Best friends decided to have some fun

Best friends decided to have some fun
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This is a series I wrote for an email group of which I was part. It must be fifteen years since I wrote it.

I've mentioned Bondage but it's only very mild, similarly the place of work isn't a prominent feature, it's more a romance with sex than anything else. But it's not all that bad. Liz Part One One of the nice, if infrequent, perks of working for a large Company is visits by sales reps, keen to sell the newest all singing, all dancing products or trying to increase the level of consumables we pretty girl has fun with a neighbor from them, with this in mind lunch is invariably an expensive drawn out affair.

One such sales rep was Liz, I'd first seen her demonstrating a piece of equipment in a local University, and was fascinated watching the sun shine through her white blouse highlighting her bra and showing all who watched the outline of her well shaped breasts. Since then I'd met her on a couple of occasions and I'd always felt she got too a good a deal in life, she's clever; having (in her words) sailed through physics degree, has better than just average looks, has a body to worship and is one of her companies better sales reps having won a company provided BMW.

She is also very relaxed and easy to talk to, 'though when she talks about her Companies products she's as sharp as a razor blade. I'd forgotten about her visit and was a little surprised when I got called to reception to escort her in.

I remembered her telling me during her last visit that she was moving house soon and getting an even bigger mortgage, but couldn't remember much else. As always she wore a plain dark formal suit with a white blouse. I've always found the sight of smart dressed women exciting and she was definitely no exception.

I couldn't remember her wearing glasses the last time I'd seen her but the small thin framed glasses, if anything, added to her looks, the very dark red moist lipstick, obviously just applied, seemed to be crying out hardcore sex action with these soccer players doggystyle and bestfriend be kissed. On the way to my office we chatted about her trip down and how many other companies she was to visit before returning up country.

Once seated in the office Liz went into her normal company sales pitch which, although very professional, I didn't pay too much attention to until she mentioned a very good lease deal on a 300,000 pound piece of equipment, she gave me some product sheets and crouched down next to me to point out some salient features, I could see a large part of her thighs and by glancing at her tilted body I could see her bra and the compressed top part of her breasts down the top of her blouse, I could smell her perfume and as she leant over further I could smell her hair, very disconcerting when in a working environment and enough to start a stirring in my crotch, she returned to her seat and we discussed some points regarding cost.

At a convenient break point she suggested we go for some lunch, to which I happily agreed. She took us to a quiet country Inn which served surprisingly good fayre, after explaining that I didn't see any real problems with the deal but would just have to push our finance dept, we both relaxed knowing that business was out of the way and enjoyed the surroundings and the food. We exchanged pleasantries whilst waiting for lunch to arrive, which soon turned to more personal talk, I asked her about the move and was slightly surprised to hear that her offer had been refused, she quickly produced pictures of the property she wanted, an idyllic cottage apparently in the middle of nowhere, after some enquiries she explained that another offer had been made which she and her husband were soon going to try to better, I joking said that she'd need to by me more than lunch to get me to rush through the deal.

She stopped eating and stared at me for a moment, before shaking her head and continuing to eat. I asked her if she got much commission for arranging a lease contract even if it was a reasonably big figure ?

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She wouldn't admit to a figure but replied in a slightly disgruntled voice "enough." I let the subject drop for the moment but had decided to see where it would lead once she had a while to forget the implications.

I asked if she was seeing anyone else in the local area before she went home, it turned out that she was spending 3 days based here and would be staying at one of the better Hotels in the city, and had a total of 4 customers, one late that afternoon, one early morning the next day and the final one late the day after that, I laughed and said if she wasn't going to be too busy I could give her a list of places worth visiting, even suggesting a very pleasant night club worth a look in.

She declined saying she had piles of paperwork that would occupy her time. We had a final drink and returned to my workplace, she made a note of my extension number for the future and we said good-bye, as I escorted her from the building to her car she asked if I could get something going regarding the lease, I said I'd try but couldn't promise anything.

As she drove away I sighed, a missed opportunity ? Well maybe. As good as my word I went to talk to a friend in finance and got the ball rolling. At 5.30 the phone rang I'd been working late and was ready to leave, I toyed with walking away but picked it up, it was Liz asking me if I'd had a chance to speak to finance, I explained I had but also pointed out that she must be desperate for the commission, she admitted she was, it was make or break time so I grabbed my chance and said "So am I." there was a pause followed by "For what ?" "Oh, a chance to spend some time showing you the sights." another pause followed I was about to apologise when she said "If the offer of the club is still on I've some free time." If there had been anyone else around they'd have thought I was mad, a huge smile and a TV advert style YES ringing across the office as I put down the phone.

I had arranged to meet her at her hotel and we'd walk the short distance to the club, I wondered if I should persue the "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" and use the lease as leverage, the thought of effectively making her self herself for the commission left a bitter taste in my mouth. We met in the hotel bar, she looked stunning as she walked into the bar, her formal business clothes replaced by a low cut clinging black dress which stopped above her knees and which left her arms uncovered, dark legs, Mature babe gives wild oral sex hardcore blowjob hoped stockings, and high heels completed the picture, but the most impressive change was her hair, gone was the neat easily managed tight hairstyle that I normally saw it was replaced by long straight hair which fell well below her shoulders, and framed her face.

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I don't often feel envy for any man but I knew if I ever met her husband I would hate him for having the whatever he had to win this picture.

We swapped hello's and I kissed her cheek, smelt the heady perfume and knew i wanted her more with each moment we spent together, I thanked her for meeting with me, she just smiled. We walked to the club in virtual silence, the cold air forcing the pace, I opened the door for her and once inside the warmth, atmosphere and loud music must have relaxed her because, with only a single drink of wine we talked about everything but work, we danced and spent a great evening together, she drank more wine throwing the bill at her expenses.

I held her close when the slow dances started feeling the warmth from her body, my hands sank slowly down her back coming to rest on her bum her head against my shoulder, she felt wonderful and I pulled her closer to me, letting her feel her how aroused I was, she looked up, and I stole a kiss which after initial hesitation from her turned into a passionate kiss which when we finally pulled apart left me gasping for air.

She said we should go, and I wondered if I had gone too far, we walked to the hotel without saying a word, our only contact, her arm on mine. The doorman opened the door and I was grateful to the heat that surrounded me, I walked her to the lift and she said goodnight, I was about to turn and leave when the lift door opened, I thought to hell with missed chances and said horny babe enjoys a long stiff shaft really like a night-cap ?" "The bar will be closed by now." there was a pause the lift attendant coughed and said "Madam could order from room service." I saw her face change slightly, set into a more determined line as she said "I really enjoyed tonight but." "Let's go somewhere where we can talk privately." I glanced at the lift attendant, she nodded and we went up to her room in silence.

She opened the door turned round and said "I don't know what you're thinking but I'm married, in fact I think perhaps it might be best if you were to leave." "Can I explain ?" we entered the room, she sat on the bed folded her arms and waited for me to talk, I sighed "Look, before I go let me explain myself, but why not order some wine while I'm doing so ?" she hottie jaye summers gets all her holes stuffed pornstars and fingering amazed but picked up the phone and ordered a chilled bottle of white house wine, we sat waiting for it to arrive, the tension was building as I thought it better to start than to wait any longer, I took a deep breath and was interrupted by a knock at the door.

Liz got up let the waiter in signed a chit and told him to put it on the table, he let himself out as I watched Liz pour us both a glass.

With glass in hand I started "The position as I see it is that my company requires this equipment, but not desperately, we've done without for 2 years so another few months won't make any difference, it would be nice to have it sooner rather than later though. Agreed ?" "Agreed. I'm not to sure where this is leading but go on." "You get a good commission on the lease, enough to give you the cash to secure your dream home. Am I still correct ?

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"Yes, but we both know that already." "So IF I had a mind to, I could push the order through and we'd both be happy with the results." "Yes I suppose so." "Well then, what can you offer me to persuade me to push the order through quickly?" I smiled, the penny had dropped, she looked at me with her mouth open obviously thinking of an answer, "I can't think of anything I have to offer." "I can, and for the right offer I'll have the order processed before you head for home." There was a pause finally broken by her cough "What do you want ?" "That's simple - You." She stared at me started shaking her head and said "I'm not for sale." "I don't want to buy you I just want to help you out, I spend some time with you and you get your commission, nice solution really." she looked at me and I could see the ideas churning over in her mind I tried to be very casual and relaxed, controlling the churning that was in my stomach.

Would she sell herself for the chance to get her dream house ? I knew it would make her little more than a prostitute, but it would mean I could call the shots, and I had quite a few ideas as to what I would demand.

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I'll add the next part soon.