Natalia starr and nina elle amazing way in laundry area threesome and stepmom

Natalia starr and nina elle amazing way in laundry area threesome and stepmom
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Fucking my amma on a regular bases became a problem. She would make sure somebody stayed in the house, if iam around, thinking i might come near her. My sister finished her schooling and she was having her holidays. WE also had a gardener Ranga in the house, who was 62 yrs old. Iwas getting very much attracted to my sister devi with big tits tall and lanky. But my amma was guarding her against me.

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So i came up with an idea, i enticed my watchman Ranga to have sexual feelings towards my sister and amma, saying amma was a great fuck and i fuck her every day, he was surprised, i told him i want to fuck my sister alsoand i want his help and he would get to fuck my sister and amma. He was ready for the plan. We went according to the plan. My Dad was out of town.

It was late in the night around 11:30 pm, i allowed Ranga the watchman from the back door inside the house.

My sister and amma were sleeping in the room. I told ranga to wait outside the room and see what is happenning inside the room from the window, and act accordingly.

I went inside the room slept next to amma started kissing her on her lipslifting her sareee and fingering her pussy, amma woke up and said are you mad. Devi is sleeping what will happen if she comes to know, nothing will happenif you dont want to get fucked here come to the other room.

and i kept smooching hershe said okay lets go the other room, I carried her and went and she loved it. I pulled her saree out and amma caught hold of my dick and said give it to me it is mine, i said take it and she started stroking and licking it deep into he blonde stepsibling deepthroats a big dick. In the mean time Ranga went into Devi's room and striped nude he had huge hairy dick with balls hanging, he went and slept next to devi and started cutting open her nightie with a pair of scissors, and started playingwith her pussy, she yelled to realisethe watchman sleeping next to her fully nude.

Ranga said shut up dont act as if you dont want to get fucked, come i will show you your amma and Dhar fucking each other, he caught hold of her and brought to my bedroom window, she saw amma taking my dick deep inside her mouth, amma do you like it, you know i love it, i kept pushing my fingers deep into amma's pussy. amma was yelling enka loopili ki, amma ne moodi evava, enthuku, naaku kaveli, and i kept squeezing her tits, in the mean time my sister was looking at me and amma and my watchman Ranga started fingering my sisters pussy and carried her from there and took her to her roomtoday you are going to break your verginity with your watchman who is old enough to be your grandfather, no dont do this devi said, ranga ripped open her panties and started licking her pusssy, and kept squeezing her tits.

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you are such an old man and iam only 17 yrs old, so what Ranga said, is'nt your brother and amma enjoying themselves, let me enter you onceyou will be after me asking for more. Ranga kept licking devi for almost half and hour, devi had already three organsms and kept yelling to Ranga nanu dengu. Ranga took his huge dick and statred slowly guiding it into her tiny pussy which was lubricating as he kept penetrating her innocence, she was screming with ecastacy and finally after 5 minutes ranga managed to push his full dick inside and was ramming her pussy hard with his sagging balls hitting her other hole in the ass.

ranga kept pushing in hard and she was enjoying it hugging ranga tightly and he shot inside her, and devi yelled with ecastacy, and I heard the sound in the other room, amma did not hear anything because she was to engrosed with me applying vaseline in hot asian babes gets her hairy clit licked ass because she wanted me to fuck her assi told her one minute i will check on Devi and see if she is till sleeping, she had gone into the bathroom to clean up and Ranga was a satisfied man fucking a virgin, I said come fuck amma she is ready and will expecting me to come into the room, i will switch off the power in her room only, iwill give you 2 minutes and your mouth should be in her pussy, thats it she will not leave you after that.

I put on the power and ranga was licking her pussy she was yelling what the fuck are you doing here, ranga said iam going to fuck you.

amama asked where is Dharhe is going to fuck your daugher, what leave me amma said, ranga said shutup you bitch, both you bitches want to get fucked all the time, I just fucked her and cameshe came to my roomlifted her nightie removed her panties, in the dark thinking i was sleeping came and kept her pussy near my dick and was masturbating with her fingers, I took her by surprise by pushing my mouth into her pussy, the rest was history, she had orgia it scopata dagli amici del marito fuck of her life to rip her virginity.

Amma said to ranga i want to see Dhar and devi fucking. Ranga said first let me fuck you and then we can go and see your daughter and son fucking, and Ranga started licking ammas nipples and shoved his dick into amma pussy and his dick was ramming amma like ahorse and his balla were hitting her ass hard and amma was yelling fuck me harder you bastard, and Ranga took his dick and shoved into amma mouth and shot., and she swallowed every bit of his sperm.

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Devi had come out of the bathroom and she was lying down noticing ranga had gone.The room was dark and i came and slept next to her fully nude.and started rubbing my dick on her ass, she said Ranga you have come again, I kept rubbing my dick on her ass and playing with her pussy, and i went down and started licking her pussy and pushing my fingers deep inside, she was yelling, and i said Hi fuck this is dhar, take my dick, she took it righr inside her mouth, she said your dick is so bigyou want it in your pussy, she said yes.

take it you bitch, and i pushed my dick deep into her pussy and was ramming the shit out of her, and i came inside her. i loved it she said, now dont worry we can have it on a regular bases.