Mom and son gd story

Mom and son gd story
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1) This is a work of FICTION. Never confuse fantasy and reality. As long as it's consensual (and you are all mature enough to give consent thoughtfully) let you imagination fly. 2) This story concerns the forced diapering, rape, incest and humiliation of a nine year old boy named Mouse. See the first note. If this isn't your cup of piss then move on. Prologue Mouse was 9 when his parents died in a car accident. He was sent to live with his abusive and alcoholic Aunt Fox and his bullying Cousin Pig.

In "Back in Diapers" Mouse had an accident in his aunt's car and was forced to clean and diaper himself in a women's public bathroom.

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Chapter Two "Becoming my Cousin's Bitch" Aunt Fox pushed me through the front door and Pig was laying on the couch in a t-shirt and boxers watching TV.

I tried to scurry past him to my room but him saw me before I shut the door to our shared bedroom. I could hear him laughing through the door. "wha. Luscious teen marilyn mansion enjoys good dicking the fuck was that??!!" He barely made out though his laughter.

"That little bitch shit and pissed all over my fucking car!" Pig's laughter doubled. It sounded like he fell off the couch. I looked down at the pink barbie diaper I was wearing. I wanted to take it off and put on some pants.

It was so thick and uncomfortable, but I was terrified that Aunt Fox would punish me more if I took it off. "Oh my god. Oh my god. It was only half a bottle of ExLax." I heard Pig gasp through his laughing. He was hysterical. "I never thought. I never thought.!!" I didn't know what "ExLax" was but Aunt Fox seemed to. "Wait. This was a fucking prank??" Pig's voice changed. "No. uh. I mean." "Well that's just great!" Aunt Fox got madder if that was possible.

"That's it.

You get to babysit that little baby tonight and I'm going to Eddie's Tavern. You know the number." "But Mom! Gator's coming over and we were." Pig was interrupted by the slamming door. My heart sank thinking of a night alone with Pig and Gator.

They were stupid and brutish apart. Together they could be downright evil. "Mousy! You better get your ass out here!" Pig yelled. I hesitated and then opened the door of our bedroom and walked out. At the sight of me he started laughing all over. "Oh my god! They're barbie diapers!" He was hysterical.

I naturally covered the front of the diaper with both hands. Pig caught his breath.

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"Oh shit! damn! Wait until Gator sees this! Go get me a beer and don't you dare put on any pants." Gator did have a good laugh and after some humiliating poses and jokes at my expense Gator settled on the couch and Pig sat in my Aunts chair. Gator rifled through a plastic bag of porn DVDs he had brought over and tossed one at me.

"Put this on, little baby." In less than an hour they were partially through Gang Bang Bitches 7 and had already descargar asi me folla mi hermana cuandllega borracha a six pack between them.

"Yo man. Check this shit out. This bitch takes two cocks in her ass." "Oh shit! Look at sex xxx en story hot sex 18 anvirge slut!" "Shit man. We need to find some pussy." Gator said. They were both openly massaging their crotches. "Yo, get us another beer!" I was forced to sit on the floor at their feet waiting for the barks for beer or chips. I stood up. The diaper was thick between my thighs.

"Um, Pig? I really need to pee." "Bitch, get us the fucking beer and keep your mouth shut." Then to Gator "Damn! look at that shit! Her ass is broke dude." I knew I was going to wet myself if I didn't go to the toilet soon. I got two more beers from the fridge.

Pig already stopped me from going to the bathroom twice. I gave Gator his beer. He had undone his pants and had his hand in his boxers. I turned to give Pig his beer when Gator grabbed my arm. "Hey Pig, ya remember juvie?" Pig turned away from the TV and smiled. His slow smile sent ice water down my spine. "Hell Yeah." was all that he said and Gator spun me around. He pulled his hand out of his pants and reached for the crotch of my diaper. "She even has pretty pink panties." Pig sat down next to Gator and started pulling his pants down.

He took a long drink of his beer and grabbed my arm. "Get down on your knees." with a rough jerk on my arm I fell forward on my knees before I could even protest. "Alright. Now close your eyes and open your mouth." I suddenly realized what was going to happen.

He wanted me to suck his cock like the girls on the video. My heart started racing wildly. I was so scared. The rug was scratchy and Pig's thick cock swung in front of my face. "Close your fucking eyes and open your fucking mouth!" Gator started laughing and I closed my eyes. I felt my bladder open up and the warm piss spread across my crotch. The diaper thickened.

Hot piss spread down between my legs and climbed up my butt cheeks. "Open your mouth and keep your teeth away from my dick! Do it just like the movie!" "Pig." I pleaded. "Don't! Please!" He grabbed me by the back of the head and put the head of his dick on my lips. "Hell yeah." Gator laughed. "open. your. fucking. mouth. NOW!" I opened my mouth and felt his shaft force itself in. It was searing hot.

With his hands on the back of my head he started sawing his cock along the roof of my mouth and my tongue. My coughing and gagging didn't slow him. I felt tears running down my face but I didn't realize I was crying. The groans and crying of the porn star was the only sound.

'Dude. Give me a shot." I heard Gator say. Pig forced my face all the down into his crotch. His dick went down my throat and I started gagging. Suddenly I was pulled off sputtering and coughing only to be handed over to Gator. Gator's dick replaced Pigs. It was thinner but longer and stank like a public toilet. I kept gagging as he tried to push in too far. My diaper was getting even thicker with my piss. Gator started moaning when Pig grabbed my hair roughly and pulled me off Gator with a pop.

"No! Pleas." I pleaded briefly through tears. I think it was Pig that slapped me hard. My cheek stung and hair pulled loose as my head was forced back down on Pig's hot fleshy shaft. "I'll bet this bitch loves it!" I heard Gator say as he stood up. Pig's dick sawed in and out of my mouth.

Gator went behind me and I felt his hand massage my crotch through the thick wet diaper. I tried to push off of Pig and felt my head forced back down. He just started fucking my mouth and I held both my hands out to keep him from pumping too far down my throat. Gator's hand slipped under the waistband of my diaper. "I'll bet this bitch has a hard on" His hand slipped further down the the front of my diaper. My head was bobbing up and down on Pig's thick cock controlled by two handfuls of hair in Pigs fists.

Gator's hand pulled out quickly. "Oh Fuck! This little pussy pissed himself." Pig started laughing and the world went gray as Gator's fist landed hard on the back of my head. Pig's cock hit deeply in my throat and I started gagging and seeing stars. "Fucking nasty!" He hit me again and then wiped his piss wet hand on my sweaty back. "Hold this little bitch still." Gator grabbed my hips and I felt Pigs hands on my shoulder blades pressing me down onto his knees.

"Do it!" Pig yelled. I was shaking from head to toe. I couldn't get Pig's dick out of my mouth. I was just trying to keep it from going completely down my throat. Gator reached around my hips. I could feel his hard-on through my soaked, padded ass. With a loud rip he undid the top two tapes of the diaper. With one small jerk he pulled french mom teaching teen in foursome with papy voyeur outdoor back down.

I heard him spit and suddenly he was pushing his dick between my ass cheeks. My body started bucking without even realizing it, but the hot head of his dick find my hole quickly.

"Stop moving!" Gator yelled.

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In all my squirming, Pig's dick popped out of my mouth. I was blind with fear. Tears were streaming down my cheeks. "wha. what are. STOP. Pleas. UHHHHH!" Pig shoved my head back down.

"Shut the fuck up!" He slapped my face and then jammed his thumbs into my jaw, painfully forcing it open. His dick was once again rubbing back and forth on my tongue silencing my screams into grunts and yelps. "Hold still!" Gator yelled. My hole popped open with the head of his cock and I screamed with Pigs dick in my mouth. I felt like I was being cut open. "Oh yeah, bitch! Take it!" I coughed and gagged as Amateur gives sloppy blowjob to dildo camg shoved his dick in my mouth again.

He slapped me. "Watch your fuckin' teeth!" I tried to focus on Pig and Gator shoved more of his cock in me. I felt like I was being tore open all over again. My scream was muffled by Pig's cock. One more push and Gator buried himself completely in me. I tried to hit out with my fists, push him back out of me. Gator grabbed both wrists and pinned my arms behind me. "Fuck yeah!" I could barely hear Pig. I was crying uncontrollably with Gator's cock buried in my ass.

My dick sat useless in its wet soggy diaper and pissed even more. Pig held my head to keep his cock in my mouth. They both stopped and only I was moving. The full length of both their cocks buried excruciatingly inside me.

My throat convulsed around Pig's cock while my ass painfully did the same for Gator. Pig laid back on the couch, grabbed a handful of hair and started bobbing me up and down on his dick.

I tried to just keep from gagging. Then he started to slowly pull his dick out of my ass. It felt like I was shitting a baseball bat. Just when I thought he was going to pop all the way out, he pressed my wrists down into the small of my back and punched back into me. "Oh GOD!

.UHHH!!!!!!" I barely managed to scream on Pig's back stroke. Pig and Gator soon matched rhythm. One sawing in and out of my ass and the other sawing in and out of my drooling mouth.

The sharp cutting pain gave way to a deep throbbing burn in my ass. Gator eventually let go of one arm and I used it to hold Pig's cock and keep it from going too deep. "Oh fuck.

fuck. Yeah. SHIT. FUCK." Pig's he grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth with force. His moans fit in perfectly with the porn still playing in the background. With a shout he started cumming in my mouth.

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He held me down and the cum poured out my mouth, down my chin and his twitching shaft. "Swallow it bitch!!" Pig yelled. I tried to swallow the next two spurts. "Lick it!" He smacked me of the top of the head and I was soon licking the salty, sticky cum that was left on his shaft and in his pubic hair. Gator had dropped both arms and with his fingers digging painfully into my hips he was pounding his full length in and out of me.

He pulled out by accident and elicited a new scream as he pounded back in. "Fuck that cunt! Do it!' I heard Pig encouraging him. "Oh yeah. oh yeah. oh yeah. fuuuuckkkKKK!! UH! UH!" He pushed in all the way and just held me impaled on his cock. I could feel it jerking inside me. The hot cum was pumping in and making me even fuller. He held himself inside me for so long his pubic hair was itching the top of my ass and I was aware of his hairy balls against my naked ones.

They both let go of me and I went limp, impaled on Gator and crying into Pigs crotch. Pig pushed me roughly out of his lap. My ass slipped off of Gator's softening cock. I yelped as he popped out. "Fuck Yeah!" Gator yelled. My ass was spasming, burning and felt greasy from the cum and sweat. As I struggled to my knees I saw them high five through my tears.

"Aw, dude, your dick's covered in shit!" Pig laughed. "Oh nasty!" Gator said. "Clean up your mess bitch!" He grabbed me be the back of my head and pulled me to his shit covered cock. I didn't even try to resist. I sucked and licked his soft cock clean through my sobs not even realizing what was sliding down my throat. They each pulled up their boxers and pants and sat back down on the couch. I pulled the back of my diaper up still crying.

I just wanted to cover my sore ass. The back stayed up even without the tape. "Shit looks like I need another beer how about you?" Pig asked.

"After that fucking? Hell yeah." "I SAID 'looks like we need sex xxxx storys girl black guy beer'!" Pig shouted and jerked me out of my shocked daze. I shuffled out to the kitchen listening to them laugh. The wet diaper sagged down between my thighs.

On my way out my ass exploded with a wet fart and Gator's cum filled the diaper. They must have heard it because they burst out in hysterics. Another painful spasm and I could tell it wasn't just cum that heavily filled the diaper.