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Sex xxx sunny leaon real
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Panties Galore I have been an English teacher for quite some time now. I teach the eighth grade and most of the students are thirteen to fifteen years old. Every year I get a new crop of students that expect to slide through my class on their good looks alone. Well the boys certainly don't look that good to me at all. However the girls never cease to amaze me. Year after year they find new ways to try to get me to raise their grade.

They figure that if they raise my dick I will raise their grade. Well they may be right. This year they have a secret weapon that I hadn't counted on before…my fourteen-year-old daughter Candy. Otherwise know as Candice. As I have said the girls always amaze me with new ways to get me sexually excited enough to raise their grades.

The girls always sit right up front, mostly because the boys want to be way in the back. The boys want to fool around and stay out of my way when I call on a student for an answer. I know what's going on but I figure it this way…if the boys really want to fail I'll let them. The same is true for the girls but I sure do like giving them the benefit of the doubt on occasion. Usually the girls in the very front row will open their legs to show me their panties.

Sometimes I watch them playing with themselves.

Sometimes they don't even wear panties. On those rare occasions a girl will slip her panties to her knees so that I can see them very well then after class they might place them in my lap on their way out. I always smile and say thank you. I try never to show partiality so I will usually give everyone in the class a few extra "Bonus" points on their work. It doesn't take the girls very long to realize that when lesbo hotties open up their deep anals and nail huge fuck toys do something really special they get some bonus points.

Girls are lot smarter than boys are at that age. Over the years I have not only seen a lot of panties and pubic hair but I have seen my share of bras and naked breasts too. Last year one girl in particular managed to open her blouse up so that no one but I saw her bare breasts. She did it about once a week for me near the end of the year when she really needed the bonus points. She got them too. However like I said this year they have my daughter Candy on their side. Several girls formed a study group at my house.

They were in my opinion some of the prettiest and sexiest girls in that grade. My daughter has overheard many comments over the years that I have made to my wife about the girls in my classes so she was literally an expert in how to get a better grade out of me. It took me most of the first week to catch on but when I did it sure was thrilling. The girls sort of have a dress code at our school but of course at my house anything goes. They started showing up in bikini tops and wearing micro mini skirts that barely covered their pussies.

Panties were constantly available for me to look at including my daughter's panty covered pussy. I noticed that whenever my wife was around they tried to act like young ladies. However when she wasn't around I saw more legs spread in my house than in a whorehouse.

Every girl apparently needed to adjust her bikini top too, usually exposing her breasts and nipples to me. It was more than a man could take but I didn't want it to stop either. Sometimes I just needed to follow my wife out into the kitchen and push my erection into her ass as she tried to fix dinner.

She always giggled and said, "The girls are really getting to you this year aren't they?" I would usually answer, "Yes! But your daughter is the ring leader this year!" To witch she would usually reply, "She's your daughter too!" Then I would say something like, "I know!

But she is almost as sexy as you are!" I knew that she and her friends were far more sexy than my wife was but only because they were new to me and really flaunting their goods. I was used to my wife flashing occasionally but this was entirely different. I would hold my wife's breasts and rub her ass before going back out to stare at those panties again. That Friday apparently there was a sleepover.

My wife had given permission without telling me then went out with her girlfriends bar hopping. Great! Well not so great! The first thing the girls did was to look me right in the eyes and lower their panties to their ankles before stepping out of them and giving them to me.

After that none of them could keep their knees together. There were five of them including Candy. After the pizza arrived the girls removed their bikini tops and their mini skirts saying that they didn't want to spill any sauce on them.

So I watched five naked teenage girls eating pizza. As usual one girl dripped some sauce on her breast and Candy licked it off sucking her nipple into her mouth as I watched. Each girl dripped on purpose and got sucked a number of times. Then Candy stood up and showed us some pizza sauce on her pussy.

Two of the girls put down their pizza to lick her clean. Of course after that every girl dripped sauce on her pussy and got it licked off.

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It was the best show that I had ever seen. Five beautiful naked girls making out while I watched. As far as I was concerned all of these girls had just passed my English class. After dinner they just sat around the living room making out.

With five girls there were two sets of two plus one extra. So while those four made out the fifth one entertained me by playing with her pussy and nipples in the chair right across from me. Their feet were up on the arms of the chair and their pussies were wide open. The girls had some plan already worked out where they changed partners every ten minutes and a new girl entertained me in the chair.

Candy was last. I had been waiting for this. Candy opened up her pussy and shoved three fingers into her hole and fucked herself with them. Then she reached down into the chair next to the cushion and came out with her mother's double-ended dildo.

I watched as my daughter shoved that thing into her pussy as far as it would go then bend it in half and stuck it in her asshole while I watched her. After her ten minutes were up Candy went out to the kitchen to wash it off. When Candy returned she stuck one end into her pussy and invited the other girls to get on the other end with her.

They did and then afterwards Candy would ask another girl to get on with her until sunny leone and daniel webber porn five had done it with her. She would then offer it to another girl who would share it with all four of them until every girl and done it with all of the xxxxxx story download sex stories full rap girls at least twice.

Candy took it back out to the kitchen to wash it off again. I knew that her mother always washed her toys afterwards too. When Candy came back out the five girls signed the long double-ended dildo and presented it to me as a souvenir. I had to ask, "Will your mother be expecting this back?" Candy answered, "No! Not at all! She bought it special for this occasion!" Again I just had to ask, "So she is in on this too?" Candy said, "Of course she is!

Why do you think she let me invite my friends and then go out drinking leaving you here with us?" I didn't have an answer! I certainly did not expect what happened next either. I was wrestled to the floor and all of my clothes were removed. Then my face was covered with a very sweet tasting pussy, one was placed in each of my hands too, and then one was lowered onto my cock.

I thought that the cock rider was Candy but I wasn't really sure until after I filled her with cum. The girl on my face went down to sit on my still hard cock while the fifth girl ate Candy's pussy clean. In the next fifteen minutes or so all five girls sat on my cock and rode me.

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Candy was on my cock when I came the second time too. Each girl said that she had been a virgin before sitting on my cock. I got to sample all adorable model is flaunting her opened tight pussy in closeup rubbing opening their nipples, pussies, and I even tasted of their assholes too. I opened my eyes when my wife came home and said, "Hi honey how was your night?" She looked at the five naked girls lying all over me and said, "Not as good as your night was!" After a moment's thought she asked, "Did you manage to fill them all?" I replied, "No!

I filled Candy twice and one of the other girls once!" My wife said, "That's okay! You can fill the other three girls in the morning!" Then she covered the girls with blankets and took me up to bed. She had enough to drink was pretty relaxed. She asked me about the girls and told her that I fucked them all and they had all been virgins too. I had cum three times two of them in Candy's pussy. I mentioned that I had eaten them all first and licked their assholes too.

My wife was proud of me. She wanted to get me hard and fuck me but she figured that I would need it all for morning. I still owed three of the girls my cum. Then I would own them better grades too. She was right on both counts. The End Panties Galore 63