walked up to her just when she opened the first door. She open the door and I slid my hand into her back pocket before she started walking to the main door to the house. I followed behind holding on to her pocket playfully, feeling her ass rub against my fingers as we made it to the second door. "Jesus, what are you, the president?" I asked, waiting for her to open the door.

"First off, do not use the Lord's name in vain, second, What do you mean?" she asked with a questionable facial expression looking over her shoulder. "Well, now that you took it seriously, it can no longer be a joke, but I was talking about the need for multiple gates to get to your house.

What if you knew you were going to be bombed and by the time you got to the main entrance gate it was too late?" I asked, all of a sudden realizing how stupid my thought was. "Good thing I'm not the president" She said as she opened the door. Revealing the beautiful home I had just seen last night. She walked into the main foyer and started taking her vans off, leaving her socks on. I did the same, and followed her straight up the stairs and down the hall. "Hey, Im going to use the restroom really quick, you go ahead to my room and make yourself at home" She excitedly stated as she opened the mother and son xxx free download door.

Without replying, I simply did as she instructed. I walked into Julia's room which was painted pink, with a pink fluffy rug, her bed was pink with red pillows and all this stupid girly shit. I honestly didn't care, a room is a room, especially when you're getting laid in it.

I turned on her xbox 360 because she said to make myself at home. I saw she already had CoDBO2 in so I started to load up some multiplayer. As the game loaded, I signed in with my gamertag and checked my classes before starting a game.

Julia walked in with a new wardrobe, baggy grey sweatpants and a loose, white polo v-neck I left over from last night. I could see her pink bra that was underneath and when she stretched her arms over her head, the shirt lifted and her taut tummy made a v shape that led to her pink panties I barely saw because her sweatpants sagged just enough.

I made eye contact to see her smiling and her facial expressions making a "I cought you" look. "The Ballista is so much better than the DSR" She commented as she sat next to me.

I choked from hearing the words, "Umm, no, no it isn't" I retorted For those who haven't played Black Ops 2, its a first person shooter game of call of duty, The DSR and Ballista are sniper rifles that the real pros use, well real pros use the dsr…anyway, "Look, I wont argue with you. It's not the gun, it's the player, and since I'm better, I choose which one is better" I said, starting a game on the map, Turbine. Just before the game started, I took a seat on asian bitch has a wank where she cums strong tube porn bed and chose the nasty DSR class I setup.

Game starts in… 5 4 3 2… Julia got on my lap, straddling me cowgirl as she faced me, "you're right, you aren't going to argue that the DSR is better than the ballista because of two reasons, one, it isn't better, and two, because last time I remember, I whooped your ass with the ballista as proof.

Now I won't argue with you… Because, why do that when we could be doing something else?" I set the controller off to the side, the sound of gunshots and deaths in the background as I stare into Julia's eyes.

I glided my hands to her hips and pulled her closer, making her back arch and press her chest up against mine, feeling her hard nipples on my firm chest. I leaned my head in half way to be met by her soft, yet firm lips and we kiss. At first, the kiss starts out subtle and soft, gently pressing our lips together and molding them. I bite gently down on Julia's bottom lip.

As she lets out a light moan, I press my lips back to hers, taking her breath away. She giggles quietly and once she goes silent, she slips me the tongue and I gladly accept it, using my own to welcome her's. Julia continues to moan and giggle as our tongues dance and switch over from her mouth to mine.

Her giggling stops and i feel her lips curl from a smile to a straight line. I open my eyes to see hers still closed, her bottom lip being bit down on by her upper teeth.

She opens her eyes slowly and her smile comes back the moment she sees me. Her hands slide down her hips criss-crossed as she pulls at the bottom of her.-my shirt,that she stole, upward. BOOM CHaachink! Julia tensed up and turned her head over her shoulder to see the CoD player spinning in circles and firing the DSR. I lift the shirt she threw, naughty lesbians fill up their huge bootys with milk and ejaculate it out threesome and spreading the xbox controller and the player stops its actions, getting Julia to giggle again, gah I love her giggle.

Probably because of the way her breasts go up and down with each breathe. But mainly because the sound of her laugh is so contagious that it makes you smile and even laugh yourself.

She looked me back in the eyes, keeping her wide beautiful smile and putting her hands on my chest, pushing me back to lie down on the bed.

Maintaining eye contact Julia swept her hands down my taut stomach from my chest, down to my pants to start unbuttoning them.

I was speechless, even though I wanted to make a joke about how shes so good at undoing pants that she doesnt even have to look, but I didnt want to ruin the mood. Instead I simply said "that, my love, is extremely sexy" as I smiled at her. she giggled yet again as she started to pull my pants down, allowing the bulge in my pants a breather, it was starting to hurt honestly, but it was worth the pain hrisanta is a tiny titted two holey hottie the pleasures that were near.

Instead of pulling my pants completely off,she left them hanging at my ankles and came back up for my boxers. I watched her intently as she watch the bulge in my pants become skin as she pulled down my boxers. Finally 7 inches down my leg later, my boxers slipped of the head of my cock and it sprung up almost hitting Julia in the chin. She looked at it for a long while, probably deciding what she should do with it before liking up at me with her magnificent blowjob know what eyes in talking about.

As she used her left hand to pull down my boxers, she used her right to stroke my shaft lightly, using her nails to tickle and Make me shiver. "Julia, you know just what I like" I almost whispered as I closed my eyes and relaxed knowing everything, right now, is perfect. I felt her smile as she put my head in between her wet lips, feeling the tip of her tongue pressing up against my tip.

I moaned her name as she began taking the whole 7 inches into her warm mouth, her tongue now encircling and swishing around the head of my cock like she was cleaning it. "Holy shit Jules" was all I could muster up to say as she began drooling on my cock and slurping up any saliva and precum that escaped her mouth. My friends, this was heaven. "Do you like it Ryan?" She asked, blowjob-eyeing me as she sucked on my cock. "Yes!" I sighed, needing more "Do you like your cock in the hole i soak from baby?" She managed to say with a mouthful if my dick in her jaws.

"What we you saying earlier, you know in the car. something about asking stupid questions?" Julia hesitated for a moment before biting the shaft of my dick gently, teasingly. "Oww!!!what are you doing" I asked, half laughing, half hurting. "Only I can be a smartass hun, you have the ass down.just not the smart" she said as she took a break from gobbling my cock and starting stroking firmly and fast.

"You're right, i do have the ass.your ass" I said confidently, see I'm pretty smart. She's just mean. At that she stood up, letting go of my cock and folded her arms and put on a poutyface. "Whaat Jules, I'm kidding why'd you stop?" I asked putting on a poutyface of my own. She ignored what i asked and started to get dressed with the clothes she originally had on, climbing over me to grab the shirt I originally moved.

"Wow what's up Jules?" I asked confused. I hate when girls day shit or joke around but when you say something or joke, they can't take it. At least that's why I r think she's upset. Honestly i didn't know. "Lets go, I'll take you home"Julia said flatly as she headed out the bedroom. "Alright.- I'm sorry if i said or did anything Jules. If I did just tell me". She ignored me as she walked down the hall.

Before heading down the stairs she replied "you aren't sorry, if you were you would know why. Right now you are only sorry because you don't want the sex to stop" she said with a hint of stiffling in her voice. "Really Jules? Are you being serious right now? "I asked, watching her walk down the stairs, ignoring my reply. She was totally right, why would I apologize for something I either didn't do or didn't know I did? She was also right about only saying it for the sex to go somewhere which made me feel a tiny bit sorry.

I finished getting dressed and turned off the xbox after reading "you have been kicked from the game due to inactivity". I headed down the stairs, seeing the doors and gate open meaning Julia was already it at the car.

I closed all the doors behind me and walked up to the car. I opened the door as quick as I could before she could lock it. I opened it, but only because she didn't try to lock it. Now I know something is up. She exited the driveway and started to head out of the neighborhood.

As we left and got onto lomas to nice black wang smashes great boobs woman to my house, I started to think about what was up. Girls can read minds, it's crazy.

"I'm sorry Ry,it's just something you said that reminded me of some really bad shit and now I'm just out of it. I don't want to talk about it either, i just want you to not think it's you" "Well then why did you get mad at me about the whole sorry thing?" "I was just mad you said sorry for something you didnt do, I don't know, I'm sorry okay?"she concluded.

I just stayed silent until she finally pulled up to my house. "Uhm.I guess I'll talk to you soon Jules" "Yea, later. just wait though for until I come to you, okay? " "Yea. sure." Was all I could reply with as i walked towards the house. I heard her Rev her 5.0 and take off Down the street with a roar before opening the door.

Nothing feels better than home. Okay maybe not physically, but definitely mentally. You feel safe, comfortable, and most of all you feel like everything is going to be okay.

That's how I feel every time I walk into the house.

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I headed to my room, pulling out my phone to check it as I walked down the hall. 2 new messages, unlock phone to read new messages. I unlocked the phone, viewing the list of contacts I have and the conversations within each one.

I passed the first one. 505-398-7***:hey you.this is Aria, don't think it's weird I got your number without asking. I was just talking to a friend about you and she hairbrush to know you and even had your digits lol so don't trip. Awesome, she did my work for me. I had her number, she got mine from a friend massage loving asian bitch gives hot bj she must have been taking good about me to give her my number.

This is awesome. Message 2 505-306-78**: not even gunna guess who this is? I honestly have never been so creeped out in my life. But what if they just have the wrong number? The creepiness made me think back to the orientation today and that girl. Maybe? Noooo. How could she even get. .no. The rest of the week rolled by pretty fast and uneventful. No communication from Julia.

Texted Aria but it was only small talk and school that will be tomorrow, Kyle showed me a video of the new call of duty, Breeana; my sister, who you'll meet, got caught sneaking out to go to a party or show or something.

And me, I'm just nervous for school tomorrow. Before going to bed, I brushed my teeth and got into some pjs. Walking down the hall past each of the bedrooms hollering out "goodnights" and "I love you's".climbed into bed, pulled up the covers and started to think. What will tomorrow bring? What will happen with Aria out that stalker girl? Why is Jules not talking to me yet?

Why-who.wha-whe. and I drifted to sleep.