Kerala sex pine tihgt facking

Kerala sex pine tihgt facking
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In this story Julia is 30 and has been married for eight years. She lives with her well-to-do but dull and jealous husband Henry, who is 10 years older in a villa in Innbury, a village near the university town of Barencester. It is Friday night and the two have been for a drink to the local pub, the Stick Inn.

Julia jokes and flirts with some young soldiers but the jealous Henry drags her out, intending to take her home.The two quarrel and Henry slaps her. Julia refuses to go with him. As Henry tough hammering of taut gap pornstar hardcore off Julia moved to the corner of the dark narrow lane which ran alongside the Stick Inn.

Already, she knew, the dark doorways and alcoves along its length were being occupied by hot couples who would soon be petting passionately, or actually copulating in the shadows.

Julia often went into the lane with men or young boys she had picked up in or around the Inn. Kissing and jerking or sucking them off in semi-public in one of the doorways always excited her abnormally. At the corner of the lane on the Stick Inn wall was a lamp and under this Julia wiped her eyes and began to repair her makeup, meaning to go back into the Inn and rejoin the soldiers. As she did so a middle-aged man in a raincoat passed her and was on the point of turning into the lane, presumably to spy on the couples there.

Suddenly he paused running his eyes hungrily over her. She looked up at him. He was clearly a flasher but quite good-looking. "Want some cock, darling?" he said hoarsely and opened his raincoat. Julia smiled gently and appraised his half-erect penis.

She couldn't resist the excitement of arousing him. "Uhh." she breathed, mouth parting slackly as if with desire and slowly she squirmed voluptuously drawing one leg up and across the other so that he could hear the soft rasp of her stockings.

"Uhhh. niccce!" He flushed and flexed his cock at her. "Want to wank it, eh?" he panted. "Mmmm." she murmured, "Do it for me first." He removed one hand from his pocket and seizing his organ began to masturbate himself slowly to full erection sliding his foreskin back from his swollen slimy knob.

Julia, now genuinely aroused, lifted her leg higher and squirmed against the wall. "Uhh. dirty beast!" she gasped as if in the throes of impending ecstasy. He watched her eagerly, eyes hot with lust. "Like it, eh? Lovely little bitch you are. come into the lane and I'll give you my spunk!" She moaned as if tempted. "No, I can't.

really I can't," she whimpered sadly. "I'm waiting on my husband." She nodded at the door of the Inn and he froze, his erection wilting visibly. "Another time," she whispered. He let his coat fall together. "Sexy little cock-teaser," he muttered, but without any real rancour, and turned into the alley.

Julia knew he would now stand in the shadows masturbating himself as he watched the dim figures of some couple writhing in a doorway, but when he finally squirted his grey-white sperm into the dark it would be her he would see, the lamplight on the smooth slither of her legs and the undulation of her hips against the wall.

She shivered with vicarious pleasure then turned to go back into the Inn. But before she could go up the steps the doors swung open and the soldiers trooped out. Joe saw her first. "Hey, Julia! We thought you had gone home." They came down the steps and surrounded her. "Oh, he hit me and drove off and left me." she said. "The bastard!" someone said vehemently. Joe put his arm round her shoulder consolingly. "Shall we go and get him?" "Oh no," she said with a little smile, "now I can do anything I like,," she looked up into his eyes and then round at the boys gathered round her, ".

with anyone I want." She felt a hand feel over her smooth buttocks and turned round and smiled all natural chicks getting very excited smalltits and brunette at the young dark-haired soldier behind her. He was the boy who had been feeling her legs in the bar; he flushed as she moved close to him and slipped one arm round his neck.

The others murmured approval. "I like you. I think you're sexy." she whispered, her voice silky and husky with arousal. Her hand slipped down into his crotch and she palmed the bulge in his trousers briefly. "Come into the lane and let me play with that." There were excited murmurs and exclamations from the other boys.

"Mine too, Julia!" . "She's going to wank us in the lane!" . "Yeah, jerk us all off, baby!" The boy seized her and tried to kiss her. She flickered her tongue briefly against his mouth then with a soft laugh she twisted round and with her arm still round nina and vanessa ass finger fucks each other out she guided him into the lane. All eight boys followed them eagerly into the narrow alley. Just ahead of them a couple emerged from a deep doorway.

The girl had a handkerchief in her hand and she stopped briefly to wipe her skirt. Finally, as the scuffle of her high heels faded, Julia turned into the doorway.

It was dark and deep.

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She recognised the sweet musky smell of spunk and it excited her. Suddenly her high heel skidded on something slippery and she shivered realising it was a condom full of someone's sperm. The boy clutched her to stop her falling and she pushed him against the wall rubbing her body eagerly, lasciviously against him. Her hand groped for his zipper. "Give me your cock," she panted. "I want to wank you." "Jeez, you're a hot bitch!" he breathed, pulling her parted mouth against his.

This time she abandoned it to him, tongue twisting hotly round his while she tugged his trousers open and groped blindly for his erection.

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She moaned against his mouth as she found it and, curling her slender fingers round the hot stiff meat, pulled it out trembling with lust. He gasped as she stripped back his foreskin and began to masturbate him feverishly, rubbing the underside of his swollen glans.against the smooth material of her skirt. "Uhhh. big stiff dick!" she moaned deliriously.

"Give it to me. squirt your come on me.!" Four or five boys were clustered round her now, their eager hands fondling and groping over her body while the others stood at the entrance to the doorway waiting for a chance to feel her as well. Julia was in paradise. Boys hot with lust were all round her, some of them openly stroking their erections as they watched her lewd abandon. There were hands on her everywhere, fondling her tight little tits through her blouse, groping over her firm buttocks as they clenched and squirmed under her rayon skirt.

Two boys were on the ground now feeling over her sleek legs. She shivered as one began licking her frail stocking in a fever of excitement. She wanted to spread her legs to allow them to grope up her skirt under her wet knickers but the other boy was now hugging her leg tightly and holding it in his crotch. Suddenly she felt something hot and slimy touch her and then begin to slide up and down her stocking. "Ohh Goddd!" she moaned, thrilled as always by a perversity she often practised with young boys excited by her legs.

The boy she was rubbing herself against suddenly clutched her panting. "Oh shittt.!" he gasped. "I. I'm. going to. to cummm.!" She pulled back, pumping her little fist wildly back and forth on his twitching meat.

"Let me see!" she sobbed, writhing in excitement. He stiffened and began to ejaculate in thick spurts on to her skirt. She squealed as the spunk spattered on her and slid down the blue material in a viscid white river. Squinting down at it, she tugged one leg free and, hooking the knee up to rub across her thigh, she clenched herself off in a shuddering mewling climax.

She was still coming when another boy twisted her body round and fastened his mouth on hers. She leaned limply against him letting him kiss her and squeeze her pert little tits under her half-open blouse. The hot cock of the boy clutching her leg began rubbing up and down on her stocking again and with a moan she caught it between her calves and began to squeeze it. She heard him gasp and felt his penis swell and twitch violently. Suddenly his warm sperm began to pulse and squirt over her stockings.

Julia gave a muffled whimper against the mouth of the boy kissing her and searched feverishly for his cock. He guided her hand on to it and then abandoned it to her skilful trembllng fingers.

The feel of his stiff hot meat throbbing and jerking in her hand brought on another bout of spunk fever. "Mmmm." she murmured against his mouth as she slid her fingers to the root of his cock exposing his raw glans and rubbing herself against it lewdly.

"Going to dirty me too, uhh?" she panted huskily. He clutched her buttocks pulling her tighter against him. "Oh god, keep doing that and I'll come on you!" Moaning encouragement, three lesbians must have sex ifo webcam licked the palm of her free hand and screwed it round his slippery branquinha gostosa dando o cuzinho pro namorado gordo, clenching her spasming cunt.

"Do it then!.Uhhh. Squirt for me!" Suddenly he stiffened and Julia looked down eagerly at his cock. "Ohhh fuck!" he groaned as the thick white slime spurted up her bare arm and spilled on to her blouse. "Oooorggghh." Julia gurgled as she milked the cock eagerly, sobbing in ecstasy as it continued to squirt on her.

The boys watched, murmuring in excitement. A tall boy beside her slipped his arm round her waist. She turned to look at him beautiful julianna vega riding hard cock bootylicious twerking realised it was Joe.

She twisted round and slipped her arm up round his neck. "Ohhh Joe. I'm SO hot!!" she whispered. "Take me somewhere. I want to fuck. and suck. all of you! I want you all to come all over me." He leaned down and licked her ear making her squirm. "You're one hot cock-crazy, spunk-hungry little slut, aren't you?" He felt her shiver in his arms.

"Ohhh yesss, Joe!" she breathed. "Talk dirty to me.!" There were discontented mumblings in the meantime. "Come on, Joe. You've had yours! Let her get us off now!" Joe released her. "She wants to fuck now all of you." There was a spontaneous cheer.

Suggestions came thick and fast. "Let's take her to the woods." "Why don't we fuck her in the truck?" Joe quietened them down. "Listen. The corporal's away on leave, and I've got the key to his room. If we smuggle her into the camp we can shag her all night there if she wants.

What do you think, Julia?" "Ohh yesss." she moaned. "I just want cock. lots and lots of stiff hot cock fucking me and spunking on me all night long!" There were more enthusiastic cheers.

"But I want to do it where everyone can watch me and I want to do it with Joe first." There were no objections to that and Joe took charge.

"Okay that's settled. Now let's clean her up a bit and get her in the truck. We'll cover her with the tarpaulin when we get to the guardhouse." Joe kept his arm round her protectively as they went to the truck.

Just before they got there one of the boys ran forward and pulled down the back flap. Then, with the agility of a cat he sprang up, and crouched belle noire yoga pant super to assist Julia when she arrived. She looked at him in admiration.

He must have been 18, but he looked much younger, making him all the more attractive to her. There were plenty of willing hands to help her, and give her a surreptitious feel at the same time. The boy in the truck seized her wrists and pulled her up and she scrambled in without any trouble. As the other lads climbed in, she sat down beside her helper. "That was very sweet of you," she whispered, half turning to lean aginst him and rub her breast on his arm. "What's your name?" He flushed.

"Tommy," he stammered. "I think you're nice, Tommy," she breathed, lifting her parted lips up to him. "Can I give you a kiss?" She felt him trembling violently as he slipped his arm round her shoulders and gently drew her closer. "You're so beautiful!" he whispered hoarsely as he brought his mouth in contact with hers. "Mmmm." Julia murmured in pleasure, pushing her eager tongue between his teeth and pulling his head down till their mouths mashed together.

Encouraged now, he reached blindly for her leg and she gave a muffled murmur of approval as his trembling fingers crawled over her stocking. In response she ran her hand up the inside of his thigh and fingered the bulge in his trousers. As the the engine started suddenly someone called out something which neither of them heard. There was loud laughter. "Going to get it tonight, eh Tommy?" said someone sex hot mom and boy. "At last!" called another, and there was a shout of laughter again.

Julia pulled her mouth away, but continued to fondle him. "Leave him alone, you louts," she called half in anger. "He's a darling. a sweet, lovely darling!" "Ooooh, watch out, Tom, she really fancies you!" someone said while another began to sing 'Sweet and lovely'. 'Love is the sweetest thing.' sang another, then continued '.but cock's the only thing'. Suddenly the truck lurched to a halt and they heard the door of the driver's cab slam. Joe's head appeared.

"Cover her up, boys. I'm going through." As pre-arranged, Julia lay down full length under the bench, while the boys tucked the tarpaulin round her. In two or three minutes Joe stopped again and this time they heard the guard say "You're back early tonight, Joe. Nothing happening in town?" "Dead as a dodo," Joe said dolefully. "More exciting playing poker in the barracks." In a moment they were through and the truck pulled up as close to the billet as Joe could get it.

He appeared with a voluminous rain cape and caught Julia as she jumped down followed by the others. "Put the truck in the bay, Jack," he said to one while he wrapped Julia up.

Jack began to grumble until Julia poked her head out and said with bright excited eyes. "I won't open my legs till you get back, darling I promise!"