Skinny teen huge toy my big black threesome

Skinny teen huge toy my big black threesome
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When I was twelve years old, my parents had been divorced for several years. One day my mother was in the bathroom when she called me to get her a clean towel from the laundry.

I got the towel and went over to the bathroom door. It was opened a crack, so I just pushed it the rest of the way open, and stopped with my mouth open. "I'm…I'm sorry Mom," I said. She was sitting on the toilet seat with one foot pulled up and polishing her toe nails. She was completely naked. I just stood there and stared at her pussy. It was shaved now, except for a small mat of hair on her lower belly. She started to cover herself with her hands, and then got a strange look on her face sleeping sax download story sister brothar put her hands down.

"Never mind," she said, "I guess you're old enough to learn about women. You might as well come on in and hang up the towel." BODY: She put her foot back on the floor but left her legs parted enough so I could still see her pussy. This was the first time since I was a baby that I could get a good look at her tits. They were beautiful, round and firm, with small hard nipples. "Have you ever seen a woman with no clothes on before?" "N… no," I stammered, "you're really pretty." "Well, thank you, honey, do siri big ass and titties white piece really think I'm pretty?" "Uh huh.

I do." I could feel my prick getting hard as I stared at her naked body. "You're sweet," she said, "Now go back out and close the door, the shows over for now." I left the bathroom and ran up to my bedroom.

I locked the door and pulled my dick out and began to jack it off. I was fantasizing about my mother's big tits and shaved cunt when I shot my load on a Kleenex. I felt dizzy from all the excitement of seeing my mother naked and from jacking off so I lay down on the bed and was soon fast asleep. It must have been hours later, because it was dark outside, when I woke up again. What woke me was my mother pulling off my shoes and socks.

She saw that I was waking up and she said, "Just stay where you are. You must still be half asleep. I can help you get ready for bed." I was still drowsy as she pulled off my socks and then helped me up so she could pull my tee shirt over my head. There was just enough light in the room that I could see she was wearing a short, sheer, black robe that was untied and hung open in the front.

I could see her pussy and she didn't seem to worry about covering it up. I felt my dick getting hard again. I lifted my hips up off the bed so she could pull my pants off, and when she bent to fold them on a chair, her tits fell out of her open robe.

She turned back to me, leaving her boobs out, and worked my short off my narrow hips. When she pulled them down she exposed my hard prick standing at attention. "Oh, you bad little boy," she laughed, "How naughty you are, getting all excited at seeing your mommy naked. Just look at how hard I made your little cock." She sat down on the edge of the bed and reach down to grasp my throbbing prick. She squeezed it in her hand and rubbed the head with her thumb.

I could hardly believe what was happening. To a twelve year old this was the thing you dream about. "Why don't you give me a big hug and show me how much you like seeing my titties and pussy." I sat up and hugged her and she took one of my hands and put it between her legs. "That's a good baby," she said, "rub it nice and easy and stick your fingers in my cunt. I want you to suck my titties while you play with my pussy." I could hardly control myself, I was sucking my mother's tits and feeling her pussy.

She took my hand and showed me how to fuck my fingers in and out of her wet cunt. I had three fingers in her and she had her legs spread wide apart. I was sucking on one of her hard nipples as she pumped my cock and rubbed my ass. Then she found my asshole and pressed her finger into my little sphincter. She was moaning now and laid back with her legs sprawled open as I rammed my finger faster and faster into her dripping cunt.

She grabbed my head and pulled me up to kiss me on the lips. Her tongue probed my mouth and swirled around my own tongue. She sucked my tongue as she started to cum, then pulled her mouth away and screamed. "OH GOD, FUCK ME…FINGER FUCK MY CUNT……HARDER DAMN IT…YES, FUCK ME HARD…SHIT I'M CUMMING……AAAARGH!!!" She grabbed my hand and held it tight against her pussy as she humped it.

I could feel her cunt spasm as she came on my hand. Her juices were running out of her cunt and down the crack of her ass. Finally her violent spasms began to slow down, and she put her mouth back on mine and we shared a deep kiss, our tongues intertwined. After a while she slide down on the floor and knelt by the bed. Pulling me over to the side of the bed, she took my cock in her mouth and gave me my first blowjob. She slurped and sucked noisily on my little prick, trying to suck the cum out of it, then licked up and down my hard shaft and sucked gently on my balls.

She wet one of her fingers in her mouth, assfucking with hot girl hardcore and blowjob then eased it into my asshole while she sucked me off. I finally couldn't stand it anymore and shot my hot little load of cum into my mother's mouth.

She swallowed every bit, and kept sucking till I was drained. "Did my little man like that? Did Mommy do a good job sucking off his hard cock?" "Yeah Mom, that was really cool, but I'm so sleepy now. I want you to sleep with me." We crawled under the covers then, after she took off her robe. She put her leg across my hip and my still hard prick rubbed against her sopping wet pussy. She held my ass in one hand and my head lay on one of her tits.

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We went to sleep like that. When I woke up the next morning, Mom was jacking off my morning erection. It felt so good I worried I might piss the bed. "I see my little man is finally awake," she said, "I hated to waste such a nice hard-on." "That really feels good, Mom.

Do it faster so I can cum." "You'll have plenty of time for that; first I want you to fuck me. Do you know how to do that?" "I…I think so. That's when I put my dick in your pussy and we make a baby." "Yes, that's how we make babies, but I'm taking a pill so that won't happen. We'll just have a lot of fun. But you mustn't tell anybody we do it." "If you tell they might put me in jail and you in an orphan home. Do you promise not to tell even your friends?" "I promise, Mom." I would promise anything as long as I could get to cum.

She let go of my prick and positioned me between her out-spread legs. She pulled her cunt lips apart and guided me cock into her gaping pussy. It only took a little push and my cock was buried all the way in her cunt. She showed me how to fuck in and out of her dripping snatch and, since I was just the right size, to suck on her tits while I was doing it. It was only a matter of minutes before we were both grunting and moaning, on the verge of cumming.

"Oh, Mom, I'm gonna cum.

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I can't hold it any more." "Do it, Sweetie, shoot your cum in my pussy. Fuck me, Baby, and fill my cunt with your load." "I'm doing it Mom, I'm cumming. I'm really fucking you aren't I?" "Oh, yes, you're fucking me good. I feel your cum, Baby. Fuck me harder. I need it.

I need your cock fucking me. I need to get fucked. AAARGH…I'M CUMMING TOO… DON"T STOP…FUCK ME…FUCKME…YESSS!!!

She grabbed my ass and pulled me tight against her as she came. Then we lay there for a long time, trying to catch our breath, my cock still inside her. "That was beautiful, Honey," she said, "Did you like your first fuck?" "I'll say, let's do it again." "Let's have breakfast first.

What do you say we go down to the kitchen and eat breakfast naked?

Then you can fuck me again whenever you want to." "Can I fuck you in the kitchen?" That sounded like it would be wild. "Sure, Honey, whereever you want to.

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You just tell me when you're ready and we can do it, or I can suck you off if you want that. Does that sound like fun?" "Yeah, let's go downstairs right now." I was already on my way. In the kitchen, Mom fried eggs and bacon at the stove and I sat at the table drinking chocolate milk and looking at her naked ass. When she put a plate of food in front of me I reached up and felt of her pussy. She bent down and kissed me on the lips and gave my hard cock a couple of strokes. "You'd better eat your breakfast.

You'll need to keep your strength up. You'll be wanting to fuck every five minutes till the novelty wears off." "I hope it never does," I said as I gobbled down my breakfast.

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After we had eaten, my mother slid her chair back and spread her legs so I was gazing at her open cunt. "I think it's time for you to have your dessert," she said. "Come here, Baby, and I'll teach you how to eat out a pussy." She had me get on my knees in front of her and she pulled her cunt lip apart so I could look inside her fuck-hole.

Then she pulled the hood back so her clit stood out and showed me how to lick around it and then to suck it gently into my mouth. It wasn't long before I was sucking pussy like a pro, and my mother was writhing in her chair as she came in my mouth. I had her pussy juice smeared on my face so she bent over and licked my face clean. My dick was really hard by then, so I asked her if we could rodeo after penis sucking girlfriend and hardcore. "Let me put these dishes in the sink," she said, "and you can fuck me on the table." Mom laid back on the table with her legs draped to either side and her sopping cunt wide open for me to fuck.

I just walked up and shoved my cock into her waiting pussy and started mom dad tempted to cheat by teen babysitter her. "Wow, Mom, you're cunt's so wet the juice is running out of it." "It's juicy for your cock. Now be a nice boy and fuck your Mommy and make her cum again." "That's it, fuck me harder.

Ram that fucking cock into me. Oh, fuck yes. Fuck me Honey. Make your Mommy cum." "I'm cumming too, Mom. I'm shooting it right up your cunt." "Oh, yes, Baby. Fuck…FUCK… FUCK MY FUCKING CUNT… I'M CUMMING AGAIN!!!

After that we fucked at least once a day. As soon as Mom got home from work she took off her clothes and put on a mini skirt and a tank top. That way she could roll up the top so I had access to her tits, and all I had to do was lift her little skirt and her cunt was right there and ready to be fucked. On the weekends sometimes we never got dressed, but walked around the house naked. I might be watching TV and she'd come over and start sucking my cock, or she'd be doing the dishes and I'd walk up behind her and reach around to feel her tits, and she'd bend over the sink so I could fuck her from behind.

You may think it weird that a mother could find sexual fulfillment with her own son. One night, as we were relaxing after having wild sex, she told me that her father had started making love to her when she was eight years old. That lasted until she moved out after high school graduation.

She said she was addicted to all kinds of sexual pleasures when she was going to school. She couldn't get on the pill, so she became proficient in oral sex, and later she preferred anal intercourse because there was no worry about pregnancy. As a matter of fact, my mother taught me to fuck her in the ass, and we did it a lot when we felt like being particularly nasty. My mother enjoyed the thrill of illicit sex so much that, after she's married, she would fuck any man who showed interest in her.

And there were many, seeing how attractive she was. Anyway, my father forgave her when he caught her coming home smelling marvelous one eyed monster riding delights homemade hardcore sex when she was supposed to have gone out with some girl friends, but he moved out and filed for divorce when he came home early and found her being ass fucked by one of the neighbors while she sucked another man's cock.

After that she stayed away from sex for two years, until, that day in the bathroom, she couldn't stand it any more. We had lots of other adventures, both together and with others joining in, and even experimented with bestiality, but those stories will have to come at a later date. Right now I hear my mother calling me from my wife's bedroom.