My new foreign step brother

My new foreign step brother
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Beeg com gai xinh han quoc Lemaris felt, rather than heard, her Master approach her from behind. She was sitting on the large leather couch in his office, brushing her long black hair and looking out the window. Her full lips curled into a smile and she closed her eyes.

She loved when her Master touched her, and made love to her. It thrilled her beyond words. What really excited her, though, was when he fucked her hard and fast, like the slut she was, the slut he set free with his love. His hands, warm and gentle all at once, touched her shoulders, and she could feel his fingers pulling her hair slowly back from her neck.

Her skin tingled when he kissed the side of her neck, his breath falling on her skin softly. A shudder of pleasure ran down her spine and she felt her pussy growing very wet, and begin throbbing with need and want.

His lips kissed her earlobe softly and she again trembled with delight and excitement. Her skinny bitch teen fucks two old bastards felt the warmth of his skin, bare, touching hers.

Her nipples jerked to instant life as his fingers found them, while his hands cupped her smallish breasts. Sunny groaned softly and writhed slowly back against the man, and whispered, "May I please you, Master? Please?" His fingers tightened on her nipples and twisted slowly back and forth, and he groaned softly in her ear, "Yes, my darling. Please me, my wonderful, beautiful Sunny." She smiled again as he spoke, moving out of his arms.

She loved it when he would say such things to her. Of all the girls, she knew she was his favorite. Aria, Veronika, Sophie and a couple of the others ran a close second, but Sunny knew without a doubt she was his absolute favorite. Reaching back, she felt the large shaft brushing against her back and ass. Her fingers closed around it and she stroked it slowly, loving how the silken flesh flowed between her fingers and against her palm.

Her Master's thick, heavy cock responded instantly to her touch, stiffening even more and throbbing against her hand. She turned slowly and smiled up at him as he sat back, and she knelt between his legs, pumping his rod slowly with her hand. The swollen head of it turned red, and it bulged hard in her hand.

Looking back up at him for approval, she leaned forward and kissed the underside of the head softly, her full lips tingling as the man meat in her hand throbbed mightily against her flesh. Her long, pink tongue, soft and wet, slipped from between her pouty lips and brushed the underside of the head, ending in a soft flick at the top. Her Master groaned softly and she smiled, then wrapped her lips around the thick, bulbous head, teasing it with her tongue, slowly sliding the large shaft into her mouth.

Joseph Lovell, owner of the Darker Side club, and Master to Sunny, groaned her name softly from between clenched teeth and tangled his hands in her thick, luxurious hair.

His cock swelled as her mouth slowly engulfed his rod, and his hips pumped up off the couch towards her hot, willing mouth. Seeing her Master so excited and turned on only excited Sunny that much more.

Her pussy gushed its thick fluids down her inner thighs and her stomach throbbed in anticipation as she swallowed as much of his fleshy pole as she could, the blunt head of it pushing down her throat, gagging her softly. Slowly, she pulled back, sucking hard on his dick, pouty lips wrapped tightly around the thick, veined pole, scraping it ever so slightly with her teeth, just to turn him on more, and then laved over it with her tongue, soothing away any scrape with loving attention.

Her hazel eyes flickered with delight, watching his face, and the sounds he made were music to her ears. She continued sucking his cock for long moments, lathering it up with her tongue, sliding it up and down the sides and bottom, soaking it, making it very slick with her spit.

Every time she went down, she pushed it as far down her throat as she could get it, gagging the whole time, and loving it. She could, and would, suck his cock all night long if he let her. His pleasure was her whole life.

Finally, he groaned her name, and reached down, squeezing her modest breasts in his hands, teasing the nipples. Pinching and rolling them, he tugged upwards on them, his dark eyes finding hers.

His hand patted his lap as he slid further down onto the ebony secretary makes her boss lick her asshole femdom seat.

"Come here, precious," he said softly. "Come sit on Master's cock." Sunny's eyes sparkled with love and desire for her Master as he spoke to her. She slowly, languidly rose from her kneeling position and straddled his lap. The sparse hair on her pussy winked at him as she lowered her dark, dusky flesh closer to the swollen, red head of his cock.

The thick lips were dark and wet, and when they contacted his flesh, she moaned and writhed, trembling, on the very edge of orgasm. With a twist of her hips, she took the head of his dick inside her, and slowly lowered herself down the thick pole of pleasure.

The both of them moaned in pleasure as she swallowed his cock with her cunt, the warm flesh wet, and very tight, as well as very hot, against the thick, hard flesh of his member. Finally, the round, perfect cheeks of her ass touched his thighs. He was all the way inside her, buried to the hilt. His burgeoning member throbbed mightily inside her, pressing against her tissues, making its presence known inside her. Sunny leaned forward and gingerly kissed him, her tongue darting out to tease against his lips.

She was hesitant because she was unsure of his desires at the moment. Usually, she could read her Master pretty well, but she didn't like to assume. His hands came to her back and the back of her head, pressing her close into the kiss, his tongue pushing between her lips to dance and dart about with hers.

Her heart fluttered, loving when he kissed her like this. It was confirmation, all over again, that he loved her, and that she was his very favorite of all the girls. His left hand tangled in her thick, luxuriant hair, fingers twining about in the silken strands, holding her head close to him.

His right smacked her ass cheek solidly, and squeezed, and then smacked it again. He pulled his lips from hers, and in a guttural and growling whisper said, "Fuck your Master's cock, baby. Show me how much you love me, how much you love to fuck me." Her ass tingling and her thighs trembling with need and excitement, she moaned and nodded weakly.

"Yes, Master," she breathed excitedly, lifting her hips up slowly, pushing her smallish breasts into his face. "Touch me, Master, please?" she asked in a shy whisper, her hard nipples poking towards his face.

She squeezed her pussy muscles tightly as she rose, going to the tip, and then pushed hard back down again, repeating, building a rhythm. Her hips rolled in slow circles as she rode her Master's cock. Joseph's hands moved up and cupped her breasts, kneading and squeezing them slowly. His fingers pinched and rolled her nipples, and he slowly sucked one then the other, teasing both with his teeth and tongue.

Her hips moved faster cartoon sabita bhabi cartun xxxstory and down on the generous length of his cock, shining with the juices of her pleasure and excitement every time she rose. She arched her back deeply towards him, head thrown back, whimpering out her love and how good he felt inside her.

Her pussy was like a crucible, like a vise in the depths of hell's hottest fire, and he loved it. Her flesh seared his as they moved together, bodies joining in the primordial way human bodies joined in pleasure. His eyes blinded in a carnal fog, he saw only her, and he pumped up inside her even harder, jamming his thick cock deeply inside her tight little cunt. Sunny was biting her lip and had her eyes closed tightly, riding hard and fast on his cock. He watched her face, so beautiful and perfect, as she rode him, and he could feel himself swelling larger inside her.

He could feel the rush that meant orgasm wasn't far away rolling up his body.

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She hissed and raked her nails down his chest, shuddering like a leaf in a tornado, and whimpered out, "Master, may I cum, please, may I cum, Master, please?" Her words were a rush, a garbled semblance of a sentence, thick with the emotions and sensations she was feeling. "Yes, baby, you can cum…cum for Master, baby.

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Let me see and feel your pleasure," he replied, smacking her ass again. His balls were collapsing into a tiny globe between his thighs, mother son sexy at barth room his cock felt like it was as big around as a tree stump. She bucked even harder atop him and dug into his shoulders, leaving stinging reminders of her presence.

Sunny's pussy convulsed around his cock and she screamed out, "Master!" in a long, drawn out shout, thick with lust and love. Her body shook and trembled in his arms and her hips pumped relentlessly down on him, swallowing his cock eagerly with her greedy cunt, milking him. The incredible sensations were more than Joseph could take. He pumped hard into her sweet young body, filling her pussy again and again with his thick, virile shaft.

As her hot, wet juices exploded down onto his cock, searing his flesh anew, he rammed hard inside her, growling her name and czech public agent anal fack her close.

His cock exploded in pleasure, sending a torrent of hot, thick burning cum deep inside her tight twat. This triggered yet another orgasm for the beautiful girl, and the both of them shuddered and cried out for several minutes, each locked in the throes of their pleasure.

Bathed in sweat, the two held each other gently. Joseph stroked his hand down Sunny's back as they lay on the couch together, and he kissed her shoulder and neck, whispering soft words in her ear. Sunny smiled softly at his words of affection and love, and curled more into his muscular arms, losing herself against his body. His hands came to her cheeks and cupped them and he kissed her softly, repeatedly.

His lips were gentle and loving, and her entire being fluttered anew. He smiled at her and just stared into her beautiful hazel eyes finally, and said, "I love you, Sunny.

You are my favorite, my very favorite, of all. I'd be lost without you, my precious one." A tear threatened to roll from Sunny's eye as he spoke to her, and she smiled, finally kissing him, and embracing him tightly. Her chin rested against his shoulder and her heart beat rapidly, for she loved her Master more than anything or anyone.

He was so good to her, and the others, when they obeyed and did as he wished. Rarely did he ever have to discipline any of them, and even then, he did so lovingly. They never doubted his sincerity or his love, but Sunny felt special. She knew he loved her especially, and she loved him just as deeply, passionately, and specially.

As they lay together, his cock still throbbing inside her tight cunt, she left small, gentle kisses on his shoulder and neck. Her body was sated for the moment, but that wouldn't last long. It never did when she was with him. He spoke quietly of plans and mom bt com son xxx for the future of the club and the girls, but she barely heard him.

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Her ears were filled with the echoes of "I love you, Master," in her mind, over and over.