Jennifer white wants to do it hard

Jennifer white wants to do it hard
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This is just a story, sadly none is true but hopefully people will enjoy it. Also this is my very first sexual story so yea it's gunna be a bit shit.

----------------- Max was there just watching tv and I was doing what I do best, what I enjoy so very much. On the tube was some paid actress riding on a dick, giving such loud moans and all sorts of crass language, telling us how much she loves being the dumb whore she plays on screen. Right now I was that dumb whore in my own special way, sucking my best friend's dick.

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I'm called Joey but also called Sarah by my two best friends because I'm their 'girl'. I'm not really a girl but I'll be one to them.

I'll dress up in whatever they like and I'll always enjoy debasing myself for them. It's weird why it turns me on so much but I do it for a very simple reason. I love both of them.

I'm in love with Max because he makes me truly feel like who I am, someone who lives to please him and his lover, and his lover Samuel because he fucked me in his lover's bed while his lover Max watched.

I don't even do much really. I don't have a job so I spend my time looking after their apartment and watching tv or masturbating. It's all I can do until they get home really.

When they do get home however, it's really fun. If it's Samuel then he never starts first, he always lets me get ready and see if he's in the mood. I can always tell due to the fact he'll sit there on the couch, his arms resting behind it with his shirt off.

That tells me I can go between his legs and unzips his pants, though then I go this routine that never changes. He'll stroke my hair and pinch my left ear, telling me he wants to be sucked fast which I'll do, taking out that ebony length from his pants and just licking up the shaft, sliding it into my mouth to such on it. I'll focus my tongue on the tip, swirling it in circles until he tells me to stop and sit on his lap. Samuel always tells me to treat him like he's my sexy stud so I do while I pull down any pants and boxers I have on.

I tell him how big his dick is and how lonely my boy cunt step sister is a pervert an asshole has been, that it's been craving his dick which makes him so happy to hear.

His hands would slide over my ass cheeks, spreading them before going to my hips, his dark hands against my skin made such a sexy and taboo looking contrast. The sexy boy would lower my down onto his lap, aiming his cock the whole time by moving my body, until that cock is pressed against his ass, sliding it across and letting those ass cheeks of mine rub his shaft.

I would listen to him spit a few times on his cock, leaning over to grab a bottle of lube I always leave on the couch side table to squirt a nice healthy amount on his dick, to lube it up. I grit my teeth, to hold back as much sound as possible, as each inch of cock that goes through me, the more it stings but that's just my ass, I'm always left barely able to sit down and it's really annoying at the time.

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After that teen anime tasting a cock and gets drilled it's less interesting.

I don't even get to jerk off as it finds it annoying when I ride his cock like this, just gyrating my hips back and forth, barely any lifting at all until he comes. It's always a slow ending but for me it's all the beginning that cheers me up and makes it worth it. The moment he cums however, he'll tell me something special, if we'll be fucking for real tonight, if so then all of this is just wonderful foreplay to the mind blowing fuck after, though that's if he's been stressed at Max's parents.

If they pissed him off, he would tell me while still having him inside me. For once he told me that Max's big brother beat the shit out of him again after finding an e-mail of Samuel that suggested they fucked, the bastard using that as an excuse to beat him up and make sure he can't do anything for a while. We've told the police but they don't do much, they always say they're on it but never do anything! The only good side is that's rare and usually it's something trivial so it isn't anything too bad.

Once Max does arrive however, Samuel will always take himself out of me, go to the bathroom to get cleaned up and usually have a shower with Max.

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I'll always hear them having fun, lots of making out and playing around with their dicks like a couple of curious boys, but never fucks. I didn't mind though, I was their sex toy really and I accepted that, hell loved it even.

Both of them were nice together and I'm just their special middle man. If the situation was Max coming home however, it's smiling girlfriend gets creampied after hardcore sex much more different story. When Max comes alone it's because he wants me and only me at the time. It's him so frustrated that he needs to get out his frustrations with hard sex, which I am happy to give.

Now everyone knows the sort of guy that barges into his own place, dumps his stuff in a corner and just plays music loudly. Max does that too but for two great reasons. One is I enjoy the music and two, it's to hide our fucking from the neighbours. "Sarah get the fuck in the shower right now!" He might tell me while dumping his coat, bag or whatever else he has at the time, adding his clothes to the mix most of the time.

Then he just storms into the bathroom with a music player while I undress in there to get the shower running. While the shower warms up, he just grabs my cock stroking it if it isn't hard and harder when it is. "Your a fucking slut aren't you?" He asks me and I reply.

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"I'm your slut~!" All the while he jerks my cock to the point of almost hurting. The guy makes me repeat it several times to get him hard, the guy loving the complete sluts you see on porn and making me his little subby bitch is one of the ways he loves to get off. The whole time he would include little racial slurs or the like, to degrade me further and just do nothing but turn me on more. Once he's sure I'm 'prepared' enough, he puts on the music, blasting it in the bathroom as we go into the shower, letting me see his black skin all wet all over.fucking hell it's sexy to see~ God I'm such bbw gloryhole www gloryholetubez com tube porn little bitch for black skin~ With the water making me wet, my body trembling and dick hard from me admitting how much of a black cock slut I was to him, he finally got me ready.

Squirting lube up my ass and squirting some on his dick, he lined up and just slammed it in, not even going gently.

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His balls slapped against my ass as he drove his dick back and forth out of my ass. Each thrust making me moan out like some needy whore but I love it~ He grips my ass cheeks, fucking as hard as he can though a few minutes later he cums inside me, pulls out, cleans up and just dries off, leaving me in the shower like a discarded condom.

I let one hand finger my ass, to rub the prostate while I jerk off with the other, cumming my load onto the shower wall which I lick clean happily. With a big smile on my face that quickly just goes small once I hear the front door, I dry up too and just pornstar conny sweet clit licked and she orally pleases dude the two kiss and watch tv. I will sit between the two and jerk them off for them while they kiss behind my head.

The whole story I was being fucked but they just kissed and stuff, that's because they are boyfriends, lovers and want to even get married.

The two promised each other that they wouldn't fuck until it was their happiest day, at the day of their marriage so until then, I'm their fuck doll. If they need to fuck something, they can fuck me and I'll be happy, I'll even be the bride's maid if they let me. After all that way I'll be wearing something nice while watching the two dark boys finally fuck each other in passionate love. It'll be fucking sexy to record~ The End. PS I know that I made probably quite a lot of mistakes and such but it's my first and hopefully I'll be able to improve myself for the better.

I can write a lot of genders so if anyone has any kind of interesting stories they might want written by a newbie writer, just ask and if I like it, I might make a story of it!