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Black teen does something for her money tube porn
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There's a Motel we know of, my group of friends, kind of secluded, off the main roads; very quiet and somewhere a guy or a girl could appear and disappear with the least of fuss. That's why we chose it. Here's how it works. Our group is an Internet-made friendship, like minded souls who chat about all the shit under the sun, turn each other on with free minded filth and then, what we all wait for: one of us to pluck up the front to take a chance on sending a private invite for a blind meet at the motel.

Sometimes a night together with a virtual stranger, sometimes a more fleeting arrangement - the group's favourite challenge and how we usually work for first timers - an hour in the room. Two people who've never met japanese teeny shows hairy pussy while blowing cock, one books the room, gets the key, gets ready.

Then at the agreed time, the other one arrives through an unlocked door and the clock starts on an hour of passionate anything goes. One rule only: no talking! Adele90 was her group name. New to the group and very honest in admitting she was a Motel first timer. I'd not noticed her before on the chats, she'd been quiet, scanning who was who, maybe who seemed a gentler introduction to the ritual, someone who would give her an easy and safe time.

That's how I like to come across, and even if it's bullshit, it's bullshit that gets me lots of beautiful first time action. Adele's private message was simple enough, almost like she was booking theatre tickets: "Hi Shana, I'd like to meet you at the Motel, this friday for the hour @ 8pm if that's cool with you? I'm so excited about my first time. You look hot xxx" She was referring to the photos I'd put up for the group to see; just tame posing in some of my favourite outfits; some done solo in the privacy of my apartment, some with help of special friends with a flair with a camera (it was a hard job finding some tasteful images from those crazy sessions).

I looked for some photos of her, just to get a taste for what I could expect, but she had been very reserved, just a few partial shots on her cell phone in her bedroom mirror, but enough to see a desirable figure with a shapely ass, a trim waist and firm large breasts with long brown hair resting over them. No eyes to read a story into, but enough for me to find no reason not to make that trip out to the Sunrise Motel.

I messaged her back and sealed the beautiful blonde german peeping tom on our asses. Friday came round in no time and I found myself soon enough pulling the car up to cabin 7, the old faithful room where so many of us had fantastic memories.

I hoped for more of the same, and with that in mind I'd gone for a tried and tested favourite outfit. It was summer and the heat of the day still lingered, so I'd be making my entrance in a short flimsy floral dress, light material and crimson with beige, mid-thigh length and desperate to flutter to the floor if the shoulder straps were to be brushed slightly down my arms. Underneath I wore a delicate scarlet negligee, barely of a length with the matching thong and split up the sides above the suspender belt.

I had gone for cool naked tan stockings with a delicate ivory lace top and black stiletto heals which I hoped Adele would hear clicking up the path to the cabin door and be assured that trouble was heading her way. Those few steps to the door dispelled any nerves, as the caressing sway of my dress against the bare tops of my thighs and the bra-less freedom of my bobbing breasts got my blood soaring faster through my veins - like electric.

I was back in the mindset and in the mood. The door almost pushed itself away from my hand as I moved to enter, and as I'd rehearsed in my mind, I stretched a hand up the doorframe, other hand on my hip, legs apart, and stood hoping for a strikingly sexy silhouette effect against the last golden rays of she wants you to cum in her cunt day.

I soaked up the tension in the room as my eyes adjusted to the darker interior, and felt the breathless anxiety from her before I could see her. The moment I made out her shape, lying on her side swedish slavegirl vicky valkyries suspension bondage and hung spanking of redhea the bed, sheets opened in welcome, I gathered my poise to this next bit to best effect.

I stood hands by side and slowly moved towards the bed with a deliberate and exaggerated sway of the hips. Half way I crossed my arms over my breasts and with a smooth and graceful stroke, moved them back to my side having seemingly moved the straps of my dress off my shoulders in the breeze of the motion. By the time I'd reached the bed the dress had slipped down past my ankles and the motion to raise my knee to kneel on the side of the bed was timed to perfection to step out of it.

I planted my hands on the cool white sheets and leant forward purposefully to plant my freshly moistened lips softly and wetly against her open eager mouth. She raised her hand hesitantly, unsure if she should hold my head and pull me deeper into the kiss. I took control by reaching for it, entwining fingers and pushing it down to the bed whilst swinging over her to sit on her stomach.

I sat up, hovering above her, watching her eager mouth being moistened by a longing tongue. She was early twenties, full-bodied with great curves. Her long brown curly hair spread in all directions on the sheets. She wore black leather boots which came up to just below the knee, and nothing more than a matching set of black bra and panties with white lace trim, substantial material to match her solid frame and to try and contain those immense breasts in particular; pushed together firmly to create a deep cleavage.

I began sweeping my straight dark hair across her face, the sensation fizzled on her skin and she gave small shallow moans of pleasure.

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I swayed over her which caused the movement to continue to my hips and then I was moving myself down to stroke myself softly against her, my red satin panties against her black. To my delight, through the material against the sensitive areas around my asshole and through to my bulging balls, I began to feel her hardening erection. Her eyes rolled beneath barely open lids and her breathing became deep, all her body writhing into moans and her lips becoming dry.

I sensed she was losing control and that just wouldn't do. I have plans for you, Adele, so you just stay with me longer. I sat upright, my buttcheeks tight around her erection, holding still, keeping her right where I wanted her, but feeling the heat from her through my hot three some with legal age teenager smalltits and hardcore against my ass.

Crossing my arms I pulled gently against the flimsy straps of my flame red negligee, drawing them slowly over my shoulders. I pulled my arms through the hoops and held the satin material gently against my chest. Her eyes spoke of her yearning to see what was beneath, so I slipped my hands down over my breasts to my stomach letting the material flutter away resting beneath the shadow of my exposed breasts, the cool air stimulating my newly bare skin. She gasped and moved softly shaking hands to the tops of my thighs.

I followed the slope of my breasts down from my throat, barely touching them. As I watched her wide eyes following my hands, I brought them round beneath the curve and cupped them, bringing my thumbs round to move over stiff small nipples. Her drenched tongue ran moisture over thickly glossed cherry lips as she followed the rhythmic upward lifting of my pert breasts.

I folded my arms beneath them, pushing them together to present her with a modest cleavage. I felt her fingers fumbling keenly beneath the hem of the negligee on the lace tops of my stockings and the satin suspender straps.

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I moved my hands down over my stomach whit man is fucking sumaya siil macaan rested on the backs of her hands, then holding her wrists, I moved her hands gently but firmly around the curve of my ass cheeks whilst I fixed my eyes on hers. I brought her hands over the lace of my suspender belt and under my negligee over my tight stomach, to emerge with a trembling anticipation underneath the bulge of my breasts.

Her hands slid beneath them, thumbs outstretched so the webbing of thumb and forefinger drove against the curve. She moaned as she felt the gentle weight of them against her touch and soon all nervousness was lost as her fingers wandered, following the roundness of the cup, the bumps around the nipple and the stiff bullet at the centre, the upward slope of the chest, the goose pimples everywhere.

All the while, my gaze was being lured to her fabulously large breasts, barely contained within her bra. My hands followed, and soon I was instinctively pulling the substantial straps of her bra away over her shoulders. I ran my fingers along the white lace trim of the cup and slowly peeled the material away. Once released, her pale fleshy mounds parted and trembled, spread wide into two great pools.

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It was all I could do to hold back from plunging teeth around those delicate pink nipples. Minutes escaped our notice as we ran gentle soothing fingers over each other's breasts, mine modest and pert, hers huge and pliant. I leant further forward over her and pursed my lips to let a warm dribble of saliva pass from my mouth to flow softly over one of her nipples. Her wicked smile said she liked this. I drenched the other nipple and then began massaging the moisture into her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers.

The different sensation made her back arch with pleasure. Then I gathered a store of saliva in my mouth again and let the warm clear juice escape in a stream from my lips down the gentle slopes of my own breasts.

Her eager fingers rubbed the liquid into my nipples as I kept supplying my breasts with more and more, seeping down my chest and following the gentle curve over my cups to her eager fingers. I felt the push of my own erection bubblebutt ho jizzy mouth pornstars and big butt my panties, tightening and pulling the material.

I let loose another stream of saliva but this time in the expanse between her huge breasts, then loosed my bulging penis as I peeled my panties to one side, then eased forward so that it pushed under her bra strap, resting on the moisture I'd dribbled there. Then I pushed those beautiful pale pliant breasts together, flesh oozing over my fingers, then slowly I began to move backwards and forwards through the slick passage. Her hands moved behind my ass cheeks to encourage my thrust through.

The warmth and the wetness, her tongue aching for the tip of my penis but just out of reach, the bounce of my breasts as I thrust ever more vigorously all drove the familiar sensation of building up to climax. I'm not ready yet, I thought, not just yet. I pulled out and threw myself open mouthed at her bulging lips, tongues soon exploring each other, saliva escaping past lips and over mouths.

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My hands found hers again and I forced them hard to the bed with no resistance. Our breasts kissed gently and I felt my nipples nudge into her flesh. I rubbed myself deeper against them, finding her nipples against me.

By now a mixture of my saliva, the warmth of the evening and the heat between us made for breasts that slid easily over and between each other, and so mouths, tongues and breasts all embraced in a wet frenzy. Her penis flexed against me and now I felt it was time to see exactly what was hiding in those silky panties. I leant fully on to her and then slid to being beside her, still lapping at her tongue and her thick lips.

A landed a hand on the inside of her young couple and busty bff nasty threesome session where her boots ended and worked it up the smoothness of her legs until I reached her panties. My hand crept over the material and rested on top of her full erection. I realised then her cock was magnificent, long and thick, and straining to be contained within her large panties. I rhythmically stroked up and down the length of it, squeezed the girth of it and rubbed softly over her balls, all the while her legs contorted and writhed in pleasure.

I couldn't go easy on her any longer, she could come at any moment I sensed, and here was little I could do to stop that now. So I pulled carefully at the sides of her panties, nudging them down from her hips to her thighs and little by little exposing her fully grown penis.

Once open down to the base of the shaft, I moved to touch it flesh on flesh and then she stiffened her entire body like electricity has run through her.

It took a number of gentle pulls back on the foreskin before she melted into it and relaxed. It felt powerful in my hand, my fingers drawing ever tighter in the grip. I had seldom had the pleasure of getting my hands on something this large and my thoughts now turned to how much of it would fit in my mouth.

I was already imagining the texture and the taste of it as I bent towards it, brushing my hair behind my ear as I moved, and wetted my lips ready to take the end into my mouth. I lay one ear to her stomach, mouth an inch away from the tip of her cock, teasing the wetness of my tongue gently over the the head and round the rim of it.

She was rigid still again, toes curling within her boots, hands now moving softly through my hair easing me down on her. I opened my wet lips wide and moved with her push down over the head, opening wider and wider to bring more of it in, my breath hot on it and swelling it harder. Feeling the end nearing my throat, I gently closed my lips around it and paused there a moment while her deep long moan subsided and she began breathing with acceptance and control. Then I set to work massaging my tongue over the head and down the shaft, with a firm grip on the base keeping it still and keeping me in control.

Now I tested myself on the depth I could take in my mouth, but just as I felt I could take no more, I realised my lips had not yet reached my gripping fingers at the base.

This was truly a big treat. I took as much as I could, time after time, stroking her balls at the same time, rhythmically, with a mixture of gentle and firmness, then I felt her hand move down my back, clutching at the top of my panties and insistently pulling on them.

I knew what she wanted, and eagerly complied. Seconds later I was above her, working my way up and down her cock again, yet now my panties had been cast somewhere on the floor and my raging erection was now held in her hands and being urged downwards towards her eager expectant mouth. Wonderfully warm and wet, her mouth took much more of my penis than I could of hers, her hands pulling me deeper and deeper. Then they moved from my shaft up over my ass cheeks and once there, pulled my pelvis down towards her firmly.

I felt neatly my trimmed pubic hair brush against her chin and my balls touch her nose; she had taken all of me so deep into her mouth, hands still wanting me to come further down. The thrill shot through me and it took a moment to regain composure to stay in control. I kitnep 13eyar school girl fuck story meant to be in charge here, and I was determined that not to come first.

I slipped two fingers along the shaft of her cock and into my mouth drenching them with juice, then with my other hand pushed her panties down beyond her knees. Seconds later I was hearing grunts of pleasure as saliva moistened her asshole in gentle circular motions, growing louder and deeper as my finger slowly slid in to her. She was beautifully shaved there, and as my finger pulled out and plunged in, it looked like virgin pink and felt both tight and wonderfully easy. As I began to get a rhythm of fingering her moist pussy and sucking down on her aching cock, I felt her nails desperately begin to dig in to my ass and her sucking on my cock become insanely strong.

She was in trouble, I knew, and I was fully in control again. A second finger slid in to her pussy, with resistance at first but then easing in, and soon, delightfully easy to pump firmly. My tongue now pressed against the tip with every upstroke and I began to quicken the rhythm. She was now grunting quicker, hanging on merely, pelvis thrusting into my mouth, ass hole tightening around my fingers.

The grunting suddenly gave way to panting; I felt her breasts jiggle wildly against my stomach, nails clenched into my ass, cock pumping into my face, my mouth now simply open for her to use, my fingers stiff, allowing her to push her pussy into them as she wanted, and then with a throaty roar of release around my cock, a torrent of hot tangy juice shot into my mouth.

I moaned with delight as she shot again and my lips sealed tight around her to keep it all in. Again, a moan and a shot. Another shot as her body drained of tension.

I pushed down on her cock and sucked deeply sending her into a moment of grinding spasm. Another shot escaped and now I felt my mouth seemingly overloaded with her zesty cum. I took it down my throat in a couple of swallows, then gasped for air before gently tonguing her tip and squeezing the shaft for more of her thick juice. She struggled for air herself and I gently manoeuvred my cock from her mouth to relieve her deep throating beauty slit banged from behind a moment.

Then I was sat back, positioned carefully over her face, delighting in first the sensation of her freshly moistened tongue toying with the rim of my asshole, then in her hand reaching up and grasping the shaft of my cock, still drenched from her mouth, and beginning to slide the foreskin slowly to me and away.

As she built a strong rhythm of strokes on my cock and the push of her tongue deep inside me, I grabbed my breasts firmly and began to squeeze in time with her.

Waves of pressure built up higher and higher as she stroked and tongued ever harder.

I felt my balls heavier and heavier, tightening, the blood surging around my body clouding sound and vision, and then with a joy of release I saw jets of my hot cum shoot away in arcs before coming to rest in long streams over her trembling breasts.

I panted and yelped with each shot, shaking with the verve of the release, breathing from the depths of my stomach. As both our breathing became shallower and a calm returned, I leant forward and heard her whimper at the feel of my hands moving cool cum over her breasts in a massage - kneading it into her warm pale flesh.

I noticed fresh juice escaping down the side of her penis shaft, and a pulling squeeze of it produced even more. I passed it to my tongue from my thumb, and then passed it to her tongue in a soft warm gentle kiss. We lay side by side for many minutes, just savouring the taste of our bodies and their juice on each other's lips and tongues. By the time I had pulled my panties up and stood again, I could see she was now soundly asleep on her back. Her bra cups were still folded down under her breasts, her panties still rolled down between her boots, and her cock lay upwards towards her stomach; spent but still impressive.

I saw her phone on the bedside table and couldn't resist the temptation to find the camera and take a quick photo of her sprawled on the bed, tousled and spent. I hoped that she might find it and decide to post it privately to me in the chat room, but that would be her choice.

At the doorway I stopped to straighten my dress straps and run repairing hands through teen sex group snxx sex hair. I couldn't resist one more look back at Adele.

I smiled warmly, closed the door and made for the car.