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Humiliatedmilfs horny milf gets a young stud to stuff her ravenous pussy old
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Susanna had been a friend, and a secret obsession, of Brian for just over a year. They met through his ex-girlfriend and had remained friends after that relationship ended.

Susanna had a natual beauty; deep brown eyes and hair with a winter pale complexion and cherry lips, slightly plump with terrific curves without being 'fat'. Susanna often stayed at Brian's house on Friday nights, where they would talk about love, life and get drunk. They often fell to sleep together, but had as of yet not even kissed. Once again they lay in bed together, but this time something was different. Brian had drugged Susanna's drink, and whilst Brian was still wide awake Susanna was absolutely lifeless.

Brian sany lione xxx story download Susanna's arm and it dropped dead by her side. He picked it up again, this time far enough so that her fingers pressed against his cheek, and once again let it fall. This time it bounced and fell further outwards from her body, but she didn't stir.

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Her rose-painted fingertips curled slightly inwards into a demi-claw. Feeling slightly more confident, not to mention aroused, Brian climbed on top of Susanna and kissed her. He'd worried once that his first kiss with her might not be reciprocated, but now he grew even more excited as her lips refused to part until he drove his tongue with more force. He withdrew, and Susanna's lips stayed parted, anal sex practice full movie for beginners cherry curves revealing both sets of her teeth.

Sure that Susanna was now completely unconscious Brian began to remove her clothes. First her black ballet flats, which hid perfect plump toes painted to match her finger nails.

Then her shirt, unbuttoning slowly before sliding her arms from out of the sleeves and pulling it from under her. It took a while to fully remove the tight shirt as her arms refused to lift merely from the pulling action.

This was solely the effect of gravity, but Brian fantasised it as an subconscious resistance. Next came her bra, night black against her pale white skin. Brian placed her on her side and quickly unhooked the back, pulling it off quicker than he had done her shoes or shirt. He paused, looking across her body like it was dead prey ready to be devoured.

She lay, still perfectly still, dressed in only black footless tights and whatever laid beneath. One leg was slightly crossed over the over so that one foot rested above the other, whilst her arms were splayed across her chest.

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Brian moved them so that they fell perfectly straight at her side. Brian hovered above Susanna. She looked so peaceful, so oblivious and yet at the same time seemed to be beckoning, calling for him to take her. He had no desire to do so just yet. He lifted her from behind the neck until her lips met his, and again forced his way inside her mouth.

His tongue frantically pressed over her, catching her teeth, lips and nose. He withdrew, and pulled away so he could again gaze at her unmoving form. He released his support from the back of her neck and her head fell back, bouncing hard against the bed before resting at a slight angle.

He moved down, passing over her breasts for the time being as he moved to the bottom of the bed. Brian had never had a foot fetish, but there was something deeply appetising about the curves of Susanna's feet in unconsciousness. He lifted one foot, milky white even in comparison to the rest of her body, and began to kiss it; moving his tongue between her toes and pressing her sole against his face.

He then did the same with the other foot, passionately licking her toes, sole, ankle and heel, before throwing the dead-weight of her leg away from him. She fell dead still half spread-eagle. He ripped off the footless tights hiding the kerala sex pine tihgt facking of her winter-peach body, and found more black clothing in the form of a tight thong. This surprised Brian as much as it turned him on as though he found her irresistible she seemed to have neither the confidence nor the body for such clothing.

He took it as more subconscious flirting. Rock hard already, he turned her around so she xxx sex stories probably story 11 on her stomach and admired her for a couple of seconds before pulling the thong off of her. She lay, still deep in unconsciousness, face down below him, her overly large and beautiful ass resting just above his hard cock.

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It was hard to resist ploughing it straight into her asshole, but he knew he had more time to have fun first. He rolled her back over and was shocked when he saw her open eyes but he soon realised they were only half open and, like the rest of her body, showed no signs of movement. He raised both her eyelids, and her pupils stared straight past him. He realised that she was his toy to do with whatever he wanted. She was absolutely comatose, and this made him even more hard.

Brian climbed out of bed and grabbed Susanna's arm, pulling her with strength. Her upper body jolted towards him and her legs gradually followed. Brian underhooked both of Susanna's arms with his until her head rested against his shoulders and her legs began to lift from the bed. In doing so he felt a jarring pain in the bottom of his back and involuntarily dropped her. She landed on the floor in a sick thud, her head, neck and shoulders hitting the carpeted floor with all their weight.

Brian stopped, concerned for a second for both her health and state, and leant over her. Her eyes were still half open and her shallow breathing remained constant. He wished to do her no harm, but found this new exhibition briana banks distracts him well x traordinary pictures her unconsciousness exciting. He pulled her up to her feet and wrapped his arms around her, as if to console her.

He pressed his head tight into her breasts and kissed them passionately. Then, for the first time, he inserted himself inside her. Her eyes had now fallen shut and there was a trail of saliva meandering from her bottom lip as her head hung low, and his insertion did nothing to stir her.

He could feel himself almost ready to ejaculate, but again appreciated the time he had. He let her fall and she crumpled in a heap on the floor, a mess of dead limbs. Brian straightened her out into a spread-eagle position and grabbed his camera phone.

He took pictures of every part of her body, and then several short videos as he held her up, massaged her breasts and fingered her pussy. Erotic stories Brian had read suggested her pussy would be dripping wet, but it was dry and, to both of dismay and relief, non-virginal.

He would have liked nothing more than to be her first, but knew that in this predicament that would be a major no-no.

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Brian picked her back up and dropped her on the bed. He climbed on top of her and inserted himself inside, pushing slowly but firmly. Her skull pressed against the headboard and her neck compressed as he drove forward, gathering pace and velocity. Her head began to sit upwards at the end-points of thrusts so it appeared she was nodding, beckoning Brian on, even if her eyes remained closed and the trail of saliva continued to droll down her chin. Brian frantically kissed and bit the top half of her body, exploring every mm2*, and felt himself become even more erect.

He pushed himself harder, deeper, until the sound of his cock slapping against her pussy and her head hitting the headboard became a cacaphony. Her tits swayed back then forth, back then forth in time with his thrusts, bouncing until they almost hit the downstrokes of her chin. Brian lifted her arms and placed them around his neck, but they soon fell back towards her, slapping off her breasts and onto the bed. Brian came. Jets of semen erupted deep inside Susanna and Brian collapsed on top of her, shivering in a sexual delight he had never felt before.

For a couple of seconds he lay as lifeless as her, his pulse tripling hers and occasional muscle spasms causing her to move slightly. He withdrew, ejecting the last beads of semen around her pussy, and climbed off of her.

His hot cum began to dribble down between her legs like the entrails of a popped bottle of champagne, forming a pool underneath her ass cheeks. His immeadiete reaction was to escape to the bathroom and collect tissues to wipe the ejaculate from both her and himself, but Brian realised she was still far from waking up. He inserted his half-erect penis into her blond babe pussy fucking with big dick, cleaning away the excess semen from the tip of his penis and coating it in her saliva.

Suddenly he felt a second wave building up inside him as his cock made its way further into Susanna's mouth. He began to push down, bouncing his testicles against her chin and sending his now fully-erect penis into her throat. Brian positioned Susanna so that her head hung slightly over the edge of the bed and knelt down over her, sitting high on top of her breasts. It wasnt long until he came again. This time there was less semen but he exploded with even more power, sending the first jet of cum straight down her throat.

Her saliva was the perfect lubricant and her mouth was just the right size for the perfect blow-job, even with her tongue resting dead against her teeth. Whilst forcing himself inside Susanna Brian had lifted on of her legs onto his shoulder and had once again covered her bare foot with his own saliva, cherishing the cold pale softness of her naked sole and running his tongue between her toes as he rode on her chest.

Brian once again wiped his excess semen on her lips and stood up to admire her. She still looked angelic, despite the two streams of semen running down her and the hair plastered across her face. Her now firmly closed eyes and barely parted lips exuded a sense of innocence and peace, whilst her perfectly white body looked untouched and virginal.

Brian rushed into the bathroom and returned with tissues, wiping her up but not before taking various close up photos of his 'dirty work'. After this he began to redress her, taking time and having fun getting each piece of clothing back over her. Whilst she was wearing only her bra and shirt Brian turned her onto her stomach and spent time caressing her ass.

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It had been extremely tempting to take her anally, but this would have greatly increased the chances if post-coital detection. He pulled on her thong, and finally the footless tights before wrapping her up in his arms.

Her cheeks were now rosy red and her body red hot, but she lay as still as ever. Brian closed his eyes.