Busty blonde babe goes cray riding an hard cock with her horny cunt

Busty blonde babe goes cray riding an hard cock with her horny cunt
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I woke up in the middle of the night, I was so tired and so many things were rushing through my brain, I could not figure out if it was a dream or if it was real. Everything was fuzzy, but I knew I was with my daddy, because he was calling out my name, Holly your such a sweet little girl, I'm fucking you again, I just can't get enough of you.

I have waited so long for my cock to be put in your pussy. That I just cannot stop fucking you. I remember hearing the sounds of his balls slapping against my butt.

Daddy was moaning, I was wet and his dick was pounding in and out of me. I felt sore down there, I do not have any idea how many times he had taken me while I was sleeping. I was so tired, and I was sad and confused, I remember drifting back to sleep while he was fucking my young pussy.

Morning came, not that I could tell, there were no windows in the special room. It was all walls, but I finally woke up from a long slumber and realized that it must be morning, because I was not tired any more.

Daddy was not in bed with me, I was laying there by myself wondering what really happened to me. Did I dream it, was it real, did daddy really fuck me in my pussy, like, I had seen in that movie. Was that my special surprise?

Daddy fucking me, he told me that I would love my surprise. I waited a year for him to make me feel sad. It hurt so much, and I cried so hard. I remember before he put his cock in my pussy that he was telling me something. It was about my Mom, Sean and Stephanie and why they left me.

I could not remember. Maybe fucking me in my pussy was my punishment for being late for my birthday surprise and not my actual surprise. Maybe I still have another surprise yet to come. I hope so. Daddy came back in the room, this time he was very naked. I asked, Daddy where he went and he said to make you some breakfast, Daddy did not any one see you, and you do not have clothes on.

An he said Holly, don't your remember that I gave the cook and the maid hood rat blowjob xxx no money no problem weekend off for your birthday. He said we wont' be wearing clothes all weekend Holly, there's no one here, we can walk around like this all day long until Sunday night. It is a wonderful feeling. We can go swimming and sit in the hot tub. We do not have neighbors and it is just great to feel the air on your whole body.

I guarantee you will like it a lot. I am not sure who this new daddy was. He looked just like my Daddy, but he was different. Later that day, we went swimming in the pool.

Not wearing clothes, was a wonderful feeling, I enjoyed it very much. Daddy and I had lots of fun during the day. The cool water helped my swollen pussy. I hurt and was very swollen from last nights fucking. I could not believe how intense it was. Daddy told me he had many things to teach me, i guess im gonna fuck him jorani james at a gloryhole I would be good at sex. He said he would teach me many things sexually, anal, bdsm, he had all kinds of sexual toys he planned to use on me, he said it would take time, but I would learn to enjoy all the wonderful things as well.

He also said that he would give the house cleaner and the cook more time off, for special times in the house, like today. He told me he would teach me things gradually, as he had done since I was a very small girl. All of it was to get me into training to become a sexually erotic woman for him to pleasure. After playing in the pool and spending time in the hot tub to relax my sore muscles he told me that he was going in the house to check on something. He told me I could stay in the hot tub awhile longer to relax my used muscles.

When I was done I was to dry off and come back in the house, he would be in the living room waiting for me. I wondered what he was going to do when I got back in the house. Part of me was scared to think what else he had planned.

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I lied back in the hot tub and took a short catnap and woke up refreshed, dried my body off and headed back into the living room, where daddy was waiting for me. He asked me how I was feeling, and I told him much better. He was glad that I was feeling better, he told me to have a seat by him, which I did. He looked into my eyes and said I know I made you cry last night Holly, but it was the next step to our relationship.

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I love you with all my heart. The only way for us to continue our loving relationship was to move it the next step. I hope you will forgive me, but I do truly love you. I do hope one day we can have beautiful sex together. I do have another surprise for you, and I hope you like what I have to give you. I know you are lonely now that your brother and sister are gone.

So maybe this will help ease your loneliness. This time you will close your eyes. This will be a Good surprise. I heard him walking, not from his shoes, but from his cock bouncing he walk around the back of the couch, then I sensed his presence in front of me, I could feel the heat of his body.

He said on the count of three Holly; Open your eyes, One, And Two… Three.

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I opened my eyes and he was holding a German Eve jihan jeffers sex tape in full for free repee this vi Puppy. I was so excited, I always wanted a puppy, the puppy was so cute, and loveable. I could not stop saying thank you to Daddy for my puppy. I asked if it was a boy or a girl, daddy said it was a boy puppy. That it was my dog, to love and to take care of. Which I could, name him anything I wanted too.

Daddy said after he was about 6 months old, the both of them would take the un-named puppy to obedience classes. I played with him, and loved him so much. It was the best birthday after all. After a couple of hours of playing with my puppy, I decided that I had the perfect name for him, I was to call him Samson, and Sam for short. That night, we had a scrumptious dinner, and we were still nude.

It was a wonderful feeling to be free of clothing, no restrictions. I could see all of Daddy, and his cock was soft. He could see all of me. We flirted and teased each other, and kissed one another. Played with Samson, made sure he was good and tired, Daddy said as Samson got older and potty trained then Sam could sleep in my room.

However, until then Sam had a cage that he had to sleep in. As the evening wore on, darkness overtook the sky, and Sam was tired, Daddy said he would put him in the cage, and told me to go up and take a shower. After my shower, I was to meet him in his bedroom. I found daddy reclining on his bed, he smelled good from his shower that he just had. I walked in the room, and he said, climb up in bed with me Holly. It has been a long time that I had been in Daddy's bed, I so loved the feeling and security of Daddy's room.

I could sense that tonight was going to be different from the previous night that I had shared in Daddy's bed in the Special Room. I crawled up, not saying a word, and Daddy rolled over lying on his side. I was lying on my side looking up to his eyes.

He said Holly, from now on when the house cleaner and cook are not here, you will come to my room to make love.

When they are here during the week, we will meet down in the Special Room. That way we can still fuck when they are in the house.

When they are gone, we will make love in this room, and not, have to worry about the small confines of the Special Room. We can continue are love making in many different places.

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Would you like that? Yes, I would Daddy, very much! I love it in this room. He said within the next year we will start traveling and seeing many exotic places, and we will do things together.

Then I have to teach you how to become exotic and how to handle yourself in public. As you grow older, things will change, and you and I will decide how you want to live your life. That is something to be decided on later, in the future, right now we have a lot of work for you to do. Daddy asked if I had any questions.

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An of course I did. I asked him why he tied me up last night. He told me that if he didn't he wouldn't of been able to enjoy his pleasures with me. With me tied, there was less squirming and fighting. Why did you blindfold me? He said so you would not see me tying you up. You did not stop Daddy, I told you it hurt, I was crying and you would not stop? In addition, he said Holly, it always hurts the first time, and each time you fuck, fucking of a very filthy twat gap hardcore blowjob gets better and better.

After awhile you will learn to love it and want it all the time. What were the other things on the dresser? Daddy said in time each one of those things will be performed on me, and I will learn to enjoy them. He said as I grow and my hormones take control of my body you will want sex many times a day. He said I might not be able to keep up with you, he said we might have to find someone who would also like to fuck you and keep you happy. Gosh, I sure hope Daddy is able too, I am not sure I would want another man to fuck me.

Why are there video camera's hanging on the ceiling? He said well that is just for the future, if I decide I want to introduce you to a different world of pleasures.

That decision is still unclear yet. I knew there was another question to ask, I just could not think of it at the time. As the evening passed lying in Daddy's arms, we gently kissed me on my lips. It was very sensual. My heart was beating fast, and Daddy was caressing me in his loving way.

He took his fingers and gently glided them up and down my stomach, on my legs; his touch was so soft and gentle. I was feeling those tingling feelings throughout my body. I loved that feeling. He gently cupped my breasts, softy he suckled them. He paid attention to both of them, giving them both pleasure. He reached up, kissed me, and told me that he was going to make love to me.

Nothing like last night, tonight he would make me cum and he would cum inside me. He put his finger over my lips, and said no more talking, I'm going to make you cum.

Gently he went down and crawled in between my legs, taking his hands and opening up my pussy lips, and spreading them apart, so he could see my succulent clit.

He started taking his tongue and gliding it around my clit. Tasting my juices, making me moan, and my body was squirming with delight. This is the Daddy I knew and loved. Daddy pulled my pussy lips apart, and licked them, going up and down my pussy. He stuck one finger in my hole, and it felt good, then he put mom big hips sex son in, and that was even better.

I felt like it belonged there. Moaning, I said oh daddy I love how that feels. He said that is because you now want a cock in you baby girl.

You like that fullness it gives you. He pleasured me until I had cum. It was awesome! He then gently put his cock in me, it hurt some because I was still so sore, but this time he was very gentle.

His arms were extended like doing push ups, his weight was not on top of me. He pumped in and out of my pussy, and I was so wet, from his spit and my juices, he was sliding in and out of my slit.

This time I really liked it, I liked it a lot. I loved how it felt. I wanted him faster, and he did, harder, and deeper. He was telling me he loved me, and that he was always going to make love too me. He told me to cum with him, he took his cock and pulled it out slapping my clit, it sent electrifying sensations through my body.

I could feel my body tensing up, could feel my juices starting to boil, I shouted I'm Cumming I'm Cumming, He put his cock back into my pussy and started fucking my cunt. At the same time we both came, both of us were in heaven. I knew from then on that I was going to enjoy everything my daddy gave me.