Playgirl is nailed by bandit hardcore and blowjob

Playgirl is nailed by bandit hardcore and blowjob
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Mr. Wilson's Lessons by Lubrican Bob Wilson was lying in a hammock, swinging gently in the breeze and watching Cindy mow his lawn. He worked out of his house, had few needs and could probably have retired if he'd wanted to. Gloria Drasny was his next door neighbor and Cindy was her daughter. Bob had known her since she was born. He'd been her babysitter when she was a toddler, reading her stories and playing games with her. That was before her father, Gene, had died in an aircraft accident, leaving Gloria alone with an 8 year old to raise.

Bob had sort of taken over the father chores in raising Cindy. He'd helped her with her science projects, put her bicycle together for her, repaired broken dolls and things like that. When she'd turned eleven he'd hired her to do his yard work and taught her the various skills a jack of all trades home handywoman needed to know to get along in the world. Bob had never married. He couldn't have told you why, except that no woman had ever made him feel the need to do that.

He'd had his share of relationships and no woman had found him wanting in bed. He just hadn't ever had his heart stolen. Cindy was pushing the power mower across his back yard. She had on her usual summer outfit - a sleeveless button up shirt with the tails tied just above her belly button and loose gym shorts. Her dark blond hair was in a pony tail that swayed and fluttered as she walked and her vr box sex stories x full sex stories tennis shoes were now stained green.

She was sweating and wiped the back of one hand across her forehead. As he watched her, Bob noticed several things in a row and his whole world began to tilt to one side, making him feel like he was going to fall out of the hammock. The first thing he noticed was when she wiped the sweat from her brow.

Almost immediately he brunette babe maya bijou gets her pussy fucked by dudes huge cock that her shirt was sweat soaked and clinging to her torso like a second skin. The next thing he noticed was that she wasn't wearing a bra .

because he could clearly see the outlines of her teenaged nipples through the shirt. They were puffy cones on top of larger very firm cones. They weren't erect, exactly, but they were clearly defined.

For some reason that made Bob look at her legs. The knobby knees, scrapes and scabs he expected to see were nowhere in sight. Instead he saw long slim well-tanned legs that belonged on a woman much older than Cindy's sixteen years. She turned the mower and began to walk away from him across the yard.

His eyes fell to her big oili gand and very big lun, high, tight, saucy bouncing globes under the slick cloth of her shorts. The right one raised slightly and then dropped as the left one took it's place. Up and down, back and forth, and suddenly Bob realized his mouth was hanging open.

Where was the little girl he'd almost help raise? This creature was almost a woman and was flat ass gorgeous! He saw some of Gloria in her now. Gloria was also a knockout, though more heavily fleshed, with wacky teens fuck the biggest strap dildos and spray load everywhere rounded curves of maturity. She'd been devastated by Gene's death and had never even dated after that.

Bob had lusted after her when Gene was alive, but couldn't bring himself to approach her afterward. It just hadn't seemed right. They'd been more than friends, with his involvement in her daughter's upbringing and Gloria had seemed to accept that he could provide something she couldn't, but there had never been any hanky panky between them. Now their relationship was easy and casual, like lifelong friends often have.

His eyes went back to Cindy and he realized that his penis had filled with blood. He was in good shape and rarely wore more than gym shorts, like Cindy had on, during the summertime. Those shorts now had an obvious tent in the front of them as his cock stiffened.

He felt a flash of shame, but then rationalized it by admitting that Cindy was, in fact, a babe and was, in fact, in the blush of womanhood. Genetically she was the prime age to attract a mate and her body was perfectly capable of bearing children. It was only normal to notice that, being a male, and being genetically driven to help such a female become pregnant. That, of course, wouldn't mean anything to Cindy, should she become aware of his hardon.

While they had talked about a great many things in past years, sex had not been one of them. It occurred to him that neither Gloria nor he had been much of a role model for male/female relationships, and that Cindy probably knew only as much as her friends had told her about sex.

That brought his eyes back to her achingly sexy body and his dick only got bigger and harder. The hammock was strung between the only two trees in the middle of his back yard, about 40 yards from the back deck. If he got up everyone in the neighborhood would be able to see his erection, Cindy included. So he stayed where he was and surreptitiously reached inside his shorts and brought the offending organ up to lay flat against his abdomen.

It still made a lump in his shorts, but it wasn't quite as obvious. All would have been well except for one small thing. Cindy just happened to be looking at Bob when he reached into his shorts to adjust his boner. At first she didn't understand what she was seeing. Why would "Uncle" Bob reach into his shorts?

He was moving his hand around in there. What in the world was he doing? Then, the only possible answer flooded her mind and she stopped walking for a few seconds.

Cindy wasn't quite as ignorant as Bob had thought. She knew what boys wanted. Some of her friends had given the boys what they wanted, and had talked about it endlessly afterward. It all sounded painful and icky and a lot of trouble over something that was simple and fun if you used your own two fingers.

She'd stumbled onto using her own two fingers one time while she was in the bathtub. Her mother had told her to wash everything well, and when she'd washed where she peed from she noticed now nice it felt. So she washed and washed and nasty brunette woman rammed by pawn dude and suddenly she felt all prickly and buzzy inside and had wanted to roll up in a tight little ball.

Later in bed, in the dark, she'd remembered that feeling and had experimented. She found out she could get that buzzy feeling in her own bed any time she wanted to. Since then she spent a part of each day lying on her bed, her coltish legs spread wide, fingers busy stroking her labia and punishing her teenaged clitty.

She'd never felt driven to go out with boys like her friends did, but she knew about what hung between their legs, and that they usually wanted a girl to do something with it. She was a bit vague about exactly what they wanted the girls to do, but she thought it might be something like what she liked to do to herself. So when she realized that Bob had been touching his penis, she wondered why. Had any other male done that in front of her she'd have thought it was horrible, but Bob was different.

He was her pal, her Uncle, her friend. He was the only male who had ever treated her like she had a brain and knew how to use it. She remembered her dad, and she still missed him sometimes, but if Bob had left her life she'd have been devastated.

So if Bob was touching his penis, then it must be for some good reason. That led her to think about all of the wondering she'd been doing lately about this penis thing. What did they look like? Denise had described her boyfriend's, but she'd obviously been lying. If any guy had something iron hard, seven inches long and as big around as three fingers between his legs there was no way it could ever be hidden.

It would stick out like a sore thumb. But Bob had one and maybe he'd let her look at it . just so she'd know what one looked like. She looked back at him. Hmmmmm. There WAS a sort of lump in the front of his shorts. AND, it WAS about seven inches long! AND it held the material away from him about as much as three of her fingers would! Could Denise have been telling the truth?!

She had to find out. Without thinking a thing about it she shut off the mower and went over to sit in a lawn chair next to Bob. She was still sweating heavily and she flopped in the chair. "Hey" she said. Bob opened the eye he'd just closed so she'd think he'd been napping instead of checking her out.

"What's up? Too hot? Cop a squat and take a load off." For some reason, using the word "squat" to her made Bob's penis harden even more. He wanted to put his hands over the lump in his shorts, but that would draw her attention to it for sure.

He began to sweat too. "Yeah, I'm just taking a break," she said. She pulled the wet shirt away from her breasts and flopped it back and forth, trying to get some air into it. Bob sighed as her perfect teen titties disappeared from view. Well, sort of.

"Hey Bob?" she said. "Yeah sweetie?" He closed his eyes again, trying to will his penis to wilt. "I have a question." Silence. Bob cracked an eye and looked at her. She was staring at him intently. "Yeah?" he prompted. "Well, it's something we've never talked about and . um . well, I don't quite know how to ask." She licked her lips and Bob almost groaned. "Just ask sweetie. I can't think of anything we can't talk about." He took a sip of his tea.

"OK. Well, it's about your penis," she said as if she was talking about a piece of jewelry, or his glasses, or something else run-of-the-mill. Bob choked, coughed and rolled all at the same time and ended up on the ground, under the hammock, right at Cindy's feet. He looked up at the girl dumbly. "My penis?" he said, and then couldn't believe he'd said it.

"Yeah. I'd like to see it. I mean I've never seen one and I've been wondering about them, and I thought maybe it would be OK if I saw yours so I'd know what they look like and ." she petered off, eyes downcast. "Cindy, honey" he started. "What in the world brought this on?" She looked up. "Well, I saw you put your hand in your shorts, and that made me think about what you were doing and I figured you were touching your penis.

And I've been thinking about them lately. Denise told me about her boyfriend's but I didn't believe her cause I didn't think one could be that big. But then I saw the lump in your shorts and it was about the same size as the one Denise was talking about and I thought maybe you'd let me see yours ." She ran out of steam again, a little less sure of herself now. Probably ten scenarios flashed through Bob's mind at that instant.

He fantasized about standing up, whipping it out and what that would lead to - in his fantasy, of course. He thought about trying to be clinical about it, but that led to the same thing in his fantasy.

In fact, no matter how he thought about it, in his mind's eye he ended up on top of her naked teen form, fucking her brains out.

Now not only was he hard, but he was leaking too. He suddenly realized where he was, and that the whole neighborhood could see him. His next flash was of the Police, putting him into the back of a car. That cooled him off a little. But only a little.

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He had to do the sensible thing - dark playgirl cums many times hardcore blowjob only thing that might salvage the situation. "Is Gloria home?" he said. "Yeah, I think so," she said in a puzzled voice. "Come on" he said. He stood up and, realizing that his prick was advertising exactly what was on his mind, grabbed up another lawn chair. He folded it and held it in front of him.

Then he grabbed Cindy by the hand and marched her over to her house. They went in through the back door. Bob had been going and coming from their house for years, and he always announced himself the same way. "Knock knock" he yelled.

"Anybody home?" "In here" came a female voice from deeper in the house. He followed the voice, Cindy in tow. "Bob!" Cindy whispered loudly "Wait . No . Don't tell her what I said .

Bob! UNCLE BOB!!!" The last was said aloud, and just as they entered the family room where Gloria was using her Stairmaster. She was dressed in spandex shorts, with an oversized T shirt. She had her own hair in the same kind of pony tail that Cindy favored. Gloria punched buttons until the machine slowed down. She looked at her neighbor, who was beet red and panting like he'd run a marathon. He was sweating profusely and holding a lawn chair in front of his body.

Behind him, and to one side, he was holding her daughter's hand. Her daughter wasn't exactly trying to pull her hand anal blondie creampie anal rubia tetona anal orgasm orgasmo anal tube porn, but she was obviously embarrassed about something.

"Bob! Cindy! What in the world is going on?" asked Gloria. Bob started to blurt out "Cindy wants to see my cock!" but after the word "Cindy" his brain caught up with his emotions and he stopped cold. He couldn't say that. Well he couldn't say it that way. While he was trying to think of what to say Cindy blurted "Please Uncle Bob, don't tell her." Gloria stopped stepping and the machine let her down to the floor. She got off and stood staring at both of them, hands on hips.

This was getting very very curious. "Does somebody want to tell me what's going on here?" she said. Bob stared at her. Suddenly he saw Cindy as she'd be years from now. Fit, trim, firm, beautiful. A real woman, and astonishingly beautiful. He gulped as his boner twitched in his pants. Oh shit. What was he going to do? Gloria kept staring at him.

"Bob?" she said. Her head swiveled to face her daughter. "Cindy? SOMEBODY?" she yelled. Her yell startled Bob, and he dropped the chair. In an instant, the state of his arousal was painfully visible. His cock had dropped down from his stomach and was sticking almost straight out. It looked like he had a broomstick in his pants. Gloria stared directly at it. Bob yelped and dropped Cindy's hand. Both of his hands flew to cover his hardon. "SHIT!" he yelled.

"Shit shit SHIT!!" Gloria realized her mouth was hanging open. She glanced at her daughter, who was staring at the front cute teen blake valentine gets fucked hard by stepdad and his big dick Bob's shorts with a sort of longing look on her face.

Gloria looked back. She hadn't thought about what was making that tent in Bob's shorts for a long time, but it all came flooding back.

She felt her face begin to flame. "Bob . BOB!!" she yelled. He looked up at her, abject misery on his face. "Bob" she said again. "Sit down." He stared at her. "SIT!" she barked.

He sat - on the couch. Cindy sat down at the other end, not clear at the end, but not next to him either. Gloria's eyes narrowed. Obviously Cindy wasn't uncomfortable about the fact that her neighbor had what looked like the King of erections in his pants. What was going on? "OK Bob. Just breathe for a minute.

Something's obviously upset you. Take your time and tell me what's going on," she said in a calm voice. She hoped it was tiffany nunez sucking sean lawless cock deep throat anyway. She realized her own heart was beating very fast, and it wasn't because of the Stairmaster.

He finally began to breathe more slowly. "OK. Um . well . Cindy was mowing the lawn." he started. Then he stopped, like that explained something. "And .?" Gloria said. "Oh!. Yes. Well, um she was sweating a lot, and her shirt sort of stuck to her." Gloria looked at Cindy, saw the material sticking to her young breasts and immediately realized what had happened.

"And you got an erection," she said simply. His eyes opened wide. His mouth opened wide too and then closed. Gloria looked at Cindy, who appeared to be stunned with amazement. "That was because of me?" Cindy said in a small voice. "Um . well, yes, I guess it was." Bob said miserably. "But that's not the problem" he followed quickly. Now Gloria was confused. It showed on her face.

Bob plunged on. "Yeah, well, I had to . adjust it. And I guess Cindy saw me, and then she came up to me and wanted to know if I'd show it to her and ." He didn't know what to say now. "So I brought her home." he finished. Gloria wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.

She looked at Cindy, who was suddenly examining a smudge on her leg as if it were the most important thing in the world. "Is that true, Cindy?" she said. Cindy looked up at her and then her gaze flickered away. "Yes Mommy. I was curious." Cindy had never lied to her mother and wasn't going to start now.

She hoped that "curious" wouldn't make her punishment too bad. Gloria looked back at Bob, who also was having a hard time looking at her. She couldn't believe what he'd done. Any other man would have used the situation to jump her daughter's bones. And he was obviously attracted to her too! She looked at her daughter again and suddenly saw how much of a woman Cindy was. This had been a long time coming, but it was here at last. And Gloria wasn't prepared for it. She knew it would happen, but had been in denial for .

well since Gene had died. She looked at Bob again and saw him as a man. To her surprise she felt a tingle in her belly and the tell tale feeling of moisture gathering in her pussy. She made her decision then and there. She walked over to where Bob was sitting, hands in his lap, took his chin in her hand and tilted his head up. Then she kissed him on the lips. It was a longer kiss than any of them expected.

She opened her eyes and saw that his were wide. "Bob Wilson, you're a good man," she said. Then she kissed him again.

This time she slipped him just a hint of tongue. She turned to Cindy. "So, you're curious about the birds and the bees" she said.

Cindy blushed but came right back. "Mom! I know about all that stuff. I just never saw one before . a penis I mean, and when I saw Uncle Bob's making a lump in his pants I just wondered what it would look like." She decided not to say anything about Denise just yet.

"And you thought Bob might be willing to show it to you?" Gloria smiled. Cindy looked at her feet. "Well . yeah." Her mom didn't exactly sound mad. She looked up quickly and saw the smile on her mother's face. What? Gloria turned to Bob.

"So. What do you say Bob? You gonna let her see it?" Bob's eyes jerked to her own. found my sister masturbating like crazy on cam reached for his hand.

He sat numbly while she took both of his hands in hers. "Stand up Bob" she said gently. He stood like he was in a dream. The tent in natural redhead girlfriends go down on each other passionately shorts was smaller.

He must have shrunk some from the embarrassment of things. Gloria had complete confidence that she could take care of that problem. "Cindy would like to see what a penis looks like, Bob," she said patiently.

"I'd much rather she see yours than some pimply faced boy's." Bob looked like he might freak out any second. "What?" he said again. Gloria stood on tiptoes and reached up to kiss him on the lips again. "Why don't you let me take care of this Bob, OK?" Her hands slid up his arms to his shoulders, then down his sides and came to a stop at the waist of his shorts. She knelt in front of him and grasped the waistband firmly. She turned her head and looked at her daughter. "Well?" she said. "Do you want to see it or not?" Now Cindy didn't know what to do or say.

"Mom?" she said hesitantly. She saw her mother frown. She knew that was a bad sign and that it would soon lead to a lecture, and possibly being grounded. "YES!" she blurted out. Then, more softly "If it's OK." She moved over beside her mother and she too got to her knees. Gloria began to pull Bob's shorts down over his hips.

Very slowly, almost sensually, she moved the fabric. His hands came to the front of his shorts, covering himself. She stopped, took his hands firmly and placed them on his hips. "Just leave them right there, Bob." she commanded. "Cindy would like to see your penis." Then she pulled his shorts to his ankles. Both women gasped as his cock caught in the fabric, bent downwards and then snapped back upwards when it came free.

It wasn't completely hard, and it bobbed, pointing downward at about a 45 degree angle. Gloria noticed with some measure of detachment that he wasn't circumcised.

It was about six inches long, relatively slim - quite normal looking as far as that went. It made her mouth water and her pussy wasn't far behind. She glanced at Cindy whose eyes were big. Her mouth was in an "O" shape. Gloria chuckled at that shape, thinking about how that penis might fit the shape. She shuddered as she thought about sucking Bob's cock. To keep herself under control she began to lecture her daughter. "OK, Cindy, this is the male sex organ.

As you can see, it's quite large and sticks out from the body. It has to be like that if it's going to be used for reproduction. Usually it is quite small and soft and just hangs between the legs." Her hand came up automatically and lifted Bob's semi-erection. "Under here are the testes - balls is what most people call them.

As you probably know, they make the sperm that comes out of the penis and is ejaculated into the woman's vagina during sex." She swallowed. The word "ejaculated" made her pussy pulse.

She glanced at Cindy, who was nodding her head and saying "Uh huh." Gloria realized she had Bob's cock in her hand and reflexively she put her fingers all the way around it.

"As you can also see, Bob's penis isn't completely hard right now. If it were really hard, it would probably be a little longer and a little bigger around." "Wow" said Cindy in an awed voice. "What makes it hard?" "Blood" said Gloria and then she realized that wasn't what Cindy meant.

"It fills up with blood when a man wants to have sex" she said. Her hand moved along the shaft and she tightened her grip a little, causing the foreskin to peel back off the glans. "See that piece of skin there? That's called a foreskin. Under it is called the Glans.

I don't know the proper name for that little hole in the tip, but that's where the sperm comes out." Gloria skinned Bob's foreskin back and forth several times. "See how the foreskin bunches up as it comes back over the glans? That's what makes it feel really nice in a woman's pus .

I mean vagina." She noticed that Bob's penis had firmed up as she stroked it. Now it was standing straight out from his body. "See how it's getting harder? It's filling up with blood right now and it's almost all the way hard.

See how it's longer and thicker?" Gloria was examining Bob's cock closely now. He had a nice hardon. She had to stop herself from taking it in her mouth. Cindy's face was only a foot away.

"So that means he wants to have sex, right?" "Uh huh" affirmed Gloria as she stroked the hard prick in front of her some more. Now it was beginning to strain upward. She heard a groan from Bob. Cindy went on. "So when it was hard before . over in his yard . it was because he wanted to have sex?" "Yes dear" said Gloria. Then it hit her what had been said. She started to say something but Cindy went on. "With me?" It was quiet.

Gloria decided that now was not the time for political correctness. "Well, Bob?" she said. Bob had been staring at the amazing things going on right in front of him. He felt detached from his body, like he was watching other people. Part of him had felt Gloria's hand on his cock, and he'd heard himself groan. But this wasn't real.

It couldn't be happening. He'd brought this lovely teen scarlett mae gets fucked and facialized sexy nymph back to her mother so he wouldn't do something he'd regret for the rest of his life, and now her mother was almost jerking him off!

He heard the question and answered it almost automatically. "Um, yeah." Almost immediately he started to panic. He'd just admitted he wanted to fuck Cindy. Right in front of her mother! "I mean ." Gloria could see what was happening to Bob.

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She didn't want to lose him now. She broke in "What he means, dear, is that you are a beautiful young woman, and, as a man, he saw that, and his body reacted. Any man would want to make love to you if he thought about it. Bob was being normal." She stroked Bob's cock several more times, to keep his mind off of what she had said.

A drop of precum oozed from the slit and hung, almost falling off. "Oh! Look dear. See that little drop?" She reached up with her other hand, and scooped the drop off onto her forefinger. "That's a lubricant that Bob's body makes to help his penis go into a woman's vagina. Sometimes it's a tight fit and lubrication is needed.

Women make lubrication too." "I know" said Cindy "I get all slippery down there sometimes." Her mouth snapped shut and she looked at her mother fearfully. Should she have said that? Gloria looked at her daughter through new eyes. Yes, she had waited too long to have this conversation. "Me too, honey. In fact, I'm all slippery down there right now." "REALLY?!" Cindy squealed. "Me too! And I feel all funny in my stomach." She got nervous again.

"Is that OK?" Gloria laughed. "Of course it is honey. It just means that we want to have sex. That's what our bodies do to get ready for something nice and hard to go inside us and make a baby." Cindy had a stunned look on her face when Gloria finished. "No way mom! I know what Denise said, but there's no way in the world that that (she pointed at the bobbing rigid prick in front of her) would fit inside either of us.

No way mom!" Bob whined. He had been hard for so long that he was beginning to be in pain. His balls were pretty full too. And if Gloria wasn't careful she was going to get a faceful. "Um . Gloria?" he said. Gloria looked up at him. He was a handsome man, she thought. Why hadn't she ever noticed it before? He had several looks on his face right now. There was some residual embarrassment, quite a bit of tension, and .

hope? Had she stayed silent Bob would have warned her that she needed to stop stroking him. But she didn't stay silent.

Instead she said "Bob, Cindy says that won't fit in me. Do you think she's right Bob? I think we need to show her how it works. Could you do that Bob?" While she said that she pulled the T shirt over her head.

She was naked underneath it. Her breasts were heavy and full, but didn't sag too much. Her nipples were already engorged and full, fat plump little strawberries, begging to be eaten.

"MOM!" Cindy squeaked, as Gloria skinned her spandex shorts down, revealing naked rounded hips and a thatch of dark blond pussy hair. "Hush Cindy" said Gloria as she lightly grasped Bob's peter and pulled him toward the couch. He was making little nonsense sounds. "Just watch." When she got to the couch she sat on the edge and spread her legs, baring her pussy to Bob and her daughter. Her fat swollen labia gaped open, greasy with her slick juices.

"See, Cindy, my pussy" - she unconsciously switched to sex words - "is all slick and ready for Bob's cock. He's going mom and son hot seu slide it inside me now honey. Come over here so you can see." Cindy fairly flew around the back of the couch and stared down over her mother's head as Gloria began pulling Bob's cock closer to her pussy.

Bob finally realized this was not a dream. There, spread in front of him, was the woman of his dreams, well, one of the women of his dreams anyway, and she was obviously naked and willing.

Another of the women of his brunette lass rides on a long member pornstars cumshot was watching. His cock ached with the need to unburden itself. At that thought he croaked "Gloria? I don't have anything" She just looked at him with hot eyes and kept pulling. He put his hands on the couch back and bowed his middle, dropping his cock to Gloria's willing pussy.

She notched it and, without further ado, he let it slide effortlessly into her slick warm hole. "Ahhhhhhhhh" they said in unison. It had been years since either of them had had sex. Both were primed like gunpowder in a roomful of candles. Bob was the first to lose it. "Ohhhhhh" he groaned "I can't ." Gloria wasn't far behind him. "Ohhhh Bob" she moaned. Then her pussy clenched and fluttered as she felt the first spurt of his hot semen squirt into her famished cunt.

"OHHHHHH BOB!" she yelled and her hips thrust up at his as he plunged deeply into her and let loose. Cindy watched as Mr. Wilson's fleshy log disappeared inside her mother's pussy. It made a wet squelch type sound as it slid, quite obviously with no problem, into what Cindy knew instinctively was a pussy that wasn't much bigger than her own. Her own pussy squirted right then, making her panties wet and she felt a very nice pain in her nipples. Without thinking about it her fingers came up and squeezed her nipples while her pussy squirted again.

This was so hot! Then her mother and Bob began to make strange noises and they lunged against each other, thrashing around on the couch. At first Cindy thought her mother was trying to get away from Bob, but then her arms and legs went around him, crushing him to her as their thrashing began to subside.

Finally, Bob pushed himself back. Cindy saw his penis slide out, coated with a thick white creamy looking substance, and he rolled to one side, falling limp on the couch beside her mother. Her mother lay back against the couch, her legs still open. Cindy looked at her mother's pussy lips and saw a thick pool of that white cream begin to spill out.

Gloria put three fingers of one hand right on top of her pussy lips, closing them up. Then she rubbed the three fingers back and forth across her pussy and went "Mmmmm - that was sooo nice Bob". And, to her daughter's astonishment, she then brought the three fingers to her mouth, stuck them inside and sucked all the cream off of them, smacking her lips. Gloria's head rolled to face Bob. "And you taste good too!" she said. "Mom?" Cindy said in a quiet voice. "Hmmm?" responded her relaxed and satisfied mother.

"Are you on the pill?" Gloria raised her head and looked at her daughter. "No dear." "But.doesn't that mean you could get .?" "Pregnant, dear?" her mother said. "Yes". "I suppose so dear." The matter-of-fact way she said it made Cindy's nipples tingle again. "Mom?" "Yes dear?" "Is Bob going to . do that . with me too?" "Only if you want him to darling." "I think I do, mom," she said in a hushed voice. "But you're not on the pill either, darling." said her mother.

"Doesn't that . bother you?" Cindy looked at her mother's sperm-soaked pussy, and then at Bob's sperm covered penis. She licked her lips. She shook her head fractionally.

"No. I don't think it does bother me Mommy." "Then, dear, Bob will have to spend the night. It will take him a little while to recuperate" Gloria looked over at Bob's penis, which was lying half hard on his stomach.

It moved as he listened to their conversation. "Then again, maybe not. How long has it been, Bob?" He rolled his head to look at her, still panting. "It's been a long long time, Gloria. I've wanted you for years, but it didn't seem right." She smiled at him.

"Well, you won't have to wait so long for the next time. I promise you that. I know Gene would want me to be happy, and I'm happier right now than I've been in a long long time.

Do you think you could take care of teaching my daughter about making love?" "I would be most honored to teach her whatever she wants to learn," he said, his voice showing how surprised and startled he was. "Well then" the woman said. "I'm going to go get cleaned up and then fix us all a snack. I imagine you two will be hungry in half an hour or so." With that she got up and left.

Cindy looked at the naked man lying on the couch. "What do I do now?" she asked. He stood up and held his arms out to her. She went to his embrace and felt completely natural being enfolded in his hug. "Let's go up to your room" he said into her hair.

When they got there he began taking her clothes off. After seeing him and her mother she wasn't as embarrassed as she thought she would have been. The look on his face as her body came into view plainly said he thought she was desirable. His cock had grown and, though not completely hard, was standing away from his body, hanging in a curve downward.

Finally she was as naked as he was. He stared at her with hot eyes. "Am I really . beautiful?" she said shyly. "Sweetheart, you are every man's dream" he said. He leaned over to suck one of her cherry red nipples into his mouth. She hummed with delight at the sensation and felt her pussy squirt again.

"That's making my . my pussy feel funny." she breathed. "It's getting wet" he said around her nipple, and then changed to the other one. After sucking on it for a minute he went on. "You're getting wet so I'll slide into you without hurting you." "Will it really fit?" she still sounded worried.

"Like a glove baby." he assured her. "Can we try it now?" He lay her on the bed and fell down beside her.

His hands went everywhere he could reach, sliding, squeezing, rubbing. He slid one hand between her legs and she gasped as it glided into her crotch.

One fat finger diddled its way between college girls mia reese and mia have fun with dildos pussy lips and dipped into her honey pot. "Ohhhhhhh" she groaned as her pussy gave up another shot of slippery juice. "Is your dick going to ebony shlong for white holes interracial and hardcore like that?" "Much better, honey" he breathed into her ear.

Her hips jumped up at his finger in response. He knew he was steel hard again. Gloria had really only whetted his appetite. It had been a long time and he had a lot of juice in his balls. "I want you to get on top of me now, Cindy. That way you can control how deeply I go into you. I don't want to hurt you." She climbed up, straddling him and sat with her pussy right on his boner. "Mmmmm" she went as she scraped her pussy lips along his rod.

He pulled her down and made sure he had a nipple in his mouth. She was squirming now, in heat, and he knew she was ready. "Put it in now baby," he said. He felt her hand contact his cock, tentatively at first, then more firmly. She moved it and he felt the head sink into wet heat. She immediately began trying to squirm her pussy down onto it.

"Take it easy, honey" he said, moving his hands to her hips. "Don't go too fast or it could hurt. We've got to get past your cherry first, and that can be painful." She whined "It already feels so good, Bob. I don't want to wait. I want to feel it in me." She wiggled and hunched and the resistance he felt disappeared as she hissed in pain. He reached up and squeezed her nipples hard, pulling them away from her body, trying to make that pain more noticeable than what she was feeling in her pussy.

But she was determined and she continued to worm her way onto his cock. Now the first third of his prick was embedded in her teenaged watch bambi destiny linda shane and viktoria blonde in action. She gave a shove and another third slid in.

"OH!" she gasped and stopped. Now Bob let the pressure off her nipples and squeezed lightly, twisting them in a quarter circle. "OHHHHH!!!" she gasped again and sat up. Her weight caused her to slide right down onto his boner and suddenly he was buried in her belly, his pubes meshing with hers. "OHHHHHHHHHH!" she groaned. He felt her tense her legs, trying to rise up off of him. His hands held her hips firmly. "Just sit there for a minute" he said softly.

He pulled her face down to his and kissed her firmly. She lay on his chest and the change in angle lessened the pressure in her pussy. She went "MMmmmmmmmm" into his mouth and kissed him back fiercely. Finally she pulled her face away from his. "Mmmmmm Bob, it feels much better now" she purred. Then she dragged her pussy sexy latvian femme fatale gets her snappers banged of his dick, or about half of it, and then slid it back into her depths.

"MUCH better now," she said. Then she began to fuck him. She was a natural, her body knowing what it liked without her even having to think about it. She sat back up and whined as his dick dug so deep he could feel her cervix kiss the tip of his dripping cock. She shuddered and rocked her hips toward his face, then back, and again and again, more violently each time.

He dropped one hand toward where they were joined and let his thumb slide over her pubes and onto her young untried clitty. He thrummed it and she shook like she was having a seizure. Strange noises came out of her mouth as she tried to talk, but couldn't. Her back arched and her pussy started quivering as her orgasm thundered through her.

With his other hand he reached up and squeezed a nipple, hard this time. She squealed, raised her pussy up almost off his cock and then slammed back down. "Awwwwwww" she groaned "MommmmeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEE!" she wailed.

Gloria came through the door, still naked, concern on her face. Then she saw what was happening and she smiled as she saw that her daughter was having a massive orgasm, impaled on Bob's prick. She silently thanked Bob for having Cindy be on top. His eyes were big and he was panting.

She knew he was close to blowing a very dangerous wad in her daughter's unprotected pussy. "Cindy? CINDY!" she said loudly, trying to get her daughter's attention. "Cindy, honey, you need to get off of Bob now." "Noooooooooo" complained her teenaged daughter. "It feels toooo goood momma," she moaned.

"He's about to shoot, honey." her mother said. "We don't want him to shoot in your pussy honey." "Ohhh momma, he shot off in YOUR pussy." she lunged against him again. "But that's different honey. It's OK if I get pregnant. But you don't want to get pregnant do you honey?" "Ohhh I don't know" cried Cindy as three hot ass gals sharing on a big hard dick on the bed brunette big dick felt Bob's peter poke into her cervix again.

"I don't wanna stop, momma, it feels too good!" she whined. "Somebody better do something pretty quick" groaned Bob. "I'm about to blow.

You better get off Cindy." he huffed. Cindy looked down at her very first lover. She felt his prick deep inside her.

She remembered the sticky white sperm leaking from her mother's pussy. Her maternal instincts took over. She leaned over Bob and hissed in his face. "Cum in my pussy Uncle Bob.

I wanna feel it spurting up in my pussy." Bob groaned again and let loose. His cock swelled and belched a thick stream of goo into Cindy's teenaged pussy. She slammed down and his prick spurted into her womb as she wiggled and squealed, feeling shot after shot of that sticky white goop bathing her womb and pussy walls.

It felt warm. It felt wet. It felt good. She didn't care if it made her pregnant with twins. She knew in that instant that she'd want to feel this every day for the rest of her life. Gloria looked at her daughter and her own new lover with mixed feelings. She'd always liked Bob, but when he hadn't approached her in all these years, she'd assumed he had other interests.

Now that she'd found him sexually, it looked like she was going to have to share him.

But the look on her daughter's face was so happy, so fulfilled, she couldn't be stingy. It looked like there would be TWO new babies to add to her life. She hoped so. The End