Bull bear daddy i didnt take those for you ya know

Bull bear daddy i didnt take those for you ya know
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Continuing from last time, in First Time Driving… Jules and I walked back into the house. Vinny greeted us at the door, looking in a much better mood than he was before. "So, how are Chris's driving skills Jules?" he asked. "He's really good. It felt great just being in the car," she said, giggling. "So, Chris. Wanna go play ball?" he asked me.

I agreed, and we walked over to a nearby park. There were quite a few people in the basketball courts, so we challenged two other kids who were playing a 1 on 1 to a 2 on 2 game.

Me and Vinny were really used to playing on a team together, so we started off playing really well. He had a bunch of layups, and I was hitting jump shots.

In the end, after about an hour, we finished the game 35-25. We thanked the kids and headed back to Vinny's house, sweaty and tired.

"Yo Chris. You can take a shower here if blonde teen gets handled in the woods want. I'll give you a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to wear when you get out. This way you don't have to go home," Vinny told me. "Nice, sounds good. I'll take the shower upstairs?" I asked. "Yea, I'll be in the basement when you're done," Vinny said. As we walked in, I didn't see Jules around. I got the clothes from Vinny and went upstairs. The shower seemed inviting, especially after spending an hour playing basketball in 85 degree weather.

I took off my clothes and turned on the water. After 5 minutes, I heard the door open. "Vinny?" I said. "It's me silly," I heard Jules answer. I saw her walking towards the shower. She was wearing the same outfit as before.

"Jules! What are you doing in here? We can't do anything now! Vinny could walk in at any second!" I told her.

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"He won't. I told him I was going to take a shower when you came out, so he won't wonder why the water's been on for so long," she said, giggling afterwards.

"I see," I answered her, my cock beginning to stiffen slightly. She slid open the shower door and I looked at her.

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Her hair was straight down, different than before. Her shirt wasn't the same as before either. This one was just as tight, but it came down about an inch or two above her pants, leaving her gorgeous belly-button ring in sight. She was wearing the same jean shorts as that she had been wearing in the car. "I see you're getting a little excited, aren't you?" she asked me, tilted her head and looking and my cock. Putting my hand on my shaft and beginning to stroke myself, I said "Well, yea.

I'm standing in the shower completely naked staring at a beautiful girl." She smiled. "Well, let's see if I can make the little guy even bigger than before," she said. She black haired beauty cares for lucky dick into the shower with me, and the water ran over her body.

Instantly, her wet shirt stuck to her chest, revealing her nipples, which appeared to be hard already. She stepped over to me, kissed me with one hand on my dick, and then got on her knees, the water from the shower head blocked by my back. She stroked me with her hand for a while, just looking up at me. Her other hand alternated between rubbing her tits and massaging my balls. "Hey Chris. If you had to, could you, like, explain what this feels like to you? I'm kinda curious," she asked, smiling.

"Ah…oh yea…It feels really, really good…I…I can't really talk right now…oh…" was all I could manage. She laughed. "I see. I guess I should ask you later," she said, and continued stroking. Suddenly, she got up and stepped out of the shower. "Jules…where you going?" I asked. "Hold on. I think this will make it feel even better." She came back in, with some sort of lotion on her hand. She rubbed the lotion around onto both her hands, and then rubbed it all over my dick.

She continued to stroke my engorged meat with both hands now. The lotion made it feel all wet and slippery, and the slurping sounds her hands made really turned me on. She moved her hand back and forth along the length of my dick, slowly, making sure that I could feel the full effects of her hand coated in the lotion.

As she stroked me, she looked up into my eyes. Rubbing my balls in her other hand, she planted kissed all over my balls and general groin area. I was getting so hard it almost hurt. "Jules…oh yea. That lotion and the noise you're making sounds like you're sucking me off…Oh it feels so good," I moaned. "Really? Would you just rather a blowjob then?" she asked in a playful voice.

"Are.Are you serious? Again? Hells yea.!" i managed. She slowly washed the lotion off her hands and rubbed my dick until only a little bit english movies x x x left. Then she pushed my back against the shower wall as she put her mouth around my dick. The water from the skimpy swimsuit clad janice griffith boned by the beach wasn't hitting my back anymore, so it was getting her in the face as well as my stomach.

Her head bobbed up and down and her tongue moved all around my shaft. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back against the wall. Putting both of her hands on my ass, she pulled herself deeper onto my dick, swallowing the entire thing. 8 inches of rock hard meat in her little throat. I was amazed.

Next, she switched to a different motion, moving up and down very quickly while sucking hard on the head of my dick. Pulling off for a quick second, she told me to thrust into her a little bit, but not too much or she would choke. I gladly complied, moving my hips back and forth slowly, feeling the wet back of her throat each time.

All of a sudden, she kept her mouth against the base of my cock, the whole thing in her throat, and started swallowing. The way her throat vibrated and contracted felt better than anything up until this point. I felt myself getting even bigger, and she had to back off a little bit. She moved up and down for a while more, and then pulled off. "I remember you seemed to like my chest a lot, didn't you Chris? Well, let's have a look," she said, teasing me again, pulling her shirt off.

The water splashed all over her chest, as she began to titty fuck me. I thrusted my cock between her tits as she moved the opposite way. She spread some of the lotion on the insides of her tits, and then continued to rub my dick with them.

It felt great. It was softer than her hand, and almost as smooth as her mouth. As she held her tits together so my cock would not slip out, she quickly grabbed my hand and put one of my fingers into her mouth. She moved her tongue around it and sucked it hard, and just looking at her made me crazy. Whenever the head of my dick appeared at the top of her chest, she sucked on it for a few seconds. After about 2 minutes of this, I said loudly, "Jules! Ah, cumming! Ohh.yea…!" She opened her mouth wide and kept titty fucking me.

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After the first blast of cum erupted from my cock, it went up onto her head and face. She then pulled her tits away and attempted to suck me again.

A quick second cumshot hit her face, but she took it like a trooper and sucked the rest out of me, swallowing after each shot. After about 20 seconds, she backed her head away and looked up at me. She wiped the rope of cum off her face and licked her fingers clean. "Well, that was nice. I think I'm addicted to making you cum!" she laughed. "Baby, that's a really nice addiction," I replied, smiling under the water, breathing hard. She smiled, and began to pull down her shorts, revealing a really hot thong.

"Jules? Uh, I don't there there's any way we could, you know…fuck? I don't have a condom or anything…" I said, sounding like an idiot. "Aw Chris, I wouldn't want anyone to fuck my pussy anyway. I don't want to have that chance of getting pregnant, you know? But…I still have another hole nearby!" she giggled her famous giggle again, and, turning around and bending down, pulled her thong down.

He ass in my face, I was instantly hard again. "You like?" she asked, moving her ass up and down, touching my chest and cock. "Of…of course I like! Haha, your ass is awesome!" I almost shouted. "Shh. Remember try to keep it down.

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Hehe," she smiled. "Well, you gonna put it in or not? I don't have all day." I slowly grabbed her ass cheeks and lowered her to cock-level. She was bent over, legs standing, ass out, and her face buried in her arms on the shower wall. I slowly pushed my cock into what was the tightest thing it had ever been in by far. "Oh god!! Oh…that feels so good!" she yelled, as I reminded her again to try to make as little noise as possible.

I pushed in and out, and with each thrust she let out this amazingly arousing little moan. I started getting a bit faster, and I hugged her around her stomach for support. I was impaling her deep now, and she was loving it.

The water was pouring off of me onto her, and the sound of my cock thrusting into her was heavenly. "Oh Chris! I'm cumming! Ahhhhh…" she moaned loudly, trying to use her arm to block sex hot mom and boy of the sound.

The feeling of her orgasm wrapped around my dick. The vibrations sent a wave of pleasure through me, sunny laone fuck story download I knew I was about to cum again. I grabbed her breasts and hugged onto her, getting in powerful thrusts. I rubbed my hands around her nipples and squeezed her chest delicately, just enough to please her and me.

"Jules! I'm cumming! I'm cumming in your ass! Ohhh!" I moaned in pleasure. I felt my dick erupting in her ass, and I felt my own cum washing around my cock. My hips thrust involuntarily now, and she pushed me into her further. After about a minute, I pulled out, my dick hanging there limp now, covered in cum. There was cum dripping out of her asshole. As she got off the wall, she walked bent over a little bit. "I think you're huge dick made my ass wider…Haha I can't even walk straight yet!" she exclaimed, clearly enjoying herself a lot.

She bent down and put my entire cock into her mouth one last time to clean off all the cum. She sucked it hard, and since it was soft now it moved a lot in her mouth feeling great. I kissed her very passionately and we washed the cum off of each other. As we got out, I heard Vinny at the door. "Chris, you fall down man? I heard a noise, so I came up." He called in. "I'm fine Vinny. I'm drying off now actually," I called out to him, smiling and continuing to make out with Juliana.

To be continued in "First Time Driving Part 3"