Deep throat oral job for a stallion

Deep throat oral job for a stallion
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"You are such a child…" "What? It's just a game, not even Truth or Dare? Just the dares. What could I possibly get you to do that would be so awful?" She smiled a devilish smile and then rolled her eyes at him as could think of a few things he would probably like her to do to him, but he was right, what could he do, they were in the middle of a Starbucks miles from home, ducking out away from friends who so far they'd managed to keep their secrets hidden from.

"Ok," she said "I take it you want to go first" "I wouldn't say I WANT to go first but if you want me to I have a few ideas." "Hmmm, ok what is it?" "Simple one that even you can't mess up, just scoot over beside me and I'm going to put my arm around you." "Are you crazy what if someone one of us knows comes in and you know I don't do PDA's" "What's the point in hiding away from everyone if we don't then take advantage?

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Besides we can both see the door no one's here to begin with so just humor me" "Fine, but we need to get moving, you promised me you undivided attention for shopping." "That's because I thought summer shopping meant bikinis and tiny shorts…" She gets up grunting and puffing at the idea of giving in to him and slides beside the neighboring table.

"Shift" she commands playfully waving her hands. As she goes to sit he places a hand just under her cheeks and allows his hand to follow their curve as she sits the rest of the way down. "Oi!! Behave" "Couldn't help it. It's like my hand took over and just wanted to make sure it was there" They sat like that for a while She made herself more comfortable as (Damn him) he was right they don't get doing this much and she does fit so nicely into him.

He moves his arm from behind her to in front and places it halfway up the top of her thigh gently squeezing as she looks up at him to see if his face can give away what he's thinking.

"I dare you to move your hand further any further and see what I do to it." "That's a really crappy dare" "Well obviously that's not actually a dare just tell your hands to behave themselves" "No, No, you said 'I Dare You' so that counts." He takes a firmer grasp of her thigh reminding her body how far his fingertips actually were and then slowly moves up just a touch of her thigh. It was maybe only a centimeter or two but the spark of such a movement in the middle of a café was just enough to make her squirm a bit, and he knew he had her.

"Behave you!" she scolded as she stood up and started gathering her things. "Come on, if you're good for five minutes there's maybe a treat in it for you at the end." "Pie?" Another roll of the eyes.

As the exit absolutely gorgeous babe ani black fox certified bukkake slut café the shopping complex is all but deserted. Shop workers on breaks and the usual granny parade are the only other shoppers around. "So my turn again" "What? No that wasn't my turn" "It was, and anyway be honest you don't have anything to dare me" "Fine, go" "Kiss me" "What? No!" "Have you looked around this place?

It's dead. No one we know is here and even if they were I'm not stupid, I was going to ask in the cafe but then you go up. So that little corner over there in the closed doorway will do.

Just take my hand and trust me." She tried her best not to lick and fuck mama hot horney pussy whilst the thought of ignoring him went through her head she found her body was reaching her hand out and grabbing his.

The ten or fifteen foot walk seemed like miles as she kept looking around her and back at her hand which was firmly holding on to his. They stopped and turned to each other in some sort of prearranged hold on each other. She had her hands on each side of his arms whilst he had slipped his to her sides just above her hip bones.

Giving one final look around her, she lent in and gave a quick mostly closed mouth kiss directly in the middle of his. He smiled as she moved slightly back, but still holding on, and then he whispered "A proper one please" She sighed as she had hoped to have gotten away with that. This time she knew she had to make it good. She looked at him with her devil smile as she closed the distance between them and again leaned in for the kiss.

This time her mouth was slightly parted and she corked her head to meet his. Slightly damp and warm their lips pressed as they played sucking an extremely biggest one eyed monster new game of dare, where it would be a case of 'Who would break first?' It wasn't a fair game though as the smile had come not from the kiss but from the thought of how to get him back next.

She broke the kiss, slightly pulling his bottom lip as she left him, turned and walked towards the clothes store just up from them. He stood there just watching her walk for a second half taken from the kiss and half by the sultry evil walk she was putting on as she walked away. When he caught up with her she already had somehow managed to gather a handful of clothes already and she waited on him to approach before walking away again in the direction of the changing room.

"Oh great, no wonder she has a smile on her face, she going to torture me trying on everything in the shop" It had already been 10 mins when he heard her call him in.

He had stood doing that awkward foot shuffle as a few girls came and went while she stayed.

He walked to the end cubicle, the only one with its curtain pulled and stood opposite. "Tell me what you think" came her voice eventually and as the curtain pulled back he nearly had a stroke there and then at what was in front of him. She stood wearing a red and black clinging vest top which seemed to be painted on to her now clearly bare chested upper body underneath.

These had been matched with what he knew where her own simple black knickers and thigh high red and black socks. "What do you think?" she asked as she twirled 540 degrees before sticking her ass toward him and slowly bending down to fix her socks slightly. "Is this ok?" He had no words. His silence spoke for him. She looked stunning. He had loved her body form the moment he met her.

Petite, blonde and pale. She had beautiful eyes to go along with that devils smile and kickass dress sense, a mix of rock, Goth, geek and comfort, and that was before he even learnt about her corsets. Her light skin always worked in compliment against the black and dark fabrics she would usually wear, not making her all girl zabardsti rep com look sickly and not making the dark take over her features however today the red seemed to give off a sexy flare to such a simple combo.

"Hmmmmm ahhhh ye… yeah it's great" He was currently regretting wearing such tight jeans today. Shuffling himself slightly to position his growing cock more to one side. "Really?" She said stand up straight again still with her back turn and looking in the mirror "You don't think it would be a bit much for bedtime in China?" She said standing up on her toes pushing out her ass invitingly and parting her legs slightly "Nope, no, definitely not" "Good" She turned to him "Now have you learnt your lesson?" she said as she looked past him to the mirror at his back and played with her breasts placing neatly more along the vests V.

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"I feel like I have but maybe you should remind me what it is?" He said not taking his eyes off her body for a second. His penis now very clear for her to see the outline of, making her excited at the show as well as the thought that she was doing that to him. She reached up holding on to the curtain bar above leaning forward slightly so that her cleavage would show slight nipple and so that her ass would once again arch out only this time toward her cubicle mirror. "The lesson is very simple.

Don't you DARE, ever trick me into kissing you again. If you want a kiss, you only have to ask" Her last few words were slow and sultry and they drifted off she closed the curtain. He stood not knowing what to do next. He seen the top fall to the ground followed by the shadow figure before him bending down and taking off the socks. Both got through over the rail. "If you like these you can buy them as penance" Later After dumping the many bags into the boot of the car they bundled into the front and fiddled about with jackets and phones.

"I fell kind of guilty now" she said "What for? I told you id buy you a few random little things today" "No not that, although thank you by the way, about the dressing room thing" "Oh hmmm that" "That wasn't really fair on you as I actually really did enjoy that kiss, and in the end I only ended up teasing myself as I've been hot ever since" "Well you are a great kisser I was just there so you weren't kissing empty air. Tell you what, lets head back and before you have to head on, we can go up to be for a bit and I can apologise for kissing you" "Two things, one don't apologise for that kiss and two…" She pulls him over and meets his surprised lips with hers.

Not soft but hard. A wanting kiss. Wanting him. Wanting them. They were so frickin good at this it actually drove the two of them mad. Their hands travel everywhere trying to find a hold. Clothes, skin and hair all get a pat down and ruffle as they hungrily try and devour each other.

He eventually reaches behind her head and takes the lead back kissing her firmly once more before lowering his mouth to her chin, then jaw, then neck and ear. Soft but firm kisses and playful bites occupy his lips as one hand folds into three hot ass gals sharing on a big hard dick on the bed brunette big dick hair and the other tries to find a home at her side.

Suddenly a spark hits him as he feels one of her hands stroke his cock through the outside of his jeans. Hard and uncomfortable he shuffles with every ending stroke over its head. "Sit back" she demands.

"What?" "Sit back" she commands again only this time pushing him off her and on to his seat. Her hands dive onto his buttons. Her finger weaving around the tight space cfnm office sleaze punished by three british ladies between each one as she finally pops the first one she almost lets out a squeak herself.

"What…? What are you doing?" But there is no reply as the final button comes undone and she reaches in and frees his erection the pre-cum from the tease earlier and the strain put on from the kisses already coating his head as she starts to slowly move here hand up and down the shaft whilst staring at him in the eye.

The devil smile returns as she makes one quick lick of her lips before diving upon prey, engulfing the first few inches in the first intake. She holds him in her mouth for a second before slowly sucking up to the tip and then down again, a bit deeper this time. All the while her thumb and finger wrap around the base to help guide his cock where she wants it as well as to keep the denim and cold metal buttons from getting in the way.

She can't help but let out a small moan as she continues to bob up and down. The curve of his dick hitting the back of her mouth just right. He grabs at her hair to move it out of the way, wanting nothing to shield his few of her sucking his cock.

Her eyes dart between his and his cock. She goes in deep, pushing past the barrier of his jeans and slipping her tongue out to lap as the start of his balls but it's too much as she chokes.

Coming up for air he pulls her round and plants his lips on hers. "Fuck your amazing" and with that approval she breaks from his hands again twisting and licking her tongue from the tip down and she sucks him in for the next round. His hands go back to her hair gently trying to guide the pace where he can but knowing full well that she is in control down there.

He starts to slowly buck his hips and as she feels the movement more and more she stops bobbing her head and allows him to create his own rhythm before she feels the almost in-sync push for her to go deep and hard.

She stays there for a few seconds gently sucking on him whilst her tongue goes crazy on the shaft, unseen inside her mouth. When she comes up for air he begins stroking his cock smiling at his partner in crime as she looks up at him with that smile. She opens her mouth wide and places it at the head sticking out her tongue almost lapping at the spit and pre-cum that has gathered.

Staring at him she knows how close he is and in one fluid motion he thrusts his hip forward and his hand back as the first stream of cum pops into the back of her mouth and she closes in around him gently sucking and guiding the eruption to the back of her throat. Completely drained he sits back and she sits up releasing him form her mouth with a plop. She does her cute little show of swallowing for him d teen spera damno deep fuck of monster he smiles.

She doesn't realise even doing something like that how beautiful, sexy and mischievous she is all at the same time. He fixes himself away and as they wait for the windows to clear they just look at each other, leaning toward the middle of the car fidgeting with each other's hands and cuffs.

"Time to head back to the real world now" "Yeah, real world is crap, much more prefer ours where we get to do this" he chuckles "Seriously though," She leans in for one final kiss before starting the car "How do they not know…"